Small Charcoal Grills | 2023 | Top Models Reviewed

There is nothing better than being capable of taking a small portable charcoal grill in your car to explode down to the beach, park, or lake for a picnic. Some individuals also love to take the lightweight, very small, and portable charcoal grill to hiking or even camping. Other than that, a charcoal grill is an essential thing for home chefs who loves grilled food. This is because lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes are a comparatively cheap source of fuel that provides a smoky, beautiful flavor to your food like hamburgers, hot dogs, and also pulled pork. The charcoal grills similarly tend to be less luxurious than pellet grills or gas grills. That is why one cooks in the open, even in case you are on a tight budget. Compared to the gas grill, the composition of the charcoal grill is fairly simple. They are principally containers for charcoal with lids and racks. That said, several units are surely better than others. So, to help you find the right one for you, we researched top brands of small charcoal grills and found the best choices for your home.




Cooking Area


Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere





Weber 40020 Smokey Joe Premium 14 Inch




Oklahoma Joe's 19402088 Rambler





Weber Jumbo Joe





Kuuma Mountable Charcoal Grill





Giantex Hibachi Grill





Fire Sense Large Rectangle




CUSIMAX Charcoal Grill Portable Grill





Lovt Japanese Style Grill





Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 160

Warranty: 2 years / 10 years

Made in: China

Weber 40020 Smokey Joe Premium 14 Inch

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 147

Warranty: 2 years / 10 years

Made in: China

Oklahoma Joe's 19402088 Rambler

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 218

Warranty: 2 years

Made in: China

Weber Jumbo Joe

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 240

Warranty: 2 years / 10 years

Made in: China

Kuuma Mountable Charcoal Grill

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 160

Warranty: -

Made in: Thailand

Giantex Hibachi Grill

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 106

Warranty: 1 year

Made in: China

Fire Sense Large Rectangle

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 170

Warranty: 1 year

Made in: China

CUSIMAX Charcoal Grill Portable Grill

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 298

Warranty: 1 year

Made in: China

Lovt Japanese Style Grill

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 46

Warranty: -

Made in: China

What Are the Types of Grills or Fuel Source of Grills?

Grills are mainly divided into subgroups based on the fuel sources that power them or you can say help them to run. These categories are as mentioned below. Please check the types of grills.

Charcoal Grills

These types of grills are normally smaller as well as more problematic to light up as compared to the gas grills. However, charcoal grills give you the authentic smoky flavor to your favorite grilled food which no other grill can give you.

Natural Gas Grills

The natural gas grills are alike to the propane grills to how it works, but its tube is linked to the natural gas line rather than to a tank.

You will not have to concern about refilling your fuel which you have to do in charcoal grills. However, to use natural gas grills, make sure you have a line for natural gas.

Propane Gas Grills

The Propane gas grills are a widespread fuel source that powers a grill. This is because it is easy to light up. For running the propane gas grill, you have to attach a container of liquid propane to the grill’s hose and then light up the burner using its knob.

Electric Grills

Electricity is typically used for inside-home grills; however, you will rarely find an outside grill with a power cord. Such grills are the coolest to use since you just have to plug them in for starting cooking. However, they do not have a large cooking space or they do not produce smoky flavor.

Pellet Grills

These kinds of grills have a compartment named a hopper that users need to fill with some hardwood pellets. Like the charcoal grill, a pellet grill adds a different smoky flavor to the food. They are effective at the slow-cooking process, but they often have trouble creating grill marks.

What Is the Best Portable Grill?

As soon as it comes to grilling your food, nothing equivalences to the flame-kissed, classic flavor of charcoal-grilled foods. Which you can get only with the best type of portable charcoal grill on the market.

And with a portable unit, you can also bring your barbeque parties to wherever you go, as well as enjoy your summer barbeque favorites somewhere you want, no matter whether you want them in the woods or on the beach.

However, with the collection of portable small charcoal grills available in the market now, how will you know which one is going to suit your requirements the best?

Well, our review and picks with highlighting features and rank in the small charcoal grill will assist you with your buying decision.

