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Nearly every one of us is a great fan of smoked foods. The delicious taste and smoky flavor can make anybody go crazy for it. It was not very convenient to cook smoked meals in the past. But we should thank the new developments in the industry smoking. They’re now quite progressive to carry on the entire smoking process on their own. This means, now anybody can have and relish smoked meals regardless of expertise, space, or time limitations. There’re many producers of different kinds of smokers where Masterbuilt is among the best manufacturer. You’ll get to read some best electric smokers’ reviews from the best Masterbuilt electric smokers. It will help you to get the best appropriate electric smoker choice for yourself.




Max power,


Cooking Area, Square Inches


Masterbuilt MB20071117 30" Digital






Masterbuilt MB20072918 40" Digital






Masterbuilt MB20074719 40"






Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog 30"






Masterbuilt MB20073519 30"






Masterbuilt MB20071117 30" Digital

Max Power, Watt: 800

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 712

Warranty: 1 year

Made in: China

Masterbuilt MB20072918 40" Digital

Max Power, Watt: 1200

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 970

Warranty: 1 year

Made in: China

Masterbuilt MB20074719 40"

Max Power, Watt: 1200

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 970

Warranty: 1 year

Made in: China

Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog 30"

Max Power, Watt: 1500

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 534

Warranty: 1 year

Made in: China

Masterbuilt MB20073519 30"

Max Power, Watt: 800

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 712

Warranty: 1 year

Made in: China

From the Masterbuilt brand’s different models coming in various sizes, styles, and shapes, we sought after the best Masterbuilt electric smoker based on specific features, authoritative review sites, and customer feedback. Our results are gathered in this review below, which includes a review of top-rated 5 electric smokers as per their unique features and overall performance.

We have similarly detailed the pros & cons of each model as well as their features. You will find a complete buying guide with more analysis of the key benefits and also an FAQ unit with obliging answers to the furthermost relevant questions. So, let’s get deeper to know more on this topic below…

Brief Details About Masterbuilt Smokers

The Masterbuilt brand is a family-built company established in 1973. Its headquarter is in Georgia now.

Among their gears, there are smokers, grills, fryers (associated with the Butterball turkey), as well as automotive equipment known as HITCH-HAUL.

We generally choose older brands in the industry for their consistency. This perception is though the right to some extent. But with the Masterbuilt brand thing is quite a bit different from the general cases.

It is been only a few decades when this brand has started manufacturing cooking gear. However, with their high-quality products, they gained fame so speedily. The entire credit for this achievement goes to the devotion of its creator Dawson McLemore.

He began this work as a hobby only at his house’s backyard in 1973. He intended to deliver the right kind of tools for admirers who want to make wonderful meals at home. This’s the reason; we can get vast variations of smokers, grills, fryers, etc. in their series.

The finest thing about Masterbuilt is they’re equally beneficial for experts as well as beginners. Their products are user-friendly and are of the highest quality. They allow you to cook your food at just the ideal level.

Masterbuilt has gained the trust of millions of clients with their family-oriented behavior. They have versatile appliances like fryers, electric smokers, cookers, grills, and also other tools. But in this article below, we are going to discuss in detail electric smokers only. Keep reading to know more about the best Masterbuilt electric smoker.

Things To Check Before Buying an Electric Smoker

Before we buy anything, we need to check a few things to get the best one from the market. At present time, there are plenty of options when it comes to electric smokers. But to get the best one from endless options, you need to look for the following things.

Size and Capacity of the Smoker

While maximum electric smokers seem to have a lot of space once you look at its numbers, you have to rather consider the size of the electric smokers.

There is no point in having 4 cooking racks in case you are not able to fit a jam-packed rack of ribs on them.

This’s a common issue with the mini 30 inches sized electric smokers, even though you can get around it at all times by cutting or folding.

But in case you wish to fit big items such as full racks of ribs and whole packer briskets, you must go for a 40″ model instead of a 30″ model.

Dimensions & Weight of the Smoker

Masterbuilt electric smokers are offered in various weights and sizes which offer you more choices to get your ideal volume as well as a variety of smoked foods, and it also fits in the place you have decided to store and set up the device.

