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People who own BBQ grills are simply proud of them and love them as they form cultural connections in western countries. BBQ-ed meat like turkey, chicken, bacon, and veggies, and corn form a big part of the cuisine. If you are out on a camp in the woods with friends, the presence of BBQ is almost understood. Nowadays, people do not have to rely on igniting the fire or constantly checking up the heat level. Electric Grills are changing the way people know about BBQ.

Convenience has been a challenge that the companies are trying their best to overcome. As a result, we are splurged with options in the market. Deciding which grill to buy is a tough choice. Here we will help you with the features and conditions you should be looking for, based on your circumstances.

Best Electric Grills

Best grills are the ones that come in a complete package. They are durable, minimize efforts, enhance safety, and can help you create some amazing dishes. Lastly, they play a role in creating happy memories with your loved ones.

Some of the top electric grill upgrades are:

  • The infrared technology. This ensures even heating of the plate without cold spots or the possibility of splatter.
  • WI-FI feature.  You will find them in cart style or stand-alone electric grills. With the feature, you can control the heat through your smartphone.
  • Smokeless technology. It protects your eyes and lungs from irritation.

Why an Electric Grill Is Ideal for Some People?

The earlier models had a primitive design that only the pit masters could handle. Getting the right charcoal pieces or compatible pellets is the kind of work that people normally don't enjoy or are able or get right. If not maintained properly it would eventually reduce the lifespan of grills.

Although a lot has changed in the last decade with the advent of automated technologies, the core principles of charcoal, pellet, or hardwood gas grills remain the same.

Electric grills are a blessing for people who can't bear the ashy taste in their food or don't want the extra work of stocking up the feed.

Electric grills have to have a plug point or, they may also run on battery. So they do not have any extra compartment for hopper or feed. It makes them the easiest to work with.

Using an electric grill is not a lazy but a smart choice. It is best for students who live in hostels and want to enjoy BBQ food with their mates. Also, people who have to shift and travel often due to work can choose portable electric grills without a doubt.

Benefits of Owning an Electric Grill

There are numerous advantages to owning an electric grill, whether it's for the house or the workplace.

They do not occupy a lot of space or are too heavy to move around. Electric grills are designed in such a way that they offer the greatest amount of versatility. They can be placed anywhere you choose. It'll perform all the tasks it's supposed to do.

You don't have to stay invested for as long as the food is cooking as the controlled electric grill is much impressive.

There are other things you will love about electric grills.

They are energy-efficient. A common misconception is that gas and charcoal grills use less energy. They contribute far more to pollution than electric grills.

Indulge in yummy and healthy meals. There is no risk of contaminating the meal with harmful particles. The flavors of the meat and vegetables are not altered in any way. On top of that, these grills require very little oil to cook on.

They are safer than most others. Electric grills are the only grills that are reliably utilized indoors due to their no gas leaks and less smoke production. In addition to the automatic kill switch and safety timers, you won't have to be concerned about the safety of handling one of them.

They have additional smart features.

Cleaning is the easiest task on these grills though you may not be able to wash all parts. You have to wipe it off.

The use of a thermostat makes it easier to manage the temperature.

What To Look For When Buying an Electric Grill?

For any type of electric grill you buy, you would want to look up some basic things and how they fit well with your situation. Other than that, some additional features may be included if they suit your budget.

Power Consumption

The amount of electricity the grill will be using is something to be concerned about. The last thing you need is for your electric bill to skyrocket. What you need are electric grills that use the least amount of power while doing the same job for a specific period.


This would be necessary to figure out if it will fit into the space you allot for it. If you need it to be travel-friendly, do not go for larger sizes. Another thing to check is the grilling area offered regardless of the size. Some small size grills allow larger space than others.

Heating Capacity or Temperature

You cannot expect a lot from the temperature range as it doesn't go too high. At most, you can find out if it can quickly heat up. Buy a grill with a thermostat so that you can be aware of the temperature it is reaching.


Observe the degree of flexibility it can allow. Are the griddles detachable? Are the parts dishwasher-proof? Does the table-top electric grill come with a lid? Go on according to your necessity.

What To Avoid When Buying Your First Grill?

Are you one of those, you never owned a grill before? If you are hesitating although you badly want it, you need to know it's not that tough. Before you buy a grill, steer clear of these blunders.

  • Do not just go for a small size girl because it costs less or you think you only need two people. There may be situations when more guests arrive than you expected and your small grill is taking up too much load by repeated sessions.
  • If you are buying your grill online, you have to be wary about the shipping charges for your location as it may drastically change the total purchasing cost. Also, whether your local government allows shipping from the country your order is dispersing.
  • Each model of the grill is built to last for a certain period. You need to make sure that the company provides a decent period of warranty. Providing a 1-year warranty is not okay for a model that promises to last longer. Since you may need some repair or replacement that you would want to be covered by the warranty.

Final Thoughts

Most of us love the authentic smoky flavors when it comes to grilled food. It may be the only drawback of electric grills other than the fact that they can't reach high temperatures. But the number of benefits outweighs the cons. If healthy and safe cooking with minimal effort is your criteria, you shouldn't look for anything but electric grills.