What To Look For in a Charcoal Grill When Buying

In this buying guide, we are going to tell you everything that you need to look for while buying your favorite charcoal grill and enjoy a piece of heaven from the ease and comfort of your home. Let's take a closer look at the things below...

Size of the Grill

As soon as you are thinking of the grill size that you want for you; think of how many individuals you are expecting to serve regularly as well as how much cooking area you will need.

Similarly, remember that smaller charcoal grills are further portable while the larger ones are heavier and thus harder to move or carry with you. So, if you are going to cook for only 4-6 people regularly then opt for the smaller one.

But for people, who need to grill for more than 6 people regularly, should opt for larger models.

Material of the Grill

From stainless steel to enameled steel and ceramic, charcoal grills are manufactured from a wide range of materials. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages.

But that is not all! The grill grates can be manufactured from stainless steel, cast iron, or even other material. Every material is right, but the only fact is how you like to cook.

Special Features of the Grill

Some charcoal grills are prepared with a wide range of distinct features. A few models have integrated thermometers or double as smokers.

While others are intended for easy to clean especially or have side tables. It is your food and your grill, so decide what is most vital to you.

The Pros & Cons of a Charcoal Grill

The charcoal grills offer that true, authentic cooked-over-a-fire experience and smoky flavor. The flavor and thrill of grilling over the charcoal grill is something a true grilling lover prefers the most!

But the drawback is that the charcoal grills are not convenient and also not easy to control. So, let’s now know in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of charcoal grills below…


It Is Portable & Affordable

In case you love to grill while you go tailgating or while camping for the big game, there are small, affordable charcoal grill options that will be perfect for grilling up just a couple of burgers or so. Even a little pricier unit is more mobile and cost-effective than the maximum gas grill available on the market.

You Don't Have To Worry About the Heat Range

With patience and practice, you can fuel those charcoals until they reach a solid 700 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. This is normally hotter than maximum gas grills provide and perfect in case you want the ideal sear mark on your food.

It Is the King of Authentic Flavor

Frequently imitated, never relatively duplicated, in case you wish to have that authentic char-grilled flavor and taste, this’s the best method to do it. However, if you utilize a lighter fluid, then you might not have that strong flavor.


Probably You Need a Charcoal Chimney

The charcoal chimney is a metal cylinder (which is hollow) with a grill grate inside and also handles. You need to fill the chimney with charcoals. Then place the chimney on top of the grill as well as use lighter cubes or newspaper to get the charcoal fire up.

As soon as you are ready, transfer the hot charcoals to the grill and start cooking. It is not very complicated and it is also not expensive, but it is an additional step and also an additional piece of kit.

Not Allowed Everywhere

Some complexes and apartments ban the usage of charcoal grills. This is because the charcoal grill needs high heat to work properly. Another reason is that you won’t be able to turn it on or off anytime you want or need it.

And the messiest thing about the charcoal grill is the ash & cinder blow around in the wind. So, you need to check on the restrictions of your area before you decide to buy one.

It Is Hard To Clean

Charcoal grills are generally messy. Thus, there is a high chance that you will have to clean grease and ash after every single time you use them.

And if there any gust of wind comes while cooking then you will also have to clean ash from your deck or patio and there is a high chance your food catches some ashes too.

Are Tabletop Charcoal Grills Safe?

As soon as you choose to cook on a barbecue you’re playing with fire. However, not in a risky way rather in a delicious way. Although, any time you work with fire, you must make sure that you’re doing that in the safest method possible. Grilling using a charcoal grill takes time and patience particularly when it comes to safety.


  • Never install or use the charcoal grill inside your home, on boats, recreational vehicles, overhangs, under combustible construction, or enclosed porches.
  • Always go through the manual of the charcoal grill before starting using the unit.
  • Never leave the barbeque unattended after you light up the fire.
  • As soon as you set up and use the charcoal grill, keep in mind to make sure that it’s on a steady flat surface so that you can prevent the grill from tipping over while using it.

Among the most vital things to keep in mind while using the charcoal grill is appropriate clearance to combustible material. Clearance is most important in case you are functioning the grill near glass and vinyl siding.