The weight and size of the electric smoker mostly depend on the material, thick insulated wall, and cooking space, and the dimensions of the cooking area.

In case you plan to smoke meals for a few members or your small family or in case you want to take the smoker with you to campsites, or on a road trip, or consider a lightweight and compact model.

All the electric smokers we’ve suggested in this review below weigh not more than 60 pounds as well as feature solid space-saving style with a small footmark that will fit in small areas.

Features of the Smoker

We prefer electric smokers such as the Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker which allows you to remove the wood chips tray without having to open the front door and letting smoke and heat escape.

You will have to check that what sort of meat probes and temperature are included to keep an eye on the inside temperature and your meat doneness as well.

No probe is not a big deal, one can buy much better quality third-party thermometers to measure your meal and your smoker temperature all at once.

Similarly, pay more attention to the smoker’s digital control panel as well as other options are there. Most designs will allow you to set the inside temperature, although some other options will let you choose your cooking time.

Another key feature to search for is Bluetooth connectivity or any type of remote-control facility to control the device from a distance while doing some other work.

It is certainly a great feature to have, but the last few groups of electric smokers suffered from disconnection issues and poor Bluetooth range.

Portability of the Smoker

Although electric smokers are generally portable so that you can carry them anywhere you want. But the problem is you can't use them anywhere you want.

This is because electric smokers need electricity to run. So, where there is no electricity, you can't use the electric smoker there. Thus, make sure your smoker is portable as well as you can use an extension cord with it.

Budget of Your Smoker

Whereas you can select and buy an electric smoker for only under 100 dollars, we would suggest looking in the 200-300 dollars range as that will be more reliable. However, the newest Bluetooth smokers assume to pay up to 500 dollars.

Electric Vs Propane Smokers

We have already covered the buying guide of going electric smokers. But you are probably now doubting what the key differences between a gas/propane smoker or electric smokers are.

If you are stuck determining between gas or propane smoker and electric smoker we’ve made a detailed guide to compare the pros & cons of gas or propane smoker and electric smoker below.

Both kinds of smokers have a lot of things in common. These are given below:

  • Smoke is produced by adding chips or chunks to the wood chips tray;
  • There is no need to light charcoal or manage a fire;
  • Both of these smokers fall into the ‘set it & forget it’ category.

There’re a few significant differences between these two smokers that you need to consider before buying. Like the charcoal or pellet smoker, the gas or propane smokers make heat through fire.

On the other hand, electric smokers create heat from the glowing element set inside them.

This will not matter for the maximum of amateur smokers. In case you wish to improve your skill you might have to consider some other sort of smoker though.

With the electric smokers, you are almost assured not to come to an end of fuel (except you face a power cut issue or in case you forget to pay your electricity bill on time). They are likewise cheaper to operate than propane smokers.

Most of people have to use some extension cord so that they can power the smoker. It is entirely up to you whether this is more irritating than running out of gas or propane while cooking.

How Does a Masterbuilt Vertical Smoker Work?

Masterbuilt electric smokers are ideal for instant smoking without worrying about running out of fuel. A Masterbuilt electric smoker can smoke meat, fish, and vegetables with strangely few components only. This device works ideally by heating the cooking chamber where air circulates and then heats food through convection.

The device consists of one cooking chamber, one electrical heating element, a water pan, grill racks, and also a wood chips tray to burn together with the electric heater as well as give the fish, meat, and vegetable its authentic smoky flavor and taste.

To get the best service you can pick from advanced features such as patented side wood chips loading structure, a DigitalFan that will maintain your desired temperature for cooking, built-in thermometers for meat probe, Bluetooth smart control, and so many more.

Along with a comprehensive line of gas, charcoal, and electric smokers, one can expect to have a worthwhile barbeque experience with the Masterbuilt smokers.

Why Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Comes With Water Pan

There are several reasons to include water in your electric smoker’s water pan.

You can use water to aid in smoker temp control. In case it is cold outside, then you can add boiling or hot water to its water pan, as well as that will aid the smoker to come up to the temperature faster.

And in case it is hot outside as well as your smoker is getting warm, then adding cold water will aid keep the smoker's temp where you want it to.

Water similarly provides a few thermal masses, thus, whenever the front door is opened & closed frequently, the smoker's temperature will be coming back to its perfect cooking temp more rapidly.

