Weber Q2200 Reviews: Small Family Sized Grill Packed With Features

When it comes to grills, the choices in the market can be overwhelming. Gas grills are the most common choice these days on smaller households who like to cook for a smaller crowd and family. Weber is designing some of the best gas grills that suit the grilling demand perfectly. The Q line of the web gas grill range is one of the best for quality and design standards. For those on the lookout for a small grill for weekend grilling in a family of 4 or a few friends, the Weber Q2200 is one of the popular choices. Here is a detailed guide of what Weber Q2200 is, what most Weber Q2200 reviews are talking about, and how it stands out in the market.

About the Company

Everyone knows about the brand Weber-Stephen Products Co when it comes to grills like gas, charcoal, or electrical. It started as a family business in the year 1893 under the name Weber Bros. Metal Works. George Stephan, the current owner of the Weber-Stephen Products, was a part-owner of Weber Bros. Metal Works. The first original round charcoal kettle grill was made in the year 1951 and was officially started selling one year later, in 1952, under George's Barbecue Kettle. The idea came from the household brazier that they wanted to upgrade. After the sale of the grill was a successful effort, Stephen decided to start a separate division for manufacturing barbecues and grills in the Weber Bros. Metal Works.

In the late 1950s, George Stephen bought the Weber Bros. Metal Works and became the only owner. The goal of the new business was to sell the Weber Kettle. And soon after, the name was changed to Weber-Stephen Products Co. Today, the company not only sells different grills and smokers (compare with the equally famous Char-Broil) but also publishes cookbooks and owns restaurants.


The materials used in Weber grills are of top class. Most of their grills are made of stainless steel, porcelain-coated enamel, or cast iron. The material makes sure that the grills are easily washable and can handle the heat and grease. Another thing, which is important in grills, is that they should be rustproof and, the body should be able to handle the heat. And Weber Product knows about this fact, which is why they use welding over fasteners. It increases the longevity of the grills.  


Product performance and quality testing done by the Weber-Stephen Products on their products is another reason why there are fewer complaints from customers. Every product should meet certain product standards to be able to be sold in the market. For example, it is made sure that grills can withstand different weather conditions and cooking timings. In addition, the testing is done keeping in mind that every product should have a durability of 10-15 years and that too when used constantly.

Easily Repaired

Many times, there are certain parts in products that are not very easy to find. So, if that particular part defaults in the product, it needs to be shipped to a service center where that part is available. And by chance, it is out of the warranty period; then, one will have to pay extra shipping costs. This is not a concern with Weber products because their parts are easily available and replaced in any service center. This can also mean that one can buy an old secondhand model of Weber grill and upgrade it by changing its parts with newer compatible ones.


It is observed that most of the grills under Weber products have at least two years of warranty and, when contacted for this matter, the company shows full assistance in getting the grievances cleared. And in case the product needs to be returned, the company will even return the shipping cost. Although Weber does not offer the longest warranty, its warranty is different from other manufacturers for the better. Apart from the warranty, it is very easy to get the product repaired. As mentioned before, the replacement parts are very easily available; thus, it can be done in any center without shipping it to any particular service center.

Where It Is Made

Weber-Stephen Products Co. is not a new brand; it is a leading manufacturer of grills. It started with an original idea and, throughout all these years, it made sure to keep innovating new things and making the grills netter and more user-friendly. As a result, many features are innovated by the brand and have been patented and use exclusively in their products. All these ideas and innovation result from hours of brainstorming done by their engineering and designing team in the headquarter of the company, in Chicago. And the manufacturing takes place in their plant in Huntley, Illinois.

Customer Support

For a brand to become successful in a competitive market, proper customer service is very important. And since Weber grills are quite a favorite customer product, they make sure that their customer service is always on point. They are quick with responses, pay attention to the grievances, and find a solution that suits them. One can contact them with any product-related question, defect, or repairs. After understanding the problem and situation, they are very effective with their follow-up response.

Features of Weber Q2200

Weber Q2200 is jam-packed with some great features. These features make it a hassle-free grill that gives complete value for one's money, as per weber Q2200 reviews. Some of the features that make the Weber Q2200 one hell of a good choice for easy and handy grilling are:

Smaller size

The size of the Weber Q2200 is quite small. It is easy to carry and thus falls in the portable category. For a family with a maximum of 4 members, this grill is the best choice for Sunday BBQ sessions. Also, the portability allows the user to carry it around to any spot they want.

Transportable cart

The grill is small in size, but the company has gone the extra mile to provide the customers with a transportable cart. This transportable cart helps in moving the grill from one place to another. No need to haul the grill of 42 pounds by hand. Instead, use the cart to roll the grill to the destination.

Cooking grates

The Weber Q2200 has split grid grates that can be separated. This means one can use either of the grids as per their choice. Also, the grid can be separated to clean better after the grilling is done. The grates are porcelain-coated cast-iron grates which makes them highly efficient. The grate has an area of 280 sq. The cast iron makes the heat evenly distributed on the grate for better cooking.