It’s similarly vital not to use utilize the charcoal grill on combustible surfaces such as composite and wooden porches or decks. In case you don’t have an area place to do so, placing a 24*24 patio stone or 2 underneath the grill is an outstanding idea.

Camping Charcoal Grill Pros and Cons

There are several benefits of using a charcoal grill while being on camping. However, there are also some disadvantages associated with charcoal grilling on camping. So, let's now take a quick look at the pros and cons below.


Besides being much inexpensive than the gas grills, there are a lot more reasons to prefer the charcoal grills while going on a camping

  • Charcoal grills do not flame and flare up as easily as gas grills do.
  • It provides an authentic smoke flavor to the food.
  • Charcoal grills are way more portable.
  • It burns hotter than any other grills.


The most understandable disadvantage to using charcoal grills is the time and patience it takes for coal to reach an accurate temperature. Even at the time using charcoal ignitors, it can take around half an hour before your grill gets ready for grilling. There are similarly some less noticeable reasons why a charcoal grill is not great for everyone.

  • Charcoal grills are not allowed everywhere so make sure before taking it camping.
  • It is messy and the falling coals might damage the place where you set the unit, even bring a fire danger sometimes.
  • The ash produced while cooking may cover your food which is not very pleasing.
  • Charcoal grills do not have any temperature control.
  • Adding fresh coal is a hassle as you will have to wait for it to reach the right heat.

Charcoal Grill Menu: How To Cook With Charcoal Grill?

To get the perfectly grilled seafood, veggies, or meats, with that authentic smoky grilled flavor of charcoal, you need to learn at least the essentials of how to use the charcoal grill to get the finest outcomes. Here are a few top tips, to help you become a master chef in grilling.

In case you are grilling but the charcoals are losing steam, do not add unlit charcoals to the grill. If you do so, it will produce acrid-tasting smoke as well as a speedy rise in heat, which will burn the food on the grill.

In its place, you can light up a few more charcoals in the chimney as well as add them to the straight heat side of your grill to keep things going. So, this is the way to grill on a charcoal grill.

  1. Prepare the grill firstl
  2. Light up the charcoall
  3. Let it reach the right temperaturel
  4. Grill your food.

How To Season a Charcoal Grill

With all the legit reasons to season your charcoal grill, now let’s know the thorough method of seasoning your grill. The following process can be utilized for both brand new as well as used grills with slight twists, which will point out throughout the discussion.

Remove, Rinse & Air Dry Your Grill Grates

With brand new grills, a simple rinse with water is fairly enough. But in case you’re dealing with an old i.e., used charcoal grill, then this may not help you in removing all those tough cookouts.

So, to wash it out, you can utilize detergents and also other cleaning objects with abrasives to accurately clean the grill grates. After washing/rinsing, it’s pretty needed to give the grill grates enough period to dry naturally.

Oil The Grill Grates Properly

After grill grates are washed, rinsed, and dried, it is time for oiling. From a basting brush to a paper towel or a new paintbrush, use any equipment for oiling that’s convenient for you.

There is not any prescribed kind of grease for grill seasoning. But using vegetable oils will be highly recommended as these are heat resistant.

Apply oil to the grill grates, to the lid, pits, and emitters in case the grill is brand new. Make sure the oil isn’t dripping down from your grate. Then, wipe all the extra oil to keep an even coating.

Preheat & Heat Your Grill

The appropriate baking of the charcoal grill is ensured as soon as it’s heated up. To preheat your grill, toss some already burnt charcoals in the pit as well as put the lid on for around 15 minutes. Do not put the grates back.

After the charcoals turn red, open the grill lid, add more charcoals that can last for around 1 hour as well as fix the grill grates in place.

How To Extinguish a Charcoal Grill

You may find that more or less many charcoals are left there just after finishing grilling, and it would be an actual shame as well as a waste to throw it all away. To lower this waste, you can use the charcoal again quite effortlessly.

For doing this, prepare a big container filled with water.

Remove the coal from your grill and then submerge every single piece in water to make sure that it is fully extinguished.

Now, allow every single charcoal to submerge and rest in the water for around 30-60 seconds before removing them,

Once you remove them, transfer them to a non-flammable place to let them dry completely.

