Weber Performer Deluxe Reviews

In our Weber Performer Deluxe review in this article below, you will discover precisely what is included and why this one is named Deluxe! Let’s dig deeper into the Weber Performer Deluxe reviews.

From the Weber Performer range, the Performer Deluxe grill delivers the smoky and traditional taste of charcoal grill, but with added convenience appreciations to its abundant features that make the best of charcoal grills & gas grills, and mix the two.

With our guide and review below, we are going to explain everything that one must know before heading for buying this grill. In case you have never heard of the Weber grills you perhaps have not purchased a BBQ grill before.

We are saying this because Weber's brand for the grill is a premium brand that creates grills to deal with the differing likings of all grill specialists. With more than 30 years of expertise in grill making and smooth buyer service, this’s a brand that experts are more than just happy to endorse.

So, let’s now take a quick look at this Weber Performer Deluxe charcoal grill, as well as discover what makes this unit stand out from the troop!

Why Weber Performer Charcoal Grills?

Numerous consumers pick to get the Weber grill since it has been producing great grills for more than 30 years now. Whether it’s a charcoal or gas or electric grill that you are searching for, you won’t go wrong with the Weber brand.

The newfangled Weber Performer charcoal grill has the feature to make your grilling experience more convenient while ensuring you get the finest food with authentic taste. This unit’s features have been enhanced to make it among the greatest charcoal BBQs available in the market.

Here in this article below, we have listed some of the features of this unit that will assist you to decide whether the new Weber Performer Deluxe charcoal grill is the ideal grill for you or not.

Overview of Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

The Weber Performer Deluxe charcoal frill comes with a similar cooking space as the Weber Original Kettle. However, this unit sets itself away from Weber Kettle in the workbench.

The gas ignition structure works fairly by pushing the button. This unit’s Touch-N-Go gas ignition gets fueled by a typical, not reusable propane bottle. It means no niggling around with the lighting charcoal.

The 22” porcelain-enameled bowl, and total 363 sq. in. cooking area is quite remarkable. It means that you will get a huge cooking area where you can fit 13 burgers at once onto this unit.

This unit can get quite hot! Fortunately, the reshaped nylon lid handle is a good addition that aids keep your fingers protected from the heat when you lift and close the lid of the grill.

Weber’s Gourmet BBQ Structure is standard on this unit now. This’s a 2-part coal grate system that permits you to eliminate the center section of the hinged grate, steel-plated, and change it with a range of add-on cooking tops like a wok, griddle, or pizza stone.

The hinged grate similarly permits easy access to reload your charcoal grill. This unit also comes with 2 charcoal baskets. This can easily move to make direct as well as indirect heat zones, offering you better control over the cooking temp.

Another nice feature of this unit is its LCD digital timer. This can be detached from the grill. Ideal for the individual who wants everything, this version of the grill has several benefits, few drawbacks.

Pros include the full-featured Weber Grill, a huge work surface, versatile potential, and gas-powered charcoal ignition. The unit similarly has: Weber's Gourmet BBQ Structure cooking grate.

  • 363 sq. in. of cooking space;
  • Gas heat with push-button ignition for lighting the charcoal;
  • Aluminum vents as well as an ash catcher;
  • A detachable digital cook timer;
  • For indirect grilling, 2 aluminum charcoal baskets;
  • A porcelain-powder-coated steel lid and fire bowl;
  • Plastic, powder-coated steel redesigned nylon lid handle and stainless heavy-duty steel cart structure;
  • A roll-top lid;
  • A huge plastic charcoal bin.

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe

What Weber Performer Deluxe Grill Comes With

This precise model comes with a Weber's Gourmet BBQ System cooking grates. The hinged grate, steel-plated has a detachable center section to replace with a variety of add-on equipment to give this grill greater flexibility—from a Danish Ebelskiver pan to a pizza stone.

One disadvantage to the model is its digital cooking timer system. Ill-advisedly, this’s nothing more than just an electronic egg timer (99-minute). Since it just goes on for around 99 minutes, it is unusable for long cooking times, which grill lovers need.

