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As soon as you are searching for a brand as good as Weber, with a reputation that equivalents America’s best backyard BBQ, you are on the right track to get the best grill. Weber has released so many models for a charcoal grill and among those, the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill or Weber Kamado is a grill that is bound to stimulate interest. But in our content below we are going to go deeper to know more about the Weber Kamado review only!

It is not surprising, that when Weber started teasing its original #grillofalifetime, the craze was at its peak, with Weber fans and the barbeque world at huge venturing on what the grill would be.

On April 6th, 2016, Weber company exposed the Summit or Kamado Charcoal Grill, which is a steel kamado along with stainless-steel trimmings and propane ignition. Available in 2 configurations, this unit features a similar grill on dissimilar carts.

This standard model has a basic 3-wheeled cart along with a wire on the lower shelf, even though the Grilling central part comes on a bigger work cart with a wire basket, stainless-steel tabletop, a weatherproof storage bin for charcoal, and a bottom wire rack.

Let's now know in detail about the Weber Kamado charcoal grill before digging deeper into the product's review section.

A Few Words About Weber Kamado Review

On the highest peak of the typical kettle grill, you similarly get a lower shelf, rolling stand, water pan, a briquette cup for measuring, diffuser plate (used for indirect cooking), ash pan, 2 charcoal holder baskets, 2-position charcoal grate, and also the 24 inches grill with interchangeable center and hinged sides. You will get plenty of cardboard, as well.

So, firstly, we are going to begin by stating that we just love this BBQ! The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill or Weber Kamado is the foremost major elevation of any Weber product that they have put out for several years. And, it is safe to state that the solitary reason that this beauty exists is that it’s indeed an upgrading on what was previously a top product in the market.

To simply put, the Weber Summit charcoal grill takes the finest of both worlds, joining the 2 power horses, the ceramic kamado and the kettle grill, into an efficient, effective, and durable combined smoker and grill. With a porcelain-coated, double-layered steel design, this Weber Summit Charcoal grill utilizes an insulating coating of air to captivate the heat inside the kettle-shaped ‘cue, converting it into a prevailing low’n’slow smoker to roast and bake pretty much everything that you want.

And, in case you aren’t so definite about how operative an air and steel insulated body is, don’t fear! This ‘cue can extremely run for around 10 hours on a single load of charcoal and won’t start to lose the heat before that. You do not need to keep an eye on it all the time either.

The minute you have got the heat right (it takes a bit of time until you acquire what works best), just load up the meat and just relax! The best part about having the steel-based kamado rather than ceramic is that in case you pass your target heat, it is much more lenient and will not take much time to cool down.

The other advantage of the stainless-steel kamado body is that it weighs only a part of what the ceramic body grill would. This not just makes it easy to move it to your backyard without having the risk of cracking the mild ceramic. However, it similarly makes it possible to lift the lid easily. Even, Weber has comprised a spring-loaded, hinged lid for easy access and thus you do not need to think about placing the lid somewhere when you take it off.

Weber 18201001 Summit Kamado E6

Overview of Weber Kettle Kamado Charcoal Grill

Seeing the Weber Summit Charcoal grill, it is easy to realize why some people confuse it for an extra-large Weber Performer. It is egg shape, as well as black porcelain-coated finish, is similar to Weber’s standard design that even the barbeque professional would mistake it for a restructured kettle. It similarly does not have the telltale trait to separate most kamados from other charcoal grills: it is not ceramic coated.

A stainless steel kamado grill, the Weber Summit Charcoal grill features dual-walled air insulation to allow it and retain temperature as well as the traditional kamado. Nevertheless, since it is made of stainless steel, it is more durable and lighter than ceramic-coated ones. The stainless-steel construction is not a solitary non-traditional system.

The Weber Summit Charcoal grill is prepared with the Snap-Jet™ propane ignition for easy and quick lighting, and a state-of-the-art Rapidfire™ Lid Damper to flip open as well as act as the chimney to aid heat climb rapidly. In case those add-ons fail to get your consideration, there is also a lot of eye-catching features to look on.

