Gas Grills Under $100 | 9 Best Models of 2023 Reviewed

On a hot summer day, or in any other season, people gather around the fire to warm themselves up or to cook something. Barbecuing has been well known in many countries and done in so many ways by different traditions. The practice of cooking food over fire has been passed down to many generations and has adapted too many improvements in the style of cooking. Grilling existed since the early pre-Colonial times and has taught us one thing — that food tastes even better and the method is very straight forward. Over time, grilling has evolved and the next thing we know, from pit-style grilling, then wood-fire grilling and charcoal, we have come to this point where gas grilling is a thing. Keep reading to find the best gas grills under $100.









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Royal Gourmet PD1202R






Royal Gourmet PD1301S












Masterbuilt SH19030819






Weber Go-Anywhere






Flame King YSNHT500






Char-Broil Portable 240






Pit Boss Grills PB100P1






Cuisinart CGG-059






Royal Gourmet PD1202R

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 221
Primary Burners BTU: 12,000
BTU / Square Inch: 54
Burgers cooked at once: 8
Warranty: 1 year
Made in: China

Royal Gourmet PD1301S

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 316
Primary Burners BTU: 25,500
BTU / Square Inch: 81
Burgers cooked at once: 14
Warranty: 1 year
Made in: China


Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 289
Primary Burners BTU: 30,000
BTU / Square Inch: 104
Burgers cooked at once: 12
Warranty: 5 years
Made in: China

Masterbuilt SH19030819

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 288
Primary Burners BTU: 10,000
BTU / Square Inch: 35
Burgers cooked at once: 8
Warranty: 1 year
Made in: China

Weber Go-Anywhere

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 160
Primary Burners BTU: 6,500
BTU / Square Inch: 41
Burgers cooked at once: 6
Warranty: 2 years / 10 years
Made in: USA / Asia

Flame King YSNHT500

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 214
Primary Burners BTU: 12,000
BTU / Square Inch: 56
Burgers cooked at once: 8
Warranty: -
Made in: China

Char-Broil Portable 240

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 240
Primary Burners BTU: 9,500
BTU / Square Inch: 40
Burgers cooked at once: 11
Warranty: 1 year
Made in: China

Pit Boss Grills PB100P1

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 205
Primary Burners BTU: 10,000
BTU / Square Inch: 49
Burgers cooked at once: 8
Warranty: 1 year
Made in: China

Cuisinart CGG-059

Primary Cooking Area, sq. inch: 146
Primary Burners BTU: 8,000
BTU / Square Inch: 55
Burgers cooked at once: 6
Warranty: 3 years
Made in: China

Buying Guide

Gas grilling obviously uses propane or natural gas as its fuel source. Through its gas flame, cooking food by direct heat will be so much easier; heating of grill elements which then emits the necessary heat to scorch any meat or vegetable placed on the grilling surface.

There are different types and sizes of grills that ranges from small, large or even up to industrial size which are practically use to feed hundreds of people. Some gas grills can be replaced by using liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas fuel; the only thing is, the manual changing key components includes burners and regulator valves that might be unfamiliar to few.

The design of the majority of gas grills follow the cart grill design. It entails that the grill unit is attached into a frame with wheels where it holds the fuel tank. If you are a little handy and wanted to customize the body frame of your grill, you may do so by adding side support tables, compartment storages for condiments or whatever that may suit your taste.

Nowadays, the trendiest gas grills have an infrared radiant burner at the back of its grill enclosure. The heat is evenly distributed across the platform with this radiant burner and is best when used in a horizontal rotisserie. Not only grilling per se can be done on a gas grill-smoking is also commonly done using gas grill by using a small metal smoker box for gas grill filled with wood chips to achieve that smoky flavor taste in food.

All of these types of grills and features are good insights on why you should purchase your own gas grill. Basically, it has many uses aside from grilling only, and the convenience that it gives when cooking is really worth it. However, when considering in buying gas grills, the most important thing you consider is the price. How much do gas grills cost anyway? Well, to start off, one of the best gas grills may drop your jaw as it costs around a thousand dollars). 

Surely, there are grills that cost less than a thousand bucks ranging from a few hundred, but you have to take note that these are in smaller size and in a different model. You also have to consider that some cheaper and smaller gas grills don’t have as many burners compared to the expensive and larger ones. Some reviews might point out that the expensive one are sturdier and can last you even for a lifetime.

Indeed, price really matters, because an expensive gas grill doesn’t always mean a good quality gas grill. The same goes with a cheap, sub-standard quality gas grill - you can never be so sure whether the money you will spend on buying it is worth every penny. Some may consider gas grills worth over $100 too expensive; there are consumers that think otherwise. But is it deserving to get a gas grill under $100?