Gets hot easily

One thing that matters the most during grilling is how quickly the surface gets hot. In Weber Q2200, the surface of 280 sq. in. will get hot pretty quickly. Means one will not have to for too long. Also, as the grill gets hot quickly, the wastage of gas is kept to a minimum. The grill has a cast aluminum lid, making sure that the heat remains trapped inside for a better and even distribution of temperature.

Electric ignition

Using a match stick to light up the grill can be tricky, and many tend to feel a bit confused. An electric ignition feature is added to the grills these days to ease the hassle and make it easier. Weber Q2200 is not different. One can turn a switch to light up the burner easily. No doubt, this increases the safety factor of the grill and also makes the grill more efficient.


Buying thermometers for one's grill is an old story now. These days' people prefer hood-mounted thermometers that will tell the temperature right away. One can cook without any stress, without much chance of overcooked or undercooked food. The thermometer is quite a helpful addition because, now, one will not have to open the lid again and again to check the temperature.

Catch pan

The Weber Q2200 comes with a catch pan that makes it easy to collect all the grease that drips from the meat or any food that is cooked on the grill. Many like to use the drips from the meat to be reused for brushing onto vegetables and sausages. Drip pans make it easy, as the grease gets collected perfectly to be either thrown away or reused.


Burners play a big role in how the grill heats the grates and how the food is cooked. Weber Q2200 has only one burner, which for some may seem like a disadvantage of the grill. But, if one takes into consideration the size of the grill, then one burner is enough. The BTU of the burner is 12,000 BTU which is enough for a small grill. The burner is a stainless burner of a D-shape.

Side tables

The Weber Q2200 has two side tables that one gets with it. These side tables are handy for those who want to shift the grill to another place like the apartment balcony, backyard, or any, picnic spot. In addition, one can keep the ingredients and other food items on the side tables easily, making the grilling process much more easy and enjoyable.

Removable propane gas tank

The Weber Q2200 has a removable propane gas tank. This means one can re-fill the gas tank as and when required. Also, when grilling outside or at any other spot, bring a smaller gas tank that is easy to haul and carry. One can convert the Weber Q2200 into a full-size gas tank grill as well if needed.


When one looks at the performance of the Weber Q2200, several things make the grill a good choice. The grate is big enough for small meals, and the grates get heated up uniformly. The 12,000 BTU single burners are effective for cooking and provide even heating. One can fit larger roasts in the grill as well due to its domed lid. However, indirect cooking is not something that can be done in this grill.


The grates are cast iron means they are highly durable and will last longer than any other type of grates. Also, the body is cast aluminum and thus is sturdy enough to go through some intense cooking sprees. The weight of the grill is a bit on the heavier side, but the trolley table helps. One thing that users need to be careful about is the plastic side tables.

Why Weber Stands Out?

No one can enjoy a backyard barbecue get-together without the right grill and other types of equipment, which is why many people resort to buying the Weber grills. But one cannot just buy the product without proper research. So, below some benefits are mentioned that proofs why Weber manufactured grills are popular in the market.

  • Wide variety of products - One good thing about buying grills from Weber is that the purchaser will get many options to choose from. They can buy the one that suits their preferences and needs. One can choose from grills with a different energy source (gas, coal, and electricity), multiple burners, sizes, additional accessories, etc. Thus, one does not have to compromise with their preferences when buying any Weber grill.
  • Brand name and reputation - Weber has not become one of the leading Grill brands without any experience. It has been in the market since when the first kettle grill was sold in 1952. All these years, they have been coming up with new features to make their grills better. And proper communication with their customers has helped them understanding their needs and using that to make more ergonomic designs.
  • Versatile and reliable products - Since the company keeps innovating new features to make its products more user-friendly, it has many versatile features. Also, Weber never takes shortcuts when it comes to testing the safety and performance of the grills. It should clear some basic standards to make it to the market. Most of the Weber grills have electric ignition so, no need for lighters and matchsticks. Also, the propane tank is placed in a closed cylinder-like space making it safer for the users.
  • Products for a specific purpose - Many people have different preferences when cooking meat and vegetables. For example, if one likes to cook their poultry meat in a rotisserie, Weber has a grill. The unit will have a properly structured body with a heavy electrical motor that can take the weight of the meat as it rotates and cooks. Like this, many other features and accessories are added to different grills that serve a particular purpose. Such features are what make Weber a known and liked brand when it comes to grills.
  • Constant brainstorming - With so many years of experience in manufacturing and customer service, Weber has a lot of data that helps them know the new needs and trends circulating in the market. Thus, they use all this information to create products that have unique features. But also maintain their trademark grill quality. This is not possible without heavy brainstorming on the part of the designers and engineers of the company. So, even if it has been in the market for so long, it does not stop with its innovations. As years change, so does their grills.
Weber Q2200 is a great choice for those looking for a small grill for their small family, according to all the customers of Weber Q2200 reviews (although be sure to compare it with the model Q1200). The grill is handy, durable, efficient, and grills meat perfectly. There is not much to dislike besides a few cons, like heavier in weight, one burner, and plastic side tables. In addition, the body is well built, the grates are designed to maximize heat distribution, and the grates can be divided into two. Thus, one can say that this grill is quite a winner in the value for money category.

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