10 Best Two-Burner Gas Grills of 2023

If you are also one of the connoisseurs hoping to savor the taste of an amazing BBQ grill at the comfort of your home, welcome to our buyer's guide on how to buy the best two-burner gas grills. This article will walk you through the different brands of the two-burner gas grills, what to look for in them, what to expect, curating the grills, and reviews.

The foremost thing you need to understand why you prefer a two-burner gas grill. There are three-burner and four-burner gas grills available in the market.  If you are considering purchasing a burner grill, you need to understand your requirements. For instance, if you have a small patio or are looking for BBQ gas grills, then you may not need four-burner gas grills as they take much space. On the other hand, you have to go for more burners when you want to enjoy a big barbecue feast. A four-burner grill can help you cook a big chunk of food at the same time. But with a two-burner grill system, you will need to do the cooking in batches. There are other factors that you should account for.









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Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210






Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 





Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared





Char-Broil 463673519 Performance





Pit Boss Grills 75275






Coleman RoadTrip 225  





Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef 39 Style





Char-Broil Classic 280 





Napoleon TQ285-RD-1-A TravelQ 285





NOMADIQ Portable





* value is adjusted considering specificities of infrared technology

Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 425

Primary Burners BTU: 26,500

BTU / Square Inch: 62

Burgers cooked at once: 16

Warranty: 10 years

Made in: USA / Asia

Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210  

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 360

Primary Burners BTU: 26,500

BTU / Square Inch: 74

Burgers cooked at once: 16

Warranty: 10 years

Made in: USA / Asia

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 180

Primary Burners BTU: 18,000

BTU / Square Inch: 120 (infrared adjusted)

Burgers cooked at once: 7

Warranty: 1 year

Made in: China

Char-Broil 463673519 Performance  

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 300

Primary Burners BTU: 24,000

BTU / Square Inch: 80

Burgers cooked at once: 12

Warranty: 1 year / 5 years

Made in: China

Pit Boss Grills 75275

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 269

Primary Burners BTU: 20,000

BTU / Square Inch: 74

Burgers cooked at once: 13

Warranty: 1 year / 5 years

Coleman RoadTrip 225 Portable Stand-Up  

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 225

Primary Burners BTU: 11,000

BTU / Square Inch: 49

Burgers cooked at once: 10

Warranty: 3 years

Made in: USA / Asia

Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef 39

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 277

Primary Burners BTU: 20,000

BTU / Square Inch: 72

Burgers cooked at once: 12

Warranty: 3 years

Made in: China

Char-Broil Classic 280  

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 280

Primary Burners BTU: 20,000

BTU / Square Inch: 71

Burgers cooked at once: 12

Warranty: 1 year / 5 years

Made in: China

Napoleon TQ285-RD-1-A TravelQ 285

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 285

Primary Burners BTU: 13,000

BTU / Square Inch: 42

Burgers cooked at once: 13

Warranty: 2 years / 10 years

Made in: Canada

NOMADIQ Portable  

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 226

Primary Burners BTU: 10,000

BTU / Square Inch: 44

Burgers cooked at once: 8

Warranty: 5 years

Two-Burner Gas Grills Buying Guide

Cooking space

Cooking space is the most vital aspect while purchasing a grill. Unfortunately, many buyers don't feel the need to check the cooking area and compare it with available alternatives. But we recommend you to do so. This is so because nobody wants their BBQ dishes taking more than enough time to get ready. Although the two-burner gas grill will have a lower cooking space than that of the four-burner, you may find the right cooking space for your grill on a closer look.

The primary goal of such an exercise is to determine the quantity of food you can cook at the same time. So, a compact grill will do the trick for small gatherings, but with a large festival, you will have to switch up to more burners. For the best cooking experience, we always recommend a minimum area of 200 square inches.


The next important aspect of the buying guide is to know the heat produced by the burners. Barbecue is all about the perfect heat. And this is measured in BTUs. British Thermal Unit, known as BTU, is a measurement of the maximum heat output created by the burner. The higher the BTU, the better the heat, and the better the cooking. Howsoever, there is also one negative side to it. Higher BTU also indicates more burning of the fuel. So, if you choose a grill with a too high BTU, you will waste your fuel. And if you select the one with lower BTU, your cooking time will increase.