The answer is yes. Scouting for a good gas griller under $100 is a challenge but we are pretty sure that there are gas griller units that runs perfectly smooth and has no issues; most importantly, it serves its purpose of grilling and cooking your food. All you need to do is be resourceful in researching inexpensive gas grills that has best quality considering its low price point. If you are having a hard time in looking for a gas grill under $100, here some of the units that you may want to consider purchasing.

In buying the gas grill under $100, there are some few pointers that you should take note of. First is you should consider the burner and heat it emits. Having a gas grill worth under a hundred bucks might be a gamble because some units cannot produce the enough amount of heat, so you might consider not being swayed by good talking salesmen, always consider the total amount of BTU (British Thermal Unit).

Secondly, the grates, griddles, or racks should be checked. When considering such things, always consider your culinary preference or method in mind. Thirdly, the built and materials of the gas grill is important - you don’t want a flimsy handle or an unstable cover lid. Remember that you are handling something hot, so safety is your priority. Lastly, its accessories and safety features: this includes the adaptor, propane hose or the sharp edges of the grill. Here are the things that a buyer should consider especially when getting an inexpensive gas grill. If you are still unsure of what to get, the best thing to do is consult an expert.

Small Gas Grill for Balcony

Grilling outdoors really is a lot of fun. You get to enjoy the weather outside while having your barbecued food. But this activity might be a problem if you’re living in a small apartment with no chance of grilling out in the backyard but only in the comfort of your apartment balcony. Small gas grill for balcony might be the best pick for you since it is handy, easy to use and a real space saver. But before deciding to get one of those handy griller, there are a few pointers to be remembered:

  • You must first assess the size and available space of your balcony - you don’t want to overcrowd your limited balcony space while putting up a huge grilling space at one corner.
  • Consider the number of people you are going to cook for. A portable, best small propane grill may not be able to cater these amount of large servings.
  • Research and read online reviews on the model of the gas grill for balcony that you are eyeing to get. It’s always better to have the popular opinion to know what may be best suited for your taste.
  • Ask experts that knows too well about gas grills for balcony if you are still clueless on what to get.

Small Patio Gas Grill

Just like gas grills for balconies, small patio gas grills has convenience written all over it. If you prefer having a grill party still at the comfort of your homes, getting a small patio gas grill may be the one for you. This kind of grill has been preferred by many grill enthusiasts and consumers alike because it is convenient, easy to use and requires no additional work.

It is pretty much just setting up a barbecue party within the limits of your patio and just enjoying the outdoor ambiance. The most commonly asked question when it comes to patio gas grilling is, is it safe to grill on a patio? Sure there may be safety precautionary measures that one should take note especially grilling outdoors under a scorching hot weather may contribute to some problems. Here are some safety tips to consider when using a small patio gas grill:

  •  Patio gas grills can be used in any season, but each time you’ll have to use it, make sure to check the unit for any gas leaks following the manufacturer’s instructions for you gas grill.
  • Do not use any gas grills in enclosed areas. A patio gas grill was made to cater ventilated outdoor cookouts.

Stainless Steel Tabletop Gas Grills

We have already established that material and build of a gas grill is an important thing as well. Considering the material of its built will help you in finding a durable, sturdy, and reliable gas grill. Most consumers tend to choose stainless steel gas grills because firstly, it is water resistant; secondly, it is lightweight, heat and corrosion-resistant and lastly, rust proof.

But for convenience purposes and ease of use, a stainless steel tabletop gas grill can be really handy - it can be placed into surfaces that are easily accessible, more so, you can also bring it wherever you want just like a portable gas grill. It will all depend on exact culinary needs and preference; so before purchasing one, you should regard all these demands so the model or unit will fit in perfectly with your needs. The things you need to take note of are:

  • Size.
  • Type:
  • Standard stainless steel grills
  • Kettle stainless steel grills
  • Hibachi or flat-top stainless steel grills
  • Portable stainless steel grills
  • Built-in stainless steel grills
  • Stainless steel smoker grills
  • Fuel Source.
  • Steel grade:
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 443 stainless steel
  • 430 stainless steel
  • 201 and 202 stainless steel
  • Cooking Surface.
  • Additional Features.

Tailgate Gas Grill

Basically, if you want to show off and grill on an open flame, tailgate grill is the perfect one for you. These are commonly seen during barbecue parties outdoors since you can easily set it up and carry around at the back of your trunk. Actually, most tailgate grills can be operated at the back of your truck; some types have built-in stands as well so this is a very good investment if you are into cooking outdoors. In every outdoor cookout, grill enthusiasts must be mindful of maintaining and keeping your gas grill in check. It is not enough that you take advantage of its convenience without considering the maintenance of the grill itself. They say that the life span of a grill depends on its proper care and maintenance. To make sure that tailgating grills would be last you for a long time, make sure to:

  • Clean the cooking grates every use;
  • Pre-heating your gas grill before starting to cook as this disinfects and burn-off any food residue;
  • Check the folding legs if there are any loose screws;
  • Always check if the gas hose or valves are in proper condition, you don’t want any gas leakages while enjoying tailgating.

