How Long To Cook Burger on George Foreman?

Are you trying to figure out how long to cook burger on George Foreman? or are you thinking about getting an electric grill for all your grilling requirements? You've come to the right place. We can help you with all that and more.

This lean meat fat-reducing electric grill wonder has been a popular choice for many people since its inception in 1994. Its popularity skyrocketed thanks to the endorsement made by its namesake, famous boxer George Foreman and its numerous references in pop culture.

It usually comes in the form of a two-sided hinged grill that's portable and can be used indoors as well. Also known as a "table top grill" it has a simple yet effective design with a removable drip tray that collects excess fat and other liquids.

Nowadays, the grill is available in a range of sizes and a variety of styles, and you can use it for most of your grilling needs. Like making burgers, sandwiches, steak, chicken, fish, etc.

So, how long can you cook your burger on the grill? Read on to know more.

Make the Perfect Burger on a George Foreman

Cooking on a George Foreman grill is as simple as using any other grill. You'll need to preheat the grill with the lid closed before you start. The suggested time to do this is 5 mins before you begin the process of grilling.

  • Once you've prepped your ingredients, you simply need to plug in the grill to start the preheating process. While the grill is heating up, you can clean your work area because it's necessary to keep your workstation clean.
  • The burger patties should all be about the same size so that the cooking time is the same for each one giving you perfect burgers every time. The food network suggests that the thickness should be about 3/4 to 1 inch. They also have a great step-by-step guide to make the perfect patties. If you're wondering about the diameter, wikiHow says 4-5 inches in diameter will be an ideal size.
  • Now, once the grill is hot, you can lift the lid, place the patties on the grill, and hear the satisfying sizzle of the meat searing on the hot metal. How long to cook burger on George Foreman? It should take about 3 to 6 minutes with the lid down for the patties to cook, depending on how you like to enjoy your meat.
  • For a medium-rare, you can cook the patty for about three to four minutes with the lid down or cook each side for that period. For a medium patty, you will have to cook it for about five to six minutes with the top down or on each side for the suggested amount of time.
  • Another great tool to have while cooking any kind of meat is a food thermometer. When the internal temperature reaches 160℉, your patties should be cooked to medium and safe to consume. If you want patties that are on the rarer side, make sure you get premium quality meat and cook it to a temperature of about 145℉ (62.8℃).
  • If your patties aren't cooked the way you like them, you can increase the cooking time on each side by a minute to a minute and a half, and they should be good to go.
  • A handy feature about this fantastic grill is that you can cook both sides of the patty simultaneously with the lid down or cook your meat on one side while cooking the toppings on the other side.
  • Never forget the drip tray. This nifty tool will collect all the grease that drips down from the grill. It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Last but not least, even if the grills are non-stick, a light coat of oil will help you cook easier.

What’s Else Can You Cook on an Electric Grill?

From veggies to burgers to all kinds of meat, you can do a lot with this fancy electric portable grill. However, remember that the grill is cooking your meals using electricity, unlike regular outdoor grills, so make sure it's boneless when you cook meat.

Foreman grill recipes have an excellent compilation of cooking times for different foods. They suggest you cook chicken for about four to six minutes. The recommended time for lamb or pork chops is six to eight minutes and two to three minutes for fish fillets.

Most vegetables and fruits can be grilled for about three to eight minutes, depending on what you're cooking. If you want to know more about the specific grilling times and the thickness of the size of the foods, you can look at Foreman Grill – Grilling Time Chart.

Electric Grill Pros and Cons

The age-old debate of which grill is best still carries on, and this article is by no means trying to get into a heated discussion with anyone about which one is the ultimate grill. It merely wishes to convey the qualities of an electric grill for those who want to get one or prefer using it over other grills.

Let's look at the pros of an electric grill.

  • It's very convenient. Both sides of the grill heat up, so you have maximum use of the cooking surface for your meals.
  • Both grill pans and the drip tray are non-stick and dishwasher safe making them very easy to clean.
  • All you have to do is plug the grill in and start cooking. Preheating the grill takes only a few minutes which is a great feature.
  • You can cook all your foods simultaneously by laying the grill out flat, or you can grill your meats or sandwiches on both sides at the same time by closing the lid. This will shorten the cooking time.
  • There's no smoke or less smoke because you're not burning any kind of fuel. You also won't get that gas flavor on the foods like other grills that need lighter fluids or gas to heat the grill.
  • Most of the electric grills come with indicator lights so you can keep an eye out when the foods are cooking, and these days they even come with temperature controls ranging from High, Medium, to low.
  • The heat distribution on electric grills is better, making cooking different food items more manageable and effective.
  • They've designed the grill to be portable, so it's easy to carry around.
  • All these features are good reasons to get yourself an electric grill, but again, you must make sure that it's the right purchase for you, so here are the cons of an electric grill.
  • The fact that the grills do not use a fuel source means you can't get the temperature high enough for cooking large meats or meats with the bone in.
  • You'll need to have access to an outlet to make sure that the grill can be used.
  • The size can become a problem if you like to entertain large groups of people, but this doesn't concern most customers.
  • If you like having that smoky flavor an outdoor grill imparts on your food, you won't be getting that kind of flavor profile on the electric grill.
  • You will have to make sure that the fat drainage is clean and functional at all times, or there is a chance it will become very messy. The drip tray does tend to become damaged, but it's easy to replace.

