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If you're a fan of grilling, choosing the right charcoal grill is crucial. However, it's not a decision to be made randomly. It's essential to consider the design, material, and practicality of the charcoal grill before making a purchase. To make an informed decision, you need a comprehensive buying guide that can help you identify the perfect model that meets your needs.

When it comes to charcoal grills, there are numerous factors to consider, such as their durability, heat retention, and portability. By understanding these features, you can select the best charcoal grill that can help you create mouth-watering dishes for your family and friends. With this charcoal grill buying guide, you'll be able to make an informed decision and choose the perfect charcoal grill that meets your grilling needs.

What Is a Charcoal Grill?

Charcoal grills are perfect for outdoor cooking, whether it's in your backyard, on a gazebo, or an open veranda. When choosing the right model, it's essential to consider the diameter of the work surface and the availability of accessories.

The most popular charcoal grills on the market are affordable and provide high-quality cooking thanks to the embers. While they are cheaper, they do require some expertise in lighting and managing the fireplace.

These grills resemble a traditional box or half-cylinder shape and are fueled by charcoal briquettes. While they operate similarly to a regular grill, they offer more thoughtful functionality, making them a popular choice among outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

However, modern mobile models can also be hemispherical or egg-shaped, which makes them more compact and fuel-efficient.

How Does A Charcoal Grill Works?

How a charcoal barbecue works? It is very easy to use a charcoal barbecue. This accessory works with charcoal or synthetic charcoal. Making a fire with hard coal is relatively easy, but if this is your first time, you should be careful.

There are a few basic rules to follow when lighting the best charcoal barbecue.

To get nice embers and perfect meat cooking with the best charcoal barbecue, use kindling, a fire starter, newspaper, or candle wax. When the charcoal has caught fire, let it flambé for a few moments before putting it on the cooking grid.

Who Should Buy Charcoal Grill?

The charcoal grills are intended for a very large audience, but more particularly for households with a terrace or a garden. Simple and easy to use, it allows you to make all your grills during your parties with friends or family gatherings.

 It’s simply a great way to have a good time in your garden. Indeed, this one is exclusively intended for outdoor use, in particular, because of the quantity of smoke released.

It can work with charcoal, briquettes, or even with wood; you just have to turn it on. It allows you to prepare delicious dishes and grilled meats whose particular taste will delight all guests.

Types of Charcoal Grills

Taking into account the tests, opinions, and reviews of the best charcoal grills on the market, we can say that there are 3 types of charcoal grills.

So that you can form your own opinion, here is an overview of these three types of charcoal grills.

The Standing Model

What are the specifics of the grills on legs? According to reviews that address the topic of the best charcoal grill, the free-standing model is the most popular, popular, and cheapest charcoal grill on the market.

Set on long legs, this grill is used in a standing position. You can choose between various variations (3 or 4 feet).

For practical reasons, prefer charcoal grills whose legs are equipped with casters. You can move them more easily.

These grills come in several sizes and designs. The most advanced are equipped with shelves on the sides, a thermostat, and an ash collector which facilitates maintenance.

The Model To Pose

Features of the Free-Standing BBQ Many tests prove that the Free-Standing Charcoal Grill is the best charcoal grill you'll ever use. According to customer reviews, this charcoal grill is popular because it can be used anywhere.

If you are planning to go on a beach vacation or camping area, this grill is your best option. Its portability differs from a charcoal grill on legs. The best free-standing charcoal grill comes with a carrying case.

The Model with Lid

The charcoal grill with lid is popular with users because it allows indirect cooking. It also prevents backfire.

Benefits & Areas of Application

What are the advantages and areas of application of the grill? The best charcoal grill is a foolproof cooking device? It can be used during the summer months, but also during the rest of the year.

  • Among the advantages mentioned in reviews and customer reviews, the best grill makes food taste great.
  • Besides, the charcoal grill allows family members to have a good time. Super versatile, the best charcoal grill will grill vegetables, fish, and meat according to your preferences.
  • If the grill comes with a lid, you can even cook pizza or lasagna on it. Despite the rise of the electric grills, the charcoal grill still has a bright future ahead, thousands of users agree.

Gas Grill vs Charcoal Grill: Which One Is Better?

If charcoal gives food more flavors, it is not due to its intrinsic qualities, but to the heat, it gives off.

Charcoal, which is only composed of carbon and a few minerals, contains a lot of energy: this allows it to burn at a very high temperature, usually around 1300 ° F, which is much more than what could be reached with gas grills.

