Lifesmart Kamado Grill Reviews

The LifeSmart Kamado Grills and Smokers are among the outstanding choices available on the market now. LifeSmart company offers a high-quality kamado grill and smoker that has an enormous grill space to fit a few rib butts all at once. LifeSmart company’s grills come with foldout tables on the grill’s side that is ideal for resting food or tools while cooking. Let's know about these grills in our Lifesmart Kamado Grill Reviews below.

These grills are ceramic coated and have been designed to grill evenly just like the flat-top grills, making sure that you don’t have food grilling at dissimilar speeds while on this LifeSmart grill. This LifeSmart kamado grill is similarly incredibly strong and won’t collapse with typical wear & tear.


What Is a Kamado Grill and Its History?

The Kamado grill and smoker, for the inexperienced, is both the up-to-date revolution in barbequing and just about the oldest form of outdoor cooking other than sticking things right in the fire.

Wait, a what? A Kamado? Isn’t that the huge lizard that eats hoofed mammals? Close, but that’s a Komodo.

Kamado-like ovens have been around for several millennia. Although, there is some discrepancy regarding the exact timeline, however, here are the fundamentals in a nutshell.

A kind of clay cooking container advanced in China and then made its appearance in Japan too. Over the time, Japanese modified it to turn it into an excellent rice cooker, as well as they named it “mushikamado.” It is not different from its cousin, which is the tandoori oven, and these 2 might have shared their roots. It’s also conceivable that the Japanese purposely combined tandoori expertise in these cookers. Incidentally, “kamado” translates to “stove”, or “cooking range”.

We will now skip ahead to the 1940s. The American soldiers posted in Japan carried home souvenirs from their placement, including Kamados and hibachis. The American influence on the growth of the Kamado was to adjust it to grilling instead of cooking rice. Some ingenious folks included the hinges and lid, additionally the ability to regulate the airflow.

Then, an Atlanta, Georgia trader began keeping Kamados in the initial 1970s, as well as his personal developments, including led to the making of the Big Green Egg, switching from the clay material to ceramic coating. The Egg conquered the manufacturing for years, however, now several grill makers deliver their individual takes on the Kamado.

More About Deen Brothers & LIFESMART

Even though Jamie and Bobby Deen’s family have been passed down through a desire for cooking, generation after generation, there is one cooking technique the Deen Brothers have loved always more than the others, which is grilling. Not just they have factually written the book “The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up” on grilling, but after periods in the restaurant business, they know exactly what it takes to produce great-tasting foods.

When the Deen Brothers initially used the LIFESMART’s new grills, together with their Pellet Grill, Kamado Grill, and also Griddle, they distinguished they had discovered products that will make grilling for their demanding families easier as well as will make their plates tastier.

But additionally, they discovered a team of individuals who they recognized shared their desire for good foods and also quality products.

Similar to the Deen Brothers, the LIFESMART company is obsessive about their commercial and the tools they offer to their customers, working industriously to make sure they are of the highest quality at reasonable prices.

Overview of Lifesmart Kamado Grill

In case you like the restaurant-style oven cooking taste using wood then you should take it to the next level. Using the LIFESMART Kamado Grill Series you can master the act of grilling just the way restaurants do. The traditional Kamado Grill was invented 3,000 years ago at what time the Chinese industrialized a ceramic coated cooking tool.

The distinctive feature of the LIFESMART Kamado Grills is that it’s made from high-level performance ceramics. These ceramic shells act as good insulators. This means that you can maintain the cooking temperatures whatever the outside weather condition constantly. The ceramic lining properties of the LIFESMART Kamado grill similarly mean that it decreases charcoal to use as well as provides the ideal traditional cooking style.

This LIFESMART Kamado grill utilizes lump charcoal. This is all-natural as well as doesn’t comprise the bad chemicals that are generally found in the charcoal briquettes. The lump charcoal is good for long-term grilling and it also can stay up to 8 hours if you cook on the low setting.

This grill is ideal for low N slow grilling meats, however, it can similarly give extra high heats to make it the ideal environment for making pizzas and baking bread. This is a 6-in-1 grill that allows you to smoke, grill, roast, braise, sear, and also bake your favorite food.

Simply take turn backyard to a new level of grilling space with this all-in-one outside cooking device. This LIFESMART Kamado grill can heat up to 800° to allow you to cook in the juices like a professional while holding the middle at your desired well-done or rare-medium finish. It’s the maximum delicious burger or steak you’ll ever have.

