Gas Grills

Undoubtedly, grills add more to your kitchen. Be it an outdoor cooking area, a boat pantry, or a home kitchen, integrating a gas grill can award the desired touch of completeness. Besides, you get the ultimate freedom of pleasing your guests as well as your loved ones with mouth-watering barbeque delicacies.

However, when it comes to picking up the right grill, the job may look a bit daunting. Though it's not rocket science choosing the best brand and model from the wide range of grills available in the market needs at least a week's research. You need to understand all nuances since not every model goes well with every pitmaster. To help with all that's involved, we're continuing to simplify the job of picking up the best gas grill for your kitchen utilizing our decade-old experience and sound knowledge.

Each model that we review stands out in the crowd as all of them is handpicked and highly rated by the buyers. We don't even consider the ones that lack adequate positive customer reviews, which make the buying process convenient and hassle-free for you. Moreover, even among such models, the versatility of design solutions and mechanisms is going to overwhelm you for sure!

When it comes to preparing the best list of gas grills for your kitchen, we’re not biased at all. We never give unjustified preference to any brand or model, which makes the entire procedure adequately transparent. As an outcome, you get suggestions and recommendations that will never give you a single chance to regret your decision of relying on them.

With real hard work, dedication, and research, we've developed an exclusive methodology for rating grills depending on number of parameters. The factors we consider include but are not limited to the following.

  • heat flux density per unit cooking area
  • the ability of the grill to heat evenly
  • the reliability and usability of the materials used in the main components of the grill
  • the manufacturer warranty
  • the satisfaction of real customers based on their reviews
  • the place of manufacture of the grill

For each model that comes up in our review, we rate them out of ten. This makes the process of comparison of similar models simpler and helps you in choosing the one that goes the best with your requirements.

When you reach out to us seeking help for getting the perfect gas grill for your kitchen, we put our best efforts to help you in making a justified investment. We strive to assist you the best when it comes to gaining a wonderful buying experience.

From listing and reviewing the best-in-class products, briefing their specifications to guide you to the right link to buy them at the best price – we do simply everything in our power to help you in purchasing the right piece. We do all these because we want you to remember us for a blissful buying experience. Your smile inspires us, and encourages us to keep going!

Facts to Consider While Picking Up the Right Grill 

To purchase the best gas grill for your kitchen, you need to check a lot of factors. Avoiding doing so may ruin the aim of purchasing a grill and as a result, you simply throw your hard-earned money and all your efforts go in vain.

So, consider checking out the factors stated below to ensure a joyful purchase experience.

The Number of People You Will Be Cooking For

This factor matters a lot while buying the right gas grill for your kitchen or outdoor pantries. The number of people you will be usually cooking for determines the size of the grill. Is it only for the family?  Or you're the host of the weekend barbeque in your society?

If it’s primarily for your family and a counted number of guests, a grill that fits your regular needs is good to go. Even you require cooking for a greater number of people once a year, then also you’ll be able to manage it by cooking in multiple batches. This will help you in saving fuel on heating. However, if you often cook for more than 10 people, getting a large grill will be a wise idea.

So, before going ahead with the purchase process, make sure that you've considered this factor and pick up the right-sized oven for your kitchen. Each of our reviews talks clearly about the size of the models, which makes the process of considering the factors effortless for you.


Is mobility a must-have feature for you? Do you want to take your grills to all those adventure trips – from camping to tailgating? Well, you must go for a lightweight and portable unit then. The compact and moveable models are perfect to carry anywhere along with.

On the other hand, if you want to put your grill in the kitchen or the room on the patio all time, you can buy a larger model. Therefore, think well before making the purchase – exactly what goes well with your usage and needs.

When you go through our reviews, you get an about the mobility part.  

Natural Gas Installation

Do you have a natural gas installation at your home? If yes, then you can opt for gas grills unhesitatingly. They are far more convenient to use if compared to the other grills available in the market. Besides, unlike propane grills, they offer the utmost safety, making them perfect to use indoors. Apart from that, they are durable and pocket-friendly.

While briefing about the models we pick, we specify the grills' compatibility with the natural gas installations, which helps you in making a decision quickly.

Cooking Area and the Power of Gas Grill Burners

Usually, most of the manufacturers play with data when it comes to the power (BTU) and cooking area of the grill burners. So, while purchasing them, you need to check the said factors carefully.

