Weber Master Touch Vs Premium Charcoal Grill

With the eras progressing quicker than ever there are several different options for grills. Among those various options available Weber brand has made a good reputation in the grill industry. And today, in our article below we are going to compare the Weber Master Touch Vs Premium to find which one is the best.

Weber is a reputed company that has created a lot of types of grills that grill lovers go crazy for. There are several models to pick from, but in case you have a decent budget then you must go for the best ones from Weber.

The Weber Premium is among the best, most powerful and convenient grills available on the market right now. It’s a good grill for one to use in their backyard as well as cook for visitors or just for their family. The similar goes with the Weber Master Touch grill; it’s among the simpler grill models from the business but is likewise among the maximum powerful ones. One can never go erroneous with either one of the models from Weber.

There are several things that the Weber company has kept on maximum grill models that they have produced so far. This makes these 2 grills a bit alike from each other we have compared here. So here, we’ll be taking a look at the features, pros & cons of each grill to distinguish them from each other suitably. This content will compare the Weber original Master-Touch charcoal grill to the improved, new Premium charcoal grill to choose which one delivers the best worth for money.

Weber Master Touch

Weber Original Kettle Premium

Our Rating


42 x 24 x 29.5 inches

39.5 x 22.5 x 27 inches


37.25 Pounds

32.3 Pounds

Grates Diameter

22 inch

22 inch

GBS Inserts Compatible



One-Touch Cleaning



Warming Rack



Tuck-Away Lid Holder



Char-Basket Fuel Holders




Overview of Weber Master Touch

The Weber Master Touch grill is a 22” kettle-style charcoal grill with a standard profile. This grill’s dimensions are user-friendly and generous, as well as the airing system is elegant. The accessible ash management structure helps to differentiate it from ordinary charcoal-fired grills.

Specifications of Weber Master Touch

  • Primary Cooking area - 363 square inches;
  • Dimensions-42 inches x 24 inches x 29.5 inches (H*D*W);
  • Total Cooking area - 443 square inches;
  • Secondary Warming Rack - 80 square inches;
  • Plated Steel Grilling Grates.

Features of Weber Master Touch

Weber Gourmet BBQ grill uses triple steel coatings and also a hinged design to advance grilling performance and functionality. The hinge lets you take away the grate as well as fit a variety of accessories such as Ebelskiver pan or pizza stone instead, massively improving the range of grilling potentials.

Weber Gourmet BBQ

A detachable rust-proof ash catcher makes sure that there is never an untidiness while cooking. Weber claims that their grills are a one-touch cleaning system product. The vastly enamel-coated, polished surface could not be simpler to clean, whereas the Gourmet grilling grate similarly takes a light clean in maximum cases. Openings duple as a one-touch cleaning feature, shifting ash everywhere so that it falls under the ash catcher.

There are 2 charcoal baskets to rearrange contingent on what you are grilling. This makes converting from direct to indirect temperature easy in no time. Additionally, a high-quality thermometer is built on the lid of this unit, supplying sensible accurateness that you can depend on.

The lid handles of this unit are glass-reinforced, which provide durability and also a surface that is cool to the touch. Also, the removable lid’s handle is layered with heat-resistant plastic. It’s similarly vented, as well as there is a suitable lid holder provided. Smoking is a bit simpler with the Master-Touch standards, all thanks to the removable lid.

removable lid’s handle

Size of Weber Master Touch

The Weber Master Touch charcoal grill comes in a single 22” size. This unit comes in a single 22” size, similar to the original Master-Touch. The 22” size provides it a primary grilling space of 363 sq. in. as well as a total grilling area of 443 sq. in. To make grilling easier, the Weber Master Touch charcoal grill lets you grill 13-14 burgers at the same time.

Body of Weber Master Touch

You will get to see the highest quality of manufacturing in this Weber Master Touch charcoal grill. It is built from enduring stainless steel using an aluminum rust-proof tuck-away lid.

This unit is triple-plated, to grant it superior temperature retention as well as a grilling area that nothing sticks to. Additionally, a porcelain-enameled bowl, as well as lid, allows all-weather cooking while granting the grill a great appearance.

