Masterbuilt 1050 Review: A Lump or Briquette Charcoal Fueled Grill

Masterbuilt knows exactly how prevalent charcoal grills are for many people. Though they’ve started to fall in disfavor in recent few years because of sweeping perfections offered by the wood pellet grills and electric smokers. This’s because in maximum part to the constancy offered by these alternate heat sources. The common grievance against them is that you do not get that fire-kissed smoky flavor from charcoal that most people love. Read our Masterbuilt 1050  review to learn everything you need to know about this truly remarkable grill.

Fortunately, Masterbuilt has now stepped up to remarkably offer the finest of both worlds in their Masterbuilt MB20041220 Gravity 1050 Series. This charcoal smoker from Masterbuilt uses a distinct side charcoal place to hold charcoal briquettes or jumbo lumps. The automatic digital control arrangement then sends the coals to the fires in a stable stream.

So far this is not just a simple smoker that can hold temperatures consistently in the 165° range. As soon as you appropriately dial in, you can use this Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 like a direct wood-fired oven or flame grill that can get as hot as 700° F!

This level of control and versatility is something people are loving the most. All thanks to both the method the digital control center functions the inside fan and also the Gravity-fed’s delivery system. This makes sure that the smoking woods or charcoal flames you use get precisely the exact amount of O2 they require for burning for around 8 hours at a constant temperature range.

Overview of Masterbuilt Charcoal Smoker 1050 Series

Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 Series Digital Charcoal Grill that has a separate digitally controlled fan base as well as huge publicity in the worldwide market. All functionalities of this grill are unexpected and unique as compared to other brands’ grills.

Clients are excessively overjoyed about this grill model from the Masterbuilt company. It works great when you’ll follow instructions appropriately. A lot of the clients compare this charcoal grill with the Weber grills. The most appreciated functionalities of Masterbuilt Gravity series 1050 are Masterbuilt’s 8 hours running competence without any maintenance.

The company claims that it does not burn your food even after cooking or grilling at 700° F. It does not waste massive bulks of coal. And also lets you cook for 2 hours straight without adding any extra charcoal.

Its digital fan rotates at a 90° angle to make sure that the fan wires do not melt even at high temperatures. The miserable part of this grill is it does not last long. Overlooking this fault prior clients recommend these charcoal smoker grills for generations.

Key Features of Masterbuilt 1050 Series Charcoal Grill

The Masterbuilt Gravity series 1050 comes with several advanced features like digital controls, hopper lid, large cooking space, side shelf, drip pan, etc. This 1050 digital charcoal grill from Masterbuilt company has plenty of amazing features. These features are as follows.


Masterbuilt Gravity series 1050 is one of the most user-friendly charcoal grills as compared to grills. It reduces the wastage of charcoals. By utilizing a slight number of charcoals, you can get the whole cooking session. It is a heat retention feature that makes the grilling simpler.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker

Easement of Cleaning Process

How the charcoal grill provides you with steadfast performance depends on its cleaning process. This grill consists of a charcoal hopper that can hold 10 lbs of the lump charcoal or around 16 lbs of the briquettes.

You must clean it often. Cleaning increases longevity. In case you aren’t using the grill, then you need to fold down the unit and cover it.

Steadfast Performance of the Grill

Masterbuilt Gravity series 1050 grill features a warming rack. This rack is made of stainless steel with a porcelain coating. Its WiFi BlueTooth competence accommodates you to smoke and grill through the official Masterbuilt app.

Here a maximum of the charcoal grills are harmful but the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 grill is there to protect you from any type of injury.

Meat-Probe Thermometer

Gone are those days when you would have to attach a thermometer in meat every 30 minutes or so. This modern unit comes with a meat probe thermometer as well as a complete built-in temperature gauge. In this way, you do not risk upsetting the temperature settings of the grill by opening it beforehand the food is grilled.

Keeping this grill at a continual temperature aids you to get better outcomes. And you can also get a precise temperature reading every single time you want. Not to remark, you will not have to experience the annoyance of numerous manual checks of the meat.

We would recommend replacing the typical temperature gauge along with a gauge that features a temperature mark on it. Nevertheless, it isn’t necessary due to the built-in digital thermometer.

Masterbuilt 1050 Review

Here we are going to break down the features, pros, and cons in the Masterbuilt 1050 review below.

Food Capacity

The Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 grill contains 2 porcelain-coated shelves for smoking and 1 cast-iron searing shelf. As soon as put together, these improve up to a total of 1050 sq. in. of grilling space.

Its bottom shelf and middle shelf searing are 2 separate grill grates that lock together so that they can complete the shelf. So, having these shelves in numerous pieces makes them way handier when you have to remove them for maintenance or cleaning.


This charcoal grill and smoker is planned to smoke low ‘n’ slow, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. It can effortlessly grill & sear with a grilling temperature high at 700° F.

Roasting and baking is also a way to cook on this grill, and that is with the controlled cooking temperature by the digital control panel of the unit. So, you can cook limitless items on this grill without any hesitation.

Direct Sear

This charcoal grill and smoker is made to manage both low ‘n’ slow cooking and also high heat grilling. Turn on the grill temperature to reach 700° Fahrenheit, and the whole cooking surface becomes a burning utensil with the adjustable cast-iron grill grates.

expert's divine staffRange Of Temperature

The Masterexpert's dual swordss well as 700 degrees Fahrenheit on its high end.