As this timer is easily available at just about any store that too for only a few bucks, this is thus, seen as more of a trick than a decent feature. Irrespective, this’s a perfect charcoal grill in general.

Manufacturers Specifications

  • Diameter: 22”;
  • Dimensions with the unit’s lid closed: 43 ½” x 48” x 30” H*W*D;
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal;
  • Worktable;
  • Built-in lid thermometer;
  • Detachable LCD cook timer.

Pros & Cons of Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

Just like any other charcoal grill, this grill from Weber has some advantages and disadvantages. Let's dig deeper in Weber Performer Deluxe reviews to know about this model's pros and cons below.


Storage of the Unit

A CharBin storage vessel is a suitable option for charcoal storage. It easily angles to the side of your grill and thus allows you to repossess your charcoal. It’s similarly weather protected as well as keeps the charcoal safe from any outdoor elements.

Build Quality

It is right that the Weber Performer Deluxe does not quite reach up to the older models of Weber concerning being “heavy-duty”, however, when equated to other grills in its exact cost range, this unit stands out directly above the rest of the models.

It is a grill that is 43.5-inch/48-inch/30-inch as well as weighs about 100 pounds. The cart’s wheels make it convenient and easy to roll the grill out to your backyard with petite effort.

Design of the Unit

Even before you start grilling you will be bumped into by the style of this grill. Not just it looks great, but also you will have a suitable amount of cooking space for preparing your tools and food. Weber already made a reputation for themselves and this unit with three legs makes it more flexible to any backyard setting.

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe

Setup & Usage

Setup takes no more than an hour as well as everything is justly simple to set up. Appreciations to this unit’s Touch-N-Go charcoal ignition structure where you can cook within minutes.

Cleaning the Unit

With the Weber Performer Deluxe’s bounded ash-catcher, you will not see single ash blowing from place to place when you grill. It is a high-quality ash-catcher as well as it can easily be detached for a quick clean-up process.

The Performer Deluxe grill similarly comprises an aluminized steel One-Touch cleaning process, as well as its porcelain-enamel layer, which can be washed with 1 simple wipe, efficiently cutting down on the clean-up time.


Limits of the Changeable Timer

In case you plan to cook low & slow for a substantial amount of time, you will then want some different timer as compared to the removable one comprised with this unit. This removable cooking timer just goes for around 99-minutes of cook time, which makes the unit less useful for several grill lovers.

Lid Thermometer

This model can reach a temp of more than 470-degree Fahrenheit, but regrettably, you cannot trust its lid thermometer to provide you with a very precise reading. We would commend double-checking your grilling temperatures using a digital thermometer instead of depending on its lid thermometer for a precise temp.

Except for those slight problems, there is not plenty of things to complain about the unit. Weber’s Gourmet BBQ System permits the inclusion of multiple types of cooking surfaces to make your grill able to cook nearly anything you want.

Imagine your visitors’ surprise as soon as you open its lid to reveal a frying pan! Weber similarly produces a wide range of other add-ons like pizza stones, Danish Ebelskiver pan, and griddles.

Key Features of Weber Performer Deluxe Grill

In our view, here are the best features of the new charcoal grill from the Weber brand.

Touch-N-Go Gas Ignition

The Touch and Go gas ignition system is an electronic system and makes switching on this charcoal grill swift with just a click on a button, quite similar to the gas grills.

If you have forgotten about your lighter or matches or if you do not have the chimney charcoal starter then don’t worry, with the touch of a switch, this unit lights up the gas burner underneath the charcoal briquettes. This means you will not have to get your palms dirty.

It is fueled by a normal one-use small propane bottle available in maximum stores. One simply begins by heating the charcoals for about 5 minutes using the propane flame just before turning it off as well as then allowing the charcoals to build up their heat.

This decreases the classic fluid or firelighters' start time by more than 50% down to only 15 minutes before grilling temperatures are achieved.