As soon as these are dried out completely, you can store them in a fireproof container as well as reuse them for your next cooking.


Here are the picks for our best small charcoal grill reviews, with anything and everything else you could perhaps want to know!

Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere

The Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill is effective, simple, affordable, and durable. It is the ideal key to pit-cooking, which makes this unit our top pick for a small charcoal grill.

Despite the unit’s scaled-down design, it affords a remarkably sized bed for charcoal. This makes it easier to manipulate the heat zones as well as cook different dishes to perfection — all together on a chrome-plated, reasonably sized grate.

The unit's cast-iron, enameled body signals the quality structure we search for in a durable product, while simultaneously affording solid lining that will keep the well-tended charcoals roasting hot.

If you commit to learning cooking on the charcoal grill, get prepared to buy the Weber Go-Anywhere grill and take it with you every time you plan for barbeque. This will help you to impress your friends with some astonishing, charcoal-grilled dishes.

This charcoal grill from Weber brings the same quality and durability construction to the table as the business's other grill options. But this comes in a transportable, compact package that you can easily set up on the ground or tables, or anywhere you want. In case open pit-cooking over charcoal is not your cup of tea, Weber offers fundamentally this similar grill in the gas version.


  • Total cooking space is 160 sq. in.;
  • Material is porcelain-coated steel;
  • Cooking grate material is plated steel;
  • Charcoal grate material is heavy gauge steel;
  • The fuel Type is charcoal;
  • Weight is 15lbs;
  • Handles is made of glass-reinforced nylon;
  • Legs are designed with plated steel and come with a tuck n carry lid lock;
  • Dampers are made of rust-resistant aluminum.


  • Hard-wearing porcelain-coated steel helps to retain heat well.
  • Quick & simple assembly process.
  • Affordable.
  • Great support and warranty from Weber.
  • Lid hooks to create windshield or hang it.
  • Legs design serves 2 purposes: stable base and lid lock.
  • Compact and lightweight for maximum storage and portability,
  • Versatile for dissimilar cooking setups.
  • Rectangular shape delivers more practical cooking space.


  • Handles get very hot during grilling.
  • Limited headroom.
  • Bottom dampers may get stuck because of the pressure from the spring-loaded legs.
  • No built-in thermometer.

Weber 40020 Smokey Joe Premium 14 Inch

The Weber Smokey Joe Premium model is a small, portable kettle BBQ with an excellent design. This unit’s lid clasps in place to safely carry it, even when it is filled with hot charcoals. Cooking is steady and slow, making it a dependable alternative to inexpensive portable kettle and bucket BBQs.

It is a grown-up, proper BBQ in small form. Great design, together with the windshield and lockable lid. It is an excellent BBQ for beach and camping barbecues as well as it would double when the fire pit to boot.

Perfect for the beach or campsite as well as the backyard, excellent design sets this small, portable kettle BBQ apart from the basic bucket barbeques.


  • Lightweight and compact for cooking on the go;
  • Holds up to 5 burgers;
  • 3D interactive assemblage instructions are available over the free BILT app;
  • The Tuck-N-Carry lid lock;
  • Porcelain-enameled steel bowl and lid retain heat, as well as it will not peel or rust;
  • Dampers let you effortlessly control the heat inside the grill.


  • Windshield.
  • Lockable lid for carrying.
  • Even cooking.


  • Slow to light.

Oklahoma Joe's 19402088 Rambler

This unit is manufactured to be a small and portable solution that lets you achieve great outcomes when barbecuing, or grilling anywhere you want.

It’s considerable enough to use as the main grill at home but is portable and small enough to take it with you anywhere you go.

The overall review on this grill reveals that the product is value for money. This unit offers pretty good results. It has good functionality, is comparatively portable and as grilling performance goes, it is not too different from traditional grills you would find at home.

Being a portable charcoal grill, this unit shines as well as makes a well-meaning addition to the grilling arsenal.


  • Thick cast-iron plated grates make a perfect sear;
  • Heavy-duty Steel structure makes sure to provide durability to you so that you can trust it;
  • The height-adjustable charcoal tray allows you to grill with high temperature or cook low & slow;
  • Removable, full-size ash pan to make clean-up process easy;
  • Big air dampers let you accurate the airflow control.


