George Foreman Outdoor Grills Reviews (2023)

If you are looking for an exciting time with family and friends, a BBQ offers you the best setting. It gives you long-lasting memories too. The health factor is also important. With no oil, no fat meals, you can have your fill without worrying about the carbs. Now, for the most crucial aspect, your palate, the juicy BBQ meat is something grill fans will go crazy about. Read our George Foreman outdoor grills reviews to choose the best one among these great options. They are some of the most popular on the market and what makes this product so popular is something that needs a bit of exploration.

Any outdoor enthusiast will love this outdoor electric grill because it is the best option for a large family or people who love to have friends around. Also, it is loved for its domed appearance giving it a stylish and modern look. The features of this excellent grilling equipment are given below.




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George Foreman GGR50B






George Foreman GFO240GM






George Foreman GFO201R






George Foreman GFO3320GM






George Foreman GGR50B

Max Power, Watt: 1,600

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 240

Burgers cooked at once: 9

Warranty: 3 years

Made in: China

George Foreman GFO201R

Max Power, Watt: 1,440

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 200

Burgers cooked at once: 8

Warranty: 3 years

Made in: China

George Foreman GFO240GM

Max Power, Watt: 1,600

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 240

Burgers cooked at once: 9

Warranty: 3 years

Made in: China

George Foreman GFO3320GM

Max Power, Watt: 1,600

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 240

Burgers cooked at once: 9

Warranty: 3 years

Made in: China

Features of George Foreman Outdoor Grill

Grilling is the finest way to spend time with family and friends, and it's even better when done outside. When looking for grilling equipment, look for one that makes grilling fun and not vice versa. The George Foreman outdoor grill comes with all the right features.

  • Grills for more than 15 people, making it perfect for entertaining more than a few guests for supper.
  • Comes with a tough and durable non-stick coating that makes cooking easy and fun. The equipment offers the user even heating from the center to the sides.
  • The equipment comes with a long stand that makes it ideal for your outdoor activities.
  • It comes with a sloped surface that drains out the fat and doesn’t allow the meat to get cooked on its juices.
  • The temperature controls are adjustable for the perfect heat for your food.
  • The equipment is dishwasher safe and makes cleaning easier.
  • It has a domed lid so that it doesn’t stick with the food inside.
  • It comes with a warranty of more than two years.
  • It can be used indoor as well as outdoor.

The features of this grilling equipment prove to be a worthy investment. It will help you host many BBQ parties that are exciting and fun.

The Features Explained

The George Foreman Electric Grill has many amazing features that make it one of the most sought-after grilling types of equipment in the market. The features that make this equipment so popular are explained below:

Non-Stick Coating

Cooking seems easy because of its tough and durable non-stick coating. So the use of butter or oil doesn't seem necessary. Cleaning becomes easier with the non-stick coating. The George Foreman tough non-stick coating makes the grill an easy and healthy cooking option.

Even Heating

The heating elements ensure even heating from the center to the sides. It gives your meat the perfect texture and taste. When cooking any food, especially meat, the cooking temperature has to be precise. The correct temperature makes your meat taste best without giving it any rubbery texture. So heat that spreads throughout the surface evenly is very important, and George Foreman grills give you just that. The equally spreading heat does not allow the meat to get cooked on its juices.

Long Detachable Stand

The long detachable stand makes cooking easier on your patio or balcony, or garden. The electric grill’s long stand makes cooking comfortable for outside use. The sturdy stand supports the grill to slide on and off without any complication. The stand is designed for your comfort and offers you the perfect cooking position. So be comfortable while cooking and entertain your family and friends with your indomitable cooking style.

Temperature Control

The electric grill comes with a long power cord, and the temperature control dial includes five settings. You can choose the right temperature for your kind of cooking. The ideal temperature is an important factor in cooking meat and other food items. When inviting your friends, you need to spread out tasty items on the table. With George Foreman electric grill, you can get a fan following easily.

Sloped Surface

The George Foreman electric grill has a uniquely designed sloped surface. This brings out all the fat into the drip tray keeping your meat lean and healthy to eat. It is one of the most popular features of George Foreman Outdoor Grill. The sloped surface of this electric grill removes almost 42% of the fat from the meat giving you a healthy and tasty meal on the table.