Water in that pan will add moisture to its smoke chamber as well as aids in keeping the superficial area of the fish or meat from slightly drying out. Additionally, by adding spices, herbs, and also other flavors to that water pan, there will be a bit of additional flavor coated on the smoking meal.

With the smoker’s water pan as well as energy loss because of steam, the electric smokers should function at an advanced duty cycle. That's why Masterbuilt electric smokers come with a water pan.

How To Clean Masterbuilt Electric Smokers?

Cleaning the Masterbuilt electric smoker should be restricted to loosen debris, ashes, pan drippings, and also grease. You should never remove the smoker seasoning since this imparts that perfect smoked flavor to all your meals.

To clean it up, you can start by running the smoker adding a pan filled with hot water so that it can steam the inside part of the smoker. Then, use a clean rag to rub all the racks inside and remove debris, ashes, pan drippings, and also grease from there.

Next, wipe the top of the smoker (inside), and then down the sidewalls of the smoker to remove the grease and debris.

The trays inside should be holding anything that falls from the food so you need to pull them out as well as dump them.

Keep on wiping the east of the surficial area including the door seal and the doors inside the area.

You should avoid using any cleanser while cleaning the smoker. However, if you want to use any cleanser then try to use the citrus-based food-safe cleaner.

A slight mist of the citrus cleaner won’t leave any chemical smell inside your smoker. In case you do not like the smell of orange then you can re-season the smoker in only a few hours of the process.

To end, you have to wipe out the wood chips tray every single time, before preheating the smoker, to get the best outcomes. Any used wood debris or ashes can decrease the amount of smoke. So, be careful while cleaning.

Electric Cold Smoker

Masterbuilt has formed an electronic cold smoker kit to use with their smokers, which you can use to smoke meals such as ham, cheese, or fish.

An electronic cold smoker is a tiny unit that assigns to the Masterbuilt electric smokers. Smoke is produced from an outside wood chips chamber that offers you continuous smoke production for a temp range of between 100° F-120° F.

This kit fits on every single Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker by assigning it to the wood chips loading port. It can smoke one’s favorite food endlessly for up to six hours (six hours is what is advertised by the brand – but we discovered that it runs continuously up to 5 or 5 and a half hours only). This slow smoking process at a low temp is outstanding.

The Masterbuilt Electric Cold Smoker kit can similarly fit on the non-digital smoker that uses a similar chip loader. In case the chip loaders on the digital as well as non-digital aren’t similar then you can form a connection using the dryer vent tubing. This uses consistent wood chips as well as delivers a constant feed wood chips system.

Masterbuilt MB20100112 Slow Smoker Accessory Attachment

In case you are an admirer of smoked meals (mainly foods such cheese that can’t be hot smoked) as well as own the Masterbuilt electric smoker then you might get this an essential addition to your present setup.

Masterbuilt Electric Smokers Overall Review

Before we start reviewing some particular models from Masterbuilt electric smokers, let's get an overall review of the Masterbuild electric smoker range. In this overall review, you will get a vivid idea about the brand. So, let's dig into the overall review below...

Durability and Value

In case kept covered as well as out of the basics, the Masterbuilt electric smokers should last for a long period. The lower-end devices aren’t meant to use daily smoking.

However, the average smoking volume of those electric smokers does not allow you for high volume anyhow.

These Masterbuilt electric smokers are ideal for average-sized families of 4 to 6 people who enjoy smoky flavored food.

Average Cost

Masterbuilt electric smoker is formed to offer you satisfactory smoked meal results at a reasonable price that will not break the bank or empty your pocket. When we say this, we mean that the Mastebuilt’s base units usually cost is between 100 dollars and 400 dollars only.

A Note on the Pricing of These Smokers

Pricing for the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker remains comparatively low. Realize, this's because they are made overseas. Understanding that you might be someone who wishes to purchase American Made gears and regress from those made in China products, you must consider this point.

Getting Smoke Flavor with Masterbuilt Electric Smokers

Please comprehend that irrespective of manufacturer, the electric smokers make food that has minor to medium smoky flavor at best. You are not smoking on a brick pit or concrete block here. It is a small device that is made for giving you some smoky flavor with negligible “care & feeding”.