So, what is the best practice when it comes to selecting a gas grill with the best first, it? First, it is defined that optimal BTU must be 80-100 BTU per square inches of cooking space.

Grill Dimension

The size of the gas grill must be in line with your BBQ area. Usually, people used to measure their yard and then the cooking area. Then, based on the measurement, they used to purchase the grill that fits the measurement. But modern technology has helped to develop foldable legs and shelves so that storage becomes convenient. Thus, it solves the issue of looking for gas grills matching the yard dimensions.

But we still recommend you purchase the grills that fit the dimension of your patio or yard. This makes your grilling convenient while maintaining the storage capacity at a minimum.


The portability of the gas grill is one aspect, but it is always in simultaneity with the weight. So, it doesn't only depend on the foldable shelves and the less space but also the weight. After all, if you plan to carry your barbecue grill, you should lookout for a lightweight design.

The lightweight design depends on the material used as well. So, you should also consider the nature of the material when it comes to purchasing the grill. For instance, aluminum is lighter than stainless steel. Thus, your gas grill will have a lower weight, but again, the heat distribution of the stainless steel is better than that of the aluminum.

Nature of material used

As already mentioned, the nature of the material used has a major role in deciding the weight, dimension, and heat distribution. Thus, you need to check which material you require. For example, stainless steel has a good heat distribution, whereas cast-iron grills require seasoning before usage. In addition, cleaning and maintenance for different materials are different. So, you will need to select the material based on the usage and storage of the grills.

Warming rack

The warming rack is an accessory that comes along with the grill. Although you may not want an additional rack as it makes the design bulkier and adds to the weight, you should always look for it. If you choose a grill with a warming rack, you can keep your cooked food on it so that it stays warm. So, we recommend you look for a grill with a warm rack. It may add to your expense, but it is worth the value for money.


Durability is a crucial factor when it comes to purchasing grills. We all know that buying a grill is a huge investment, and it may take years to break even. So, your grill must endure harsh weather conditions and natural phenomena like rust. Unfortunately, rust is a major enemy of metals, which will reduce your grill's longevity. To ensure that your grill has a durable design, make sure to buy a grill with stainless-steel construction. And it also must have corrosion-resistant chemicals applied to the exterior body.


Every product must come with a warranty and especially when it is marked so high. The cost of the two-burner grills is still on the higher side if you look at the investment. The manufacturer must provide you with a warranty on mitigating the risks associated with defects and wear and tear. So, make sure that you run through the terms and conditions before purchasing any grill.


Brand reputation and identity is also a major factor for choosing a grill. Some may become adventurous trying new brands. But sticking to a brand is a better solution when it comes to grills. Some of the upcoming brands are offering great propositions to their grills. We recommend you to stick to the reputed ones till you have researched about the grills well enough.

So, these are the factors that you must check when it comes to buying any type of grills. Now let us discuss why selecting a gas grill is better than using a charcoal-based grill. Earlier, people used to follow the procedure of grilling their steaks with charcoal. But over time, people wanted cleaner energy, and the gas grill offers the same. In addition, with propane gas, you can also control the burner's temperature that was not possible with charcoal grills. Yet, if you want a smoky flavor to your meat, charcoal grills are better.

Now that we have established the factors you must consider while purchasing a new two-burner gas grill, let us look at the different components and their kinds.

In the next section, we will discuss the gas grill side burner and its advantages of having a gas grill. But before we begin, you must know that certain accessories add cooking values to the grill. You may find some grills with side burners, griddle, grates made of different metals, and even infrared burners. This is why we will discuss these components in detail in the upcoming segments.

Gas Grill Side Burner

Whenever you are looking for a two-burner grill system, it is evident that the cooking area is less than more numbers of burners. This is why certain manufacturers have developed a side burner system. Now, you can grill your steak without hindering the burger patties already on the cooking grills. Usually, the side burner is an accessory and sometimes known as a secondary burner. This indicates that the burner tends to have a lower BTU.