It is selectaexpert's great hammerble in 5 degrees Fahrenheit increases from the temperature control panel, as well as the controller combo/onboard fan, do every piece of work of keeping the temperature in control.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker

expert's glacial staff

oothly. There is a spot at the bottommost part of the Gravity-fed chamber to put either a lighting cuexpert's glacial staffexpert's enigmatic staffbe or lighting puck to start the tasty magic happen.

You could similarly just wad up a few pieces of newspaper easily and push them inside to fire up the grill. However, in case the newspaper is not enough, you can drizzle a little bit of vegetable oil there to ensure the charcoal catches fire formerly the newspaper goes burnt out.

Portability of the Grill

This Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Smoker and Grill weighs about 230 pounds. So, it is quite heavyweight to move it around. You will not be capable of lifting it without taking help from others.

Remember in case you are considering placing the unit in a place with steps will be a matter of hassles. But the good news is the unit comes with wheels.

So, you can easily move the unit around. Similarly, the wheels feature a lock system, thus, stability isn’t an issue here.

You will also have to keep the grill’s measurements in mind. You can use a measuring tape to plan spaces where the unit can fit in properly.

For your convenience, let me tell you that this model measures around 52.2” x 61.0” x 33.1”.

Fuel Capacity of the Grill

Masterbuilt Gravity-Fed charcoal hopper holds around 16 pounds of briquettes or 10 pounds of lump charcoals. Thus, you can utilize it for about 8 hours at its low temperature. That’s a perfect amount of time as soon as it comes to grills or smokers.

Due to the Gravity-fed, you won’t have to tend the flame while the smoker/grill is running. This unit’s digital controller runs one multi-speed fan so that it can adjust the temperature of cooking automatically.

For lengthy cooking, this makes the unit remarkable since you can stop by the store or run errands for that forgotten dish inside without worry.

Cleaning Process

Like any other grill, it is going to need a good cleaning every single time you use it to maintain the grill over a long period. The cooking grates are removable and thus you can wash them in the utility sink or your kitchen for easy cleaning.

Cleaning the ashtray of the unit is a simple procedure as you can easily pull out the tray. However, you need to ensure to do it once all the charcoals, as well as ashes, are completely cold.

It is suggested to put those ashes in an aluminum foil as well as pour a little bit of water before placing that in your waste bin. You need to do it for your safety purpose!

The Charcoal Hopper

The charcoal tank is made with 2 baffle plates that shut off the oxygen supply at any point as soon as you are done with cooking.

By sliding these 2 plates into a closed position, O2 will be removed from the fire, overpowering the fire as well as starting the cooling procedure.

These baffle plates are there to make sure you are capable of reusing the coal for your next cooking in your hopper.

Even the lump or briquettes that you lit when you close down the supply of O2 will cook down as well as be ready to utilize the next time you are going to fire it up.

Additional Accessories

Objects that are not contained within these grills and smokers once they ship consist of a cover as well as an additional temperature probe.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Charcoal Grill + Smoker Cover

Certainly, you may need some tools to move food around as well as clean the unit, but you perhaps already have them, right? However, if you do not already have them, then you will have to buy them for easier use and maintenance of the unit.

WIFI & Bluetooth

The Gravity-fed series from Masterbuilt company has a glossy new digital control panel that lets you control the whole thing about your grill from the digital edge. The digital controller for temperature is also linked to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to let you control the unit using your smart device once you are not near the unit.

You can regulate both cook time and temperature from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which means you can control the whole thing you need to do on your grill even you are not near your grill.


This charcoal cooking grill comes with a limited warranty of 1 year on all parts of the unit. Although there are units in this similar price tag that provide more warranty than this unit from Masterbuilt.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker

Pros and Cons of Masterbuilt Gravity Series Charcoal Smoker

Here are a few quick remarks on some other points that make this unit more appreciated. But as we all know that nothing in this world is perfect; thus, some points are also there that make the unit hard to use. So, let’s now see the pros and cons of the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 below.


  • Easy cleaning of ash after using the unit due to its removable ashtray;
  • Easy to use and maintain;
  • An appropriate access door in front of the unit;
  • Simple assembly process;
  • More space to cook on;
  • Tray to throw away all food fat;
  • Durable rubber wheel for effortlessness of transport.


  • Additional equipment is pricey to some extent;
  • A little bit expensive;
  • Hopper throw-outs medium chunks of charcoal.

Final Words

In case you love charcoal grills and smokers, but demand ease to control and convenience, then this Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 has to be on the top of the list.

This grill isn’t only a great charcoal grill/smoker with wireless connectivity and a digital control panel, but it can as well be turned into a direct flame, high-heat charcoal grill. All you have to do is to give it enough time to heat up properly.

The warranty of this unit is indeed slightly sparse, and the fact is you can’t hang meats such as link sausages on this unit. However, that is a minor tradeoff for all the expediency that accompanies this versatile charcoal grill and smoker.

We hope that our Masterbuilt 1050 review answered all the questions you had.


Q. Are Masterbuilt grills any good?

A. From the past few eras Masterbuilt charcoal grills have seized their reputations. Only A few charcoal grills let you smoke impulsively. It undertakes you to cook the food items with indirect heat. Different from other charcoal grills, this unit maintains heat appropriately even after utilizing a little number of charcoals.

Q. How big is the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050?

A.This item Weight around 202.9 Pounds and the dimensions are 33.07” x 61.02” x 52.17” (LxWxH).

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