Top 3 Char-Griller Reviews of 2023

Char-Griller produces some of the most inexpensive cookers available in the market right now. Nearly all of their cookers’ models are horizontal, round charcoal grills and also smokers. They similarly offer gas and charcoal combo cookers. Char-Griller company has many things to offer to their customers which makes them a leading brand in grills and smokers. Today in our top 3 Char-Griller reviews in this article below, we are going to represent every detail you need to know about Char-Grillers.

The Char-Griller represents the old proverb that says “you get exactly what you manage to pay for. Buyers who are budget conscious, sometimes cannot stay away from the Char-Griller price, and also several models are extremely prevalent.

Hence, they’ve extensive distribution from place to place in all the large box stores as well as online. Inappropriately, many beginners who grill slowly are drawn to the Char-Griller’s super inexpensive offset grillers. Offsets are difficult to work with already as well as Char-Griller’s drafty, tin can structure has been a basis of consternation for groups of first-time grillers. That means, their Akorn kamados and Grillin’ Pro gas grill, offer plenty of boom for the extremely low price tag.




Cooking Area


Char-Griller E56720 AKORN Kamado





Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro





Char-Griller 2137 Outlaw





Char-Griller E56720 AKORN Kamado

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 447

Warranty: 1 year

Made in: China

Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 830

Warranty: 1 year / 5 years

Made in: China

Char-Griller 2137 Outlaw

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 950

Warranty: 1 year / 5 years

Made in: China

Char-Griller is famous for its ubiquitous barrel-shaped and affordable charcoal grills & smokers. But the question is if the Char Grills are worth the money. We are here going to review the top three Char Grills which are Char-Griller E56720 AKORN Kamado, Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro, and Char-Griller 2137 Outlaw! Let's dig deeper to know more.

What Are the Types of Char-Griller Grills

It does not matter what your lifestyle is, nor does it matter where you live, these days everyone's life is super busy. But when the thirst for your gilled food arises, it does not matter at all whether you are busy or tired, your heart just wants what it wants.

However, it is not possible to bring food from a restaurant now and then, so you need to make this yourself! Whatever the situation or reason, we try to provide you with the best data on all the styles and types of Char-Grillers grills available on the market now.

Kamado Grills

It is an ancient kind of grill, typically like an egg (oblong) shaped. The purpose behind this special style of ceramic grill is that it’s produced from hardened clay. This helps to keep both the fluids and the heat inside the food you cook on the Kamado grill.

Gas Grills

There are several kinds of gas grills but then again, they all have a single thing in common. That is, they all use propane gas for cooking your meal. Several of them are manufactured with high-grade stainless-steel coating.

The higher the steel grade, the longer the product will last. Additionally, the sleek and clean look of stainless steel is an advantageous thing for many customers.

Charcoal Grills

Just as the term of the grill implies, it uses charcoal as its fuel or heating source. This grill comes in several sizes and shapes and also a rack. This rack can be raised or lowered to regulate the amount of temperature your food gets. Some have vents, lids, and some other accessories too.

Portable Grills

All the above-mentioned grills are made big enough to make it harder to take the unit with you everywhere. In case you have a small apartment, or you want to take your grill with you to a picnic, for example, you can get a small size portable grill with you.

Is Char-Griller a Good Brand?

Char-Griller persistently has been running analytical and methodical research for the past few years; thus, they have the knowledge to provide you with up-to-date, accurate devices. Their sole determination is to aid you, both beginners and professionals, to find as well as pick the right product that is perfect for you.

Char-Griller has been producing several kinds of grills for more than a few decades now, as well as they have already earned a reputation in the grilling market. Their grills are always there to deliver great and delicious dishes at a very reasonable price tag.

At Char-Griller, they pride themselves in producing quality smokers, grills, and also accessories, that are very reasonable for the reliable families that purchase them. The company cares about their customers as well as their families the way they care about producing quality products.