Weber Gourmet BBQ System

The hinged steel-plated grilling grate in this Weber Performer Deluxe unit helps to make the grill super convenient.

The grate’s both sides can flip up, allowing you to reach out to the double charcoal baskets while your meat still cooks so that you can top it up with charcoals or add some smoking wood effortlessly. These 2 baskets similarly let you use direct and indirect heat with comfort, by moving the charcoals around, making sure you achieve good control over the cooking temp.

The GBS is intended with a round grate insert in the central part which enlarges your cooking potentials. Simply take away this center part and exchange it with your choice of weapon.

There is a collection of equipment that you can buy separately, including a wok, pizza stone, steamer, poultry roaster, griddle, sear grate, a trivet, dutch oven, and also the sandwich and waffle maker!

Limitless possibilities equal limitless food, so what is not to love in it? You can see this GBS system in all its glory. As a further bonus, this Performer deluxe model accompanies the sear grate attachment as standard.

One-Touch Cleaning

This stainless-steel 1-touch feature makes Weber performer grills’ cleaning so much simpler so that you never have to fear the cleaning process again!

An easy-slide device moves the 3-point diffuser side to side. This pushes ash over the central hole into the aluminum, high-capacity, removable ash catcher. This’s then detached and emptied so that there is no more lifting out dead charcoals in a cloud of dirt.

Food and Tools Preparation Area

To the right side of this Weber, Performer Deluxe is a metal-painted as well as heat-resistant surface area for preparing food. This’s good for food preparing, a spot to stand sauces and rubs, or only to place your drink while flipping the meats.

It’s a robust pressed sheet, a weather-resistant metal that one can wash with chemical superficial area cleaners when you light enough so that the entire setup is moved with comfort, which means one can pursuit the sun in the yard as you grill.

Below is a fitting ‘CharBin’ that Weber recommends you to utilize to stock your charcoals. While fitting, we similarly think it beneficial as a garbage can while you’re preparing food you can keep your plastic wrappings as well as waste in the dustbin, instead of them flying around your garden.

Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe

Weber Grills' Performer Deluxe Reviews

The Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal BBQ is a skilled multitasker. It will give you the finest experience of the charcoal grill with the diversity and ease of an exclusive gas grill grilling station. Providing you the capability to master all kinds of different grills, from maximum smoking to grilling, through pizza making, and even on to baking.

So, if you are searching to make charcoal grilling easier and quicker, or searching to broaden your variety of offerings when you are cooking food, this grill deserves thoughtful consideration.

Overall, we liked the grill. It will take the new Weber performer deluxe charcoal grill as well as makes it into the grilling station that also the professional griller would be awe-struck with.

Performance of the Grill

The Weber’s PDG setup works well, just like all the Weber grill models. The design of the unit is favored for its simple temp control vent system as well as iconic designs.

The addition to the gas lighting structure means that it is now effective on start-up time as well, so you not just can grill impulsively, however, you can do it earlier and with further cooking choices at your fingertips appreciations to the weber GBS system.

Thus, the selections for what you can grill as well as how well the unit does it have increased enormously.

Assembly of the Grill

Among the most worrying parts of the grill is that it is hard to assemble. It comprises quite a few portions as well as it can take fairly a bit of attempt to finally put together properly. Maybe the biggest distress in assembling it is to get the screws in the right alignment and access all the way properly.

Irrespective of who you’re and what your profession is, but you won’t be able to assemble this grill not less than an hour or maybe more. Sometimes it also takes around 2 hours.

Ease of Use

The Weber Performer Deluxe grill is quite easy to use as soon as set this unit up, and the assembling process takes around 60-120 minutes. You need to follow the user’s guide on how to cook on the charcoal grill. As soon as complete assembling, you’ll see that the Weber has finished the PDG a gust to use.

As the unit is designed with a Touch-N-Go feature it takes away the hassle of lighting charcoals, and also adds the double charcoal baskets as well as the GBS, they’ve designed a comprehensive system to make charcoal grilling a simple activity every day.

