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Grilling is said to be the perfect way to unwind after a long week of work. The time spent with family and friends fuels our motivation for the coming week. Weber grills have carved out a commercial niche for themselves as one of the most dependable grilling tools. Weber started its grilling journey way back in 1952 and soon became the most popular one in the market. They manufacture charcoal, gas, and electronic grilling types of equipment for outdoor use. Their original and still popular design is a kettle grill. You can also use the Weber grill with table for easy and exciting grilling expeditions.

If you want to customize your barbecue, a Webber grill linked to a table is perfect. It will appear to be an ideal area for grilling while also allowing you to accomplish various other tasks such as chopping, slicing, and so on. It may be used to personalize your grilling area and make it seem sleek and elegant. You may also store various items within the table cabinet and utilize them as needed, so if you own a Webber kettle barbecue, you can personalize it with a table. Or the new kettle charcoal grills come with a table that makes grilling easy and fun.

So go through our reviews and choose the one that suits your grilling needs the best.

There are so many options in the market that it becomes quite confusing what can give you the greatest satisfaction. The Weber grill has always made customers their focal point, and the upgrades are always to make the product better. This article will tell you how the kettle charcoal grill from Weber and its new upgrades has made people give rave reviews about the product.




Cooking Area


Weber 15401001 Performer Premium





Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe





Weber 15301001 Performer





Weber 15401001 Performer Premium

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 363

Warranty: 2 years / 10 years

Made in: China

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 363

Warranty: 2 years / 10 years

Made in: China

Weber 15301001 Performer

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 363

Warranty: 2 years / 10 years

Made in: China

About Weber Grills

When you think of BBQ, the only brand that comes to your mind is Weber. They have the reputation of manufacturing strong and long-lasting grills that can last a lifetime. They have every kind of model for every individual. Charcoal, propane, electric, you name it, and there is a model of your type in Weber.

The Kettle grill became an instant hit when it was introduced in 1952. The grill had a closed lid that added to the smoky flavor of the meat, and outside grilling became a lot easier. From 1952 till date, Weber has been able to revolutionize grilling technology in every possible way.

What Makes Weber So Popular?

The grilling industry is filled with various models of grilling equipment. Companies may offer you cheap and affordable grilling devices, but most of the time, they end up being used only for a year or two. By then, they have all sorts of complaints like the equipment has lost its coating, it is not heating up properly so on and so forth. But when it comes to Weber, people trust it for its quality materials and the quality of service it provides.

Weber grills are made of high-quality stainless steel, porcelain-coated enamel, or cast iron. These materials provide the grill strength, longevity, and a rust-resistant surface. The quality checks ensure that the grill will endure at least 15 years, if not more. All these attributes make them the most popular grilling device in the market.

About the Design

Grilling has to be fun with lots of friends and family together. A backyard grilling experience is what made Weber so popular among grilling enthusiasts. Their consistency in bringing quality brands to the market is what makes them tick.

The upgrades of the Weber grill make sure that no unwanted things are added just for the sake of commercialization. Instead, it remains rooted in its originality without compromising quality and brings new and better innovations to its style.

Why Weber Works?

There are many reasons why Weber is still so popular a few reasons are given below:

  • The manufactures make sure that the grill is tested in every way before it leaves the factory;
  • It is very easy to replace the grill parts as you can find them easily in the market;
  • Customer service is the best, and the staff is ready to answer any of your queries. The 10-year warranty is an attractive incentive;
  • They are found in different kinds of models, from charcoal to propane to electric;
  • The manufacturers come with solid upgrades that change the way you grill.

There is no other charcoal grill like Weber; the smoky flavor you get from the grill is what you need from a slice of grilled meat, and Weber has everything right with its popular charcoal grills.

Weber grills have been the most reliable and trustworthy grilling equipment since it was introduced.

The Different Types of Weber Grill

Weber has made an impact in every part of the grilling technique. Weber is famous for its different models and believes that whatever type of model you use, the goal of grilling is having fun which should never get destroyed. Keeping this in mind, the models of grill designed by Weber are as follows:

  • Charcoal grills;
  • Gas grills;
  • Electric grills.

The charcoal grill is always the most famous of all grills because it brings about the smoky flavor everybody loves. A charcoal kettle was the first to be introduced and still is one of the most favorite ones.