An Indoor/Outdoor Grill

An important feature of this electric grill is its compatibility with both outdoor and indoor cooking. It gets adapted to the kitchen counter and on the patio, balcony, or your garden. The long power cord makes it accessible to any corner of our patio or garden. So if you are an outdoor enthusiast, this grill can be a wise choice. Surprise your kids with a tent outside and a BBQ dinner. The George Foreman electric grill makes your night perfect with your loved ones.

Domed Lid

The domed lid gives you the perfect cooking space for all your food items and keeps the heat intact inside the grill. It also helps the food to be cooked without getting stuck all over the lid. Though it may not look like the usual grilling equipment, the domed lid gives it a distinctive and modern look. The domed lid also helps in keeping the food safe from outside dust and other impurities.

Dishwasher Safe

The grill has parts that are dishwasher safe. The drip tray can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher so that you don’t have to make your hands messy. So to experience a clean and enjoyable meal, all you need is a George Foreman electric outdoor grill.

Cooking Space

If you love to entertain friends, then the George Foreman grill can prove to be the best choice. With this, you can grill for around more than 15 people easily. The grill doesn’t occupy a lot of space, making it a compact addition to your outdoors. So get your friends and enjoy a wonderful BBQ evening.

What Makes George Foreman's Electric Grill So Popular?

Apart from its amazing features, the product's design makes it one of the most comfortable options out there. The George Foreman electric grill series can make your outdoor activities memorable. The electric grill is designed for optimum cooling comfort. Here are a few specifications of this popular grilling equipment.

George Foreman Height

If you are looking for outdoor grilling, choosing the right equipment is very important. The height of the George Foreman electric grill gives you the cooking comfort you have been looking for. The long pedestal stand is perfect for the outdoor BBQ plan. The grill has the following specs:

  • Width - 10.8 inches
  • Depth – 18.5 inches
  • Height - 19.7 inches
  • Weight – 20.94 lbs

The dome lid gives the food plenty of room inside, and the stand makes cooking a comfortable experience. The stand supports the grill and can be easily removed if you want to cook on the kitchen counter. Though it may look a bit on the heavier side, the grill is quite easy to handle. The height and the domed lid give you a larger feel, but it is very compact and easy to handle.

George Foreman Grill Temperatures

For any grill to be successful, the right temperature is very important. Having a precise temperature setting is the key to tasty cooking. The George Foreman electric grills come with a five-way setting making temperature control easy.

Whether grilling a burger, a steak, or veggies, you can adjust the temperatures to the right setting. The meat must be cooked at the right temperature if you want it soft and juicy without the rubbery feel. The George Freeman grill has temperature settings of 1,2,3,4, and 5 and also an “off”.

So you can use temperatures anywhere from 1 to 5 as per your cooking needs. The temperature control is dial-shaped, and the grill also has an indicator that lights up when the cooking is on. If you are grilling, then grill your favorite food in George freeman electric grill because this heats up faster, and also, the cooking time can be controlled according to the food you are cooking.

George Foreman Cooking Time

George Foreman is designed for people who love to grill and for people who love to enjoy with family and friends. A BBQ includes steak as well as veggies, burgers, sausages, and lots more.

But the temperatures and cooking time differs for each. The electric grill by George Foreman is the perfect grilling instrument for you.

  • The 1 and 2 markings in the temperature dial provide you with low to medium heat.
  • The 3 and 4 are medium to high.
  • 5 provides you with the highest temperature.

Whatever temperature you choose provides you with smoke-free cooking. The five heat setting mode gives you the right kind of temperature for any type of cooking. If you are a grilling expert, then these temperature settings can be easy for you, but for starters, you will have to know the right temperature and cooking time you need for a particular item.

George Foreman Grill Accessory

Any grilling equipment needs the right accessories for making your cooking comfortable and easy. Whether you are cooking a steak or a burger George Foreman has come up with all the right accessories for you:

George Foreman Grill Cover

The grill cover is a must-have accessory if you want your George Foreman grill to be safe from the natural elements. It keeps your grill away from dust, rain, or even unnecessary scratches.

George Foreman Replacement Drip Pan

An extra drip pan is always a welcome accessory. All the fat and oil accumulated on the drip pan can make your pan dirty over time. But having an extra drip pan can come in handy at such times.

Ceramic Grill Plate

If you are a fan of ceramic, then George Foreman brings you the perfect accessory. The ceramic grill plate can be a good option for your cooking style. Just opt for the ceramic one instead of the non-stick pan and cook your steaks and burgers in style.