Weight of Weber Master Touch

The Weber Master Touch charcoal grill weighs about 32 pounds. 32 pounds makes it a trivial grill that is easy to move from place to place, perfect for outside grilling. Additionally, 2 large wheels are there to make wheeling this Master-Touch grill stable and effortless enough that anyone can move that.

What We Like

  • To add convenience there are extra warming rack;
  • Versatile enough to utilize for smoking or grilling;
  • Excellent ash managing system;
  • Superior packaging of the grill makes the assembly process get done more quickly.

What We Don't Like

  • Grates are quite tricky to clean;
  • Some issues related to shipping has been reported.

Weber 14501001 Master-Touch, 22-Inch

Overview of Weber Premium Charcoal Grill

The rudimentary design of the Weber Premium charcoal grill makes the unit an appealing option for beginners. It similarly comprises a few valuable extras, like tool hooks as well as a suitable hinged grilling grate. Similar to Master Touch, this unit also provides an ash managing system to make the clean-up process go much more effortlessly.

Specifications of Weber Premium Charcoal Grill

  • Primary Cooking Area - 363 square inches;
  • Total Cooking space - 363 square inches;
  • Dimensions - 39.5 inches x 27 inches x 22.5 inches (H*D* W);
  • No Secondary Warming Rack;
  • Steel-Plated Grilling Grates.

Features of Weber Premium Charcoal Grill

Similar to standard models, this unit is manufactured from high-quality aluminum, layered with weather-proof coating. The unit is produced from 3-layered steel too, as well as you get a high level of detachable ash catcher with it.

Cleaning the unit is simply easy because the vents clear out the waste ash efficiently. The grill takes nothing other than just a wipe-down to clean in utmost cases. The 2 large wheels, as well as stationary leg, are similar to the steadying system utilized by the original Weber Master Touch grill.

There is similarly a thermometer assembled into the lid, similar to the Master Touch unit for those who have not yet purchased the iGrill attachment. Accurateness cannot be equated to the smart features, but it is still better as compared to most competing charcoal grills available on the market.

Size of Weber Premium Charcoal Grill

This unit comes in a single 22” size, similar to the original Master-Touch. The 22” size provides it a primary grilling space of 363 sq. in. To make grilling easier, the Weber Master Touch charcoal grill lets you grill 13-14 burgers at the same time.

Body of Weber Premium Charcoal Grill

Both the units are made from hard-wearing stainless steel. The lid and bowl are both coated, permitting all-weather action. A 3-layer plated grill grate offers evenly distributed temperature and a rocky cooking surface that is sure to stay the same without being marred easily.

From the beginning, both units look very alike to each other. Nevertheless, it is only the minute you look closely at the unit’s features as well as (elective) attached equipment that you notice in the more progressive grill.

Weight of Weber Premium Charcoal Grill

The unit weighs about 37 pounds. It makes it a trivial grill that is easy to move from place to place, perfect for outside grilling. Additionally, all of the added features have been combined without shifting the heftiness or size of Weber company’s outstanding grill.

What We Like

  • Easy to use, also for beginners;
  • Affordable price tag;
  • Lightweight & portable;
  • Quality construction.

What We Don't Like

  • Good for high-temperature cooking applications as compared to the low-n-slow cooking system;
  • A few secondary parts are not designed as well as the rest of the unit.

Weber Original Kettle Premium 22 Inch

Pros and Cons of Weber Master Touch

It’s always better to have a brief sum-up of a maximum of the pros & cons. So, let’s dig deeper into the pros and cons of the Weber Master Touch below.


  • Versatile grill grate;
  • Weber quality;
  • Easy lid placement;
  • Several accessories available;
  • Large ash catcher.


  • Quite pricy;
  • The grate is not in height adjustable;
  • Assembly little hard.

Pros And Cons Of Weber Premium Charcoal Grill


  • Cleaning the unit is easy with only the elimination of the leftover ashes;
  • It is light in weight;
  • Plenty of food can be made at one go;
  • It’s very easy to assemble;
  • Has the look of a glam;
  • The inside blades are placed perfectly;
  • It’s strong enough to handle.


