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Whether you cook for just fun or you are a serious cook, trying your hands on a smoker or grill is unavoidable. Anyone experimenting in the cooking arts will see how essential it’s to try a grill at least once in life. And why not right? Smoking or grilling foods can provide you with an almost limitless supply of dishes that you can have an entire year without worrying about the weather. Knowing how to smoke or grill BBQ ribs or burgers will make you the utmost incredible person on your block. Maximum people are pleased with a decent grill like the ones Kamado Joe offers. Furthermore, their grills are vastly popular since they offer you the most tender and softest meat as well as vegetables of your choice. But the question is which one from the Kamado Joe series you should buy. Or what you need, I mean which model you should go for. And that is the reason we have decided to discuss the top 3 best grills in our Kamado Joe reviews below.

These ground-breaking grills have numerous features that are enough to turn your grilling dream a reality. Grills from Kamado Joe are attractive and visually appealing as well as have top-notch structure and unique heat control.

In case you never have gotten the application of ceramic cookers earlier, the Kamado Joe Barbeque will completely change your mind for sure.




Cooking Area


Kamado Joe Classic II 18 inch





Kamado Joe  Big Joe III, 24 inch





Kamado Joe Kettle 22 inch





Kamado Joe Classic II 18 inch

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 243

Warranty: 2 years / Lifetime

Made in: China

Kamado Joe  Big Joe III, 24 inch

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 432

Warranty: 2 years / Lifetime

Made in: China

Kamado Joe Kettle 22 inch

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 363

Warranty: 2 years / Lifetime

Made in: China

In this Kamado Joe review, we'll talk about the performance, design, and also other things of the grill that we liked about it and did not like at all. So, let’s now get started with the review then!

Let’s get deep down into the details below.

Overview of Kamado Joe Grill

Even though the Kamado Joe business was originated in 2009, the kamado cooking style is over 3,000 years old now. Based on the ancient cooking style on clay ovens, the concept was invented in China and then spread to Japan, where these ovens got advanced and included dampers for the improved heat control systems.

The Kamado Joe classic charcoal grills and other grills are built on those similar ancient concepts but with modern materials as well as advanced design to produce the heavy ceramic grills a preference to use.

Just like maximum other kamado-style grills of modern days, the Kamado Joe Classic II series is quite luxurious, but its capability to easily manage low-temperature grilling and high-heat smoking, paired with its comprehensible features, make it among the most versatile grills available on the market now.

We here reviewed  the most popular items from Kamado Joe to see if the product held up to the company’s reputation or not. So, let’s find out in detail below.

Kamado Joe Buying Guide

Are you considering getting a Kamado Joe grill for yourself? If yes, then let me tell you that before you decide to buy any grill from Kamado Joe grills, you need to know and check a few things. There are a few things you have to think about before you buy one.

Size of the Grill

The Kamado Joe grills come in several sizes. These grills are more than enough to grill multiple burgers and steaks at the same time. Above and beyond this, it is these grills come with sufficient space for grilling entire chickens and also large fish.

You need to see exactly which size you need for yourself. If you live alone or with 1 or 2 flat mates then go for the smallest ones, if you live with a small family of 4-5 people then you can go for small or medium ones, and if you have a large family or you regularly grill for a large group of people then you must choose the largest ones.

Check from their different sizes of grills and consider your need and also the measurement of the place where you want to keep that unit. Keeping all these points in mind, choose the size of your grill from Kamado Joe.

Material of the Grill

Check for the grill’s material. This one is the most important factor of a grill. Ceramic is one of the best materials for Kamado Joe grills. It’s due to its sturdiness, outstanding heat retention, and also it uses less charcoal as fuel.

Best of all, Ceramic material will not rust and it can survive both burning heat and cold. Nevertheless, Ceramic material means that your grill will also be heavyweight. If you are okay with that, then go for a Ceramic material grill.