While this is also called a warming rack, we find this accessory pretty useful. You can cook steak on the primary grill and bacon on the secondary burner and enjoy the English breakfast on a bright summer morning. Or you can invite your friends on a summer afternoon and enjoy a BBQ feast. However, there are certain disadvantages to having a side burner. There is no lid on the side burner, due to which it stays exposed. Some manufacturers have come up with double side burner designs. So, you will find two side burners attached to the main burner. But if you need to have two side burners attached to the grill, it is better to buy a four-burner gas grill system. Otherwise, you can always go for one side burner.

Two Burner Infrared Gas Grill

Infrared grilling is the modern-day trend incorporated into the grills when it comes to outdoor cooking. It is like that of infrared heating, where there is a heat source. In the old days, if you wanted products to be heated through an intermediate material you used lava rocks. Nowadays heat source acts as an extra burner that, in turn, heats the grates. However, unlike the conventional system where the flame heats the grates, the infrared grill uses the gas to heat in-built infrared elements. Then, the element radiates heat to the ceramic plates and heats the food.

According to the Thermal Engineering Corporation, this technique was introduced in the early 1980s. And over time, technology has improved a lot. Now they are using infrared glass panels to heat. This method provides uniform heat and prevents flare-ups. So, it is good if you are looking for searing meats. However, it may take some time to adjust to the taste as the infrared grills cook the meat. So, you may need to check the cooking beforehand before purchasing the infrared grills. It is better if you try the food at someone who already has been using the infrared grills.

But on the plus side, infrared grills are much more eco-friendly due to low emission, and uniform heat adds to uniform cooking. However, you may not experience the same flavor of grilled steak as that of a flaming grill. So, we recommend you use this technology to only heat BBQ dishes.

Gas Grill With Stainless Steel Grates and Burner

As we dive deep into the cooking grills, sticking with stainless-steel grates and burner are pretty prevalent notion in the community. This is because stainless steel always has better advantages when compared to other modes of grills. In addition, because of its rust-proof nature and the ability to sustain high temperatures, it is popular among the BBQ cooking community. This, eventually, helps in the durability of the grill grates and griddles even after prolonged use. Hence, you should always select stainless-steel grates.

Howsoever, every gas grill in the market is inclined towards installing stainless-steel burners. So, if you are looking at a 2-burner grill or a 4-burner system, you will find that the burners are always made up of stainless steel material. Moreover, these grills are low maintenance and don't need much care compared to cast iron grates. So, it reduces your effort as well. Hence, while purchasing a BBQ grill, you must always opt for the one made with stainless steel.

Furthermore, you need to understand that the quality of the stainless steel also matters. There are many quality grades of stainless steel. And each manufacturer uses different types of grades to make their design cost-effective and sturdy. So, research well, or else you will stick yourself with a low-quality grade stainless-steel grade. The low-grade steel may go easy on your pockets, but the maintenance and repair expenses may burn a hole in your pocket.

Rustproof Gas Grill

Rust is a major enemy to metals, as already established in the previous sections. If your grill grates are exposed to moist air, they react with the water and eats into the metal, making your grill weaker and poisonous. And for obvious reasons, you don't want your cooking area to be covered in poison. Nor would you want your high investment set up to become a scrap after few uses.

Therefore, you must find a grill that solves the purpose of cooking and durable and resistant to corrosion. But how to understand if your new gas grill is rust-proof or not? Well, for that, we will walk you through the different materials and their strength to avoid corrosion in the first place.

If you take a look at the stainless steel, the material itself is rust-proof. So, it is a good idea to go for a stainless-steel grill. However, buying a complete stainless-steel grill may not be a cost-effective idea. Therefore, we recommend you look for an aluminum body with porcelain coating grills and a stainless-steel burner. Many manufacturers also use rust-proof coatings on the cast iron grills that also reduces the risk of corrosion. Having a rust-proof cooking grill ensures the durability of the grill grates that will be reflected in your returns from the investment.

Two Burners vs Three-Burner Gas Grills

This section is primarily devoted to finding the pros and cons of a 2-burner and a 3-burner gas grill system. First, we will distinguish the basic features: cooking area, temperature zones, flexibility, fuel consumption, and grill type.

So, let’s look at the features and compare them with two-burner gas grills and three-burner gas grills.


