7 Best Portable Pellet Grills of 2023 | Reviews and Ratings

A pellet grill or pellet smoker is an outdoor electric cooker fueled by hardwood pellets. The best portable pellet grill allows you to do slow roasting, smoke authentic barbecue, make pizza, or grill steak. It doesn't matter whether you're cooking at home or outdoors. The portable pellet grill allows you to achieve a fantastic taste every time, time after time.




Cooking area

Max temperature,



Green Mountain Grills ‎DCWF










Camp Chef 20" Pursuit Portable





Pit Boss Portable





Pit Boss Mahogany series 150PPS





Traeger Ranger





Traeger Scout Pellet Grill






Green Mountain Grills ‎DCWF

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 219

Max Temperature, ºF: 550

Warranty: 2 years

Made in: China


Cooking Area, sq. in.: 256

Max Temperature, ºF: 500

Warranty: 5 years

Made in: China

Camp Chef 20" Pursuit Portable

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 501

Max Temperature, ºF: 650

Warranty: 3 years

Made in: USA/China

Pit Boss Mahogany series 150PPS

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 256

Max Temperature, ºF: 500

Warranty: 3/5 years

Made in: China

Traeger Ranger

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 184

Max Temperature, ºF: 450

Warranty: 3 years

Made in: China

Traeger Scout Pellet Grill

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 176

Max Temperature, ºF: 450

Warranty: 3 years

Made in: China

Pit Boss Portable

Cooking Area, sq. in.: 340

Max Temperature, ºF: 500

Warranty: 1 year

Made in: China

A pellet smoker has an auger that feeds wood pellets into the firebox. At high temperatures, more pellets dispense into the auger. There is a rod that heats up and ignites the pellets. Also, a fan stokes the fire and creates convection heat for cooking. A combustion fan also prevents burning of pellet and auger tube as well as maintains positive pressure.

Inside the machine, there is a sensor that sends data to the built-in computer. The controller adjusts the pellet flow and air and maintains the temperature. On the fire pit sits a drip tray that prevents direct flames from burning the food.

You can install the setup in your backyard and enjoy amazing mouth-watering wood fire flavored food anytime. Please read our reviews about the best pellet grill models available on the market in the under $500 or $1,000 price range,

Benefits of Portable Pellet Grills

  1. Pellet grill makes it easy to bake, braise, grill, smoke, or barbecue food.
  2. Can choose different hardwood flavors.
  3. It saves time and allows you to control the cooking process.
  4. Prevent burnt food.

Buying Guide To the Best Portable Pellet Grill


It is important to consider the quality construction features before choosing any pellet grill. Having a good quality material used in the pellet grill will ensure that your machine lasts for a long. Pellet grill doesn't have to be heavy, but they also shouldn't feel delicate either. Check whether the pellet grill has a lid that lays on the grill and has gaps or not.

Pellet grills come in a different material but mostly in painted steel. The quality of steel, as well as paint, varies from one model to another. A high-temp powder coat paint offers heat resistant and avoids flaking or blistering.

A stainless steel pellet grill is a good option as it is rust-resistant, easier to maintain, and more durable. Apart from durability, the grill's quality construction helps retain heat and offer better pellet construction and high performance. The most desirable pellet grill is one made with commercial grade stainless steel 304. Other pellet grills are made with 430 stainless steel and are an affordable option as well as durable enough.

Temperature Range

Temperature is essential to consider if you want to cook different types of dishes on your pellet grill. Most of the pellet grills have no issues in indirect cooking and can hit temperatures from 180°F to 425°F. And anyone can roast, bake, grill, or smoke between this temperature range. However, for searing, you need a temperature of 500-550°F (If you're interested in grills that can reach these temperatures or even higher, check out our Camp Chef pellet grill reviews).

So, choose a pellet grill with a better temperature range that will allow you to do various types of cooking. Performance pellet grill with temperature range 500°F-700°F is enough to get great steak as well as fire-baked pizza.