The additional prep areas, the CharBin, as well as the ease of the tuck-away lid holder, indicate that they’ve thought of the whole thing.

Maintenance & Cleaning

With the 1-Touch washing system, washing the ash out of your grill is simple – easily put down the lever back & forth to go away the ash into its ash catcher, then take away the ash catcher as well as dispose of the ash.

Wash the grill after every single use as you will do with any BBQ, as well as the rest can be washed as soon as every three or four sessions with the usual cleaning resources, after you have warmed it up to all the food and grime remainder is simpler to clean.

Design & Build Quality of the Grill

This unit is the best with a porcelain-enameled bowl as well as the lid, with the layer attached to the steel so that it can prevent burn-off and rust.

It’s a time-proven, hard-wearing, and also classic Weber project that shields it from the essentials.

The lid has a handle to easily hold the knob that’s protected by a plate that is heat resistant. You can then keep it in the stainless-steel tuck-away lid holder suitably attached to the grill’s side. This will save you from putting it on the ground or holding it.

The aluminum bottom and top vents are stainless-steel, as well as the heat-resistant handles made of plastic allow easy modification of the flow of air for reliable temp safety and setup. Combined with the extra built-in thermometer for unproblematic control. (Nevertheless, this unit does not come with Bluetooth or WiFi, so you have to read temperatures at the BBQs.)

Overall, this BBQ looks modest yet polished and sleek, converting it from a humble kettle grill to a grill that looks far good than kettles!

The build quality of the unit is one of the very unsurpassed in the game, and this is confirmed in their warranty.

Warranty & Support of the Grill

Weber delivers a great warranty period, which differs for the diverse parts as well as has terms involved, so ensure to check out the full details of the warranty.

But briefly, the bowl and lid are protected for 10 years, the plastic components and One-Touch cleaning features are protected for 5 years, as well as all the rest parts are protected for 2 years.

Weber says that buyer service is their precedence, and with the contact number, support request form, email address, as well as a range of social media teams, their client support appears to be a smooth and easy procedure.

Price of the Unit

Though it is on the luxurious side, this unit provides simply enough value to make the unit worth its total cost. Sturdy, durable, and able to cook some justly mouth-watering foods, it is suitable for backyard BBQs and also other media to small get-togethers.

To simply put it, this unit stands favorably up next to any other grill on the market now. In case charcoal is your favored way of grilling, and you are searching for an outdoor all-in-one set for cooking, this’s the ideal grill for you.

What Is in the Box

The box is included with the following

  • Worktable;
  • Rolling steel-frame cart;
  • Weather-protected storage container for charcoal;
  • Wire bottom shelf;
  • Lid-mounted thermometer;
  • One-touch cleaning system;
  • 3 tool hooks;
  • Removable backlit LCD cook timer.

Bottom Line

Other than a few slight defects with the removable cooking timer and lid thermometer, you will find that considering Weber Performer Deluxe reviews this model to be of high-quality device that’s well worth its price tag. You will enjoy how easy it’s to use as well as you will be highly impressed with its unique features. This’s one charcoal grill recommended to everyone, from expert-level griller to beginner.


Q. What is the difference between Weber Performer and Performer Deluxe?

A. The Weber Performer Deluxe comes with all the finest features of the typical Performer 22” grill as well as Performer Premium unit. Weber Performer Deluxe has a huge worktable, weatherproof charcoal storage bin, removable timer, and also Touch-N-Go gas ignition system which the Weber performer does not have.

Q. Is the Weber Performer a master touch?

A. You perhaps already predicted the answer to this question – we recommend this unit for a reason, particularly when you love simple charcoal grilling. Except for some flaws this unit is indeed a master touch!

Q. What To Like About The Weber Performer Deluxe?

A. These are the pros of Weber Performer Deluxe:

  • This grill can grill nearly everything in appreciation to the equipment you can slot into the grill grates;
  • Ease of use;
  • With the GBS as well as other add-ons this unit has plenty of things to offer;
  • Great Build quality.

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