Folding Camping Grill

Campers can now freely grill to their heart’s content while enjoying nature’s view outside the comfort of their homes. It is very important to consider that when you are buying a folding camping grill, the size really matters. Since you will be staying outdoors for a longer period of time, choose a folding camping grill that can be easily carried around and has a lightweight design. Read more about best small grills.

Moreover, before you choose a model, make sure that it can easily fit anywhere and may take up only limited space, because camping is all about easy accessibility in an environment that limits your space and movement. When using folding camping grills, one should be aware on how to use it responsibly.

Grilling is the most common method used by campers because it is quick, convenient and a good source of heat especially during a cold camping night but small mishaps or troubles can still occur when camp grilling is not done responsibly. Here are some general camping grilling tips:

  • Do not forget to bring a portable fire extinguisher
  • Keep children away from camping grills
  • Do not leave the camping grill fire unattended
  • Do not place the grill near pile of dried leaves, plants or similar flammable things


Cuisinart CGG-059 Grillster

  • What you will love about this grill is that you can carry it anywhere and anytime you want. Weighing just 10 pounds, you will have no problem as this is light enough to be carried around like your personal bag. The locking lid feature is really stable giving you a secured unit without worrying that its vital parts may scatter. For people who loves outdoor activities including camping, this is the perfect grill that you could ever purchase. The compact size is perfect if you prefer grills that do not cater to a large number of crowds to serve--it is also ideal to be used in balconies, patios or small apartments with no large spaces to grill at.
  • The grill requires no assembly so it can easily be used by people who hates preparations.
  • Has 8,000 BTU burner that can surely give you enough heat distribution to properly cook your food.
  • Has additional features such as drip tray where the grease drippings are contained and gas regulator monitors that allows you to monitor gas flow.
  • Uses a propane gas tank so it will be very easy to use because all you have to do is start the ignition by pressing the button.

Masterbuilt SH19030819 Tabletop Grill

  • Made from stainless steel so you can be sure that this is water resistant, lightweight, heat and corrosion-resistant and lastly, rust proof.
  • Has 10,000 BTU stainless steel burner that can surely give you enough heat distribution to properly cook your food.
  • Has a U-Shaped burner that equally distributes heat whenever you’re grilling.
  • This is very good for people who prefer grilling activities outdoors because this has folding legs that will make it easier for you to carry it around whenever and wherever you are.
  • The locking lid makes this grill safe and sturdy so you don’t have to worry that the insides will be dismantled.
  • Has a push-button ignition that makes it convenient and faster to start the grill.
  • A perfect warming rack coated in chrome that keeps your food warm and fresh.
  • The stainless steel cooking grates are great for easy grilling considering the amount of heat distribution is pretty good.
  • With 288 sq. Inches of cooking surface, you are sure that you can serve a decent number of people and can grill types of food all at the same time.
  • This portable table top gas grill uses propane gas making it simpler for anyone to start grilling without the hassle of starting up a small fire like that of grills using charcoal and pellets.

Char-Broil Portable 240

  • With a 240 sq. Inches of cooking surface, you can grill a decent amount of food without having to worry of its cooking quality. This grill prides itself for having a cast aluminum firebox and lid. The grill’s sturdy legs and the unique suitcase-shaped frame makes this grill perfect for camping activities outdoors. It’s sleek, classic, and lightweight allowing campers and grillers alike to carry it around wherever they wish.
  • A one pound propane tank can be attached to the grill’s side part. Empowered by its Piezo ignition, it will be easy to start the ignition by just a push of a button.
  • Made from stainless steel so you can be sure that this is water resistant, lightweight, heat and corrosion-resistant and lastly, rust proof.
  • With a lid-mounted temperature gauge making sure that you are on track of the heat temperature when grilling. A painted porcelain body adds to its excellent over-all appearance.

Pit Boss Grills PB100P1

  • If you are into portable grills that can be easily carried wherever you wish to set up a barbecue grill, Pit Boss Grills PB100P1 Pit Stop Single-Burner Portable Tabletop Grill is the one for you. Made from stainless steel so it is water resistant, lightweight, heat and corrosion-resistant and lastly, rust proof. The folding stainless steel legs add up to the sleek design which makes this portable grill pleasant to look at.
  • With 10,000 BTU stainless steel U-shaped burner, it is more than enough to distribute a considerable amount of heat making sure your food is cooked all the way through.
  • If you’re the kind of buyer that portability matters to you, then this unit is more than perfect. The stainless steel folding legs make it a lot simpler for travelers and picnic goers to carry it to another location with ease.
  • Has a push-button ignition with grease trays to collect drippings
  • It works on a propane gas so you can easily attach it to the grill
  • It comes with an additional feature which is the warming rack to keep your food fresh and hot.