Well, the LIFESMART company has 4 different sizes of Kamado grills to offer their customers. These sizes are:



The unique dome or egg shape of this LIFESMART 15 inches Kamado-style grill will allow you to utilize direct or even indirect heat to proficiently smoke, grill, roast, sear, or bake. Below are the features of the LIFESMART 15 inches Kamado-style grill. Let’s take a glance at the features below.


Product Features

  • 133 square inches of grilling space with 13 inches cooking grid durable temperature retaining ceramic structure to keep in heat as well as decreases the use of charcoal;
  • Need lump charcoal as fuel;
  • Top-mounted grilling thermometer;
  • Rolling cart along with locking caster wheels, which is Black Powder Coated Steel;
  • Versatile cooking good for grilling, roasting, searing, smoking, or baking;
  • Outside folding shelves are perfect for placing your cooking utensil;
  • Accuracy adjustable double vent heat controls, top & bottom vent control slides for perfect temperature regulation;
  • Includes electric starter as well as grill cover;
  • Electric starter removes risky lighter fluid;
  • The easy and quick assembly process, set up as well as you can use it in minutes;
  • A sturdy heat-retaining ceramic structure is ideal for keeping the temperature in control and reducing the usage of charcoal.

Lifesmart 133" 6-In-1 Kamado

Lifesmart 133" 6-In-1 Kamado

Featured Bonus Addition Bundle Consist of

  • Instantaneous Meat Thermometer;
  • Stainless-Steel Meat Shredder;
  • 5 Piece Tool Kit;
  • Two Pair of Silicone Heat-Resistant Gloves for Meat.


Take your open-air cooking up to a mark using the LIFESMART Ceramic 18” Kamado Grill. You can easily fire up this grill within minutes using the electric start that’s included and pick from 5 cooking styles and make anything from barbecue to pizza.

The LIFESMART Kamado grill itself is made of temperature-resistant, high-grade ceramic with 2 regulating vent controls. During cooking, there are 2 appropriate side shelves so that you can place your grill tools or utensils on. The traditional cooking system likewise prevents flare-ups that sometimes cause lost food and burnt food falling from the grill.

Below, let’s now have a glance at the key features of the LIFESMART Ceramic 18” Kamado Grill.

Product Features

  • Offers 480 square inches total across two grill grates, with a lot of room for grilling for up to six people at once;
  • The 5-in-1 design of the grill allows you to smoke, grill, roast, bake, and sear, all in just a single grill;
  • Designed with top & bottom modifiable air vent controls, which create an airflow inside your grill to keep the proper temperature for cooking;
  • The fuel source is the lump charcoal which burns more proficiently than the traditional charcoal briquettes;
  • With a heat-retaining, durable ceramic shell structure to hold the temperature in;
  • Engineered with a moveable cart along with locking casters for effortless mobility around your deck, patio, yard, or porch;
  • Includes a cover for the grill to protect the superficial area when you do not use the grill;
  • Has two side shelves made of bamboo that are good for holding grilling sauces, platter, grill tools, and so many more.


Relish versatile cooking using the LIFESMART Ceramic 22” Kamado Grill. This unit has a huge cooking surface using 2-tier stainless grilling grates. Do not just grill; you can also bake, smoke, roast, and sear using this grill! 5 different cooking styles will allow you to cook anything from BBQ to pizza.

Made from high-quality, temperature-hardy ceramic with modifiable vent controls. Two wooden drop-down shelves of the unit provide a space for grilling equipment. Here are some of the key features of this LIFESMART Ceramic 22” Kamado Grill for a better understanding of the grill…

Product Features

  • 567 square inches of cooking area in a two-tier stainless-steel grilling surface;
  • Fueled with the lump charcoal which is sold separately;
  • A robust heat-retaining ceramic structure is ideal for keeping the temperature in control and also helps to reduce charcoal usage;
  • Quick & easy assembly so that you can set this unit up as well as use it in minutes!
  • Two wooden drop-down shelves;
  • Accuracy adjustable double vent heat controls;
  • Top and bottom vent control to slide open or close for good temperature regulation;
  • Versatile cooking is ideal for grilling, roasting, searing, baking, or smoking;
  • The Primary Grill Grate area is 18.75 inches;
  • The secondary Grill Grate area is 18.5 inches;
  • Mobile cart along with locking casters.