Grilling Tongs

A grill is not complete without grilling tongs. The George Foreman electric grill provides grilling tongs with stainless steel handles and nylon tips for non-stick grilling surfaces. Proper handling of meat and other food items is necessary while grilling, and without the tongs, you may burn your hands which may turn a fun evening into a disaster one, so always keep the tongs with you while grilling.

There are many more accessories that you can buy online, and all of them are necessary for a safe cooking experience.

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill Manual

When you have decided to buy the George Foreman Indoor/outdoor grill, reading the instruction manual that comes along with it is very important. Otherwise, you may harm yourself and others while cooking. All safety instructions are listed in the manual, and you need to follow them seriously:

  • Please do not touch the surface while cooking as it tends to get very hot.
  • Do not let children near the grill.
  • Avoid using wet hands while using the power plug or cord.
  • Do not move the appliance when hot.
  • Unplug the equipment before cleaning. Do not use any other accessory apart from the ones designed for the particular grilling brand.
  • Your George Foreman indoor/outdoor grill should not be used without the stand when grilling outside.
  • Do not use the appliance near the curtains or other clothing.
  • Always be available near the appliance when in use; never leave it unattended.

These are a few instructions given in the manual. It is always better to read the complete instruction manual before embarking on a grilling journey so that you can have a safe and fun grilling time.

Grilling is fun if you follow the safety instructions perfectly; otherwise, it may turn out to be a disaster. The George Foreman outdoor grill is perfect for your indoor grilling too. It doesn’t matter whether you are using it indoors or outdoor following the safety precautions is very important.

If you are looking for a George Freeman grilling appliance, the following reviews will help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Electric Grills Reviews

George Foreman GGR50B

When looking for a grilling appliance, you need to go for the best in the market. Grilling enthusiasts know that every bite of the grilled meat has to be perfect. George Foreman GGR50B is the right choice if you want only the best. According to the users, it gives you the best possible grilling time. Here are the features that make it so popular:

  • Compatible with both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Comes with a detachable pedestal for easy and comfortable outdoor cooking.
  • Grill plates are removable, making cleaning easy.
  • Sloped surface drains out almost 42 per cent of the fat.
  • Domed lid that gives more room for your food.
  • No propane or gas is needed as it is an electrically operated appliance.
  • Cooks for more than 15 people.
  • No smoke.

All these features make it the favorite of the users. It also has a few specifications that are given below:

  1. The temperature control has five settings from 1 to 5.
  2. Comes with a 240 square inches of cooking surface for cooking for more than 15 people.
  3. Has a replaceable grill plate for a fast and easy cooking.
  4. Fast heating for the quick cooking process.
  5. An indicator to show that cooking is in process.
  6. A tough and durable non-stick coating that makes cooking and cleaning easy.
  7. A domed lid giving space for your food to cook properly.
  8. The grill can be easily removed from the stand and placed on a kitchen counter.

Why Is This So Popular?

  • It can be used both inside and outside.
  • It comes with replaceable cooking plates.
  • It has a large cooking area.
  • Can cook for several people at a time.
  • Almost 42% of fat can be removed because of the slight slope design.

A Must-Have Product for Grilling Enthusiasts

When it comes to grilling perfectly, George Foreman GGR50B is the name that tops the list. A must-have product if you are looking for something with the best quality. Grilling becomes completely fun with this amazing equipment.

The above points specify that if you opt for this grill, you will have a lifetime companion when grilling is concerned. Most of the customers who have used this grill have given it a five-star rating. Compatible for both outdoor and indoor grilling, you will never stop having fun with this product. It is one of the hottest selling grills in the market, and you will never regret investing in it.

George Foreman GFO201R

When you think of the grill, then George Foreman is first on the list. They are one of the most popular ones in the market. George Foreman GFO201R electric grill has a rectangular shape and can be easily taken from indoor to outdoor activity and vice versa. It can be easily removed from its stand and taken to the kitchen counter. When you have a good grilling partner, it becomes all the more fun. This electric grilling appliance can give you a comfortable and enjoyable grilling experience. Here are a few things you need to know about this particular brand:

Features of This Model

  • It can be easily assembled.
  • A dishwasher safe drip tray making cleaning easy.
  • Uses 1440 watts of power.
  • 200 square inches of cooking space.
  • Can grill for up to 12 or more guests.
  • The non-stick coating is tough and durable.
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • It comes with a long power cord.
  • It looks stylish and appealing.
  • Has a rectangular shape.