They know that the grill makes not only delicious dishes but also helps to make lifelong memories often. Char-Griller started their journey eras ago with their unique barrel-style charcoal grill, and they have widened their collection to include Kamados, Dual Fuel, Kettles, and so many more.

These are smokers and grills that have been confirmed to be as trustworthy and dependable as the friends and families who will go around them. This company is still proudly possessed as well as functioned by the Georgia brother & sister pair that founded the company.

How to Care for Char-Griller Grates?

At Char-Griller, they truly prefer cast-iron as their grill grates material. This is because the cast iron holds heat evenly and efficiently as well as there is quite nothing like a decent sear than on the cast iron.

Different from stainless-steel grill grates, the cast iron grill grates require a little extra care. Here is how you can take care of the cast-iron grates so that you can keep your grilling experience at its best all the time.

The first thing is first, the cast-iron grill grates and also porcelain layered grill grates are certainly NOT similar things. The following guide is only for the cast-iron grates and not for the porcelain layered grill grates. Okay, now let’s get going with the guide to take care of your cast iron grill grates.

As soon as you first get the Char-Griller grill on hand, you will have to take out the cast-iron grill grates and then give them a great wash using warm water. If you want, you can also use soap at this time. After washing properly, ensure to dry the grill grates off fully using a towel or a clean cloth.

With a brush or paper towel, brush the cast iron grill grates using cooking oil. However, we highly recommend you to use bacon fat, vegetable oil, or grapeseed oil. After the grill grates are layered, you can keep them in a 400° F oven for about 1 hour or keep them on a 400° F grill for around 40 minutes or so. After that, let the grill grates naturally cool down completely.

It’s suggested to frequently season the grill grates, particularly when your grates are new. For this, after every single grilling session, allow your grill to slightly cool down and then remove burnt remainder off the grill grates using a scraper or grill brush. You can similarly use only half an onion to wash off your grates.

After scrapping the grill grates, dip a paper towel in bacon grease or vegetable oil and rub that paper towel on the grill grates with a pair of tongs. You need to make 4 to 5 passes with a paper towel to make sure your grill grates get proper seasoning.

Char-Griller Side Fire Box Features

Char-Griller is a leading grill production known for presenting the first form of the charcoal barrel-style grill in the year 1993. Nowadays, Char-Griller is a modernization leader in dual-fuel grills, charcoal smokers, charcoal grills, outdoor gas griddles, and kamado grills. Char-Griller company prides themselves on manufacturing grills as solid working as their consumers. They also have introduced Side Fire Box.

Including this Side Fire Box to maximum Char-Griller grills delivers a smoking space for Horizontal smoking (Texas Style) and also adds 250 square inches of extra grilling volume. Or you can also use this with the involved Table Top Legs and create an ultra-portable charcoal grill.

With the 12-burger volume, you can relish charcoal grilling during camping, at your favorite tailgate, or in the park! These are the key features of the Char-Griller Side Fire Box…

  • 1613 square cm cooking area;
  • For easy cleaning, easy dump ash-pan;
  • Cast iron grill grates for great temperature retention, longevity, and ease of cleaning;
  • You can use this as a tabletop solid grill or attach it to an exclusive griller.

Add this Side Fire Box to your Char-Griller Double Play Grill and Char-Griller Deluxe to renovate the Grill into a Texas-style smoker. This Side Fire Box from Char-Griller can similarly be utilized as a separate table-top griller with four fitting legs.

Char-Griller Accessories

There are uncountable tools and accessories to advance your grilling experience and also to make it more enjoyable and efficient to prepare mouth-watering dishes. At Char-Griller, they offer a wide range of grill tools and accessories that aid you to cook your dishes and clean as well as protect the grills.

Using different accessories, you can try a fish basket or burger press to grill more professionally or a larger food such as poultry and roasts. But to maintain your grill you need certain accessories too. Char-Griller offers cleaning brushes, spray cleaners, and non-bristle wood scrapers for grill grids and grates.

Not just that, there is also a grill cover for protecting your grill when not in use. To guard the chef, there are flame-retardant mitts and gloves.