Gas grills are also strong, reliable, and designed with style. They are sturdy and strong and provide you with the best grilling experience.

When charcoal and gas are the best grilling, sometimes you will want to do simple yet tasty without any extra work, and Weber electric grills offer you just that. Switch it on whenever you feel like grilling and take it anywhere you want and have the same taste and fun minus the hassle.

Built-In Weber Grills – Two Models That Are Designed for Structured Use

When you've grown accustomed to outdoor grilling, some people try to organize it so that it's more convenient. When the grill is built-in, you can have that outdoor kitchen vibe, as well as a little counter attached to it for cutting veggies or whatever else you desire. Not all of the Webber grills are designed for built-in convenience. There are two of them:

Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Grill

Weber Summit S-660 Built-In Grill

The above two are specially designed for built-in purposes, and not all can be for structured use as they need certain special specifications and designs to be built in. Only these above two models are for built-in purposes and safety reasons; you should not use any other models if you plan to structure your grilling device.

So the best way to have a well-structured experience is to choose from any of the two. You will find these models in propane or natural gas. You cannot use any other models because they are not designed for the specific built-in version and do not have the safety precautions that are needed for built-in grills.

Convert your backyard for weekly grilling enjoyment by installing a built-in barbecue that transforms it into a full-fledged kitchen grilling area where you don't have to seek places to chop your veggies or spread your sandwich.

Weber Grill Racks and Their Benefits

When grilling, you should have all of the necessary equipment with you so that you can accomplish everything at once and save time. You'll want to create a variety of foods, which will need the use of the best Webber grill racks.

They allow you to multitask by keeping your bread warm while your ribs are being cooked or just adding a smoky flavor to items while the meat is being roasted. The Webber grill racks are an ideal complement to the Webber kettle grill, Webber summit, etc.

Webber creates the best accessories for their grilling types of equipment. They help in having an easy grilling time. The Webber grill rack is another accessory from the griller giants to make your grilling experience easy and fun. The benefits of these grill racks are given below:

  • They are easy to clean and will last a lifetime;
  • They will let you do multitask by preparing and warming food simultaneously;
  • They are made to fit different types of grill;
  • They are made of stainless steel;
  • They can hold grilled ribs and other food items to keep them warm till your other items are cooked.

In short, Webber grill racks are an inevitable accessory for great cooking experiences.

Weber BBQ Toolset and a Few Other Accessories

If you are a grilling fan, you will know that your grilling is not complete without the best grilling tools. Weber brings you a premium quality BBQ toolset so that you can grill seamlessly and with efficiency. The Weber toolset is designed to assist you in your grilling activities and make it more fun and easy. Here are the grilling accessories or BBQ toolset you cannot do without:

  • Premium basting brush;
  • Bamboo skewers;
  • Tongs of premium quality;
  • Webber premium spatula’

You can also go for a premium Webber grilling 3 piece toolset that consists of the following:

  • Premium quality angled spatula that will reach the far end corners, and it also keeps your hands away from heat;
  • self-locking tongs so that hands do not have to put pressure for holding it tight;
  • And a strong grilling fork that is used to poke the meat without shredding it.

These are sold as a set since they are essential equipment for while you are grilling. And if you want to barbecue in style, you may purchase a variety of different Webber accessories. Grilling accessories include a grilling cap, mitts, gloves, an apron, and other items. Though they may not appear to be important, you may include them in your purchases if you value style.

Weber BBQ Cart - Grilling Outside Your Patio

Grilling in your backyard is all fun and excitement, and if you can take it outside your patio, then it doubles the joy. Weber BBQ cart is all set to give you the ultimate joy of grilling by taking your grill outside for camping, on the beach, or where ever you want. The BBQ cart is designed so that the grill attaches to the cart and is locked onto the space. You can collapse the cart with or without the grill attached.

The Webber Q portable cart may make your life easier whether you're at home or on the go. You may move your grill to any area you choose with the push of a button. It boasts all-weather wheels and built-in tool hooks to keep your grilling gear organized.

Weber 6557 Q Portable Cart

Features of Weber Q Portable Cart

  • With grill attached, a simple push-button mechanism allows for rapid folding for transportation
  • Q 1000 and 2000 series are compatible
  • The grill can be pushed back and locked into place because of its front-loading design

So, with Webber's portable cart, you can barbeque wherever you want. It is not restricted to your patio. Take it to the beach or the woods for camping; don't let the location prevent you from enjoying your favorite cuisine.