The LIFESMART 24” Kamado grill is ideal for low N slow cooking, however, it also can deliver additional high temperatures to make it perfect for making pizzas and baking bread. Below are some of the key features of the LIFESMART 24” Kamado grill to look into…

Product Features

  • 645 square inches of cooking space in a two-tier stainless-steel cooking area;
  • Versatile cooking is ideal for grilling, roasting, searing, baking, or smoking.;
  • Uses the non-chemical lump charcoal as a fuel source which is sold separately;
  • Stainless-steel moveable cart along with locking casters;
  • Accuracy adjustable double vent heat controls;
  • Top and bottom vent control to slide open or close for good temperature regulation;
  • Two-drop down shelves at the side of the grill;
  • Quick & easy assembly so that you can set this unit up as well as use it in minutes!
  • Top Mounted deflector and Thermometer set similarly doubles as the pizza stone;
  • Stainless steel grilling grates;
  • Top & bottom ceramic shells;
  • The Primary Grill Grate area is 21.25 inches;
  • The secondary Grill Grate area is 20 inches.

Lifesmart 24" 6-In-1 Kamado

General Key Features of the LIFESMART Kamado Grill Series

Here are some of the common key features of the LIFESMART Kamado grill series below. Let's have a look at the common features...


The exclusive bundle features bamboo shelves on the sides of the grill which is convenient for keeping the grill utensils, seasonings, and sauces. Advanced powder-layered steel cart along with locking casters will allow you easy movability around the deck or patio of your backyard.

This unit also comes with an electric starter to help you in quickening the ignition procedure, covering the additional charcoal area. Not just that, this grill also comes with a grill cover to protect your grill when you do not use it.

Durability of the Grill

Just take a glance at the resources that the manufacturer used to make the grill. Since the grill is made of durable, temperature-resistant ceramic coating, it is indeed a durable grill available in the market now. Some metal grills are heading for falling apart more speedily than others but surely not this one. However, any damage to the outside of the grill may impact its capability to hold its temperature.

Easy To Use

The design of the LIFESMART Kamado grill is comparatively simple than other forms of grills. This suggests that it’s easy to use this charcoal grill by lighting it up, as well as getting this grill going smoothly. This will lead to more cooking, less prep, and also faster meals.

Fast & Even Grilling

Since the LIFESMART kamado grills are similarly designed to function as a traditional oven, the temperature flows consistently throughout this grill itself. And this helps in fast and even grilling. You will not have to be concerned about getting some parts of your food that are raw while others are overcooked.

Saves Money on Fuel Source

The finest kamado grill from LIFESMART is well-insulated and coated. Nobody likes to have spending tons of cash on charcoal and wood chips to continue a grill’s heat. With accurate insulation, this grill holds its heat with little effort comparatively. This makes the unit a saver as you will not have to utilize as much fuel source to keep the heat as you need to do in other grills.

Pros & Cons of the Lifesmart Kamado Grill

  • No form of the grill is more effective on fuel as compared to the top kamado grills. LIFESMART kamado grill smokes and grills using non-chemical lump charcoal which is good for health.
  • The design lets you have a wide variety of cooking temperatures.
  • They are well-insulated and thus they do not suffer from any degraded performance once it’s cold out.
  • After a cooking session is over you can simply close the dampers as well as choke off the fire. This saves on fuel as well as saves some coals for the next session of grilling.
  • The well-insulated and sealed design of this LIFESMART Kamado grill keeps more moisture while you are grilling.

Lifesmart 133" 6-In-1 Kamado

Lifesmart 133" 6-In-1 Kamado
  • The LIFESMART kamado grill takes a longer time to cool down than other forms of grills. In case you overshoot the temperature, you will have to wait then!
  • Kamados are weighty! You aren’t easily able to transport a grill down to the beach. However, the locking wheels of the LIFESMART Kamado grill make it easier for moving the unit to your backyard. But don’t take it on a tour with you.
  • In case you are going to use the unit for smoking and then use it for grilling, it will involve red hot ceramics and welding gloves. Changing out its deflector plate when it’s hot is not for the weak people. So be careful!
  • These grills have a quite sharp learning curve. To get the maximum out of your LIFESMART kamado grill, you will have to invest a lot of time in knowing how to use the unit.