Toolsets are a good choice — whether you only need basic tools such as spatula, fork, and tongs or a complete selection of grill accessories for cooking as well as maintenance. A few grills set similarly contain carrying cases for travel and storage. The following are some other accessories and tools.

Accessories & Tools

  • 50ml Marinade Injector;
  • Basting Bucket or Brush;
  • Marinade Spray Bottle;
  • Triple Grid Helix Brush;
  • 3pc BBQ Tool Set;
  • Smoking Tube;
  • Electric Charcoal Starter;
  • Pit Brush;
  • 3pc Low N Slow Knife Set;
  • Steak Knife Set;
  • Charcoal Baskets;
  • Charcoal Chimney Starter.

More About Char-Griller Cover

This conventional Charcoal Grill cover from the Char-Griller company is designed and made from a heavy-duty, durable fabric. This conventional grill cover brings long-lasting safety from freezing snow, pouring rain, and also the scorching sun. The durable yet lightweight Cover easily sets on and keeps your grills in good condition season after season. Protect your asset and extend the Char-Griller Grill’s life!

Every single Char-Griller grill comes with a precise custom cover. These covers have to be returned in resale condition and unopened, to the method as a return. In case you have any query about the cover your grill needs, please call at 912-638-4724 Customer Service.

Features & Benefits of Char-Griller Covers

Protect the Char-Griller grills against the severe environmental fundamentals, with these covers which are designed to precisely fit Char-Griller smokers and grills. Made from heavyweight weather-resistant substantial you can be assured that your Side Fire Box and Char-Griller grill will be under protection.

Outspread the lifespan of your Charcoal grill and Double Play Gas using this all-purpose changeable premium grill cover by Char-Griller company. The heavyweight black vinyl fights damaging elements that may compromise your grill look.

These covers help to keep your high-quality open-air cooking kit in like-new form for years. The modifiable cover shields your BBQs from sand, wind, moisture, tree sap, birds, and sun. Following are some of the remarkable benefits of Char-Griller covers.

  • Made using weather-resistant polyester material and PVC to extend the lifespan of your grill;
  • Original design development Velcro sleeves put up the elective Char-Griller Side Fire Box;
  • Engineered to fit the Char-Griller models;
  • The applied cover design makes sure easy on & off;
  • Full height.

Char-Griller Reviews

As soon as we decided to find out the winners of the top 3 Char-Griller Grills list, we observed different kinds of grills and also analyzed the abilities these Char-Griller grills have. These abilities were selected from the summary that the grills display in the guides.

The other features were the particular ones that were not stated in the purchaser’s guide but it did concern the operators who bought the product.

Let’s now dig deeper into the reviews of the top 3 Char-Griller grills below.

Char-Griller E56720 AKORN Kamado

This Char-Griller E56720 Akorn Kamado grill model is recognized for being among the best worthy Char-Grillers available on the market presently. Featuring a big cooking area of 447 sq. in., this Char-Griller grill can provide a large size.

Among the finest features of this Char-Griller E56720 Akorn Kamado grill is the addition of strong powder-layered insulation solid present in the design of the product. Having strong lining improves efficacy and decreases your needs for charcoal while grilling – which will eventually save you some money.

Even though this Char-Griller E56720 Akorn Kamado grill doesn’t comprise a warming rack. However, the modifiable side shelves deliver that much-required extra area for you to rest or prepare your food on char-grills.

Another plus of this product design is that the accumulation of rubber wheels with tubular steel. These resources let the wheels accomplish better for a long time, making sure your charcoal grill is easy to use and maintain.

However, removing the ash is truly a real problem with badly designed char-grillers. With gratitude, the Char-Griller E56720 Akorn Kamado grill has a dump ash pan, which makes ash waste removal easier than ever.

To maintain your Char-Griller you need to remove the ash always a few hours after using the grill, or else, it’ll ruin the smooth back metal shelves of the unit.