  • Legs are manufactured of thin material;
  • No elasticity in the ash catcher.

Weber Master Touch vs Premium: Shared Features

Let's now compare the features of the Weber Master Touch vs Premium in this article below...


Both of the units are armed with aluminum dampers and thus these are rust-resistant as well as easy to maneuver. Beginners might need a bit of repetition before you get the hang of the feature, but it is not that hard in either case.

aluminum dampers

The units similarly have inventively designed inside blades that are used to open as well as close the bottom of the unit as required. We think this system is more convenient and user-friendly on the Weber Premium version as compared to the Master-Touch grill.

The top opening on the Master Touch unit similarly comes with a plastic handle to adjust the heat even the time the unit is too hot. This grill seems to do a venerable job at upholding lower heat for smoking. Whereas both units have sufficient ventilation, we’d award the winning prize to the Weber Master Touch grill.

The winner is the Weber Master Touch grill here.


Here the Weber Premium grill is set at a suggestively lower price as compared to the Weber Master-Touch grill. Seeing that the 2 grills are of similar size, the variance is visible. You will have to spend a little more on any of these grills than you might have to spend for a rudimentary 22” model.

The Weber Master Touch grill has other aids to balance the cost. Still, in case you have any budget limits, the Weber Premium grill is your way to go among the two grills.

The winner here is the Weber Premium Grill.

Cooking Grates

The grilling grates of the Weber Master-Touch grill and Weber Premium units are made of stainless-steel coating. This material is good at conducting temperature, which provides the food imposing grill marks.

grilling grates

Nevertheless, steel grilling grates need prompt attention instantly after grilling. Or else, they are tending to rust through. Alternatively, you do not have to season before using the grill for the first time.

The Weber Master Touch grill has a grilling grate that is compatible with many inserts, which are sold separately. While it costs you more to take benefit of this unit, it provides the unit a welcome dosage of usefulness. We think it is sufficient to make this Master Touch grill a winner here.

The winner here is the Weber Master Touch grill.

Temperature Gauge of the Grill

The Weber Master Touch grill and the Weber Premium grills are prepared with the built-in lid thermometer. Both the units feature a round dial-style design, with heats ranging from 150° to 600° F. Note that this does not mean the units will be capable of maintaining those heats, only that they can read them.

Is the thermometer dependable? From what we have been capable of discerning, they’re. The Weber Premium unit seems to be further consistent, which’s why we have acknowledged it as the winner. The difference may be because the Weber Premium unit has a further limited range.

The winner here is the Weber Premium.

Heat Retention of the Grill

The Master Touch grill comes with a porcelain-coated bowl as well as a lid, as the Weber Premium grill. This construction lets the cooks hold their temperature for a long time. It similarly makes them further durable to expect both grills to turn out sustaining results for several seasons to arise.

Still, since we started, the Weber Master Touch grill does a better job as soon as it comes to lasting grilling applications. In case you are searching for the unit that can turn out smoked beef brisket and pulled pork additionally to the average hot dogs and burgers, the Weber Master Touch must go to the peak of your list.

The winner here is the Weber Master Touch Grill

Ash Management System

In case you look carefully at both units, you are sure to see the silver tube-shaped devices placed just under the fireboxes. These are not just there for display, although they’re designed to keep the units appearing tidy. They are sections that are made to hold residue and ashes.

These ash catchers are detachable, making it probable to throw away the ashes without the help of brushes or shovels. Both units have a substantial capacity too. Although the Weber Master Touch grill is the favored option for slow, long cooking application, the ash managing systems are comparable enough for us to state a tie here.

The winners here are both the grills.

Cooking Surface of the Grill

The spans of both units measure 22” across. Initially, that would appear to cause a draw. Nevertheless, that is only the initial half of the story.

This Weber Master Touch grill offers cooking surfaces that measure 363 sq. in. That is sufficient to hold around 15 hamburger patties, even though Weber states that the number is nearer to 13 in case you use their made-to-order burger press. The Weber Premium unit features a similar amount of main cooking space.