Rapidfire lid damper

With its 24” cooking grate, this Weber Summit Charcoal grill is among the bigger kamado grills around as well as is similar to the Kamado Joe® Big Joe™ & the Big Green Egg® XL. The stainless-steel grill grate is hinged so that you can access easily the firebox, even though the 2-position charcoal grate is adjustable for searing or smoking.

That is just a clue of the several stainless-steel structures that come typically with the Summit grill, including the bands, upper & lower dampers, tool hooks, and handle. 2 of the more imposing inclusions are the hinged stainless-steel air-insulated diffuser plate, a requirement for low-n-slow smoking, and the stainless-steel plaited gasket that is more hard-wearing than the gasket found on maximum egg-shaped grills.

Key Features of Kamado Charcoal Grill

Customers see Weber company as the forerunner of every kettle-style grill; this acquaintance creates trust. Outside that, they pick it as they want the usefulness that this grill offers: with a single unit, you can smoke, grill, and also go low and slow.

This unit similarly has plenty of cook space, so that you can grill plenty of food simultaneously. However, since it is nearly a circle shape, it takes up less space as compared to the same dimension would take upon the rectangular BBQ.

Specifications of The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill

  • Weight: <111 lbs;
  • Dimensions: 45.5”x 39.5”x 35.8” (H*W*D);
  • Source of Fuel: Charcoal;
  • Material: Porcelain-coated stainless-steel;
  • Total Cooking Area: 24 inches diameter cooking area / 452 square inches;
  • Ignition: LPG (cylinder not included);

Propane Ignition

Lighting charcoals sucks – but not to worry about that when you are deciding to buy a Weber Kamado grill. This unit comes with a Snap-Jet built-in propane igniter.  So, just forget about lighters, chimney starters, flint, matches, or whatever you have been using so far. Push in as well as a twist – that is all there’s to light up the charcoal.

Dual-Wall Structure

Having dual walls with a coating of dead air inside makes a lightweight technique to hold temperature inside your cooking chamber. This lets the Weber Summit cook and smokes low and slow professionally.

Ability To Have Double Heat Zones

The charcoal baskets and the hinged deflector plate both let you set up numerous temperature zones. This’s awesome in case you want to sear as well as then roast, or you are doing veg and steaks all at once. Even in case you have never set up double zones before, you will be doing it frequently with this feature.

Versatility, multiple zone grilling

Gourmet Grill System

The Weber Gourmet Grill System is among the best portions of this unit. You will just love how this hinges to permit you access to the coal during grilling and how you can remove the center to utilize cool accessories such as a skillet, or a pizza stone to take complete benefit of its competencies.

Spring-Loaded Easy-Open Lid Hinge

It isn’t as weighty as a traditional kamado lid, but it is still big, as well as could be a physical inconvenience to lift with the standard hinge, particularly in case you are carrying a tray of food as well as you have only one hand free.

Nevertheless, the hinge is solid and nice, and the 2 big stainless-steel springs make the lip opening & closing a breeze.

Spring-Loaded Easy-Open Lid Hinge

One-Touch Cleaning

Lifting ashes is the nastiest job, but this illusorily simple cleaning system makes the work much less of an inconvenience. Just swipe the damper handle back & forth, as well as the propeller-like blade inside will push & pull the ash down over the vents as well as into the collection chamber.

Top & Bottom Vents

Monitoring airflow is quite hard to hold the right heat on the grill like this one. The upper vent can either be open wide, or you can regulate the dial for airflow.

There is a convenient handle at the bottom for blocking or opening the vent. Easy-to-understand signs show you where you need to set it for dissimilar kinds of grilling.

Weber 18201001 Summit Kamado E6

Pros and Cons of Weber Summit Charcoal Grill

It is an outstanding-looking charcoal grill; however, some parts of this unit seem old-fashioned, but at the same time, it is advanced, too. The glossy black outside looks great. Yes, the look is indeed appreciable!

You will immediately notice how thick the grill’s walls are. That is because they are air-insulated and double-walled to help recollect temperature. This feature of the unit allows you to cook like the ceramic kamado but it weighs significantly less than the ceramic kamado.

air-insulated and double-walled

The quality of structure seems very decent, with hard-wearing wheels, a sturdy stand, and a heavyweight hinge for the lid. You get will the feeling that you will be using this unit for years without much trouble.


