George Foreman GGR50B Indoor & Outdoor Grill Review

All set to bring home your new grilling machine? And wondering if an electric grill would be a good fit for your home? George Foreman GGR50B is about to take your fancy. Let us find out if it is worth the shot and can be good alternatives to traditional grills.

Here, we will put any reservations about this model to rest as it appears to be flying off the shelves at the start of the Holiday season. The specifications to take note of, how to cook on it, cleaning management, power requirements, we will cover it all.

The question is if you are at all looking for an electric grill. If so, why go for George Foreman?

George Foreman grills are known to belong to the league of outdoor cooking solutions. But this has changed with time as now most electric grills are designed to substitute for ovens or gas. GGR50B is the perfect example of that. They are meant for contemporary urban households while also performing efficiently outside.

Due to consistent yet highly competitive innovation, GGR50B is launched, keeping in account, the current desired characteristics in a grill. So it is no longer a challenging task to work with it. Even though the market is flooded with choices, you would not want to waste your time to find a grill alike.

Features Offered on GGR50B

Any party is incomplete without the presence of a BBQ station. You will always find a counter crowded with people. That's the one serving fresh and hot BBQ meat. That is the level of obsession with BBQs. Since electric grills are mostly tabletop style rather than standing, it is a perk that you can take advantage of during parties. On GGR50B you can get the best of both. That is, it can stand on its own while you can detach and convert it into a countertop grill. But don't be disappointed by its size as it can serve up to 15 people. Use these grills indoors if you want to save time on preparation, but take it outdoor if your motive is to enjoy a casual BBQ time with your loved ones. It needs no supervision or a pit master to take care of the controls. Guests can serve themselves. Below are some of the basic features of the grill that you might want to check out.

George Foreman GGR50B


  • Dimensions: 22.2 x 20.5 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 21.00 lbs
  • The primary material used: Metal
  • Type: Independently standing Dome Grill
  • Power Consumption: 1600 watts
  • Color options: Silver and black
  • Warranty: Up to 3 years

Temperature Control

Having a temperature control feature may increase the price of your grill. Yet, it will be worth the price if you need a chef like perfection in your meals. This model from George Foreman spoils you with five temperature point settings. So it comes in levels with level 5 providing the highest heat. That is a very big plus if you need precision.

A temperature probe that comes with the unit will inform you about when to start grilling or if the food is ready. Usually, electric grills seldom reach beyond 400°F. George Foreman grills offer a range up to 500F.

Wattage Requirement

1100 to 1400 is a decent range of power consumption for an electric grill of average size or small. For GGR50B, it goes slightly overboard (1600 watts). However, it produces enough heat to cook in a short time. It is something that many lower-power-consuming grills won't do.


The structure of GGR50B is simple yet the most convenient you can get. It will fit almost anywhere. The pedestal stands about 2.5 feet tall without the grill body. Overall, there can be an addition of approximately 6 inches extra. So the final height remains comfortable for any person of average height. The body is detachable from the pedestal so that you can use the grill by placing it on the table as well.

Another good design feature is the sloping surface acting as a grease channel. This is specifically designed to reduce the fat content of the food that is cooking on it.

Also expecting the capacity of 400-500 sq. inches yet keeping it lightweight is not quite justifiable. GGR50B is a more compact electric grill because it provides 240 square inches of the uniform heating plate with ridges on the surface. It'll be perfect for a little gathering.

George Foreman GGR50B

Grate Quality

Foreman never fails to impress with the quality of grates. They have long proven to be lasting for years. In the George Foreman GGR50B, you will get double non-stick coating for extra sturdiness. You won't find this in any other brand. The non-stick quality helps clean up in between the ridges, easy. Your omelets won't break while tossing to the other side. All of these direct us to the fact that it is going to be far less messy on GGR50B.

What Is the Heating Mechanism of George Foreman GGR50B?

You may wonder how this particular model from George Foreman can possibly create close to perfect BBQ food with no flame involved. That's right! The company boasts about no charcoal and no propane grills that are apartment approved. This just isn't a marketing gimmick but a fact. George Foreman Electric grills have a smart mechanism to earn the batch.

There are heating elements present beneath the heat-conducting surface. The grates on Foreman GGR50B are made of the high heat-conducting metal element. The top surface is an electrical insulator layer with a thick non-stick coating. It is situated just above those heat-conducting layers. There is also a heater layer between the grates and the insulating layer that is again protected by another layer.

After switching the grill on, the electricity is converted into heat energy and it conducts through these surfaces. The heater plate is responsible for absorbing and transmitting energy emitted by the heater layer to the grate, causing the top plate to heat up. This is what happens during preheating.

What About Smoke?

Most grills with smokeless technology have fans fitted on the inside to quickly remove the smoke while grilling. The downside of that feature is that it does not allow the plates to heat up as much as it is supposed to.