Features of the Grill

  • Cooking Surface: 314 square inches;
  • Dimensions: 45 inches x 31 inches x 47 inches;
  • Fuel: charcoal;
  • Weight: 100 lbs;
  • Warming Rack: none.

Further Features

  • Adjustable dampers;
  • Folding side shelves;
  • Cast iron grilling grates;
  • Triple wall steel;
  • 8” locking caster wheels;
  • Long-Lasting Structure.

Featuring a powder-layered outside finish as well as porcelain-layered steel inside finish, this Char-Griller Akorn Kamado grill also boasts a rock-hard steel structure that’s built to last with the 22-gauge steel.

This grill’s insulated design similarly means that further heat is produced without having to put further coal, with less airflow, so that you can get the ideal steak every single time you try your hand on that.

Temperature Controls

This Char-Griller E56720 AKORN Kamado Grill usages variable top & bottom dampers so that it can maintain airflow in & out of your grill. It is designed to make the grill fuel-efficient so that you do not have to utilize as many charcoals as you typically would.

It similarly retains heat as well as maintains heat from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. This results in juicy, tender meat you will want to make on every single occasion or party.

Moving Made Easier Than Ever

with its 2, large 8” wheels as well as a rear caster wheel (locking), you can move this Char-Griller E56720 AKORN Kamado Grill to anywhere in your house.

Its cart is made of tube-shaped steel with a rubber wheel, as well as an indexed damper. These are numbered and these allow you to note the location of the damper.

More Specification

With 314 sq. in. of cast iron grill grates and a detachable warming rack along with 133 sq. in. for a total area of 447 sq in, this Akorn Kamado grill has a lot of space to get dishes prepared as well as cooked.

It similarly has folding shelves on the side which are handily placed on the grill’s sides, and utensil hooks. You can also fold it away while not in use.


  • Strong insulation;
  • Large cooking space;
  • Reduced usage of charcoal;
  • Very multipurpose Kamado-style grill;
  • You can smoke slow-N-low;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Efficient as well as precise heat control;
  • Can grill hot and high;
  • Competitively priced.


  • No heat rack;
  • It may get very hot;
  • No non-stick covering on grill grates;
  • Stray ash might help you to escape the bottom damper;
  • Center detachable grill grates are small in size;
  • Heavy materials.


At its finest, this Char-Griller E56720 AKORN Kamado Grill offers the fall-off-the-bone, perfect meat we all crave and love during summers and parties. This grill is the stuff of bad visions, and we couldn’t recommend it even with its excellent structures.

While this Char-Griller E56720 AKORN Kamado Grill tries its finest to address all the fears in grilling dishes for more than a few guests as well as heavy-duty cooking. The company slips the mark in offering a solution for user safety. There are no explanations for launching a product without seeing the safety values, and consequently, this product lacks significantly.

Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro

With a cooking area of 8302 in. in total, this Char-Griller E1224 Smokin’ Pro grill is a BBQ smoker (Texas-style) made with a heavy gauge and powder-coated steel that is sturdy. To expand the supply of flavor and prevent warping, this grill is manufactured of cast iron (non-stick). To get the Texas smoke flavor, this grill comes with a side firebox which is 250 sq. in. that can be used for roasting any side dishes of your choice.

The modifiable dampers will aid you in monitoring the temperature while the adjustable fire grate and the heat gauge will allow you to know the grill’s temperatures. After you complete grilling, you can clean up easily by taking away the dump ash pan as well as throwing away the ash effortlessly.

This Char-Griller E1224 Smokin’ Pro grill is the utmost versatile grill available in the market now and serves you in case you are a professional BBQ’er or backyard enthusiast. It has 3 shelves for additional storage. The heating grate of this unit will keep the food warm as well as you can have it the minute you are prepared.

The Char-Griller E1224 Smokin’ Pro grill uses a conventional barrel style to advance heat circulation as well as convection to make sure that the ribs and burgers are evenly and efficiently cooked.

It is a specialized grade grill that has several features of other units which cost way more than this one. It’s flexible in its usages because of its big grilling area, and the convenient side firebox.