Flame King - YSNHT500 RV Or Trailer Mounted BBQ

  • The design of this grill is one of the most unique ones since the grill station comes with a bracket to mount right onto the side of the motorhome, RV or even trailer. It is indeed very portable because you can cook wherever and whenever you are. This is absolutely compatible with individuals who wanted to grill while on the road or just have a stop to enjoy a good piece of grilled meat. Buyers are commonly amazed on how versatile this grill is perfect for tailgating and camping because the hanging rack can also be used for free-standing grill.
  • Has a 12,000 BTU with an adjustable flame controller that can be considered as incredibly convenient since the food will be cooked faster and evenly.
  • The locking retainer pins are used to properly secure the grill on place and secure the mounted bracket. The dual locking lid warrants a secured storage.
  • With a 214 sq. Inch grilling surface, this grill can definitely serve a crowd because it can accommodate more food to grill.

Royal Gourmet PD1301S Portable

  • When you first look at this model, you will probably remember a stove top grill. The 316 sq. Inches flat surface grill makes it perfect to cook all sorts of meat all at the same time without the fear of overcrowding the grill surface. It is very spacious so you won’t have to worry that you cannot serve a big crowd.
  • It is very convenient and portable perfect for outdoor cook-offs and picnics such as tailgating and camping.
  • Fueled by propane gas so you can attach a tank easily
  • With three separate burners, you are sure to have a fast and even heating of food. The controlled burners have 25,500 BTU cooking power.
  • The integrated Piezo ignition makes the grilling a lot easier with just a simple push of a button. You will not have the problem of assembling complicated parts because it is really simple to set-up. The temperature is all up to your hands since you can adjust it from high to low.
  • A grease tray is included to collect fat and grease drippings so it will be easier for you to clean it up. The griddle top is detachable as well so the ease of washing is no problem.

Weber 1141001 Go-Anywhere

  • If you wanted the basic type of grill and you go by the old school method of grilling, the Weber 1141001 Go-Anywhere Gas Grill, may be the perfect fit for you. The exterior material is made out of stainless steel so you can be sure that this is water resistant, lightweight, heat and corrosion-resistant and lastly, rust proof.
  • With a weight of 13.5 pounds, this will not be a problem to carry around wherever you prefer to cook. Most especially if it looks like a small tool box--very fascinating and fun to look at.
  • The frame material is made out of alloy steel so it is sturdy and reliable.
  • The product is as straightforward as it looks, it is very decent and pretty much serves its purpose in grilling. It is fueled by a propane gas so you can just buy a tank to be attached on its side.
  • Has 6,500 BTU but it can still cook your food properly having a fairly equal heat distribution.
  • If you hate flare-ups while grilling, this model comes with a durable porcelain enamelled cooking grate to reduce such flare-ups.
  • Has a push button igniter, commonly found in most portable gas grills

PIT BOSS PB336GS 2 Burner Table Top

  • The PIT BOSS PB336GS 2 Burner Table Top LP Gas Griddle is a basic grill that significantly serves its purpose of cooking food. There is nothing too fancy or too complicated with this grill because like the previous grills mentioned, this too is straightforward. Made out of stainless steel material, you won’t have to worry about rusting or even getting affected by moisture. The cast iron frame material enables it to spread heat in an evenly manner.
  • It has two burners under its griddle so you are sure that the food is being cooked evenly and properly. The griddle perfectly works well with thin cuts of meat and vegetables--it is somewhat similar to cooking a burger at a stove grill or griddle.
  • With a 289 sq. Inches cooking surface, you are certainly getting your money’s worth because you can serve a crowd using this grill.
  • The four black non-slip legs serve as a sturdy support making grilling a lot easier and safe.
  • It is fuelled by propane gas so all you have to worry is buying a tank.
  • The design is not that fancy and modern as compared to other grills, but it is worth every penny. Additional features such as a grease cup to collect the grease drippings is also included.

Royal Gourmet PD1202R 18-Inch Portable Table Top

  • Another table top grill that is under $100 which can be considered good, but not really the best among the lines of table top grills.
  • The material is made out of porcelain and stainless steel so the cooking method will be faster.
  • It has a 221 sq. Inch cooking surface where the top is an enameled coated porcelain. This 18-inch glossy porcelain surface can occupy eight burger patties at once. It sounds like a good deal because it is perfect to serve family sized meals.
  • Has 12,000 BTU single burner that can cook the food faster and evenly. You can start grilling instantly without a hassle by just the simple push of the ignition button powered by Piezo. Temperature can be easily adjusted according to your cooking preferences.

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