When you accept that LIFESMART kamado grills have some lacks, they make a good addition to the outside cooking options. However, just know that they’re pricey! We do not see that as a disadvantage though, as quality costs and the LIFESMART kamado grill can last for a lifetime.

Why Do People Go for the Lifesmart Kamado Grills

Following are the reasons why people choose to buy the Lifesmart Kamado Grills over any other Kamado grills:


Manufactured with thick ceramic walls as well as dome-shaped external, the LIFESMART Kamado grill is engineered to hold the heat in, lock moisture, and also provide even temperature all over to make the ideal meal every single time you grill on it.


LIFESMART’s 6-IN-1 Kamado Grills allow you to Grill, Smoke, Sear, Braise, Roast, and also Bake.


The non-chemical, all-natural lump charcoals deliver a smoke-infused flavor to the food in a traditional cooking style.


LIFESMART Kamado grills include an advanced cart for easy mobility, an electric starter for setup, and also a grill cover for covering the grill while not in use.


A slight setup is needed and has an accuracy adjustable double vent superior temperature control to make it easy to start grilling great meals.

Precautions When Using a Kamado Grill

Using the kamado grills needs a different mindset to some extent than using the standard natural gas grill, electric grill, offset smoker, infrared grill, smoker grills, tailgate grill, camping grill, or kettle grill.

Kamado grill heats up tremendously fast. Thus, you will have to slow down the grill to avoid exceeding the temperature.

Kamado grills do not easily let temperature gradients. In case of food requires to be grilled at different temps, consider this beforehand beginning the grilling process. You might consider getting the combo grill or some other further heat-sensitive grill for the gentle cooking process. It also is not suggested to use the ceramic kamado grill as the boat grill, since they do not work well on water.

Review of Lifesmart Kamado Grill

The Kamado Grill from LIFESMART isn’t meant as a straight assessment to any other grill of the Kamado-style. Simply from our viewpoint look at this grill with a better review to some extent than you may get on amazon.

To be frank, this Kamado grill is like a beast in terms of its weight. It weighs around 250 pounds. Although the Kamado grill is registered as 15 inches, 18 inches, 22 inches, and 24 inches, the grilling grates, which there are 2 levels, are slightly less in size. You will certainly need help elating the chamber onto the comprised rolling stand.

However, the stainless steel used on this Kamado grill is of high quality as well as much better as compared to other grills in this price tag.

The stand of the grill, with rolling wheels, appears to be a lot more considerable than others in the same price tag. The unit is airtight as well as comes with dual-insulating pads between the lid and the base. To get the finest result just follow the basic directions on the top & bottom vent settings from the commands included with the grill. Once this grill gets to 225° it stayed within 4° to 5° for the full 8-hour of cooking.

The lid of this grill is spring-loaded thus, it’s easy to lift as well as it will not hide away from you like other metal Kamado grills available in the market at a lower price.

You will be amazed to see their accuracy level in the built-in thermometer. Not just this, the complete package comes with some add-ons like a grill cover, an electric coal starter, and also a diffuser/stone.

In case we had to reduce points of this unit, it would be due to their lack of a built-in ash pan. This needs a quick Vac suck to clean out the leftover ashes. In case you use lump charcoals, as you must in this grill, there will be quite a little low ash from your 8-hour cook.

Bottom Line

This grill from LIFESMART provides limitless cooking choices like steaks, ribs, hamburgers and is also great for desserts and baking pizzas. Its double vent heat controls mean the top & bottom vents of the unit slide open or closed for higher temperature parameters.

Its drop-down side shelves (bamboo) offer a place for your grill tools, platters, or sauces. This grill also has a powder-layered steel cart along with caster wheels to allow for easy movability.

This package similarly comes with a grill cover and electric starter. This unit is easy to move and compact in size. It is the best piece of grilling device that your backyard is surely missing if you haven’t yet bought it! Hope our Lifesmart kamado grill reviews helped you to know the product better!


Q. Are Lifesmart kamado grills any good?

A. The LifeSmart Kamado Grill is among the outstanding grills available on the market now. This grill is similarly incredibly durable and won’t break down with wear & tear. It also holds the heat well. The LIFESMART Kamado grill is good for cooking pork, beef, fish, steak, and so many more!

Q. Who makes Lifesmart kamado?

A. Deen Brothers

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