You can use this side firebox as a grill or smoker which will provide you with further space. It is made of cast iron and has an ash pan which you can adjust to control the temperature and also throw away the ashes. This similarly has a dual bottom. A built-in stainless steel heat gauge is the permit to ensure your meal is cooked to excellence.

Features of the Grill

  • Barrel design;
  • Weighs 146 pounds;
  • Uses charcoal as a fuel source;
  • Rolls on 2 rubber wheels.

In case you favor charcoal over anything else when it comes to grilling, this is a good barrel design grill. The sealed hood not just controls airflow, but also keeps the temperature from escaping too.

Build of the Grill

  • Dimension: 62 inches X 29 inches X 50 inches;
  • weight: 146 lbs.;
  • Double bottom structure;
  • Cast iron grill grates.

This grill is a heavy-weight one. It’s so far the weightiest we have observed, yet it’s portable. Its built-in heat gauge allows you to watch the heat without lifting this grill’s lid.

Temperature & Control of the Grill

Dampers, hinged lid, airtight flanged hood, and built-in temperature gauge. The built-in temperature gauge is a positive point for any grill out there. You can check the temperature of the grill’s inside without lifting the lid from its place.


  • Cast iron grill grates;
  • Double bottom structure;
  • Competetive price;
  • Professional grade.


  • Complaints of dings and dents when received.;
  • Some verified operators aren’t happy with the claims and promises of professional grades;
  • Complaints of paint chipping or peeling with the first use.


This model is quite pricier as compared to some of the grills we’ve reviewed. Maximum verified users seem to like the way this griller cooks their food but have grievances as to how the paint flakes off or peels.

It’s indeed a versatile grill as well as comes with an additional firebox for some extra area. In case you are searching for a grill that functions well, is portable, and has multi-functions then this will be a good option for you.

Char-Griller 2137 Outlaw

In case your type of fun is throwing family or large backyard parties and including items like grilled food on the party’s menu, then this Char-Griller 2137 Outlaw grill can be the perfect one for you. This’s because the grill has plenty of grilling area of 10632 in. in total. The main cooking space is 7252 in. while the subordinate cooking space is 3382 in.

This griller has attached wheels to allow you easily move this grill around your backyard and deliver study support throughout grilling. For the grill’s longevity purposes, it is powder layered and prepared with heavyweight steel. It is made of cast iron to make sure the food inside gets an even heat distribution.

There is good control of the temperature of this grill with the usage of a modifiable fire grate as well as a heat gauge situated in the hood. The grill’s warming grate helps to keep the food warm for longer. The 3 available shelves make sure that you can keep all the grilling essentials present there with you.

You can use the side and front shelves of the grill to store grilling tools, spices, and sauces while you can use the grill’s lower shelf to store the residual charcoal. Taking away ash is easy and convenient with the usage of the dump ash pan.

Features of the Grill

  • Cooking area: 7252 in.l
  • Warming rack: 1252 in.l
  • Weight: 114 lbsl
  • Dimensions: 49 inches x 29 inches x 50 inchesl
  • Fuel Source: charcoal.

More features

  • Powder Coating Finish;
  • Utensils Hook;
  • Bottom Storage;
  • Fixed Side Shelf;
  • Adaptable Rotisserie;
  • Front Shelf;
  • Temperature Gauge;
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Exterior.

There are 2 features that you must not oversee with this Char-Griller Outlaw grill.

The foremost is the flanged lid designed for an airtight seal. It isn’t as good as the producer claims in their advertising messages. Yet, it isn’t the leaky sieve that you will expect from a big barrel-style smoker or grill. It similarly helps the heat gauge to be further accurate.

The modifiable grill height racks are similarly a nice touch. Just do not plan on doing plenty of manual change during your grilling session. It is better to set everything up exactly how you want it in the beginning and simply leave it in place. This’s perfect for something such as hybrid grilling or extemporizing the Outlaw for BBQ by setting the grill grates on their uppermost setting away from the temperature.