  • Surprisingly huge cooking size for a kettle-shaped BBQ;
  • Combined smoker as well as a grill that does a good job of both;
  • Snap jet ignition feature makes lighting up the charcoal very easy;
  • Efficient usage of fuel;
  • Double coated air insulated steel lid and bowl provides great insulation;
  • Two-position charcoal grill grate provides you more suppleness in terms of cooking temperature;
  • Hinged temperature diffuser similarly makes it easy to add coal to the fire in the middle of cooking;
  • A hinged cooking grate will make the process easy to add wood chips and/or more fuel in the middle of cooking;
  • Well-suited with Weber’s huge range of equipment;
  • The steel body is durable and lightweight so it is easy to move as well as it will not crack if knocked, run too hot, or dropped;
  • A large detachable ash catcher makes the entire kamado easy to wash;
  • Porcelain-coated rust-resistant steel along with stainless steel add-ons for durability;
  • Backed by an industry-leading warranty from Weber.


It’s expensive as soon as compared to the standard kettle grills. However, in case you want to smoke on top, it is good value for the very high-quality joint grill and smoke BBQ

You’ll need to ultimately exchange the gas container in the auto-ignition in case you want to keep utilizing this handy feature

Why Do People Choose the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill?

There are a handful of reasons behind people choosing this unit over others charcoal grills available in the market.

Ease of Use of the Grill

Among the least wanted features of the charcoal grill is the valuable time spent lighting up the charcoal. It can take a while even if you use a chimney starter.

Fortunately, the propane ignition of the Weber Summit Charcoal grill makes the job way easier than it’s on other dissimilar types of barbeque smokers!

The top & bottom vents provide control which makes it a simpler job to hit as well as hold the heat you want. And as soon as you are done grilling, the attached ash catcher at the bottom of the grill makes this messy job a breeze.

There are several ways to arrange the grilling grate and also the coal, as well as this may be intimidating to somebody not acquainted with this type of cooking. You will get the swing of it subsequently a few usages, undoubtedly, but you may need some learning first.

Cleaning & Maintenance of the Grill

As stated overhead, the attached ash catcher is extremely simple to function: utilize the damper handle and brush the leftover ashes down into the detachable collection chamber. You can clean the outside with a sponge as well as soapy, warm water, or glass cleaner and cloth.

For inside cleaning, The Weber company commends a wire brush for rubbing both the grills and the kettle, followed by soapy, warm water and also a sponge.

Available Upgrades, Attachments, and Accessories

  • Grilling rack;
  • This similar grill can be bought with a bigger cart that comprises a drawer, work surface, and also briquette storage;
  • Cover;
  • Assorted grill additions (pizza stone, skillet, sear grate, wok, poultry roaster);
  • Rib rack.

Warranty Details

  • 5 years warranty for burn through and rust on the cooking grates;
  • 10 years warranty for burn through and rust on the lid and bowl;
  • 5 years warranty for burn through and rust on the cleaning system;
  • 2 years warranty on all the other parts;
  •  5 years warranty for burn through and rust on plastic parts.

Cooking on the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill & Smoker

For actual cooking, this Weber Summit Charcoal Kamado grill provides a surprisingly large 452 sq. in. of cooking space on its 24 inches grill grate. That is enough to grill for 6 to 8 people in a single round and is big enough to grill a chicken, pork butt, or also a small brisket there.

For your cooking success, the Weber company has comprised a convenient manual that’s got quite detailed orders on how to grill on this ‘cue. Essentially, it summarizes how much coal to utilize, how to set the grill dampers to get the heat you want as well as how long you need to leave it inside. All contingent on what you are grilling. And, even though you perhaps will not track it to a T, it is a decent guide to aid you to learn your method around the Weber Summit Charcoal grill, particularly in case you are new to grilling.