How To Start a Weber Grill?

If you're new to grilling, Weber is the ideal place to start. It features everything you need to enjoy your first grilling experience and many more to come. When it comes to lighting your grill for the first time, things might become a little complex because you don't know how to manage propane gas or keep your charcoal alight for an extended period. Don't worry; everyone has been there, and this is something learned through experience. To learn how to start your Webber grill, you must first understand what sort of barbecue you have. Is it propane or charcoal?

For Weber Gas Grills

Read the manufacturer's manual carefully and learn how to start your grill, or you can follow our guide. Lighting a gas grill is super easy:

  • Open the propane gas valve to the full;
  • Click your grill burner on and feel the gas up to the burner;
  • Click on the ignition button, and your burner is lighted;
  • The same goes for all other burners, and you are ready to grill.

For Charcoal Grill

  • Starting a charcoal grill can always be intimidating, whether you are a newbie or an experienced griller;
  • Set up your grill by removing the top grate and opening the air vent below;
  • If you have a charcoal chimney, you can fill your charcoal pieces inside and place them on the second grate still inside the grill;
  • Light the charcoal by placing crumpled up paper or lighter cubes below the chimney;
  • Light the paper or lighter cubes and let it burn till the coal is gray and covered with ash;
  • Pour the lit charcoal into the grate and arrange it as you want;
  • Place the top grate;
  • Close the lid and let the grill heat for some time before you place your meat inside.

That’s it! It’s all ready and done.

Choosing a Weber grill can be overwhelming, and if you are not able to decide on what you need, you can go through these reviews of the best Weber grills in the market.

Weber 15401001 Performer Premium

If you have been acquainted with Weber before, you will know that they have the best charcoal grill in the industry; Weber 15401001 Performer Premium is the most sought-after grilling type of equipment. This Weber kettle is the most satisfying of charcoal grills because it solves a lot of your problems. Because it is Weber grill with a table you can have a proper working space around the grill.

When Weber introduced the kettle grill, it was unlike any other grill in the market. The Performer premium too is the most popular among the Weber series. The model might be a bit on the pricey side, but it is worth the money spent for people who want the best grilling experience. This review will tell you about what makes 15401001 Performer Premium the best in the market.

Features of Weber 15401001 Performer Premium

This charcoal kettle grill comes with some amazing features:

  • 15401001 Performer Premium is from Weber;
  • This model serves about 13 people with a surface area of 363 square inches;
  • Does not have touch and go lighting system;
  • Easy cleaning with perfect ash catcher below;
  • Porcelain enamel so no rusting, no pealing;
  • The cooking grate is hinged to GBS compatible inserts making it easy to add charcoal while grilling;
  • Has a charcoal bin that keeps the charcoal safe in any weather;
  • Has a built-in lid thermometer and a backlit removable LCD cook timer.

Specifications of Weber 15401001 Performer Premium

  • This brand from Weber is made from porcelain, alloy steel;
  • You will get this brand in stylish black color;
  • It has a length of 43.5, a width of 30, 48 inches;
  • The product weighs 91 pounds.

The kettle grill was the first grilling equipment of Weber, and since then, the manufacturers have come up with a lot of upgrades. Even now, it is the most sought-after charcoal grills, and with 15401001 Performer Premium that comes attached with a side table, it is something every kettle griller would love to have.

The spacious circular surface can cook for 13 servings, and if you want extra friends over, it is not a problem. Cleaning is as easy because the grill comes with an ash catcher, and the ash inside the grill is cleared from the bottom easily. It can be cleaned with just soap and water.

The model has a table attached that makes cooking easy, and the charcoal bin that comes along with it keeps all your charcoal safe from the weather outside.

The hinged cooking grate provides easy access to add charcoal when needed. The lid and bowl of this charcoal grill are enameled with porcelain, keeping them from rusting and pealing. If you are new to grilling, this can be a good and easy start. This beautifully designed kettle charcoal grill is easy to handle and has quality components that will serve you for a long time.

In short, buying 15401001 Performer Premium from Weber can be considered a wise decision if you enjoy quality products with the best performance.