When it comes to checking the BTU and the cooking area, you need to go by the ratio. To understand the ratio, simply divide the BTU by the area of cooking in square inches. If you see that the ratio is lesser than 70, you are unlikely to be able to squeeze an appetizing crust on a steak from your grill, although hot dogs will still turn out. When you check our reviews, you get a clearer idea of the same.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Generally, the different components of the grills carry different warranty periods. When you check out the models we review, you can find out the minimum and maximum warranty duration easily. For example, 1Y/5Y indicated that the manufacturer guarantees a minimum of one year warranty for the most critical system components and up to five years warranty for the less wearable components.

made in...

You need to keep in mind that it’s not only about the support of the American manufacturers. Instead, it’s all about the culture of production and quality control. It’s not that an Asian grill will always be of lower quality, or every American grill will be flawless. However, on average, there are some differences and we take this into consideration while reviewing and listing the grill models.

Additional Features

The additional features might look attractive and somehow, vital as well. However, you need to be very definite about the factor why you require them. Do you really need this rotisserie or sear burner? You are going to pay some bucks extra for those extra specs. So, it’s always a wise idea to figure out if you actually need them or not. After all, it’s your hard-earned money!

When we review the models, we clearly talk about each specification they hold including the additional features and their utilities. It helps you to comprehend actually you need them or not. Naturally, it results in a justified investment, leaving no chance for regretting the same.

The Ideal Gas Grills – Exists In the Ideal World Only!

There's nothing perfect in the world, then how can you expect that you are going to bring a perfect gas grill at home? As said before, we always produce unbiased, transparent, and straightforward reviews so that you don't find any difference between the expectation and reality after purchasing a grill.

Every good comes with some evil and gas grills are not, of course, exceptions to the fact. We always pick up the best-performing gas grill models and present them in front of you through our comprehensive reviews.  However, even the one that earned the highest level of customer satisfaction is not perfect in every means.

Still, let's find out the factors that define the ideal grill!

Ideal grills must hold the label - ‘made in U.S.A’

The primary BTU per square inch of the cooking area is going to be more than 80 for regular grills and more than 60 for infrared grills. It's believed that such grills would definitely create the ever-desired, mouth-watering brown crust on the meat every time you cook.

The primary cooking area or the number of main burners should be less than 120. This would ensure even heating throughout the cooking surface area.

The grill grates should be made up of enameled cast iron since it's the best material for grates. They are non-stick and they provide even heating (however they are heavy-weighted and they come with a brittle coating).

The body and the burners of the grills should be of stainless steel. But in actuality, you can find that even the best grills are made up of 430 steel instead of the 304 ones.

It’s believed that the manufacturer’s warranty talks about the durability of the grills. It reflects the confidence of the manufacturer and the reliability of the material used. Besides, it also indicates the quality of the building.

We Never Deny The Reality!

From the stated point of view, the ideal grill should carry a lifetime warranty on all components. But does it happen in the reality? Never, right?

So, don’t go by the random ‘should-have’s, and set impossible expectations! We never claim that the grills we review are the ideal ones. However, with extensive research and improved and outstanding rating methodology, we pick up the ones that hold the power of ruling over the reign of grills. The ones we pick for you are the most sought-after grill models of the current year and each of them carries good customer reviews.

We’re Always at Your Service!

Our effort of shortlisting the right model for you helps you in saving the valuable time that you were about to spend on hazardous research, which you could have invested in productive activities.

Besides, in case, if you don’t carry enough knowledge of grills, the job of picking up the right one that caters to all you need is going to be more than painful. Understanding the parameters that a grill needs to meet to be called a good one, requires some sort of technical and analytical skills. Moreover, it needs a lot of patience to conduct a thorough review by going through the customer experience with each model. Apart from that, sorting and differentiating the similar and different models is no less than winning over a battle.

Our adept reviewers hold state-of-the-art expertise in analyzing the quality and performance of the grills. They also master the art of comprehending the buyers' reviews and rating the products according to various parameters including price, size, capacity, performance, technical specifications, manufacturer's warranty, and more.

Above all, they are aware of the current trends of the grill market. Naturally, these qualities award them with the ability to pick up the right grill models and presenting them to you through their well-structured and logical reviews.

As a result, the huge and complicated task of finding out the right grill for you to shop becomes convenient, hassle-free, and effortless. All you need to do is to visit our website, check out the updated list of the top ten or twenty grills and pick the one that looks suitable for you. With a single click, you'll be redirected to the seller's website, which's offering the best deal. Happy buying!

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