As soon as it comes to cooking on this Weber Summit Charcoal grill, it is a quite similar experience to smoking on the Weber Kettle. There are 2 positions that one can set this charcoal grill grate up in; 1 higher and 1 lower dependent on how scorching you want it. Just ensure you set the charcoals out as consistently as possible. Or else, you will end up with burning spots and also will have to move the food around to get an even grill.

Since access to the charcoals is hard on a kamado grill, Weber company has included a hinge to both the steel diffuser plate and the cooking grate. This means that in case you need to put more wood chips or charcoal in the middle of the smoke, you do not need to move your hot plates and remove the food. In its place, simply move to the side as well as use tongs to get access to the place where you need it the most.

But, that is not all that this Weber Summit Charcoal Smoker and Grill has going for! Do you hate the lengthy process of lighting up charcoals? Well, the Weber company has fixed that issue too by providing a propane-powered ignition system. Now, it is merely up to pressing that button as well as waiting until the charcoals get up to the right temperature.

In case you have ever cleaned a standard kamado, you will indeed appreciate this feature. The Weber Summit Charcoal Kamado grill has a huge and detachable ash catcher, just like the Weber kettles have. So, rather than attempting to scrape all out from the bottom, you just remove as well as tip the insides into the waste.

And, since it is a Weber grill, this unit still functions with the Gourmet grill System of high-quality equipment. Thus, one can enlarge the usefulness of the Weber Kamado grill even more by including the lock-in pizza stones, a porcelain-coated cast-iron wok for a poultry roaster, or stir-fries.

Price-wise, this Weber Summit Charcoal Kamado grill competes with other reputed kamado grills available on the market. A few might claim that it’s quite a boost from the Weber company’s standard kettle grill. And, whereas you can yet smoke on the kettle grill, this Summit Charcoal grill has been precisely designed keeping this double purpose in mind. This helps to make it easier to get outstanding results grilling on this Weber Kamado grill. It is similarly just a larger, more efficient, and better all-rounder.

So, in case you want a BBQ that provides bucket loads of usefulness in consort with the reliability and durability of the Weber brand name, the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill truly is the only grill you need to have in your backyard.

Review of Weber Kamado Charcoal Grill

The Basics of the Grill

  • Build Quality: Improved design, not persistence built (8 out of 10).
  • Relative Value: As soon as compared to other 24 inches Kamados (10 out of 10).
  • Fit and Finish: This unit is quite sturdy (9 out of 10).
  • Feature and Accessories: This should go together with a rake as well as an elevated grilling grate standard. (6 out of 10).
  • Performance: Zero complaints regarding cooking. (10 out of 10).
  • Convenience and Clean-up: As kamados grill, or charcoal grill go generally, super convenient. (10 out of 10).

Weber 18201001 Summit Kamado E6

At first look, the Weber Summit Charcoal grill did not appear very different from other Weber company’s charcoal grills, as well as a higher-than-predictable price tag just added to the misunderstanding. After a few days of the launch of the product, social media was filled with comments saying it was a high-priced Weber Performer grill by those people who were not acquainted with the kamado grills, and comparisons to slighter eggs from those people who had not seen a precise comparison between the Weber Summit Charcoal grill and also its competitors.

Bottom Line

Our Weber Kamado review clearly shows that this unit is among the best picks you have got for a multipurpose outdoor griller, and we also gave it the highest spot in our herding of the best grills available nowadays in the charcoal group. There is not much you cannot do with the grill, and the Weber company has shortened the procedure as much as conceivable without entirely removing the humanoid element.

In case you want a convinced level of accessibility, but you do not want to give up the control and fun of lighting a fire to charcoal and holding the heat, the Summit and you are perhaps preferably suitable to each other. Your investment will be spent well on this fabulous charcoal grill.


Q. Is the Weber Summit worth it?

A. Although the price of this 'cue is practically high, it is equivalent with other good kamado smokers and grill available on the market as well as with the usefulness this grill will provide to you for several years, we think it is well worth each penny you invest!

Q. Does Weber make kamado grills?

A. Yes, the Weber company has produced a Kamado-style grill named Weber Summit Kamado grill.

Q. Where is the Weber Summit kamado made?

A. The Weber Summit Kamado grill is made In China.

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