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe

Yet another blockbuster upgrade to its original kettle grill. Weber keeps its upgrade the best with useful changes that make a difference. Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe is an upgrade that has made it customers for various reasons. When Weber started its grilling journey, it introduced the first kettle grill that was the most unique. The lid became an instant hit because it protected the food from the outside weather. Now still holding on to its roots, the Weber grill has many interesting upgrades which the customers love. The features that make this grill a good buy is given below:

Features of Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe

  • 15501001 Performer Deluxe is yet another fantastic upgrade from Weber;
  • It is made of porcelain-coated steel;
  • The kettle grill comes in stylish black color;
  • The product has L 30 x width 48 x height 43.5;
  • The product weighs about 91 pounds;
  • It has a surface area of 363 square inches;
  • The model comes with a 22-inch diameter porcelain-enameled bowl;
  • The aluminum ash catcher makes cleaning easy.
  • 15501001 Performer Deluxe comes with a removable LCD cook timer and a built-in lid thermometer to check the heat inside the grill
  • One of the most appealing upgrades is the electronic touch-N-Go with propane gas power ignition.

What customers like about this product 

The fact that it is from Weber is the most attractive part of the sale. People who love grilling know how tasty and easy it is with the Weber grills. The customers have liked this product because of the following aspects:

  • The 15501001 Performer Deluxe's most attractive features are that it comes with easy ignition. The electronic Touch-N-Go has added to its appeal;
  • Easy setup, and the tuck-away lid holder keeps the lid in place;
  • The triple-plated hinged cooking grate makes it easy to add charcoal;
  • The aluminum ash catcher makes the grill easy to clean;
  • All-weather wheels;
  • The Weber grill table is another added incentive to usual grilling because it gives the space to keep things while cooking.
  • The spacious grilling surface that puts about 13 burgers on top can fill the hungry stomachs fast.
When all of the best features come in a single piece of equipment, it will surely be the best in the market. These amazing upgrades are what makes Weber grills the obvious choice of the customers. Weber grills have been ruling the grilling market for more than 2 decades and are still going strong.

Weber 15301001 Performer

Weber has been in the grilling business for more than 30 years and has gained the respect of the customers like no other grilling product. The manufacturers have the reputation of bringing some wonderful upgrades that customers love. Weber 15301001 Performer is yet another successful upgrade of their previous kettle charcoal grills.

Moving away from tradition, charcoal kettle grills transformed the grilling industry with their stunning design, and the lid that covered the grill quickly became popular in backyard grilling. The fact that it protected the food from the outside weather made it very popular. The Performer has all the attributes of the kettle grill that people so much love, plus some great upgrades. Below are given the amazing features of this model:

Features and specifications of Weber 15301001 Performer

  • Weber 15301001 Performer has all that a griller needs from a convenient cooking table, hanging the accessories is no more a bother and no complicated cleaning procedures;
  • This has the same surface area as the original kettle grill with 43.5 L x 29 w x 42 inches H;
  • It gives you a total cooking area of 363 sq inches;
  • You can serve about 13 people;
  • The lid can slide into the tuck-away lid holder;
  • The hinged charcoal grate gives you easy access to ad charcoal anytime while cooking is on;
  • The tool hooks make it easy to keep tools like tongs, spatula, etc., within reach;
  • It comes with a built-in lid thermometer that will tell you about the internal temperature of the grill;
  • Cleaning is easy with a quality ash collector at the bottom, where the ash is collected when you clean the grill;
  • The stainless steel racks are of high quality and don’t let food stick to the grates;
  • If you want to get a 3D animation video of setting up this grill, you can easily get it by downloading the BILT App;
  • The weight of the product is 66.2 pounds;
  • Made of high-quality alloy steel material.

With all of these excellent characteristics, it may be regarded as a terrific investment for your grilling escapades.

What customers like about this product

  • Design is something that gives you the first impression, and this one has stuck the bull’s eye. The customers are in awe of the stylish design. It captivates you the minute you lay eyes on it, and the cooking area is yet another feature that people like about it. The iconic kettle grill is attached to a cart with a small side table space to keep things near your reach;
  • Setting up is easy with no complicated procedures;
  • The Performer has a charcoal bin/charbin that keeps your charcoal safe and dry from the outside weather. You can tilt it and get your charcoal for grilling.
Other than that, Weber brings you a pizza pan, griddles, and Danish Ebelsilver pan for more of your wonderful cooking.

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