The Weber Master Touch grill similarly offers a subordinate warming rack as well as the primary grilling surface. The warming rack provides an extra 80 sq. in. and you can use it to warm side dishes and bread products here. It is similarly a suitable place to set foods that have cooked and require a place to keep.

Even though the Weber Master Touch grill is the champion of this round, however, the warming rack isn’t always necessary. In case you use the warming rack, you will have to spend further time cleaning the cooking grates. That is among the many reasons why the Weber Premium grill is still a prevalent choice for people.

The winner here is the Weber Master Touch Grill

Standout Features of Weber Master Touch


It lands a compressed design with 42 inches x 24 inches x 29.5 inches.

Ash Catcher

It accompanies the system of the detachable ash catcher that holds the ash as well as keeps the unit clean.

Special Lid

The Weber Original Master Touch grill comes with the Tuck-Away lid holder to allow you to slide the lid to the side of the grill.
Tuck-Away lid holder


It’s backed by the lid thermometer to be attentive to the heat controls.

Grate Specialty

This unit comes with a special hinged grill grate that eases the charcoal insert process.

Standout Features of Weber Premium

Easy Cleaning

It’s manufactured with a one-touch cleaning system that helps the ash catcher to gather the ash as well as keep it clean and tidy.

Special Lid System

The lid has an in-built lid thermometer to enable easy detecting of the heat controls. It has a Porcelain-coated lid, as well as a bowl, retains heat, and also will not peel or rust.

Heat Retention System

The unit is being offered with the porcelain layered lid and the bowl retain heat

Body Mass of the Unit

The total weight of this unit is around 32.3 pounds

Special Hinge of the Unit

This unit comes with a lid hook to help in hooking the lid. The hinge stops the lid from entirely closing which brings about a vital air gap. This gap makes maintaining the “Low N Slow” BBQ heats with this new charcoal ring as well as heat diffuser very difficult.

Review of Weber Master Touch Vs Premium

Here is the review of both the unit below.

Weber Master Touch Review

The Weber Master Touch grill model appears to be one such device of high usefulness that you can use with great superiority of its minute tools but of high effect.

This unit has the exclusive specificity of being capable of building up a decent dose of effect that can enable the operators with the sensation of utilizing a powerful device of grilling.

It’s being offered with distinct cooking devices like grates. This unit’s grill grate is being manufactured to be supple enough that particularly helps in the secondary cooking procedure.

We highly suggest the grill by witnessing its special qualities of working with the ideal blend of simplicity as well as perfection.

It can make sure the comfort of functioning it with the feeling of high performance for grilling with the finest BBQ taste assured.

Weber Premium Review

This Weber Premium grill certainly enhances the charisma of grilling as a whole. It appears to be the among true glam as well as with the high performance that certainly has the excellent feel of the device that is highly favored in the market.

The powerful code of tool implantation has similarly been contributing to the ideal drawing of the unit as the among glam and of high grilling proficiency.

The factual nature of the device is thus been prepared with the precise coding of the tools like the superior burger press, portable ashtray with the suppleness with the grill grate.

The unit wins high reference from our side with a guarantee to the purchasers.

Bottom Line

As soon as its descents to the concluding verdict between Weber Master Touch vs Premium grills, the best choice depends on your cooking habits and budget. In case you are the kind of individual who pays good attention to heat while utilizing the complete scope of potentials of all the grill has to provide, then Weber Original Kettle Premium should be your choice.

Nevertheless, in case you are forced by a restricted budget or cannot see yourself splattering out for an elective upgrade, the further affordable Weber Master Touch allows industry-leading performance that a few other grills can be compared to.


Q. Is the Weber premium worth it?

A. It’s a multipurpose grill able to cook just around anything, so the grilling potentials are boundless. In general, we found that the Weber Premium 22” Kettle is to be well worth its price, as well as a reliable, backyard BBQ staple.

Q. Which Weber kettle is the best one?

A. The Weber Premium Charcoal Grill 22 inches is one of the best charcoal grills for maximum people. It is a classic option for good reasons. In tests conducted by experts, it outdid other grills in ease of assembly, cooking, and also user-friendly details.

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