To produce the charcoal used in grill, manufacturers use sawdust and other shavings, which they cook in two stages at high temperatures, around 520 ° F than between 650 and 750 ° F, but with very little oxygen, so that everything does not ignite.

Almost only carbon remains of the initial wood. For briquettes, some additives and binder (such as starch) allow them to give them a standardized shape, which will make them burn more and without volatile compounds during use.

While grilling, the heat released will make the meat sweat. These drops rich in fats, oils, sugars, and proteins will fall on the charcoal and, after a characteristic crackle, evaporate and rise back up into the meat in the form of a plume of smoke.

The more drops there are, the more flavor will develop through the smoky return.

On the flip side, they also help cool the coal which, if not kept at a high temperature, can, in turn, start to give off smoke, this time bitter. It is therefore a question of finding the right balance, or of having coal in stock.

Have you considered all of the above pros and cons? So, you've probably been able to choose the type of grill that's right for you. If not, think again about how it feels to grill.

Want to see fire and turn meat with your charcoal-stained hands? So, you are sensitive to the feeling of authentic grilling and should buy a charcoal grill.

Do you rather see the grill as an extension of your kitchen that you want to use every day? In this case, a gas grill is still the best option for you.

Charcoal Grills Buying Guide

The charcoal grill market is full of different models, with different prices, but also different qualities, so it is not easy to make your choice. In order to select the wood-burning grill that meets your needs, you will need to refine your research by looking at different criteria:

Dimensions of the Cooking Surface

This criterion will be very dependent on your type of use. If the grill is intended for a large family or if you receive it, you will need a fairly large cooking space. Nothing is more unpleasant than wasting time to cook and end up with cold meat for the meal. This will also allow you to cook vegetables in parallel.

Size of Charcoal Grill

Beyond the cooking surface, it will be necessary to take into account the dimensions of your future grill.

If you have a small terrace or a large garden, this criterion will therefore be very dependent on the space you have. It will also be necessary to think about the possible storage during the winter.

Make sure you have enough space in your garage to store it, for example. If so, you will need a special tarp to protect it.

Features and Accessories of Charcoal Grill

Then, your choice will be on the components and accessories attached to the charcoal grill. Depending on the make and model, you will have many possibilities:

Rapid Ignition System

It is important that your appliance has easy access to the charcoal container and an adjustable air supply for easy ignition, so choose a grill with ventilation control. For additional convenience, it is worth using special briquettes for ignition.


To put your dishes, food, condiments, etc. While the lower shelf will allow you to store your bag of charcoal or briquettes.

Waiting Rack

Installed just above your cooking grid, it keeps your food warm while waiting for other foods to cook.

Grid Height Adjustment

You will be able to control the cooking of your food: you want well-grilled cooking, set the grid to the lowest level, you want soft cooking, raise the grid.

Lid with Ventilation Flap

Present on some grills, it ensures optimal cooking, without flame and therefore, without carbonization, but also food that remains soft.


Only on models with a lid, allows you to control and monitor the temperature inside the grills when the lid is closed.

Ash Collector

As its name suggests, it collects ashes and makes cleaning the grills easier.

Utensil Hooks

Very practical to keep your cooking utensils and/or your tea towels close to you.

Transport Wheels

To easily move it to the four corners of the garden or the terrace.

Material of Charcoal Grill

How can I buy a better value-for-money charcoal grill? To help you answer this question, we have some advice for you on the material of this article which is another important choice criterion.

Informing yourself about this parameter leads you to identify in advance the quality of the model for which you are going to choose.

There are many components that can make up this article. However, materials that are believed to be tough and that can go with you for a long time include steel, cast iron, and stainless steel.

Very often, these materials are used in the manufacture of the structure of this device, its grid, and the component intended to receive the ashes for models that have them.

Design of the Charcoal Grills

Currently, there are many possible variations of a charcoal grill. That you can see by consulting a price comparison. These devices can be different on many points including their design.

Consideration of this setting will direct you to the item that actually corresponds to the intended use of this product. Hence its consideration in this buying guide for the best charcoal grills.

Overall, these items have the advantage of helping give a special flavor to grilled foods after your preparations. However, by design, some models offer more advantages over others.

This product can be on feet or fixed. Taking the appearance of a mobile cart, it is easy to move and it can be expected to be used in different places.

A model with a fixed design implies having a space that is especially dedicated to it where it must be permanently placed.