On Foreman GGR50B, the makers did not put a fan. Despite this, the smoke is kept to a minimum due to the oil draining quickly from the channel in the center of the grate.

Advantages of the GGR50B Electric Grill

Though there are so many second thoughts on this hybrid BBQ no-flame grill, you cannot shut your eyes to the perks it has to offer. We are listing a few.

Minimum Supervision

The main problem with grills is that if you leave them unattended for an extended period, they can transform your lovely fatty meat into a dry charred or even burned inedible material. You don't have to stay engaged for the whole time on Foreman GGR50B for as long as the food is cooking since the regulated electric grill performs remarkably. You don't even have to turn the food cooking to the other side in most cases.

Minimum Space Requirement

Unlike other types of barbecues, these grills are compact and lightweight. Their layout saves space. You don't have to move anything else to create room for your barbecue.

Healthy and Clean Food

Savor nutritious and scrumptious meals. There is no carbon or gas-particle since there is no flame. The risk of harmful particles contaminating food is low to none. It has little effect on the flavor other than making it less smoky. Moreover, cooking on these grills requires very little oil. The company suggests that you don't have to spray any oil on GGR50B because of the extra non-stick layer.

Safest BBQ Grills

Indoor cooking is completely safe. It can be used without any worries because there is no risk of gas leaks or flare-ups. In addition, less smoke equals reduced eye discomfort. You won't have to worry about the safety of handling it, thanks to the automated kill switch and safety timer. Also, the handles are heat insulated.

Saves time

Foreman GGR50B heats up faster than any other electric grill. It reduces the overall cooking times to a considerable level. Hence, not only less energy is consumed but you can also spend that time completing other work or enjoy with family.

Lot Less Work

Maintaining BBQ grills is a task that nobody enjoys doing. From cleaning to stocking the fuel source periodically. It takes a toll in the long run. This model from Foreman is a lot less hassle. The only fuel source is the electricity from your home power supply. It is available all the time. Even if you take it to other places, you can use your car batteries to run it.

Does all that sound exciting? It sure does!

George Foreman GGR50B

Is Power Consumption a Concern on George Foreman GGR50B?

The power consumption factor is an important factor to take note of as it will determine how much you spend on the grill in a year. With so many other electrical appliances already running at home, you don't want the bills to burn a hole in your pocket.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned earlier, these grills do consume more power than most other grills. Why would you want to spend more on a compact grill like GGR50B?

It is because your electricity expense will not multiply as much as you think. In the long run, you end up saving compared to if you were using any other grill. Charcoal, pellet, and gas grills also need a power supply. Though in small amounts but you need to add up the cost of fuel along with the electricity bill. Additionally, taking a long time for heating adds up to the power consumption. GGR50B and other electric grills from Foreman differ from that.

You can check with different brands to compare the power consumption value.

You'd like electric grills that consume less electricity while performing all the tasks for a set amount of time. This model will consume less electricity as a result of quick heating.

Cooking Process on George Foreman GGR50B

GGR50B will do justice to your desire to create tasty meals. Fill it with juiciness, aromas, and a crisp surface. It does not demand the efforts of traditional cooking methods.

You will get a user manual and recipe book with your unit. You can follow all the steps there to start with. Once you get the hang of it, you will realize it doesn't take too much. Then you can indulge in your innovations.

But as a basic thumb of rule, these are the easy steps to follow for most of your preparation.


A quick 5 minutes preheating time is the least you can get and the most you can expect from a compact electric grill like this one. After that, it is only a matter of a few more minutes to reach the rich dose of delicious tenderness. Set the temperature to the highest during preheating.


You can cook most of the food categories within the medium settings which may take about 10-14 minutes depending upon the type of food. For steaks, you need to go to the highest level and cook for about 15-18 minutes depending upon the thickness of the steak.

Use a tong and place each piece carefully on the hot grill directly. You may brush a cube of butter or some oil if you wish. Keep your face away as it may create some steam initially. Close the lid for a few minutes. Check the doneness and turn the pieces if needed and let it cook for a few more minutes. Remove the food once it is done.

When you complete all that, remember to turn the grill off.

Let's talk about a few more things about this indoor/outdoor grill and what the company has to offer.

George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill 

Fortunately, the brand boasts an electric grill that ends up saving a lot of space at the same time, serving the perfectly cooked delicious grilled meat every time. The GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill from George Foreman is the answer to all your grilling concerns.

Design Benefits

The unit is super easy to assemble with hardly any tool requirement. You can do it all quickly with your hands with a quick scan-through guide. It also makes storage super convenient when you are not using it for a long time.

Food Quality 

You may start cooking with some doubts but you will be completely satisfied with the results. If you follow the general directions regarding the time and temperature to be maintained, you will probably not find yourself covering up for the burnt portions as there won't be any. You will only get beautiful dark sear marks.

But it may lack the smokiness that authentic grill food contains. Also, if you cook for too long, the meat may turn out to be chewy.