One can perhaps amp up the smoke levels by choosing woods such as oak pecan, or hickory. Fruit woods such as peach, cherry, and apple produce comparatively mild smoky flavors.

Maintenance and Clean Up

Similar to any other smokers, the preparation work you do make a lot of variances in how many jobs you have to do after the completion of cooking. Many smoker fans say that placing the meat in one-time-use aluminum pans or any case, placing it at the bottom of the smoker will get drippings and thus keep the clean-up process at the lowest.

These are extensively used ‘ways’ even among the seasoned barbeque pitmasters. You always need to cook pork butts in an aluminum pan, and this will make all the change in the world of the cleaning up process. Let me tell you that using the aluminum pans will not impact the smoke to get into the food. So, be worried about that!

Reviews on the Top Models Of Masterbuilt Electric Smokers

You must be looking for one of the best Masterbuilt smokers for you & your family? Then you have come to the right place as we are going to review the top 5 electric smokers from Materbuilt in this article below.

Making a great BBQ experience takes attention, time, and care to detail. If you are looking for that best-pulled pork sandwich, or you are dreaming of getting some super juicy Barbeque ribs, the accurate gear makes all the change.

Today, we are going to review the following models of electric smokers from the Martebuilt brand:

  • Masterbuilt MB20071117 30" Digital
  • Masterbuilt MB20072918 40" Digital
  • Masterbuilt MB20074719 40"
  • Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog 30"
  • Masterbuilt MB20073519 30"

Masterbuilt MB20071117 30" Digital


  • Cooking Area: fits up to 2 turkeys, 6 chickens, 4 pork butts, or 4 racks of ribs
  • Type: electric
  • Weight: 50.7 lbs
  • Dimensions: 19.9 x 20.5 x 33.3 inches
  • Grates: 4
  • Extra Features: patented side wood chip loading system

Masterbuilt MES 130B Digital Electric Smoker not only does go together with a wide variety of features but also has a super user-friendly and digital control panel to suit both professional chefs and beginners.

The sufficient cooking space accommodates up to 2 turkeys, 6 chickens, 4 pork butts, or 4 racks of ribs, and the 4 chrome-plated grates get adjusted to set larger parts of meats.

Suitable features consist of an excess grease tray on the unit’s rear, you can load or empty up the wood chips easily from the side (getting rid of the need to open or close the main chamber while cooking), a water pan, and also a detachable drip pan with it.

The smoker has a double-walled structure entirely insulated with foam so that it can hold heat for a consistent, even cooking process. Heat is controlled by the damper (top air), which controls the total amount of smoke inside.

To further help you with that, the joined thermostat shows the present temp on the manageable digital panel which is situated at the unit’s top part. This digital panel similarly features the on/off controls as well as displays time on it.

The adjustable screw legs, wheels with boots for even out, and also a rear handle expand portability whereas the capability for remote control system makes the unit one of the best Masterbuilt electric smokers you can have with innovative features that's easy to use. The unit accompanies an instructional manual to help you get instructions to use the unit.


  • 4 adjustable grates.
  • Fully-insulated.
  • Top air damper.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Wheels, handle, and adjustable legs.
  • Remote control.


  • It is an electric smoker, so you might need to use an extension cord when you are smoking outside.

Masterbuilt MB20072918 40" Digital


  • Thermostat-regulated temp is ideal for slow and low heating.
  • The digital control system allows easy adjustments to smoke time and temperature.
  • With 4 chrome-coated racks, there is a lot of space to smoke up to 4 turkeys, 16 chickens, 8 pork butts, or 8 racks of ribs.
  • Rear-mounted handle as well as wheels for storage and easy moving.
  • The wood chips loader is designed into the side of the smoker so that you can try several flavors without having to open the smoker as well as lose heat.

Whether you are a high-level professional or a beginner this unit has you covered in every way. This leading electric smoker from Masterbuilt comes with a digital control board that lets you make adjustments easily to your cooking time and temperature.

The thermostat-controlled temp is ideal for both slow and low heating. With 4 chrome-coated racks, there’s a lot of space to smoke up to 4 turkeys, 16 chickens, 8 pork butts, or8 racks of ribs.