Let's Make a Comparison

We all know the basic grill types available to us, charcoal, gas and electric. Each of these grills has its own unique features for cooking foods, and if you're deciding which to get, it all depends on your requirements and your preferences.

Charcoal grills have been around for a while now, and it's the most traditional type of grill. Cooking with these kinds of grills will impart your food with that charbroiled, smoky flavor, and it's the grill that most seasoned professionals use for grilling meats. But, this grill can be hard to use if you do not know how to control the temperature. Also, it releases many harmful gases, which can become infused with the foods you cook.

Over the years, we have seen gas grills replacing the traditional charcoal grills because it's capable of imparting that smokey flavor and be hot enough to sear your meats to the optimum temperature without burning them or overcooking them. They do not produce the harmful gases that charcoal has. However, it does require a lot of space, and the propane tanks used to fuel it are dangerous if not handled properly.

The electric grill is the most recent addition to the grilling universe but has become popular instantly thanks to its ease of use, non-smoke cooking and healthier alternative of all three choices. This grill is the safest type of grill to use, and you can use it for indoor cooking or outdoor cooking, provided there's an outlet that can support the volt requirements. You may not get the classic flavors offered by a gas or charcoal grill, but you're also not getting any of the harmful gasses you get from a charcoal grill, and if you use the grill constantly, you may be looking at a pretty high electric bill.

Hopefully, this helps you decide which one you need to pick for more details on comparisons of the three you can read Charcoal, Gas, or Electric Grill: Which Is Best?

Are Electric Grills the Healthier Choice?

Yes, they are. Let's get straight to the point, non-smoke grills will not produce harmful gases that can infuse with your food. This ensures that you are not eating any contaminated food. The electric grills also help reduce fat intake. Cooking on an electric grill does not require a lot of oil, and if there are fats in the meats that are being cooked, it will melt most of the fat. This means you aren't consuming much trans or saturated fat, which is harmful to the body. We all know that charring meat or burning them in high temperatures will increase the presence of heterocyclic amines (HCA) in the food. These are cancer-causing agents. The electric grill does not allow food to burn or char, reducing the chances of high HCA concentration in the food making it safer to eat.

The electric grill can even be a good substitute for roasting your foods because, as mentioned, it drains fats and reduces trans and saturated fat in your meals. All in all, it's an excellent and healthy option for those looking for a healthier way to cook your meals because it's not only what you eat that makes you healthy but also how you cook the food.

Things To Look For in a Good Electric Grill

If you're in the market to purchase an electric grill, we can help you with a few tips on what to look for in a good electric grill.

  1. The first thing you should check is the power capacity of the grill. Take some time to go through the electrical features of the grill, how long the cord is, how much wattage is required, the type of plug it comes with and if you need to use it with other electrical accessories like a cord.
  2. Check the size and shape you require. It's essential to get the right grill size, so you don't have to spend an enormous amount of time cooking. Since these kinds of grills are built to be compact, even the slightest difference in dimension can be noticed while you're cooking.
  3. Next up are the materials used for making the grill pans. The pans usually come in non-stick or ceramic, and they are dishwasher safe, so it largely depends on your preference.
  4. These days electric grills come with features like indicator lights to let you know when you are cooking the foods, a temperature gauge to tell you how the temperature of the grill, and some even have the feature of controlling the heat. These features are great add-ons to the grill and will help you optimize your cooking process even more.
  5. See if the grilling plates are removable or not. Most electric grills have the feature of removing the grill plates, making them easier to clean and maintain.
  6. Electric grills are built to be compact and easy to move around, so many are made for indoor cooking, but not all are fit for it. So you must do your research and know exactly where you'll be using the grill and then make your purchase accordingly.
  7. Safety: Never forget to check if all the electrical components of the grill are well covered, so they are not exposed to the elements.
  8. Warranty: For security reasons and peace of mind, look for a grill that comes with a good warranty. That way, you'll be able to get the grill replaced in case of any malfunctions.


Trying to find the right equipment to help you cook better can be a challenging task. It can be a tedious one too. This deep dive into electric grills and all the benefits of cooking on an electric grill should give you a good start on selecting just the right one for your home and your family.

Again, it is the healthier alternative, saves you a lot of expenses, and can be used to cook different foods. You can make the perfect grilled burgers in the comfort of your home. It's worth investing in and is a neat gadget to have in your kitchen. Don't forget to try out our tips on how long to cook burger on George Foreman, once you get it.

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