Two-Burner Gas Grills

Three-Burner Gas Grills

Cooking Area

The general notion is that the cooking space for the two-burner grill is lower, but it is sufficient for small servings.

The three-burner gas grills have larger cooking space as it has more burners.


More burner ensures more control of the temperature. You can use one burner at a high temperature for direct grilling and searing for this kind of grill, while the other can be set for indirect grilling.

More burner allows you to control three different heat zones. While you can use one for high temperature, the other can be used for searing, and the third for warming.

Fuel Consumption

2-burner gas grill system has lower fuel consumption when compared to the three-burner system.

More burner on the grill indicates more fuel consumption. However, the fuel consumption is also based upon BTUs. So, a lower BTU on 3-burner may consume lesser fuel than a 2-burner grill with a higher BTU.

Cooking area

Two-burner gas grills: The general notion is that the cooking space for the two-burner grill is lower, but it is sufficient for small servings.

Three-burner gas grills: The three-burner gas grills have larger cooking space as it has more burners.


Two-burner gas grills: More burner ensures more control of the temperature. You can use one burner at a high temperature for direct grilling and searing for this kind of grill, while the other can be set for indirect grilling.

Three-burner gas grills: More burner allows you to control three different heat zones. While you can use one for high temperature, the other can be used for searing, and the third for warming.

Fuel Consumption

Two-burner gas grills: 2-burner gas grill system has lower fuel consumption when compared to the three-burner system.

Three-burner gas grills: More burner on the grill indicates more fuel consumption. However, the fuel consumption is also based upon BTUs. So, a lower BTU on 3-burner may consume lesser fuel than a 2-burner grill with a higher BTU.

So, we have discussed the different features and guide for purchasing the new gas grills. Please check above reviews of some of the finest two-burner grills available in the market.


Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210 2-burner liquid propane grill

Weber is one of the most common names in the family household. This Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210 is a two-burner gas grill with a 20lb Liquid propane tank storage cabinet. The design is compact yet sturdy with a GS4 grilling system. The grill is designed to fit into small spaces with wheels attached to the base for better portability.

Moreover, this Weber model has a foldable left side panel that can be used for prepping your steak and keep your grilled burgers. Apart from this, the model has a panel frame to keep your cooking tools like tongs and cooking oils. This helps you in keeping your tools handy whenever you want. The grill has cast-iron grates with a porcelain-enamel coating to reduce corrosion and distribute heat evenly throughout the surface.

Other features include a built-in temperature gauge on the lid that allows you to control and monitor the heat inside the chamber even when the lid is closed. Furthermore, it has a fuel gauge to keep track of fuel consumption. In addition to that, the infinity ignition technology helps you to twist start the burner. With all these features, the Weber 44010001 II E-210 model is an amazing choice if you want to serve and hold a BBQ fest on your patio. The grill also has a warming rack aiding in keeping your food warm.

So, according to our review of the best two-burner gas grills, Weber clenches the best rating in terms of quality of material, construction and durability, temperature control, heat distribution, ignition, and cleaning.

 The grill usually comes disintegrated in the box, and you need to assemble the components to create the gas grill. There is a BILT app where you can download the manual with 3D interactive instructions for the assembly.

Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 LIQUID PROPANE Gas Grill 

Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 is quite similar to its counterpart. However, certain additions and reductions have been made to the design of the grill. The Grill requires assembly but once assembled, and the grill can take on any task of grilling and cooking thrown at it. The grill has two cooking areas as per the design.

The primary space is about 360 sq. in. that is placed directly on the flame. This allows you to cook and grill steaks and burgers directly. The secondary space consists of 90 sq. in. that is, the warming rack. You can keep your cooked food on the warming rack. Being at an elevated position, the rack doesn’t come directly in contact with the flames but indirectly gets heated. Thus, the grill provides you with a total cooking space of 450 sq. in.

Apart from the porcelain-enamelled cook box that ensures no corrosion over time, you can additionally purchase a lid to cover the cook box. This is a major disadvantage compared to other models offered by Weber. Howsoever, the heavy-duty caster wheels and the sturdy construction compensates for that. The wheels help you move the grill freely on your patio, and the side shelves allow you to keep your cooking tools by your side. The shelves also have integrated hooks to hang your spatulas and tongs.

