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So many of us want the ultimate beast of cooking, the BBQ grills. And few of us, despite having the first-hand experience of using them, aren't sure about the newer versions of grills, the electric grills. They use different mechanisms giving the same outputs. Though Weber is one of those brands that have been thoughtful with the designs to attract the newbie, we still hesitate while buying our own. Hence, this guide is to bring you the most indispensable information about electric grills, focusing mainly on Weber grills, their stand in the market who should be taking them, and much more. Also, we are going to discuss and compare the two hot-selling electric grills by Weber. Should you get one? Read our Weber electric grill reviews.

Weber Q1400 and Q2400 launched at different times. Yet both the models are pretty similar, using the same material and quality for cooking grates, lead, and body. There are more similarities than any differences.

They have the same heating elements that require 1560 watts and an outlet of 120V. Also, both of them are using 6 feet grounded electric cord. None of them have folding side tables and thermometers. So how they are differently priced?

In a fix about which of these Weber Grill to bring home? Let us compare the two on the features that matter. It will give more clarity about what exactly you are expecting out of your grill.

Weber Q1400

Weber Q2400

Our Rating

Dimensions (with the lid closed), H x W x D, inches



Dimensions (with the lid open), H x W x D, inches



Cooking Grates Size, sq. in.



Power, Watts



Max Temp, ºF



Number of 4.5” patties that can be cooked at once



Weight, lbs.







Weber Electric Grill Reviews

Weber Q1400

An unavoidable fact about gas grills is that they would occupy much of your space when kept indoors. Also, when you are using it, it needs to have a safe distance from things adding to more space requirements. Having a small space does not require you to compromise your grilling desires. Weber designs and manufactures grills that complement and fit every type of home. You don't need to hesitate if you have a small space. Weber Q1400 is one of those compact grills that are most suited for condos and flats. Their simple design is easy to work with. They are also unexpectedly good performance-wise.


A dome-shaped design with solid handles on both sides gives greater support while you want to move around the grill or lift it.

The body material is of superior quality cast aluminum. Also, the retention liners are made of aluminum so that they can hold the temperature for a longer time.

How Well Does It Cook?

You cannot go wrong with the cast-iron grates. They are a big plus as they can really upgrade your food to the next level in terms of taste. The sear marks also make it irresistible. You can relax a bit since it is made non-sticky with the porcelain coating.

What we don't like is the preheating time. It takes about 20 minutes before one can start to place the food. It shouldn't be the case since the surface it needs to heat is only 189 sq inches.


Cleaning up is not difficult because the unit is small and has fewer components. There is no grease management system, but a drip pan is present which you need to clean up thoroughly. Scrape it by spatula and then rinse in soap water.


  • Great sear marks in no time;
  • Versatile cooking;
  • Takes less space;
  • Durable built.


  • No place for temperature display;
  • The smoke flavor is absent;
  • Does not heat up quickly.

Weber Q2400

You are looking for a grill that has a performance, exactly like the Weber Q1400. But you want a much bigger area to work with, and then this model is the one to go for. Weber is well known for its long-lasting and high-performance grills that solve practical problems of grilling in an outdoor space with strict neighbors or storing it when there is a space crunch. You can place this electric grill on your small balcony and cook the most delectable food to your heart's content. Let Weber charm those neighbors.


The design is almost identical to its smaller counterpart. The body has compositions of high-grade aluminum and stainless steel. Some parts also have nylon material. The overall frame is the one to last you for years. This isn’t your temporary or secondary grill.

The porcelain coat on the grates protects it from quick rusting and also doesn't make the food stick to it and break while turning sides.

The only problem with Weber models is that even when the price is high, they don't include the thermometer gauge. There is no way to know the actual temperature it attained unless you use one externally.

How Well Does It Cook?

Once you get past the long preheating time of 20 minutes, it barely takes 5-6 minutes of grilling to get that mouth-watering tender piece of meat along with melted cheese.

It provides 280 square inches. That is a lot of cooking space for a portable barbecue. You can cook for almost four people.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Being the bigger one of the two (compared to Q1400), you will have to do some extra grates. But it won't be that troublesome. The grease pan needs gentle wash with warm soapy water. For the grates, you only need to scrape and heat them at high.


  • Easy to assemble;
  • Clear instructions on guide book;
  • Compact yet sufficient space;
  • Retains food flavor.


  • No thermometer gauge;
  • The smoker is not integrated;
  • It has some plastic parts.

About Weber - How It All Started

The first commercially available Weber grill was a mere dome shape circular kettle like the BBQ grill, an innovation of George A. Stephen. But it formed the path for the present-day ultramodern grills which can be controlled through dedicated smartphone apps.

