Why I created this website?

There is something about good weather that calls for a little soiree. While staying indoors can be too monotonous, and venturing outside can sound too much, a backyard barbeque party always seems like the best of both worlds.

It can satiate your hunger for finger-licking grilled food, and of course, some good company. A deadly combination, isn’t it? So, if you wish to enjoy the cool breeze outside over drinks, food, and company, then you ditch the messy kitchen equipment and go for a fuss-free grill party.

But, for any of that to happen, firstly, you need a grill. For a newbie, finding that go-to grill can be extremely daunting. We live in times where the market is flooded with products, brands, and variety. So, the first-timers can have a hard time finding that perfect easy-to-use grill.

Fret not, as I have come to your rescue. To make things quicker and easier for you, I’ve done the digging for you. Here at Lawn Chef World, I will use my expertise and knowledge in grills to help make purchasing easier for you. You are sure to find your match that could be durable, easily operable, and fun to use.

Get your hands on an extensive wealth of knowledge on anything grills

My passion for grilling goes far and beyond. And, I wish to make things easier for the people to make rational and informed decisions.

The rating system rates the different types of grills bearing in mind a dozen characteristics, including cooking area available, number of burners (for gas grills), heat flow per unit, uniform heating capacity, materials used for crucial parts of the grill, warranty available, customer satisfaction metrics by taking into account reviews of hundreds and thousands of buyers, and where the grill is manufactured. Any particular grill is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, taking into consideration the aforementioned factors. By perusing the ratings, the future buyers can get to know how the grill will be in terms of cooking, maintenance, and durability.

Rock that barbeque party with some tips and tricks

As said earlier, I have a huge penchant for grilling. Hence, my years of experience using a variety of grills have made me learn some hacks to ace that perfectly grilled food. So, apart from providing grill reviews, I’d be glad to share some tips and tricks to make grilling and cooking successful.

Call your friends over and relish the exotic taste of grilled food!

The grill is just the choice for someone who not only likes to savor exotic taste but also loves cooking it up for friends and family. Someone, who thinks of the grill as an excuse to celebrate and gather and not a simple kitchen tool. Your barbeque can always set the perfect environment for that soiree of yours.

About Alexey Tsyganok

A husband and father of two, I’m 51 years old who is passionate about grills. As someone who has been using grills since my teens, I hold extensive experience in using grills of all kinds. I not only love to cook food on the grill thrice a week or even more, but I also love calling friends over and hosting barbeque parties for them. Realizing that for first-time users, choosing the right grill can be overwhelming, I decided to help people out there who share the same love for grilling as mine.

So, with the support of few friends who extend their help in research, I’ve set up Lawn Chef World so that you can get explore a variety of grills, check their reviews, and show off your skills with some of my tips and tricks.

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