The stainless-steel grill cabinet on the lower side helps you to mask your propane gas tank. The cabinet also has a catch pan inside the drip tray. The drip tray is easily accessible and can be removed from its position during cleaning. The liquid propane gas grill models also come with a fuel gauge to monitor your fuel consumption during cooking. This ensures that you keep track of the fuel you consume. Thus, you can monitor your expenses and keep a tab on the savings.

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

Another common household name when it comes to new gas grills is Char-Broil. The company has made its name in the community of campers. Their motive is to provide the campers with a barbecue grill that is portable, easy to use, and can serve the grilling needs. Since portability has been a major requirement for Char-Broil, they have resided over to the two-burner grill system. Therefore, we will be reviewing their Char-Broil Deepa model that is a smoker, roaster, and griller.

As suggested, this Char-Broil model can be used to smoke, roast, and grill your favourite meal. The smoker box is a two-burner grill that has a hose attached to it. The other end of the hose connects to the propane gas tank. This adds flavour to your turkey, ribs, roast, and other dishes. The best part of having this grill is that it uses infrared technology to cook. This indicates that there are no flares and, thus, no burning. The infrared cooks the food evenly that makes it juicy. When it comes to cooking space, the grill has an area of 180 sq. with a temperature control ranging from 9000 BTUs to 18000 BTUs.

 The grill is available in black with sturdy construction and rust-proof materials to prevent corrosion. The flexibility of the design makes it convenient to store the smoker with comfortable carrying handles. The grill weighs around 23 pounds with a removable grease tray that makes it easier to clean. The smoker/roaster/grills can hold up to 25 pounds of meat for cooking. It is a great choice for people who want to purchase a 3-in-1 grill and are always on the go. But if you want to purchase the grill to serve your family or friends for a nice barbecue snack, we would recommend looking for other options.

Char-Broil 463673519 Performance 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill

If you are looking for a convection grill with around 24,000 BTU burners, then the Char-Broil 463673519 performance liquid propane grill is the one for you. It has amazing features that will blow your mind. The grill has a dimension of 24.5 in. length, 42.9. in width, and 44 in. in height. This 2-burner grill system has sturdy construction with a stainless-steel body that prevents rusting. In addition to that, the side shelves aid in keeping your cooking tools nearby and provides a prep space to marinate your steaks. The 2-burner propane gas grill has independent switches to turn on the flames with an independent heat zone. So, you can control the temperature of each burner separately. The electronic ignition technology enhances reliable start-up. This leads to fast and speedy ignition without lighting matches. The lid is also stainless-steel adding to the corrosion-resistant feature of this model.

A temperature gauge attached to the lid helps you monitor and control the heat inside the chamber when you are smoking or roasting the steak with a cover on. Apart from the 300 sq. in. primary cooking surface, the model also offers a swing-away rack. The approximate area that the rack covers is about 100 sq., thereby providing a total cooking space of 400 sq. in. The foldable metal shelves offer convenience in storing the grill when not in use. The grill base has attached caster wheels for easy mobility of the grill to and from your home and the lawn. Additional feature includes locks on two wheels. You can engage them to avoid movement of the grill and ensure better stability.

 The model has a masked cabinet to store your liquid propane gas tank. However, the weight of the grill is around 85 lb making it bulkier, and more BTU indicates higher fuel consumption.

Pit Boss Grills 75275 Stainless Steel Two-Burner Portable Grill

Portable grills are quite handy when taking them out on a road trip or outdoor camping. But, if you love camping, you know how difficult it is to take a big-sized grill in your van. This is why Pit Boss has developed this 75275 Stainless-steel two-burner portable grill that is not only compact but lightweight and easy to carry.

The grill is made up of 430-grade stainless steel that is good for any steel construction as it avoids rust by making a coating or a layer of oxide to prevent the corrosion process. Furthermore, the grid consists of grates made up of 304-grade stainless steel that is recommended for cooking. So, it doesn't allow the rust to form, but it also adds flavor to your cooking without compromising the material's quality.

