Weber Electric Grill Q2400 | 2023 Detailed Review

Weber grills are known for their higher manufacturing quality and feature-packed models. Q range of electric grills is becoming highly popular for their small size and high temperature for better cooking. Weber electric grill Q2400 is the successor to Q1200 and is quite an upgrade from the predecessor. With larger surfaces are to a high range of temperature and an easy control system, this electric grill is becoming the talk of the town quite quickly. Look wise, the grill is quite good, and the company provided terrific customer support, which makes it a reliable option for many first-time grill buyers.

Here is a detailed guide to what to expect from Weber Q2400, what is good and bad about this tailgate, indoor and outdoor-friendly electric grill.


  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 19.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Body material: cast aluminum nylon frame body
  • Grate material: cast iron coated with porcelain
  • Temperature range: 550 F
  • Wattage: 1560 SW
  • The surface area of the grill: 280 sq. in.
  • Grease removable: grease pan
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Cord length: 6 feet
  • Fuel type: electricity
  • Grill cart: not included
  • Shelves: not included
  • Warming rack: not included
  •  Thermometer: not included


Body and Built

The body of the grill is made up of cast aluminum and stainless steel. These two materials are known for their study finish and durability. Also, these materials will never rust to get corrupted due to environmental factors.

Few details of the grill are made in plastic, which is again of the sturdiest quality and rust-proof. The handles and the frame of the grill are nylon wired, which adds to its durability. The body is compact, and there are no places and hinges built to survive years of cooking.

The body has sleek designs as well, which fits perfectly with the modern age kitchens and tabletops. The size is compact, and the weight is not that heavy; this can be carried around easily.

One of the issues that many people tend to face with this grill is that there is no cart or stand. This means one will have to buy a tabletop or a cart separately. Also, there is no side shelf in the grill, so one will have to find space separately to keep the spices and other ingredients.

Weber 6557 Q Portable Cart

Cooking Surface

The cooking surface is always one of the biggest things people tend to focus on while buying any grill. Well, in terms of cooking surface, the Weber Q2400 has not disappointed. Firstly, the surface area of cooking has increased compared to the Q1200 model, which is the predecessor of this one.

The surface area of this model is 280 sq. in. which is quite large for an indoor and small electric grill; this is the reason h this particular model can be used for various purposes. One can cook bigger batches of food and can accommodate food for bigger groups as well.

The material of the grates of the grill is cast iron. Also, the cast iron grates are enameled in porcelain which adds the nonstick effect. Cast iron is known to have the best durability and heat retention power. This means the heat will not dissipate easily while cooking, and the heat output will remain constant. This allows even and fast cooking for meat and other food items.

The porcelain coating on the grill grates makes it nonstick, and that means no food item will get stuck to the grates. This makes clean-up quite an easy job as well.

One thing that can seem to be an issue with the grill is no warming rack. This means one will have to buy it separately. Also, one might find the cord of the grill to be a bit smaller for the grill that is to be used outside and for tailgating.

Heat Range

Another major feature that one should look into is the heat range of the grill. The power output of the Weber Q2400 is 1560 W. This is not too high but is quite effective for a grill as big as this one. The heat range of the grill is optimum for cooking different food types. The maximum temperature of 550 degrees Fahrenheit is quite reasonable and effective in searing, grilling, baking, braising, broiling, etc. The cooking with a higher temperature is quite effective while grilling; to get that charred taste.

Keep in mind that this grill takes some time to get preheated completely; this time can range from 20 to 25 minutes. Therefore, one will have to wait for quite some time to start cooking. Also, there is no added thermometer for checking the temperature of the meat while getting cooked. One will have to buy it separately.

Control panel

The control panel the effective as it allows one to check the temperature and timing easily. Yes, the control panel is not too exhaustive, and one might feel a lack of a few features, but in the price range, Weber has added a good control panel for an easy cooking experience.


  • Easy assembly: the assembly of the Weber 2400 is quite easy and hassle-free. One will not have to spend a lot of time figuring the assembly of the grill. The parts are easy to bring together, making it time-effective.
  • Cast aluminum body: the grill body is made of cast aluminum with powder coating on it, which helps keep the structure sturdy. The nylon frame of the body makes it more durable than many other options. This means the grill body is rust and corrosion-proof. The body can withstand various weather and climatic conditions, and this will have a longer life compared to many other options.
  • Larger surface area: Weber Q2400 is an upgraded version of 1400. Therefore, one of the issues that are faced is a smaller surface to cook on. But in this grill, the surface area is big enough to cook bigger batches of food in a single time. Also, a bigger surface area means one can cook bigger pieces of meat.
  • Easy clean-up: the grates of the grill are coated in porcelain coating. This means not only the heat will distribute evenly and help in better cooking. But, one can expect the grill to get cleaned easily as well. The nonstick feature of the grates makes it easy to clean. There is a grease drip pan below the grates to catch any fat or drippings from the meat while it's getting cooked. One can easily remove the pan and clean it later.
  • Tailgating friendly: the size of the grill is quite small and compact. This makes it easy to move from one place to another. This grill is a portable option and is thus great for tailgating and camping purposes. Also, one can easily use this grill on their balconies, as it is compact and will not take much space.
  • Higher temperature range: the grill's 1560 W heating element is quite effective in giving a good performance. The maximum temperature that the grill reaches is 550 Fahrenheit. This higher temperature is perfect for baking, grilling, braising, searing, etc. Also, if the ambient temperature around the grill allows, then the grill temperature can go higher than the 550.