Some of these pieces of equipment are larger than others depending on where you plan to put it and the number of diners with whom you will be sharing your grills.


To know exactly where to buy a new charcoal grill, do not forget to inform yourself about the practicality of this article.

It is easier to find the equipment that can meet your requirements as well as where to buy it if you know the parameters in advance to help deduce that a given model is more practical to use compared to another.

This practicality is verified by the presence of a component facilitating the maintenance of this equipment. This is the case with an ash drawer and a grease trap.

Some grills have only one or the other of these elements, but others bring them both together in one item. Their existence helps you easily get rid of ash and fat resulting from cooking.

Choice of Fuel

Charcoal is the most common fuel and the one you will find the most easily. However, you can use other fuels such as wood, crates, vine shoots.

There are also charcoal briquettes as proposed by the manufacturer Weber, which have a combustion time of 3 hours, against 1 hour for regular charcoal.

Brand of Charcoal Grill

Choose branded grills, they will offer much better cooking performance. Also, your grill should have a longer lifespan and you will have access to a real after-sales service in case of problems. You will also find more easily information or new accessories on these devices.

Cleaning Technique

Spending your time cleaning and maintaining your grill can quickly become frustrating. So be sure to choose a model that is not too complicated to clean. Generally, electric or gas grills are easier to maintain than those with coals.

Burning the charcoal will generate ashes and naturally make your grill dirty. You will need to remove the ashes from the grill from time to time.

A removable ashtray with anti-spill sides will make the process much easier. Some poorly designed grills have a container that is difficult to remove, which may force you to spread ashes all over the way in the trash.

Price of the Charcoal Grills

There are grills from around 50 USD to over 500 USD.

A low-end grill will cost around 50 USD excluding promotion. Personally, I strongly advise against them. A real waste of money in the long run because these devices have a very short lifespan and do not cook well.

An entry-level device will cost around a hundred euros. This will be suitable for very occasional and not very intensive use.

A mid-range model will cost around 200-300 USD. This type of grill will be suitable for most users.

Finally, a high-end device will cost you around 500 USD. This grill will be ideal for people who use the grill often or want to get the best cooking experience possible.

However, be careful with certain prices displayed in stores. It is not uncommon for prices to rise especially during the summer season. Buying your grill online can be a great idea.

Sometimes you can even save 30 to 40% online. And merchant sites like Amazon now offer free shipping. It can really be worth it!

Utilization Facility

A grill should save you time and enjoy your loved ones. So you might as well choose a grill that is easy to use and ergonomic.

Ideally, choose a cart model if you want to move it around often. The presence of a tablet or a small worktop will be very valuable to manage your cooking.

But what is brilliant, it will be especially to find an integrated thermometer to manage your cooking to perfection! Some grills even come with practical accessories.

There are also models with lids and this is practical. This will help prevent your food from drying out too quickly in contact with the embers.

The closed lid will also reduce the air inside the grill and thus stop backfire as much as possible. And with a lid model, regardless of the weather conditions (wind, rain, etc.) your food remains protected!

For models with charcoal, the addition of charcoal must be done easily and without having to disassemble the entire grill.

For an electric and gas grill, start-up and heat up quickly and easily!

Cooking Modes

Gone are the days when you could only grill burgers or sausages, now it is a multifunctional tool with which you can cook everything from Thai noodles to waffles.

Thus, when choosing a grill, pay attention to multi-mode units that perform, if necessary, the function of the grill itself, and the grill, and the tandoor, and even the wok.

The more modes the device has, the wider its possibilities are in cooking different dishes.

Ease of Care

Choose models that are easy to wash and clean (the ceramic grills are beyond competition here, only the ceramic grills and dishes need to be cleaned).

Some manufacturers offer special cleaning products that are friendly and non-damaging to the surface.

Customer Reviews

Thanks to the increase in user reviews on the Internet, it is much easier nowadays to form an opinion on a product.

It is often an excellent reflex before making a purchase. After that, it is quite normal to find negative opinions even on a quality device.

We do not all have the same level of demand and some people may have had a bad shopping experience that is not related to the product.

Thus, it would be unwise to buy a grill with customer reviews below 4 stars.


Whichever charcoal grill you choose in the end, get adequate coverage, especially if it is a fixed structure that is always left outdoors.

This way, you'll keep your grill away from moisture, discourage unwanted little guests from choosing it as a shelter, and ensure that it can last at least twice as long. So, these are the parameters in the charcoal grills buying guide you should look at before you buy charcoal grills.

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