At those times Weber Bros was a company selling metal parts for different machines. Stephen used to work there for his father.

He began by casually experimenting with iron scraps and creating a barbecue for his pals. Since the ultimate result was so fantastic, he began marketing them as George's Bar-B-Q Kettles in 1952. In 1955, he established Weber Bros.'s barbeque section. It was much better and consistent than the open brick BBQ. It was an instant hit.

After few changes in the business model, they moved on to create numerous series like the Q series, Spirit, Smokey Joe, Jumbo, Joe and Genesis, and so on. Out of these, the most popular and successful lines have been the Weber Q series and the Weber Spirit series.

Weber has strongly established its position in the competitive outdoor grilling innovations with its consistent quality, technology upgrades, and customer care services. There has been a constant rise in the total sales value also in the last 5 years.

If you are choosing Weber as your go-to brand for BBQ, you aren't making any mistakes.

Things To Ask Before Buying an Electric Grill

Grilling season is right around the corner. It may be the right time to finally take the plunge and get your home a lovable BBQ grill that will serve you for the holidays and beyond. Are you confused about how to start your grill hunting? Here are a few things to remember and ask yourself while you fill your wish list.

Size I Need vs. Size I Want

You may be tempted to go for the 3-burner cabinet grills as they are truly exceptional and make for a BBQ live station at a party. But more importantly, you need to know if you have enough room for this big beauty. It would be ideal if you own a backyard but you also need a place to cover and store it after the party is over. If you have no backyard, you need to size down your grill to fit your space regardless of the size you desire.

What Do I Need the Grill For?

Of course, for BBQ-ed chicken! But there are other luscious dishes as well that you might want to try out. Depending on these factors, you choose your accessories. Are you hoping to roast a whole chicken? You need a rotisserie.

While most of the dishes like turkey, briskets, sausages, buns, and sandwiches can be cooked in low temperatures, some don't. Steaks or bacon need 400-500F. So look for a grill that enables a large temperature range.

How Long Is the Warranty Period?

The warranty period should be at least as long as you don't plan to upgrade your grill. Brands providing 1 year of warranty aren't thinking much about holding their customers. A good quality grill is supposed to last at least 3-5 years. Weber manages to provide their service for that period.

Important Electric Grill Accessories

Accessories turn out to be very useful at times to fill for the insufficiency of the grill. The detachable parts of electric grills are minimal, allowing less complexity. However, there are a few accessories that you can add up to improve your experience.


If you are a perfectionist, you must be particular about cooking in exact temperatures. So if your unit does not have one attached, you can get one of these.

Rotisserie Kits

This kind, also known as the spit roasting type, assists in evenly roasting all sides of the chicken without the need for you to flip it.

Grill Drip Pans

Best grease collectors that vaporize the grease onto the food for an irresistible flavor. Plus, they make cleaning mess-free.

Grill Cover

Having a grill cover is a no-brainer. No matter where you store, a cover will keep the dust and moisture away.

Cast-iron Griddle

If you need your grill to function more than grilling like making pancakes or eggs, the griddle has that flat cooking surface to make it possible.

Grilling Toolset

It is perhaps the best accessory addition to your grill. The toolset consists of a combination of items that you think you don't need but, eventually, you will. It includes gloves, spatulas in different sizes, an apron, brushes, meat claws, corn holders, and so on.

Are Electric Grills Worth The Hype?

BBQ grills have been around for a while and, the obsession has only gotten bigger. While some individuals believe that owning grills is more of a chore than a privilege, many others do not. It exceptionally stands for people who are regular with grilled food.

If you have to go out or order your favorite grilled dishes four days a week, then why not get the whole machine? It's a long-term investment that could save you from several small purchases.

When it comes to electric grills, the subject gets a little controversial as many large they aren't true grills. Grilled meat is supposed to be touched by real flame and has that juicy smoky flavor that makes them distinct and irresistible.

Electric grills don't use flames, nor do they have the in-built smoking mechanism.

So are they worth the hype?

The answer depends on how badly you want to have grilled food as often as you want. If there is no way that your neighbor is okay with the charcoal or wood pellet ignited flame then electric grills are your only option. But mind you, these are pretty low maintenance as compared to your traditional grills. So, if you are a grilling enthusiast, you would appreciate this modern wonder as well.

Tabletop Electric Grill 

Tabletop grills are having been a boon for many nuclear families that live in restrictive neighborhoods. Electric grills are the smaller versions of your large 2 or 3 burner gas or charcoal grill. But unlike them, these grills don't need a feed. They only need a power supply source.