  • Adjustable charcoal tray.
  • 218 square inches cooking surface.
  • Sturdy side handles.
  • Professional temperature gauge.
  • Removable, front-access ash pan.


  • You have to assemble it yourself.
  • Hefty weight.
  • Not as thick steel as it must be for the price.

Weber Jumbo Joe

Weber presented this 22.5” diameter grill into their line of products to deliver a little smaller and also less luxurious grill. It has a thinner body but a full height when you compare it to the widespread Original Kettle 22” grill.

Weber has kept every feature of the original version in this unit. However, a significant difference is that this grill does not have that much depth in the bottom as its other models have.

This decreases the space between the cooking grate and the coals. The decrease in space can limit the airflow proficiencies within this grill. Although there’s no real alteration when it comes to straight grilling, secondary grilling and also smoking capabilities are decreased and won’t be as successful and easy in this grill as soon as compared to other models.

Like the other grills from Weber, this unit consists of some considerate features, like a heat-shield lid hook and lid handle. The all-season wheels let it be (cautiously) moved, among the benefits of a 3-legged charcoal grill. In case well cared for as well as cleaned frequently, this Weber Jumbo Joe Premium 22” charcoal grill will last for several years.


  • Steel-plated grill grate with hinged door for fire access;
  • 363 sq. in. of principal grilling space;
  • Aluminum vents;
  • All-weather, durable wheels;
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl;
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handle that is long-lasting and heat resistant;
  • 10-years of the limited warranty.


  • A cheap Weber grill.
  • Outstanding temperature control.


  • The oval shape of the grill limits temperature distribution.
  • The 3-leg design is slightly uneven.
  • Lacks bowl depth.

Kuuma Mountable Charcoal Grill

This unit is completely assembled so as soon as you receive this package, you can set it on any even and flat surface as well as use this immediately either without or with legs because the grill has combined fold-away legs.

Additionally, you can similarly mount it on your balcony or the boat railings, rod holder, or pedestal. However, remember that you will need to contact the company to separately purchase the mounting hardware.

Based on its design, this unit is both mountable and portable at the same time. It is specifically mountable for boaters. However, this grill’s functions do not work as expected or as claimed.


  • Made of 300 series stainless steel marine grade and comes completely assembled;
  • 125 sq. in. cooking space with a temperature output of 9000 BTU per hour;
  • You can easily mount it to any Kuuma rail, pedestal, or rod mount;
  • The controller has 1 in. to 20 in. throwaway cylinder threads.


  • Easily mountable on rod, rail, or pedestal.
  • Fully assembled.
  • Integrated fold-away legs.


  • Take a while to exhaust after cooking.
  • The cooking space is a bit narrow.

Giantex Hibachi Grill

Our option is a big product that will assist you to cook all kinds of vegetables and meat. This Giantex GT70617-PO Charcoal Grill is a portable, medium-sized option that will assist you to cook food outside. You can also take this unit on hiking trips or in RVs, and it also will serve you very well.

This unit has a double-sided net for grilling that you can use in any way you want. You can also adjust the firepower effortlessly by moving its door from the left side to the right side.

As soon as the product gets heated up, you won’t be capable of moving it at all. There’re no handles that can help you to carry the unit, and henceforth you’ll have to wait till this unit cools down completely. Now, in case you are on your camping trip, make sure that your grill is shut at least 1 hour before you have to pack it up.


  • Easy assembly & compact size;
  • Item weight is 20 pounds only;
  • Material is cast iron;
  • Brilliant camping and party barbeque tool;
  • Enough grilling spaces;
  • Air regulation & adjustable height;
  • Sturdy & premium cast iron material.


  • Spacious grilling area.
  • Adjustable height with air regulation.
  • Perfect for Barbeque & camping trips.
  • Detachable charcoal & grilling net.


  • You can't move the unit once it is hot.

Fire Sense Large Rectangle

Learn what the Japanese have known for eras as the best grill structure—clay. Their Yakatori Charcoal Grills are great Japanese table barbeque. Handcrafted using clay, this Yakatori Grill emits heat, making juicier as well as more loving dishes.