Why Can You Choose This Product?

  1. It can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.
  2. Has a detachable stand that can be removed whenever the need arises.
  3. Has five different temperature controls.
  4. Can serve for more than 12 people.
  5. George tough non-stick coating.
  6. The drip tray can be replaced.
  7. Has a slight tilt that removes all the fat from the food.

A Great Grilling Time

If you are looking forward to a great grilling time, this is the product you need to look for. Just invite some friends over and enjoy your BBQ evening. No more propane or gas and no more smoke. Just a plain fun-filled evening.

A good choice and easy to handle grill and a great way to enjoy regardless of the season. It will give you a great grilling time which you can enjoy with family and friends. Perfect to sear hamburgers, hot dogs, etc., so no regrets if you are opting to buy this model, a great way to enjoy some grilling fun.

George Foreman GFO240GM

If you are from the lot that loves BBQ, then giving George Foreman GFO240GM will not be bad. This beautifully designed product comes with a space that can serve about 15 people. It comes with some of the best features. When thinking about indoor as well as outdoor grilling, this model can do wonders. The George Foreman electric grill has always been the favorite of the customers when it comes to grilling. Here are a few features of this George Foreman grill model:

  • A compact grill can add to the looks in the kitchen or patio.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • No need for propane or gas, and it is smokeless.
  • Great for grilling inside an apartment.
  • It serves more than 15 people.
  • Has a fat removing slope which is considered a popular feature.
  • Comes with a George tough non-stick coating.
  • Easy assemble.
  • It comes in gunmetal color.

The Reasons Why You Can Choose This Product?

  • It comes with a detachable stand so makes it easy for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It can be cleaned easily.
  • Has a fat removing slope that drains about 42 % of the fat.
  • Heats up quickly and evenly from the centre to sides.
  • Smokeless cooking.
  • The price comes under $100.

A Grilling Model With Style

When you are looking for a grilling appliance, you look for something easy to handle and comfortable. Both are satisfied with this model from George Foreman. It looks stylish and can be a great addition to your kitchen or patio.

George Foreman GFO240GM is a good grill with just a few cons. It keeps your grilling fun and enjoyable. Great for a get-together of family and friends; the flaws are minimal so that you can go for it without second thoughts. The other reason you can go for this is the brand. It is George Foreman, the grilling giants.

George Foreman GFO3320GM

When you are thinking BBQ, then no matter how the climate, you need to do it. George Foreman has the best grilling products in the market. George Foreman GFO3320GM is a grill model from the grilling giants. It serves its purpose well and is good for both indoor and outdoor use.

The grill has a premium ceramic coating and a detachable stand that makes the grilling fun outside. It comes with some good features, and you can check them out below:

Features of George Foreman GFO3320GM

  • Has a good 240 square inches of grilling space.
  • The domed lid gives room for the food.
  • grills for more than 15 people.
  • The apartment owner will have no issues.
  • It comes with premium ceramic coating and is fade resistant too.
  • Great for outdoor and indoor grilling activity.
  • Comes with a detachable stand.
  • Is smoke-free.

The grill has adjustable temperature control and also comes with a temperature gauge for the precise heat reading

The Reasons You Can Buy This Model

  • you can invite more than 15 people.
  • it is great indoors and outdoors.
  • smokeless cooking.
  • the grill can be removed from the stand easily so it can be used as both countertop and in the patio or garden and even balcony.
  • has a stylish look.
  • it has a slope that drains out all the fat for lean, healthy, and tasty meat.
  • the ceramic coating does not fade and is durable.
  • dishwasher safe drip tray.

A Great Product for Grilling Enthusiasts

When you think of having a grill, then it is time to invite your friends over. The most important thing is fun. George Foreman GFO3320GM is all about fun and excitement. The grilling space it offers lets you invite more than a few friends. So just go for this George Foreman model and enjoy your evening with family and friends.

It's Just Pure Fun with George Foreman Grills

George Foreman is a brand that gives you complete satisfaction when grilling types of equipment are concerned. With various models available you can choose according to your needs. When it comes to spending quality time with family and friends, then grilling with George Foreman is the name you should choose. So have enjoyed with tasty and healthy grilling time.

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