The Kamado Joe grills are a little expensive, but that expense is worth the money because they sell quality products. These have several products from medium range to high range. Pick one as per your budget range from the wide variety of options.

How To Clean & Maintain the Kamado Joe Grill

The best method to give the grill a long lifespan is to always keep it clean and also maintain it after every single use. So, to keep your Kamado Joe grill clean, you need to follow a few simple steps. You will not have to do much physical work as Kamado Joe’s grills like a self-cleaning unit.

The similar applies to their stainless-steel grill grates, and also their ceramic heat deflector. To clean them, you need to let the tools heat up in your grill for around 15-20 minutes at 600° Fahrenheit.

As soon as that is done, you have to close the outlets and let them cool down completely.

Any residue or food stuck to your grill will become ash and thus will make it easier for you to clean off them using a brush.

This process works for eliminating mold as well. However, placing your grill in a dry and clean spot will prevent mold in the first place.

How To Use the Kamado Joe Grill

Are you confused about how to set up as well as use your Kamado Joe grill that you just bought? While it’s easy to get your grill set up and also running, it needs a bit of patience and elbow grease. So, let's now know how to set up and use this grill.

People say that prior planning avoids poor performance. If we say it in other ways, have a vivid idea of what you need to accomplish beforehand you even start working on it.

There are numerous ways to use and cook on your Kamado Joe grill, and each of them will need different tools and setup.

Will you grill a brisket low and slow for around 12 hours or so? Perhaps you will add fuel to the flames as well as sear a few steaks over your backyard volcano. Or perhaps it will entirely be something else?

Irrespective of what is on the menu, you will have to arrange it accordingly with the right fuels and tools.

Here is a hasty list of the whole thing you might need:

  • Cooking tools;
  • A clean kamado;
  • Fuel;
  • Proper clothing;
  • Flavored wood for your smoking procedure;
  • Something to light up your fuel;
  • Aluminum or butcher paper so that you can wrap a Texas crutch;
  • Thermometers;
  • Sauces;
  • Dry rubs.

Kamado Joe Reviews

We have reviewed Kamado Joe's top three grills which are Kamado Joe Classic II 18 inches, Kamado Joe Big Joe III, 24 inches, and Kamado Joe Kettle 22 inches. Let's find out more about these grills below to understand which one will be the right choice for you.

Kamado Joe Classic II 18 inch

Kamado Joe grills are way different from other grills available in the market. These are different in functionality and appearance from other standard grills.

The straightforward procedure of Kamado cooking has been there for thousands of years. However, this process came to the Western world only in the mid-20th century. And keeping this concept in mind, the Kamado Joe company had made their products.

The Classic II unit from Kamado Joe company is among numerous ceramic kamados formed by Kamado Joe company, and it is the one with the widest appeal.

It is a practically sized grill that fits in maximum backyard spaces. Different from some 2-in-1 grills, the kamado can attain temperatures high enough to cook, but can similarly hold a low temperature for your true low and slow grilling process.

There’s no doubt that this Classic II unit from Kamado Joe company is a tremendous grill & smoker. Whereas you will never be capable of ramming a whole side of beef into the unit, it is sufficiently big to handle maximum typical grilling and smoking assignments, together with large briskets.

And, when it comes to the Kamado Joe Classic II grill’s build quality, it is the hardest to beat.

In case you are happy with the impression of such adaptability, you highly appreciate quality products, then this asset will reward you in several ways!

We have suggested this grill from Kamado Joe before, and we will not hesitate to suggest it again and again.


  • Product Name: Kamado Joe Classic II Charcoal Grill;
  • Brand: Kamado Joe;
  • Product Weight: 250 lbs;
  • Dimensions: 24.6” x 24.26” x 36”;
  • Material: Steel and ceramic;

Included: Grill grates, Metal cart, ceramic heat deflectors, built-in thermometer, slide-out ash drawer, locking wheels, accessory rack, grabber tool, etc.