This unit’s wood chips tray is set into the side so that you can try out different flavors without having to open the smoker as well as lose the inside heat to some extent.

It similarly comprises a rear-mounted handle as well as mobile wheels for storage and easy moving. This one is among the best portable electric smokers from the Masterbuilt brand.


  • Electric timer and adjustable thermostat help you to master the practice of smoking.
  • Cold-rolled steel body.
  • 4 cooking racks.
  • More than 970 sq. inches of cooking area.
  • Locking door as well as easy-access wood chips loader on the side.
  • For easy clean-up removable grease tray.


  • It is an electric smoker, so you might need to use an extension cord when you are smoking outside.

Masterbuilt MB20074719 40"


  • Fuel Source: electric.
  • Type: Vertical electric smoker.
  • Number Of Racks for Smoking: 4 chrome-plated racks.
  • The capacity of Smoking: 4 turkeys, 16 chickens, 8 pork butts, or 8 racks of ribs.
  • Warranty: 1 year.
  • Dimensions: 19.68 x 25.2 x 41.73 inches.
  • Weight: 66.3 lbs.

Something is imposing about the shine of commercial-grade 304 stainless steel. Masterbuilt paid consideration to this as soon as they designed their Masterbuilt MB20074719 electric smoker. However, it is not just the plentiful use of stainless steel that aids this electric smoker to stand apart from the race.

The Masterbuilt MB20074719 also goes together with a digital control panel that makes the unit easier to dial in the particular smoke density and temperature you need for the meat you are cooking than ever.

Masterbuilt took a step forward to make the unit Bluetooth compatible for wireless convenience. This unit also accompanies a meat probe that provides you a vivid understanding of the connection between the food and the heat of the inside smoke, without opening the front door and letting the smoke out in the process.

It has a side wood chips tray access and a strongly locking door with an airtight seal. This maintains a consistent inside smoke density and temperature. You can easily pull out the wood chips tray for quick reloads.


  • Insulated units.
  • Doesn’t use any fuel sources rather than electricity.
  • Digitalized for an easy operation procedure.
  • Bluetooth compatibility.
  • Meat probe thermometer.
  • Temperature gauge for a consistent heating process.


  • Electric parts turn faulty with time.
  • The discolored glass-viewing board that must be frequently cleaned.
  • Tiny chip drawers.
  • You need to have electricity power nearby to use the smoker.

Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog 30"


  • 3 chrome-coated racks for smoking.
  • Built-in temperature gauge.
  • Detachable water bowl to add flavor and moisture.
  • Variable temp control for easy dial temp settings.
  • Wood chips tray that slides out for an easy ash subtraction process.
  • 1,500W heating component for consistent, even smoking.
  • Grease tray at the front to catch extra food drippings.

With this Masterbuilt 30” Analog Electric Smoker, you will get competition-ready outcomes in your backyard, even without the irritation of propane or charcoal usage. Simply plug in this smoker, set its analog control, and let the unit do the rest of the work for you!

Like all the other Masterbuilt gears, this unit has some complaints too but the good news is maximum of the users are more than satisfied with the product and its capability to smoke. Similarly, they are pleased due to its features of handling easily.

We agree that this one isn’t the ultimate electric smoker. But this one will do a great job for a small family party or family’s get-together party. After plenty of Electric Smoker Reviews from Masterbuilt and expert’s opinion, I think it’s worth it for its price tag compared to the performance and features.

Lastly, I think this Masterbuilt MB20070210 MES 35B Electric Smoker ought to be your choice in case you do not want to purchase a smoker once a year. It’s very hard-wearing and able to provide perfectly smoked food.


  • With this Masterbuilt 30” Analog Electric Smoker, you will be able to get the best results, without the annoyance of using gas or charcoal.
  • Easy to use.
  • 3 chrome-coated racks for smoking.
  • coated racks for smokingPlenty of cooking space up to 2 turkeys, 3 chickens, 3 pork butts, or3 racks of ribs.


  • It is an electric smoker, so you might need to use an extension cord when you are smoking outside.