  • Warming rack: Q2400 does not have a warming rack with it. Some models of electric grills that are present in the market these days have warming racks. These warming racks help in keeping the food warm while one is preparing something else. Not having a warming rack can make it difficult to keep the food warm during weekend parties.
  • Preheating time: the preheating time take by this grill is almost 20 minutes; this can be a big disadvantage, as one cannot cook without heating the grill completely. And waiting for 20 minutes can be a stretch for those who are in a hurry.
  • No thermometer: the thermometer is a required instrument for grills. A thermometer helps in checking the temperature of the meat while getting cooked. It helps in knowing when the meat is cooked after checking its current temperature. But, this grill does not come with any thermometer, and one will have to buy it separately.
  • Cart or tabletop: this grill is a small electric grill that one will have to keep on a tabletop or cart for better and easy cooking. One thing to keep in mind is that this grill does not come with a cart or stand, and thus one will have to buy it separately.
  • Short cord: The 6 feet long cord of the grill can be an issue for many who are planning to cook outside or tailgate. One should be careful of the cord length, as it can pose an issue.

Weber Electric Versus the Gas or Charcoal Grills

Well, when it comes to grills, many enthusiasts tend to lean toward the gas and charcoal options. This is because they think that these grill types are known to provide high-quality sear on the meat. This is because the temperature range tends to go high in these grills. Also, they think that the electric grills can hardly reach that heat range.

But, Weber's Q2400 has made people shocked. This small and adequate electric grill with only 1560 W power output has brought a major change in the way people see electric grills. This electric grill is effective in giving stable heat for cooking. It is also quite easy to cook on these grills, as one will not have to keep worrying about the fuel. No more buying extra fuel, filling and refilling, and cleaning the fuel tanks as well.

These electric grills are also quite perfect for balconies and smaller apartments. Many times charcoals and gas grills are not allowed in apartments and housing due to various fire hazards. But, electric grills, on the other hand, are allowed in many localities and townships. This makes these compact and small electric grills quite popular these days.

Cleaning the Weber Q2400

Using the grill is one thing and maintaining the grills is a separate issue altogether. Many people find cleaning grills quite intimidating. Well, most of the electric grills are quite easy to use. However, one should pay attention to the various models and the instruction given by the company itself.

Weber electric grill Q2400 is a simple grill and is one of the most popular ones by the Weber electric grill range of Q. the model is small and not that complex. Yet, there are a few things that one should pay attention to while cleaning this electric grill at home from time to time.

Cooking constantly on the grill can make it greasy, and one should clean the grates and plate below properly. But having a clean grill will reduce its efficiency and tamper with the flavor of the food. Having an unclean grill means the grease from the food will start burning after some time, and this gives an acrid smoke, which can mess with the flavor completely.

Here are few things that one should keep in mind:

  • Metal scrubs should not be applied on any of the electric grill parts; this will harm the layering and coating of the grill and if there are small pieces of scrub that fall into the grill, it can cause short-circuiting.
  • The grill should be turned off and should be allowed to get cooled down, before cleaning.
  • The grease pan should be cleaned thoroughly by scrapping the grease that is stuck to it. Remove the greased pan before cleaning it. Use warm water and a soapy solution to clean the grease and oil from the pan. After that, dry the pan completely and then only place it back into the grill.
  • The grill has a heating element installed in it, which increases him temperature of the grill. One should clean the heating element of the grill. When food is cooked, and the grill is at its maximum heat, the grime and debris on the heating element tend to burn down on their own.
  • The cord and controller should be cleaned using cloth. Dampen the cloth with a soapy solution and wipe the surface of the control panel and the electric cord of the grill. Make sure to avoid dripping any water on it, and rub the surface carefully.
  • For cleaning the grates, one should use a steel bristle brush by Weber itself. Make sure to remove and brush the grease and stuck food from the fares while the grill is still a little warm. Warmth loosens the food and grease immediately. After this, let the grill cool down completely and then remove the grates and clean them in the soapy solution. Clean the grates wipe them with kitchen papers, and dry them before placing them back on the grill.

Weber Electric Grill

Weber electric grills are the best when it comes to enjoying a delicious meal with one's loved ones. When the founder, George Stephen, of Weber grills, created the first grill, his motive was to bring his family together for a delicious meal. And the brand has continued to maintain this through its promising products and services.

Weber has been in the business of manufacturing grills since 1952, when the founder came up with the idea of making a dome-shaped grill with a lid that will trap all the grill flavors in the food, making it delicious. At that time, George Stephen was working in Weber Brothers Metal Works and manufacturing marine buoys. When the idea came to him, he cut a buoy from the middle and attached some legs to it, and created few air vents, and this was how today's leading grill manufacturer was formed.