Ceramic Indoor Grill 

With time, grill manufacturers have grown to use mostly cast iron or stainless steel for the cooking tops. They may have benefited in cost-cutting and have proven to be good surfaces in themselves. But they aren't as close to ceramic plates. Many people do not way the benefits they have with the ceramic plates despite the expansiveness.

If you can look beyond the price, indoor ceramic is a great addition to your culinary capabilities at the same time giving a gourmet experience to whoever is visiting or for yourself. You won't regret getting one.

Quick heating is a desirable factor in grills mostly to reduce the already long prep time. Imagine thanksgiving turkey. The preparation starts from the prior night itself. Quick heating means the meat will remain soft inside by not evaporating all the moisture and only the outer part end up well done. This is easily achievable through ceramic plates on the grill. You can initially cook at high heat for the sear marks and then lower the temperature.

Ceramic plates are also less prone to splatter than cast iron plates. The best part is that you don't need to season or scrape them because they are truly nonstick. They are, in some ways, low-maintenance.

Most of these ceramic plates are weatherproof and built to withstand extensive use.

Unlike regular grills, ceramic grills employ a dome-shaped design and ceramic materials to maximize the efficiency of using charcoal and hold heat for longer.

When making a purchase, you should check the inside material. Some companies claim that their grill is ceramic. You may not realize that the ceramic used in the so-called ceramic grill applies to the outer material only. You will not be able to reap many benefits from that. In a ceramic electric grill, you will find the cooking plates are also made of ceramic. That is the product you need!

Tabletop Electric Grill 

If you have grown up with BBQ weekends at home, it is natural for you to have the tradition at your present condo as well. But not every family can afford to have a backyard or a large open space around the home. For them, tabletop grills solve the problem. They can add oomph to parties when your guests get to taste from the live counters. But even on lazy days, they can be super helpful as they don't take much time to heat up.

Tabletop grills can be either free-standing, similar to a stove kept on a table, or an integrated BBQ grill that belongs to the kitchen. The former provides a high range of mobility as you can place it almost anywhere because of its size. They can literally come in the size of a toaster.

The designs will vary for each model. Some have legs while others don't. The legs may or may not be foldable. The foldable ones being an added perk may slightly cost more. Some brands have tabletop grills with unique designs. Not everywhere you can find around the bowl like a grill. It resembles a typical Korean BBQ grill.

They are light enough to be carried. You can even travel with tabletop grills for your holiday or camping scenes. Either way, they do not take much of your working space.

Tabletop grills function like any other traditional grills. Specific features may vary with the brand that determines its durability. More or less they are highly functional.

There is not much to complain about tabletop grills except the fact that they will not allow large cooking surface areas like the large BBQ machines.

An average tabletop grill comes in the price range of $80 to $100. If you are looking for something advanced, it can go beyond this range as well.

Balcony BBQ Grill 

Knowing where to place the grill is a big deal. It will clearly define the kind of grills you would want to buy. The size and fuel source are two of the major concerns. Indoor grills are great but when the smoke comes out, the house can start looking like a lost land in heaven. For many, it's an irritation for the eyes and can cause breathing problems for asthmatics. Although, there is an alternative as now smokeless indoor grills are also available in the market. But most of them aren't as efficient.

Experts would generally suggest you keep your grills outside so that the smoke can fly away. If you do not have that much space, you can try to place it on your balcony. A small to medium size grill will usually fit any balcony.

You should also check the size of your balcony or patio once you've relocated the grill to make sure you have adequate space for it. For safety, keep the grill at least 10 feet away from the apartment walls or anything else. It has a chance to melt or burn from the high heat emitted by the grill. Keep your plants at a safe distance or hand them on distant rails. Remember to check the manual for any additional precautionary measures.

An important thing to keep note of is the regulations of the locality. Before purchasing a grill for your balcony or porch, check to see if you are permitted to grill on your apartment's balcony at all. You need to comply with the state laws, local laws, and the ones by the owner (if you live in a rented place). Generally, houses in close proximity have stricter rules. Check your apartment complex rules, whether they allow a specific kind or size of the grill.

Does Weber Make an Electric Grill? 

Electric grills are better than people think they are. Potential owners wonder if they would be feasible for outdoor usage since they may require you to attach to a power supply. Due to this fact, a lot of buyers put a pass on these great innovations.

Electric grills are much less of a hassle as it runs on electricity. You will never run out of it or, you have to figure out the amount to be fed on a hopper as, is the case for wood pellets (choosing the pellet types is yet another task).

Electric grills are also much safer than gas grills which have a tendency to flare out. If you do a small Google search, you will realize the number of accidents that occur through propane gas grills in a year.

Also, health wise they are a better choice as no harmful particles from the direct flame mix with the food. There are no un-burnt carbon particles like you would notice in charcoal and pellet grills.

Weber is a known name in the world of grilling experts and amateurs as well. They have got a great collection to choose from.

Weber has very well-identified the traits and potential to solve many problems of bbq grill owners. So they do have a line of irresistible electric grills to look out for.

Weber electric grills rarely disappointed customers with quality. All top-grade raw materials are used while they are manufactured with great precision.

People often complain that about their temperature controls and that their grill isn't hot enough. Weber electric grills cut off that issue by allowing the temperature to go as high as 550F.

Other than that, Weber entertains a five years warranty period. This is by far, the longest in the market.

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