The Pit Boss model has foldable legs and a small construction convenient for storage in a small space. Moreover, the latching hood makes it possible to carry the grill to beaches and campsites. Other features include a lid-mounted thermometer and twist-start ignition to monitor and control the temperature, respectively. The two burners have 10,000 BTU power that indicates low fuel wastage and no flare-ups or burning of your food.

 But there are certain disadvantages to this model that reduces its ratings. First, there is no trolley arrangement, i.e., no wheels. So, you have to carry the grill in your arms that eventually increase your effort. Second, no drip tray management makes the grill harder to clean. Furthermore, there are no side shelves to keep your tools or even a prepping space to marinate your food. Finally, the cooking space is only 276 sq. that is not recommended for serving BBQ dishes to more than two people at a time. If you wish to serve more people, it may take more time to cook the food.

Coleman RoadTrip 225 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

If you plan to grill a barbecue on your campsite, you must always look for a lightweight yet durable and portable propane gas grill. This is what Coleman has to offer to its specific audience. The Coleman road trip 225 portable stand-up propane grill is a 2-burner grill system with a twist ignition switch to ignite the flames. The major advantage of this model is that it has a side shelf that you can use for prepping or keeping your cooking tools. Apart from that, the grill comes with a catcher pan that acts as a drip tray. The drip tray is easily accessible and removable, thereby making it easier to clean.

In addition to this, the two adjustable burners can be used to control the temperature of the cooking chamber precisely. This ensures that you do not flare up your steak while getting busy in your other activities. The stand comes along with two wheels ensuring better mobility. Moreover, the stand has hinges with an 'X' arrangement so that you can adjust the height of the grill. The lid is also interchangeable.

Howsoever, there are some major disadvantages to having this stand-up grill. The cooking area is merely 225 sq. in. which is very less for any grill. So, this is going to be a major concern when you grill outdoors. Moreover, the stand-up legs are fixed and not retractable, due to which the storage becomes inconvenient. Additionally, the lid doesn’t have any temperature gauge, due to which it becomes difficult to monitor and control the heat inside the chamber. There is no cabinet for keeping your propane gas which is again a no-no from us. Furthermore, it has no swing-away rack to keep your food warm. So, as soon as you cook your food, we suggest you eat it while it’s still hot.

Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef 39 Style Propane Tabletop Grill

When it comes to grilling your favorite steak, selecting the perfect grill makes all the difference. Cuisinart is such a brand that has been dedicated to developing the CGG-306 professional table-top grill. The best part about this two-burner grill is that it is made up of stainless steel. Stainless steel is rust-proof and, therefore, ensures durability. The compact design makes the grill smaller but believes us when we say it adds more to the drawbacks than the advantages.

The salient features of the grill include sturdy design, lightweight, twist start ignition with integrated thermometer. The thermometer plays an effective role when it comes to monitoring heat inside the chamber. The stainless-steel cooking grates ensure that the grill imparts top performance. Moreover, there is a lock available, and the legs are foldable. So, it becomes easier to carry the grill. Being smaller in size, the grill can be easily moved from one place to another and can even be set in the trunk of your car. The two burners attached to the grill range from 9000 BTUs to 20,000 BTUs.

Although the power performance is good, you must understand that cooking at higher BTUs leads to fuel wastage and high fuel consumption. So, you have to keep your eyes focused on the food while cooking. The Cuisinart grill is a simple grill that works with liquid propane gas. So, if you are looking for something fancy to compliment your patio, this product is not the one for you. However, if you want to enjoy the savoury flavour of smoky chicken or beef steak in the meadows on your road trip with your spouse, you can opt for Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef 39 Style propane Tabletop grill. Moreover, it doesn't have any cabinet to hold the propane tank. So, you will need to keep your propane gas tank safely and securely.

Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner

Char-Broil Classic 280 is a 2-burner gas grill that is designed for patio uses. So, if you purchase this model, you can keep it on your patio or lawn and cook delicious barbecue dishes. But that’s what every BBQ grill does. So, what’s new in this Classic 280 model. Well, this model is equipped with porcelain-coated cast-iron grates that confirm even heat distribution. In addition to this, the grill offers a 280 sq. in. of cooking area that is quite optimal for a nuclear-family barbecue gathering. Being lightweight, you can carry the grill in and out of your home easily. The attached wheels add to the mobility factor.