The electric grills manufactured by Weber are one of the most high-quality ones in the market. They take quality control measures very seriously. Every single grill is inspected thoroughly before leaving the factory. The company wants all the grill features to provide the best performance so that the users can enjoy barbecuing with friends and family.

The Weber Q2400 electric grill by Weber has a very ergonomic design with many useful features and parts that make cooking and cleaning afterward very easy.

Best Balcony Grill

Grills that can be used in balconies are very useful for people who have no backyard or live in apartments. Most of the balcony grills are electric so that there is no risk of fire flare-ups and also so that it can meet the apartment's rules and regulations.

The Weber Q2400 is also a very good grill for using as a balcony grill. It easily matches the cooking temperature of a gas grill. Its highest temperature is 550F and is a very good product for slow cooking and searing. It is compact but has plenty of cooking area to cook a sufficient portion of food.

When it comes to balcony grills, few questions always arise among the users. Some of them are answered here.

Is It Safe To Have a Grill on the Balcony?

Whether it is legal or not depends on the terms and rules of the apartment. As for safety, it depends on the type of grill used. Most electric grills are safer than charcoal or gas grills. But make sure to check the state and apartment laws before setup.

How To Grill on a Balcony?

If one using a charcoal or gas grill, then proper ventilation is very important. Electric grills are even safe to use indoors. The best way to start using a grill is to thoroughly read the instruction manual and understand the safety tips and warnings. Get the tools ready and get cooking.

Best Tailgate Grill

Tailgate grilling is a fun way of having a barbecue outing away from home or any event. Anyone with a vehicle can enjoy tailgating. The most important preparation for hosting such an event is by choosing the right grill.

The most important things to look for in tailgate grills are:

  • Compactness: the grill should be compact and easy to pack and store. It should not be too heavy, making it difficult to move it around. A compact grill will easily fit in a vehicle and leave space for other tailgating tools and supplies.
  • Cooking area: in a social event like tailgating, it is better to have a sufficient cooking space to cook large portions of food. Compactness does not mean a smaller cooking area. Some grills have the best of both worlds.
  • Power source: the usual choices for tailgating grills are either gas or charcoal. Charcoal gives that smoky flavor to the food, and propane grills heat up quickly. Most people prefer propane ones because they last longer than charcoal and are also easy to control temperature. The final decision depends on the user.

If one is looking for a tailgating grill, then the Weber Q2400 is also a good option for tailgating. It is an electric grill, so to use it, one will have to carry an inverter.

Weber Grill Temperature

For grilling and barbecuing, the temperature control feature in a grill is very important. The easier the temperature setting is, the easier it will be to cook food at different temperatures. When buying any grill type, one should properly check all the settings related to temperature control. Asking questions like how fast it reaches maximum temperature, how long it takes to preheat, does it have multiple temperature settings, etc., is a good way to check the temperature control of the electric grill.

Some electric grills even come with a thermostat that helps in keeping the temperature in check. A grill with multiple features gives a perfect outcome.

The Weber Q2400 electric grill is known for its heat retention and temperature control. It is not equipped with a thermostat, but a third party can install it. The highest temperature of Weber Q2400 is 550°F. The grill is equipped with cast-iron grates that help with better temperature retention. Overall, it is easier to control the temperature in gas and electric grills compared to charcoal grills. The heat can be managed with a dial or knob, unlike in charcoal grills, where one will have to ventilate timely and add charcoal to increase the heat and douse water on charcoal to put it out or reduce the heat.

Cast Iron Grates

One of the best things about cast iron grates compared to standard grill grates is the heat retention. Because of its high thermal capacity, the meat cooks perfectly over these grates. Also, the cooking time gets reduced. Cooking grates are also something that one should check before buying a grill.

The cast iron grills provided by Weber have the following pros and cons:


  • Heat retention: Compared to the steel grill grates, cast iron takes longer to heat up. But as it reaches the highest temperature is stays hot for a long period.
  • Less expensive: If the cast iron grate wears out, the replacement is way cheaper than a steel cooking grate.
  • Authentic grill marks: Cooking on sizzling hot cast-iron grates gives the meat the authentic grill marks.


  • Difficult to clean: The cast-iron grates take longer to clean than stainless steel cooking grates as the residue food sticks more to these grates than the steel ones.
  • Heavy: These cast-iron grates add weight to the grill. One may find it difficult to pick it up and carry it around.

The Weber Q2400 also has cast iron grill grates, so if one is looking for cast iron grate grills, Q2400 can be a good choice for them. This porcelain-enameled grate also makes cleaning easy as it can be easily be removed and cleaned with some dish soap and a nylon brush.


When it comes to electric grills, there are several options that one can pick from. However, Weber is known to have the best electric grills in town for those looking for smaller and compact options. Weber electric grill Q2400 is a small grill that one can use in their apartment, on the balcony, and easy camping and tailgating. It has a sturdy body, high-quality grates, a good temperature range, and a large surface area for cooking. This budget-friendly and feature-packed grill are simply the best to pick

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