Warranty: Restricted lifetime on the ceramic parts, 5-year of warranty on the metal parts, 1-year warranty on the thermometer & gasket, and 3-year of warranty on the heat deflector & pizza stone


  • It looks splendid!
  • Solid construction as well as good fits from every side.
  • Ability to grill at high temperature or low temperature.
  • Flexible cooking surface to allow you for numerous grilling methods all at once.
  • The convenient clean-out process with ash drawer.
  • Effortlessly adjusted top vent.


  • It is very heavy in weight. Although the unit comes with a rolling cart which makes the unit easier to move from place to place but you should never plan to take it camping.
  • Though not so small, there is less space for cooking as compared to the most standard smokers and grills.
  • The ceramic material can be delicate, so manage with care – and, do not plan to take it on camping.

Kamado Joe Big Joe III, 24 inch

This Big Joe III 24” ceramic grill is ideal for amusing a crowd with splendid grilled dishes. Alike design to the Kamado Joe Classic Joe III ceramic grill, this Big Joe III from the Kamado Joe company comes typically with the innovative Smoke Chamber (SlōRoller Hyperbolic) for ideal low & slow cooking and a Three -Tier Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking which allows you to grill foods at dissimilar temperatures.

Whereas the Kamado Joe Classic III grill offers a good amount of space inside, this Kamado Joe Big Joe III grill is made for home use!

With precisely the similar benefits and features as the Kamado Joe Classic III grill, this Big Joe III grill simply up-sizes all to provide 354 sq. in. more space on its larger grates (24″). Using the most number of attachments with the three-tiered Divide and Conquer Cooking, you will have up to 864 sq. in. of space to smoke and grill.

Just remember the Big Joe III grill is BIG and thus even after having wheels, this unit is certainly not very portable. However, it is easy enough to move around your yard or take it into your garage for storing this up.


  • Dimensions: 58.4” W x 53.7” H x 35.8” D;
  • Cooking Surface: 24” diameter / 864 sq. in.;
  • Weight: 487 lbs;
  • Heat Range: 225°F – 750°F.

Design: excellent design, and every single sq. in. of this unit is well designed with wise thought.

Extremely Versatile Unit: the whole thing from low & slow cooking system to grilling steaks to making pizza on roasting heat is conceivable on this Big Joe unit.

SloRoller Technology: this technology contributes to a better-tasting meal with more reliable results.

Fiberglass Gaskets: as it is made of fiberglass, it lasts for eras and makes sure that the unit has an airtight seal.

Easy of Use: this unit is very easy to use, particularly for a kamado grill. You are not going to get an easier Kamado Joe grill to run and maintain so easily.

Three-Tier Cooking Grate: this means that the unit has a maximum cooking surface area than any other kamado joe grill has.

Lifetime warranty: lifetime Ceramic warranty, 2 to 5 years of warranty on most other parts of the unit.


  • Updated three-tier divide and conquer cooking system.
  • New SloRoller technology blasts dishes with a nice smoky flavor.
  • Free addition package comprised with every single Kamado Joe grill.
  • Excellent warranty.


  • This unit is quite expensive.

Kamado Joe Kettle 22 inch

Kamado Joe keeps their appropriation going on of the grilling with their Kettle Joe, which is the first charcoal kettle grill. It is a simple porcelain-coated kettle grill that features ceramic supplements and also comes with a patented hyperbolic ring so that it can elevate the experience of the charcoal kettle.

You can use this grill with or without its hyperbolic ring, which allows you to choose from the typical kettle practice and the advanced smoke-infusing style of the Kamado Joe grill. In addition to this practice is the heavyweight ceramic firebox that’s standard in the Kamado Joe grill. This firebox is outstanding at retaining heat, as well as protecting the cover of the kettle from the dangerous heat inside.

With its hinged lid, you will not have to concern about the one-handed grilling process. It similarly adjusts up & down effortlessly to put up the hyperbolic insert.