Masterbuilt MB20073519 30"


  • Bluetooth smart control system for easy time and temperature adjustments, on/off button, light operation, and monitor meat temp from the digital control panel or your smart device.
  • 4 chrome-coated racks for smoking, 3 traditional racks, and a notched rack.
  • Patented side wood chip tray system.
  • Thermostat temp control for consistent, even smoking.
  • Handle & wheels for easily moving smoker.
  • For smoke control, there are 2 air dampers.
  • Wood chips tray for an easy ash removal process.
  • The water bowl provides flavor and moisture.
  • Rear grease tray in the front to catch extra food drippings.
  • Detachable drip pan to catch food drippings.

There’s certainly no doubt that this unit has made among the best place with its digital volumes of not using any fuel to achieve your food ready. You must control it utilizing the control board and set its limits of smoking just as the way would like.

The final unit would be an intense reward for you as well as your family and friends. There’s no purpose to spend extra on buying charcoal smokers or propane smokers as they aren’t a practical option for indoor cooking.

This Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker can help you to monitor the tenderness and temperature continuously. You can use the Bluetooth system to control up/down your smoking procedure without moving from your place.

This brand from where this item comes from signifies itself with no problem and has been recognized to make a quality product for the last few years.

Moreover, with the digital control panel, this unit turns out to be easy for the users to set the perfect temperature for the smoking time that they feel will be ideal for improving their taste buds.


  • Easy to use.
  • Wide Range of Cooking Temperatures.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Add-on choices.
  • Great Style.


  • Regrettably, temperature probes frequently battled to function when you use them. This problem makes the unit hard to realize how well the food inside is smoking. The best substitute is to utilize your good digital thermometer steadily.
  • Continued use of this electric smoker often seems to make the temp be off by 20°. This arrangement issue did not generally occur.

Why Choose a Masterbuilt Smoker?

There are several reasons to choose a Masterbuilt electric smoker for you and your family. Below we are going to point out those seasons that why you should go for a Masterbuilt electric smoker. So, here we go...

Budget-Friendly Smoker

The Masterbuilt electric smokers boast robust, solid construction as well as a reasonable pricing tag, which makes the best Masterbuilt smokers more inexpensive than other brands available in the market.

Versatile Options for Flavor

In your Masterbuilt electric smoker, you can add any flavor of your choice without harming the inside temperature as they have a side wood chip tray for easier removal and reloading process.

Advanced Features of the Smoker

Some advanced features consist of remote control, built-in thermostats, Bluetooth technology, as well as a patented wood chip loading facility on the side for easy refilling or removal with no heat loss.

Diverse Sizes & Capacity of the Smoker

From the Masterbuilt brand, you can get plenty of options for sizes as well as capacity. So, choose from the wide range of options.

User-Friendly Smokers

The Masterbuilt electric smokers are simple and easy to assemble as well as operate that anyone can master the art of smoking.

Final Words

In the end, I can say from this Masterbuilt Electric Smokers review, that it is crystal clear that the brand has done an excellent job of making easy and reliable to use electric smokers that offers consistent results to the users.

The base unit I mentioned in this review will do the work for a small family or a few people like 4-5 persons. You get additional cooking space when you go for the 40” models from the Masterbuilt brand.

In case bells & whistles are for you, certainly consider this Masterbuilt 40” Smoker that comes with the RF Remote Control and Viewing Window. It has got all the advanced features you will ever need for an easy smoking procedure and also an easy clean-up process after cooking.


Q. Is a Masterbuilt smoker a good smoker?

A. Overall, the adding of the external chip loading and the digital control features make the Masterbuilt electric smokers a great product. These electric smokers boast a good amount of inside space, with several racks that offer you a little extra cooking area as compared to other brands

Q. Can you use pellets in a Masterbuilt electric smoker?

A. In case you own have a Masterbuilt electric smoker, you will be recommended to use only wood chips and chunks. Masterbuilt says that pellets are only meant to be used entirely in their pellet smokers, not in the electric smokers.

Q. Why Do People Choose Masterbuilt Products?

A. There are a lot of good reasons behind the fact that people pick Masterbuilt over other brands when it comes to buying an electric smoker. The price tag is a key point here.

Although it is not among the least luxurious smokers available on the market right now, they do offer a wide variety of smokers from reasonable to moderately luxurious models, and all of them deliver good performance.

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