Cleaning Convenience

Foreman yet again maintains the theory of detachable parts to make it more practical. Take the grates off the grill when you are going for a deep cleaning session. The excess grease collects in the bucket attached below the grates as it drops from the sloping surface.

If you are planning a wet wash, just note that you cannot put everything in soap water. That's the thing about electric grills. But on the other hand, all you have to do is wipe off the excess grease from grates other than the ones that already dropped on the grease-collecting bucket.

George Foreman Grilling Instructions 

We are quite terrible at reading manuals. That's the last thing we touch or rather touch at all. However, while operating electrical equipment, such as an electric grill, there are a few rules to follow, such as keeping it from moisture, spraying olive oil before cooking, and so on.

Electric grills aren't much different from other types when it comes to grilling other than the fact that they are much easier to follow up and control. After connecting it to the plug point and starting, you need to wait a few minutes for the pan to heat up to your set temperature.

For the grates to remain on the same heat for a longer time even when it is off, keep it covered with the lid. It is a more useful practice when cooking outside.

There is no this or that for the type of food you want to grill. If you need to sear some veggies and bacon, you can do them side to side. If you need a little more time for the chicken breasts, let them sit on the grill for at least 3-4 minutes on each side.

George Foreman Grill Temperatures 

Electric grills are generally not the ones to go to extremely high temperatures. You will not find even from the luxury grills that the temperature is reaching 500-600F. Yet Foreman has a decent temperature to offer to its customers.

The five temperature settings on Foreman are a great advantage when you plan to cook a varied number of food items. Whatever you set, the temperature displays on the screen with a Led backlight.

You will seldom have any issues or confusion with not getting the exact temperature on George Foreman. For your peace of mind, you can use a separate temperature probe and check the internal temperature.

You must be wondering if Foreman grills could reach a high temperature if needed. George Forman won't disappoint you in that matter. These are the following temperature levels you will get.

  • Level 1: 200 F
  • Level 2: 275 F
  • Level 3: 300 F
  • Level 4: 400 F
  • Level 5: 475 F

Since you get defined temperature settings, getting the near-perfect temperature is possible. For people who are perfectionists, George Foreman electric grills won't disappoint you.

Foreman Grill Cook Time 

A thing that puts apart a good grill from a great one is the overall time you need to spend on it. Of course, grilling is not just about completing the meal prep for a dinner party but is involved in the process. Grab a plate and a tong. Turn sides of the chicken pieces that you are about to relish. People love that experience. But then the grill's ability to do the job faster helps some way or the other.

After the preheating time of 5-10 minutes, the following are the time range requirements for different food.

  • Boneless pieces of pork and lamb chops that are up to 1 inch thick require 6 to 8 minutes on both sides. Pork tenderloins may take a minute or two extra.
  • Ham steaks require 3 to 5 minutes for perfect doneness.
  • Hot dogs and sausages take only 2-3 minutes if they are already precooked. If you are starting from raw, they will take at least 4 minutes.
  • Fish fillets and fish steaks need 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Bell peppers and eggplant slices require 4 to 5 minutes of grilling.
  • Asparagus and mushroom need 2 to 4 minutes.
If you are grilling potatoes make sure to place them before other meals as it takes about 10 minutes for thick slices.

George Foreman Grill Accessory 

Grilling accessories are more important than you know. They can improve functionality and hence elevate your grilling experience. Because electric grills are highly adaptable, you may want to consider purchasing other add-ons as well. Having some accessories also increases the uniqueness of your electric grill. It will positively affect the output and longevity as well.

Other than necessary items like grill cover, there are a variety of items that you may add according to your wish. These are going to be great investments.

  • Grill plates or griddles – there are several types of cooking surfaces having different purposes. For example, a flat surface if you want to make pancakes, a baking dish, or a muffin pan. Also, it depends upon the grill you own. If you have a grill from the premium range, you can look for grill plates that are dishwasher safe.
  • Pressing equipment - when you press the burger patties with this tool, the meat flattens out, attaining a proper shape, and all the parts cook evenly and quickly.
  • Grilling tongs - these are some of the essentials, as you will need them frequently while tossing and turning the meat or veggie pieces or taking them off the grill once they are done.
  • Cleaning Sponge - Foreman sponges have the most practical designs. The surface is shaped in ridges so that the protruding parts go in the crests to clean the burnt particles accumulated there.

Final Thoughts

Electric grills are not everybody's cup of tea. But they can be if you are not very adamant about the authentic wood or smoky flavor. Electric grills are unable to do this without the use of a smoker box. It might be the only 'err' factor with electric grills. There are, however, many more things to look forward to. Comparatively, the flaws do not appear to be significant. George Foreman GGR50B provides the ideal solution to cook without compromising on health with minimal labor. This George Foreman electric grill is pretty reliable and a go-to brand for high-quality electric grill. If you frequently want BBQ-ed cuisine but want to skip the hassle, it is the best investment you can make.

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