The Best Tips and Tricks on How To Put a Charcoal Grill Out

Most people love to enjoy and serve the best barbeque meal. The new electrical technology can never beat the traditional grill with charcoal. It is the means of an authentic flavor and taste. If one is a frequent user of charcoal grills, turning the grill off is as vital as turning it on. Hence, knowing about how to put a charcoal grill out is also a need.

It involves understanding the safe and efficient methods to cool down the fuel in use. It varies as per the different grills in use. The tips and tricks also change with the grill type. It is different if the grill comes with a lid and when it is without it. The style changes, and so do the safety standards. The safe putting off of the charcoal ensures that it does not harm the user.

Once one knows about putting it off, one knows everything in need. All one needs is to relish the food time with the perfect methods and further enjoy the taste.

Why Does One Need To Put Out the Charcoal Grill?

It can be overwhelming for an individual to understand if one needs to put out the charcoal grill. Even if one does not put it out, the coals will cool down over time.

Understanding the need for turning the heat down in the coals helps an individual to act better. The following are the reasons why one needs to put out a charcoal grill:


Charcoals can be dangerous as they are hot. The charcoals will remain in the same state for hours. It will be the same until they extinguish by themselves. Until then, they are sure to be a risk.  

They can cause severe burns if an individual touch them. It is also risky for the pets and kids in the house. Hence, putting them out after every use is wise.

Fire Accidents

Charcoals are not regular burning fuels that burn when an individual adds more to them. The heat in them gets accelerated even when the winds and air touch them.

Most of the grills are outdoors, and if the coals remain hot can give rise to accidents. If the grill trips over and touches the grass, it can start a fire and become a disaster.


Indeed, one cannot look over pollution every time, but one can play the part when vital. Burning charcoal during the BBQ session is harmful to the environment. It releases carbon mono oxide into the air.

One cannot stop it during the cooking session, but one can extinguish the fire later. It will contribute to a better environment. It will help an individual to enjoy and contribute to sustainability.


Charcoals run for a long time, and it is not always possible to use them completely. The reuse of charcoal is a choice that one can have if one puts out the charcoal grill on time.

Putting them out leads to saving the half-burnt charcoal for later use. It contributes to cost-saving, energy-saving, and aiding to other benefits. It is the perfect choice for the best!

The idea and process of extinguishing the coals are not complicated. One can put them out in a smooth way after understanding the steps. It will help to prevent problems and aid the best!

Different Ways To Put Out the Charcoal

Extinguishing the charcoal comes in different ways for different types of grills. It goes in different ways for grills with lids and those without them. It is because of this make that one needs to be careful.

It also comes with serving and abiding by various safety measures. It is to help an individual reduce risks. The following are the procedures on how to put a charcoal grill out:

Grills With Lids

The easiest way is to extinguish the charcoals in a grill with lids. It is because it does not need much effort. All one needs to do is to use the cover and the air vents in the process.

The fire runs with the help of air supply. One can shun the air supply by closing the lid and the air vents. It will reduce the supply of oxygen to the charcoals, and it will extinguish over time.

The process goes as the following:

  • Closing process: Close the lid of the grill and secure the air vents of the same. It will ensure that no air moves into the grill for accelerating the burning coal.
  • Safe space: Safety comes first. Even if it requires no extra effort to put off the coal, one must ensure everyone's safety. Place the grill in a side such that the grills are not dangerous.
  • Be patient: Do not hurry to put out the coal. Be patient and wait for it to calm down over time. It may take over 24-48 hours, depending upon the amount of coal and the grill.

It is one of the safest known methods to put out the charcoal grill. Even with the best process, endure to use gloves and ensure safety. It is the perfect choice for the grills that come with a cover!

Grills Without Lids

Not every grill comes with a lid to ensure a smooth extinguishing process. For it, there are several other ways to put down the fire completely. They come with a bit of complication.

Putting out charcoal for grill without a lid is not as safe as those with the cover. One must always ensure safety while extinguishing the charcoals. It will assure that no harm takes place and the user is always safe.

Method 1: The Burning Out of Coals

An open charcoal grill never comes with a lid. Letting the coals burn out completely is always an option. It allows an individual to prefer the safe way of putting out the coals.

All one needs to do is wait for the coals to turn into ash. Once one notices it as in use completely, one can go for disposing of the ash. Further, one can make use of new charcoals for the need.

One must be careful while checking for charcoals. One must use proper tools like a shovel or gloves to see if the coals are still burning. The process may take a bit longer than other methods.

Most people do not prefer this process as it shuns an individual from reusing coal. It also contributes to pollution as it burns and is not efficient enough.