Many societies don't allow propane gas and charcoal grills because of the possibility of accidents. Electric grills are safer than that. It is because there is no flame on an electric barbecue. Simply place the meal on the grate, which is directly over the heat source for cooking.

Electric grills come in different styles. They either have wheels or have foldable legs. Hybrid electric grills have such designs as when you fold the legs, they turn to tabletop grills. They are also generally made lightweight to make them easy to travel with.

These grills provide a high degree of convenience as they hardly take any time and effort to assemble, start-up even, cook, or even clean. You cannot underestimate their performance capability when compared with big-size stand-alone grills.

A standard tabletop electric grill costs between $50 and $200. The price varies with the level of flexibility offered.

Electric Hibachi Grill 

A unique yet traditional style of BBQ grill is the hibachi grill. This Japanese-style grill allows an open grate cooking. There is no lid and, the food cooks over the direct flame that is ignited with coal. They come in the size of a large bowl and can be placed anywhere. They are a type of table grill. The grill style has been in the Japanese tradition from as old as 794 AD, in the Heian era. The term hibachi relates to the cylindrical form of the vessel and signifies "fire bowl."

You will often find these grills in Asian street food markets. But in the U.S, they are somewhat made hybrid by using electricity to ignite. So the Hibachi grills can be perfect for home dining as well. Many themes restaurants have these to impress guests. The chef cooks with elegance as the guests watch.

Best Grill for Apartment Balcony 

Where to keep your favorite BBQ grill is something you need to decide on in advance because a lot depends on it. If you have a big home and backyard then going for a 3 burner cart style grill is a no brainer. The fuel source can be anything of your preference.

But certain places have regulations, for which it might be safe to go with electric grills for apartment balcony.

By this, you can avoid your interiors from becoming all smoky or keep it away from someone with breathing conditions.

Best Grill for apartment balconies are the ones that can easily fit in a corner and you can keep yourself and others safe.

Though before impulsive going to get one, remember to carefully measure the balcony area over the region you plan to keep. Despite that, you still need to be careful about burning or melting nearby things. So do not keep a closed or congested place for the grill.

But before planning all these, remember you must abide by state and municipal regulations, as well as those imposed by the owner. See if you are allowed to use one at all. Generally, with a small tabletop electric grill, you will never have any external problems. So these can be the ideal grills for an apartment balcony.

Cooking Steak Electric Grill 

The best thing about owning an electric grill is, you can quickly make some awesome steaks at your comfort whenever you get the hunger pangs. Electric grills may not use a direct flame, but the flavors of steaks will be as you desire.

If you are very particular about how much you want your steaks to be cooked, you may have to use a thermometer probe along with your electric grill. No matter if you want it rare and juicy or well done and soft, cooking steak on an electric grill is a fantastic technique to obtain the perfect doneness of steaks quickly and effectively.

You can make yourself the perfect steaks in just a few simple steps.

  1. Prepare the meat. Season it with meat rubs or other spices. Spray oil if you need it. The meat may already release dome grease while cooking.
  2. A 20 minute preheating will be required for Weber electric grill. Max out the temperature to 425 F.
  3. Once ready, you can place the steaks on the sizzling grates. If your piece is a thin cut, 5 minutes on each side would give you the rare medium texture. If the piece is thick, you need to go 8-10 minutes.

How To Clean a Weber Electric Grill? 

You may have heard and read that electric grills are the easiest to clean. To some extent, it is true as there are fewer detachable parts and the design is simple. But since we are talking about electric grills, you cannot just touch every part or wash off in soap water as you would do for other types of grills. It will only lead to damaging the components and the grill will start malfunctioning.

These grills also do not possess a grease tray that would collect the grease in a bucket. So how do you clean them?

The simplest approach to clean a Weber electric grill is to preheat it to high heat until the gunk burns off. Using the appropriate brushes, you can simply scrape off the residue from the grates while it is still hot. Weber grates are non-stick, so the residue will easily come off while the rest of the deep cleaning is done by the heat.

It is somewhat a manual job whenever you have to clean your electric grill. But there are undoubtedly fewer steps. Some Weber grills from the expensive range also consist of components that are dishwasher friendly. That is a bonus if you spend more.

Final Thoughts

Today, electric grills are in abundance in the market. Weber is successfully serving its customers with highly efficient electric grills.

No matter what, it is good to go through a guide before signing that big amount rather than checking it after buying. Reading the Weber electric grill reviews is also a crucial practice. When you are convinced and prepared, you can go ahead with the grill you choose.

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