The 22” cooking surface area is made up of 2 half-moon rod stainless steel grill grates, for heat retention assets and durability. A detachable ash bucket sits underneath the stainless-steel grate to help in heat retention whereas making the clean-up process painless and quick. You can also open it through the sliding door on the bottommost part of the kettle.

The top control tower allows you to effortlessly adjust the flow of air and also control the heat inside. Folding aluminum shelves on the side provide additional space for storage or prep.

As soon as folded, they reveal the side handles that are used to carry and remove your grill. The porcelain-coated steel body of the grill stands up to high heat and wear whereas keeping it very lightweight, making sure that the grill from Kamado Joe will be your preferable charcoal kettle for grilling on the go or at home.


  • Dimension: 43.7” * 29.5” * 48”;
  • Weight is 107 lbs;
  • Heavyweight ceramic firebox gives outstanding heat retention as well as even heating inside the grill;
  • You do not need to remove its adjustable hinged lid to open the grill and cook;
  • Folding aluminum shelves of the side provide additional space for storage or prep;
  • You can easily take off the grill of the cart as well as on the go for a nice portable charcoal kettle practice;
  • 4-legged cart along with lower shelf is great for storage;
  • Dome lid thermometer gauge for checking grill temperature;
  • Folding metal shelves on the side saves space;
  • Two stainless steel half-moon grill grates;
  •  Weatherproof lid vent.


  • Ceramic firebox for better heat retention as well as durability.
  • Ash drawer offers you quick, easy clean-up.
  • Detachable patented hyperbolic ring lets you grill in the kettle easily
  • The hinged lid is there for easy opening & closing. So, there is no need to handle or remove the lid
  • Folding shelves of the side of the grill gives you a big prep area and also fold away the unit for easy storage.


  • Leaks badly because of the poor fit.
  • Have no temperature control.
  • Even after closing all the vents of the unit from top to bottom, it keeps on burning until the charcoals are exhausted.

Bottom Line

The Kamado Joe grills are among the best grills available on the market now when you look for longevity and reliability. Investing in among these grills will have your smoking and grilling requirements covered for several coming years.

No matter if you want a well-organized grill for your best barbeques or something else, the Kamado Joe grills are exactly what you need. It’s efficient, versatile, and also very easy to use–as well as we tried to display all of that in this Kamado grills review.

The advanced upgrades united with the time-tested and ancient grilling technique make these grills very special. And thus, you can easily sear burgers and steaks, char a rack of rib, or gradually smoke a huge ham whensoever your mood strikes.

These grills’ flexibility makes it easier to cook almost anything. There is no doubt that the Kamado Joe grills are an amazing kit and it is right up there with the well-known companies in terms of ceramic quality, variety of accessories, and warranty. It similarly knocks even the Big Green Egg company in terms of worth for the price.


Q. How Long Does a Load of Charcoal Last in the Kamado Joe?

A. Normally, you can utilize a load of coal to get around 18 hours of smoking time. Nevertheless, you might have to refuel the grill before that 18 hour is up.

Q. Does Komodo Joe use stainless steel cooking grates?

A. The Kamado Joe grates are a part of the innovative Divide and Conquer Supple Cooking which substitutes the normal stainless steel grill grate.

Q. Is Kamado Joe worth the money?

A. Kamado Joe grills are definitely worth the money. It is worth it for individuals who grill often. They are a little expensive because you will get exactly what you have paid for. However, the most public who buy kamados Joe grills, wind up utilizing them repeatedly because they do a good job with more or less any kind of grilling you throw at them!

Q. Is Kamado Joe cheaper than Big Green Egg?

A. Neither of the Kamado Joe grill is cheap. The price of these grills is also dependant on the grill’s size. There isn’t much of a value difference between the 2 brands once looking at the Big Green Egg brand’s big sizes. You might spend more on a Big Green Egg in the long run to get the grilling options you want more.

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