The people who love barbequing believe in saving the charcoals. They know its value and respect and value the coals. Hence, one often skips this method to keep the coals for future use.

Method 2: Remove and Smother Elsewhere

Not everything can happen in the grill. Using the grill as an extinguishing platform can also be a risk for the people and pets in the house. Hence, one can go for transferring the coals to extinguish them somewhere else.

  • One will need a sturdy metal bin with a lid. It will allow one to place the coals in it and close it to cut off oxygen.
  • One must use a shove to remove the coal from the grills and place them in the bin. One must use BBQ gloves for protection.
  • Once the bin is full of burning coals, one must cover it up with the lid. It will prevent the supply of air inside it.
  • It will deprive the coals of the fuel for burning over time and cool the coals down.
  • One can now reuse them as per the need or save the half-burnt coal for later use.

The cooling of these coals by the smothering method will take up to two days. The span will also depend upon the type of coal one uses, the amount, and the bin size.

The bin size should always be as per the amount of coal one has for extinguishing. It will affect the quickness and ease of putting it out. The quality of the metal of the bin is also vital.

It should be a strong metal that comes with the strength to hold the hot coals. A low-grade metal will not keep the coals and will break apart and run through them.

Throughout the process, one must keep the bin away from the usual spaces. It will ensure that it does not create any problem or threat to the people and animals around.

After the process is complete, one can look out for half-burnt coals. One can keep them safe while throwing the ash away. It is a faster and efficient method that permitting the entire lot to burn.

Method 3: Remove and Extinguish by Water

Water represents cool and calm, while fire is hot and angry. Both of these opposites can add together to give a neutral. Water is one of the most common substitutes to put off a fire.

One can use it to calm the coals, but there is a way for it. One must go for extinguishing it in a proper way to ensure no harms occur. It can bring with it risk, and hence one must be careful.

  • Use types of equipment like shovels and gloves. It will be helpful while handling the charcoals from the grill to the container.
  • Use a high-quality container to hold the charcoal and place it in an open space before adding water.
  • Add water in the container little by little and let the steam come out of the container.
  • Do not pour the water altogether as it may splash on the surroundings causing damage.
  • One can use a bucket, or a hose, or a sprinkler to ensure safety and yet put out the charcoals.
  • The amount of water in need depends on the coal amount, the temperature, container, and more.
  • Keep adding water to the coal until the charcoal is out. Now one can drain the water and let the charcoals dry.

Water on hot coals will give rise to hot steams. Steams are more dangerous than fire as it has hidden heat. Hence, one must be very careful while using this method.

Do not place any of your body parts over the coal while pouring water. The coal is too hot, and the steam is sure to sizzle over it. Hence, keeping oneself away is the best.

One must have with oneself proper tools and equipment before practicing it. It will ensure the safety and secure the individual. It is of use while performing the method of putting out the charcoal grill.

Although it looks similar, one must never go for pouring water on the charcoal grill. It can damage the grills. One must always ensure to use a separate container for placing the coals. Further, one can extinguish them.

The quality of the container must be a high-grade metal. If one uses a regular metal container, the coals will surpass the metal and damage them for sure.

It is the fastest yet risky way of cooling the coals. One must be careful while using it. After extinguishing it, one can pick the coals that are reusable and bring them in use.

Grills without covers come with their benefit over the ones with lids. Hence, one must know their ways to have a piece of complete knowledge about all the barbeque systems.

What Now?

After one extinguishes the charcoals, one can either dispose of them or reuse them. It depends on the type of method one picks for the process. It also involves cleaning up the grill to ensure that only the best is in the hands.

If one uses a lid for extinguishing, it is sure to leave many remains of ash. One needs to clean them and then pick the best remains. One can keep them safe and bring them into use.

When it comes to the water method, one can have both beneficial and unuseful charcoal. If one goes for pouring a lot of water over the charcoal, it will be a waste. One will have to discard them.

If one uses a sprinkler and uses little water over the charcoal to cool them, one can reuse them. It will not harm or wet the charcoal entirely and make it good fuel.

But, if one lets the coals burn out, it will leave nothing else but the ashes. One will have to clean the entire grill and discard the ash once it cools down completely.

Safety around the grill is as vital as knowing and learning all about the procedures. Knowing how to put a charcoal grill out is never enough if an individual is at risk.

Every act and procedure needs patience and time. There is no shortcut to putting out the fire in the grill. One must learn to do it in an effortless way yet be careful about the heat of the coal.

Different grill types and barbeques need distinct ways of putting off the charcoal. One must know all about it, especially the grill that one owns. It will help to work with it in the right way.

It also ensures the longevity of the grill and enhances the skills that one has about the grill. Now that one knows all about barbequing, one can enjoy it to the best!

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