The metal utilized on the external part is thinner as compared to paper. This " grill’s clay body” is prepared with mud that’s mysteriously painted mauve/ pink. This unit’s wireframe base is prepared with scraps and thus it is uneven.

It is the worst material product you could ever find to utilize on a high-temperature item like a grill. I wouldn’t feed guests or friends anything that gets in touch with this.


  • It is an outdoor cooking grill that uses charcoal as the source of fuel.
  • This charcoal barbeque grill has been particularly intended to be used on the tabletop.
  • Fire Sense Large Rectangle' BBQ grill accompanies a charcoal grate and as well as a cooking grill also there with the product.
  • This BBQ grill is ideal for backyard outdoor and camping cooking.
  • This open-air grill features a handcrafted clay construction.


  • Chrome cooking grill.
  • Adjustable ventilation.
  • Internal charcoal grates.
  • Stand with handles included.
  • Handmade ceramic construction.


  • The plastic sides are easy to peel away.
  • This unit is manufactured with some type of mixture or clay of material that enlarges and falls to one side as soon as it gets wet.
  • The metal body used on this grill’s exterior is even thinner than paper.

CUSIMAX Charcoal Grill Portable Grill

CUSIMAX Portable Charcoal Grills feature a portable handle on both sides, lightweight and compact design for fitting to the maximum car.

17.5” cooking rack as well as a 15” warming rack. The airy cooking spot can smoke or grill, easy enjoy its double for returning wonderfully flavored food!

As soon as you take a heating rack and use it, you can place the grilled mal on the warming rack so that you can keep it warm without disturbing it burning.


  • Double rack-warming rack;
  • Dustproof enamel-coated material that makes easy cleaning;
  • Foldable Legs & Lid Lock;
  • Easy To Transport And Store;
  • Adjustable Freshening Hole-Temperature Control;


  • Adjustable airing holes of this grill can regulate the air movement and also improve the efficiency of burning.
  • The bowl and the lid of the moveable charcoal grill are made of clay.


  • Keep on falling out of the hole where you have to insert the rods, and thus your food too will fall out as well as some truly fell out of the grill as well as needed to incorporate.
  • Very thin steel as well as cheap hardware.
  • Nuts and screw came off throughout transport.


Precisely which one is just apt for you? Well, that entirely depends on your preference and of course, your cooking style. In case you are cooking for a large group of people often, you will have to buy a grill that comes with a large cooking surface, a side burner, and a warming rack.

Some people also have a strong feeling about the grill grates. If you are among them, then you will need to look for a cast-iron, or stainless-steel grate, or porcelain-coated grate, or even a porcelain-coated cast iron grate. Choice and preference are all yours!

Look cautiously at each brief description of the product to make sure you are getting exactly what you are searching for. In case you are just planning to utilize your grill for tossing a burger often, then stick with a cheap or smaller grill model. On the other hand, in case you are seeking a portable grill, these will be right for you. Hope this review will help you to get the best grill for your grilling!


Q. Do small charcoal grills work?

A. A small and portable charcoal grill is practical and works best for small families (4 to 5 people max) and also for traveling. Making steaks and burgers over direct heat works perfectly just as it works on a larger charcoal grill. Grilling over indirect heat on your small grill is a challenging thing, but some practice, as well as a few tricks, will have you cooking like a pro.

Q. How long should charcoal burn before grilling?

A. Let the briquettes or charcoals burn until they are covered with some white-grey ash. It will take around 5-10 minutes or so for the charcoals to reach a medium temperature and will take around 25-30 minutes to reach high.

Q. Are charcoal grills bad for you?

A. Grilling in general, and grilling with charcoal, is linked with creating carcinogens as well as increasing your chance of cancer. The chance is highest the minute you cook high in fat meat at high heat.

Q. What tools will be useful for my grill at home?

A. Well, this entirely depends on several factors like the kind of grill you possess, the kind of dish you are planning to cook, and so many more things. Generally, you will need a grill brush, a spatula, and also tongs for grilling. You can typically find grill kits that include all the items needed for grilling and in addition you will get other tools, like barbecue forks, skewers, and basting brushes.

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