Grilling Areas of the Grill

This Char-Griller Outlaw grill has its size on the side of the grill. It provides an impressive 7252 in. of primary as well as 3382 in. of warming rack.

Ease To Clean

This Char-Griller Outlaw grill was engineered with an ease-of-use ash dump tray. However, the problem arises with caramelized drippings produced by extra grease, sauces, and marinades.

You may need to utilize a scraper tool to make sure you get it out before it gums up or causes rust in the dual thick steel side firebox.

The comparatively thin cooking grates are easier to burn off and scrape down debris.

Warranty Period

The Char-Griller delivers an impressive five-year rust-through and burns warranty period for the Outlaw grill and also similar units in their line. This’s better than the maximum of the other grillers of a similar price range or similar size.


  • Backed by the superior five-year warranty period;
  • Up to 1,0002 in. of grate space means ample grilling space;
  • Adjustable cooking grate heights;
  • Flanged lid to stop air leaks;
  • Accurate thermometer;
  • Careful air as well as heat control dampers.


  • Thin cast iron cooking grates;
  • Assembly has a few are difficult fasteners;
  • Grill grates are problematic to regulating mid-session;
  • Caramelized grease, as well as sauce, need additional scraping.


In case you need a big barrel design grill that can similarly pull double responsibility as a smoker, this Char-Griller Outlaw grill deserves to be on the top of the list. This unit certainly has the power to smoke a whole brisket, numerous racks of ribs, or also a whole turkey.

However, the thin cooking grates of this unit are more likely to burn off as well as scrape down debris. Just keep in mind to set up these grill grates at the accurate height before placing the food you want to grill on this unit.

Grill grates are problematic to regulate mid-session so in case you want to move them in the middle of cooking, you’ll either need strong grill tools or maybe a pair of durable welding gloves.

Bottom Line

Char-Griller company is a well-known producer who makes high-quality smokers, grilles, and also grilling accessories & tools. The products of this company are reasonable as compared to their competitors. Char-Griller company produces and offers the best quality grills at a reasonable price range. They use heavy-duty steel as well as cast iron grill grates to make their products durable and strong.

It manufactures different kinds of smokers and grills to make their customers’ lives more relaxed. Individuals can now simply enjoy tasty grills with the aid of Char-Griller grills at home. In addition, all the grilling appliances are quick and easy to clean.

You must buy one Char-Griller grill in case you like grilled foods. Now as you know the different issues about different grills you will easily decide on which one you must buy.

As individuals’ demands differ depending on numerous problems, you know better which one will suit you the best! We just provided you top 3 Char-Griller grill reviews and also guidelines to make things easier for you and help you choose the best one easily!

We think that our Char-Griller reviews will assist you to pick the most suitable one for you. You’ll enjoy the flavor of authentic grills as soon as you get a grill and try your hand on it. So be happy and keep shopping!


Q. Is Char-Griller a US company?

A. YES, Char-Griller is a US company. They are still proudly possessed and functioned by the Georgia brother & sister pair that founded the company.

Char-Griller grills are a prevalent American grill, smoker, and grilling accessories & tools manufacturing business. Although their grills are actually made in China, their shopping boxes are supported and designed in the USA, in print on all 4 sides.

Each side is bounded by a white, red, and also blue image of the United States of America’s flag. China is progressively manufacturing BBQ grills. As per the IBIS World, nearly all the smokers, fryers, and grills are now made in China.

Q. How long does a Char-Griller last?

A. A Char-Griller grill lasts at least more than 5-10 years. However, it depends on several things like how you treated the grill, how well you maintained your grill and so many more factors! Take good care of your grill and it may last for 15-20 years too. It is partly up to you!

Q. Are char-Grillers any good?

A. Even though some of the components of a few Char-Griller grills are not of the finest quality, they are quite fair for the price range. The heat production is a little small for the size, however, the barrel style and thicker body hold the heat in well enough to provide you some decent grilling power.

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