But the major advantage of having this Char-Broil Classic 280 2-burner grill is the additional side burner. The side burner acts as a secondary cooking space where you can keep your steak for flame grilling. There is also a metal side shelf that provides you with extra storage space. In addition, the in-line burners are made up of stainless steel that enhances the cooking performance.

However, the Char-Broil Classic 280 two-burner liquid propane gas grill has some major limitations beyond its pros list. First, the dimensions of the grill are fixed and not foldable. Thus, you may experience difficulty keeping the grill inside the home unless you have a large unused space. Second, the legs are not foldable, adding to the woes of storage inconvenience. Finally, the side burner is usually a secondary cooking space, but it has no lid to cover the chamber.

Furthermore, the lid available to cover the cooking chamber doesn't have a lid-mounted thermometer. So, it becomes very difficult to monitor the heat inside. So, you may have to check periodically whether your steak is ready or not. In addition, there is no cabinet to keep your propane tank. Finally, the side burner only has a powerful performance of 8000 BTUs that is not recommended for cooking food. Instead, a swing-away rack would have been a better choice.

Napoleon TQ285-RD-1-A TravelQ 285 Portable Gas Grill

Napoleon grilling products have always been catering to the market of portable grills that you can carry in your arms. And they have been able to address the same with their TQ285-RD-1-A TravelQ 285 portable gas grill. The grill is smaller in size, but we do not recommend this portable grill if you want to grill your lunch or evening barbecue snack. The TravelQ portable grill is known for its gentle roasting and smoking.

However, there are big issues involved when it comes to the make and design of the grill. The grill is quite small, equipped with cast-iron grates. Since the cast iron grids are used, there is always a chance to rust on the grates and grills. The body is also made up of cast aluminum that makes it lightweight and rust-free, but it affects heat distribution. You may experience that the middle portion of the grill to be very hot while the periphery is not matching the temperature. The lid also has an attached thermometer, but the temperature control might not be that precise.

As per the design, the legs are foldable that makes the grill travel-friendly. The Napoleon TravelQ model is designed to be carried out during travelling and tailgating. The two-burner has adjustable burner knobs to control the flames and, eventually, the heat. Howsoever, there are major drawbacks to the design when it comes to reviewing the best two-burner grills. The grill doesn’t have any additional shelves to keep your cooking tools or prepping space. So, you will need to deploy other utensils to marinate and keep your food. There is no wheel attached to the grill. So, you have to carry the grill in your arms. Moreover, the stainless-steel tube burners have a powerful performance of 12,000 BTUs that eats out into the fuel leading to more fuel consumption.

Napoleon TQ285-RD-1-A TravelQ 285 Portable Gas Grill

Finding a truly compact portable grill may be difficult, but the NomadiQ portable propane gas is the perfect grill. It has everything you need when planning to go on a road trip, camping, or fishing. The compact design and foldable grill make the grill handy. You can carry the model just like a purse. In addition to these, the grill boasts a huge cooking space of around 226 sq. in. The NomadiQ propane gas grill weighs only about 12 pounds, and the dimension makes the grill to be carried inside a van, RV, car, or even boats. It takes very little space, and it includes two drip trays and a manual. Moreover, the grill comes with a carrying strap for easy transportation.

Other features of this model include ceramic coated non-stick cast iron, but that is not detachable.  The components are strong and durable with the push-to-start ignition switch that makes your cooking easy and convenient. The grill has dual burners ranging from 5000 BTUs and 10,000 BTUs. Since the burners are independent, you can adjust and control temperature. However, there is no lid, due to which it may take more time.

Moreover, monitoring the heat also becomes a difficult task. On the other hand, no assembly is required, and this indicates that you can start with your cooking experience right away. In addition, the manufacturers use an anti-rust coating on the grates to prevent corrosion.

Even though the grill has a sleek design, it doesn't have enough cooking space for grilling BBQ dishes for more than two members. So, if you want a portable gas grill for two or three members, this model is worth the value, but we don't recommend using it for medium-to-large gatherings. In addition, the grates are not easily accessible and have no lid. So, if you wish to have smoky beef on your platter, this grill may not be the right choice.

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