Type Of Pellet Controller

The pellet grill must maintain a consistent temperature for cooking great food and this ability of a pellet grill largely depend on its controller board. A controller board acts as the brain of your pellet grill. Different types of controllable are available in the pellet grill. Most of them can maintain a consistent temperature in normal conditions, but not all of them can maintain a consistent temperature in the wind, rain, and cold weather.

You can find 3-position controller in the pellet grill. It has three temperature settings, mainly low (225°F), medium (325°F), and high (425°C). Unfortunately, they run in the fixed cycle to feed the pellet, and since there are only 3 settings, you don't have Kuch control on your cooking temperature with the 3-position controller.

The multi-position controller features a knob with various temperature settings from 180-420°F in 25° increment and has an LCD. As a result, these controllers offer better temperature control. They also run in the fixed cycle; however, they offer less stability and accuracy in cold weather.

One-touch non-PID controller features LCD as well as one-touch option to set temperature in 5-10° increment. This controller enables you to set more accurate temperatures for cooking. Run-on fixed cycle to feed pellet and offer accuracy to +/-15-20°F as well as offer input for the meat probe. You can observe the internal temperature of good easily.

PID controllers are the most sophisticated of all types of pellet grill controllers. They make use of a complex algorithm to maintain the temperature within few degrees. Also, it comes with an LCD as well as a one-touch option for temperature settings. Unlike other controllers which have fixed cycles, the PID controller measures grill temperature continuously and adjust cycles accordingly. As a result, they offer the best cooking and correct temperature for cooking.

Size And Cooking Area

You can find pellet grill in different size range for meeting your cooking needs. You can find portable, extra-large, or built-in pellet grills for your outdoor kitchens. Therefore depending on the cooking area, you can select different sizes of the pellet grill.

Pellet grills have two cooking areas - a primary cooking area or main cooking grate as well as the total cooking area that includes the main cooking grate and secondary racks. Although most pellet grills are indirect cookers, there is no difference between the main rack of the upper rack. The small pellet grill has a primary grid of 450 sq inches and an upper rack of 125 sq inches. For an average family-size pellet grill with 450-500square inches, the primary cooking area is sufficient. For couples or singles, a smaller size is recommended.

Control Board With Meat Probe Input

Some pellet grill comes with output for meat probes. You have to plug one end in the control board and input the other end to meat. And you will be able to track the temperature of your food, which will be displayed on LCD. This saves you from the problem of opening the lid again and again to see the cooking process.

Secondary Cooking Racks

If you wish to maximize your cooking space, you would need a pellet grill with a secondary rack. Therefore, check if the secondary cooking rack is offered with the pellet grill you are choosing. And check if it comes along with it or is being provided as an add-on option.

Wi-Fi Capability

The Internet had connected our lives, and so have our grills. Since the pellet grill has an electronic control board, there is a need for Wi-Fi. A connected pellet grill will let you monitor as well as control cooking and see temperature from tablet, computer, phone no matter wherever you are!

Currently in market few pellet grill comes with Wi-Fi capability. But more will come soon, and it will allow you to connect with the control board.

Therefore, keeping in mind the above points, one can easily find the best portable pellet grill for their backyard kitchen. Lastly, think about your budgets and features that you need for better cooking, and then choose a pellet grill.

Portable Pellet Grill for Camping

Best Portable pellet grill is highly beneficial as you can carry them anywhere for camping or a trip. They instantly grill or smoke the food, burns pellets smoothly, are easier to clean and are highly reliable than wood or charcoal. The Traeger ranger has been the best pellet smoker for a long time, and the newest models solidify this fact.

The Traeger Rangers are convenient and easy to use pellet grills. Their size starts from 184 square inch cooking area and offers room for 1 rib, 10 hotdogs, 6 burgers. They are integrated with a digital arc controller that allows you to set temperature in 5° increment. Its advanced grilling logic offers precision and accuracy. The warm mode keeps your food hot off even if it is cooked an hour ago.

It is also integrated with a meat probe and build-in cook timer. The enter setup allows you to cook and clean easily as it has nonstick as well as porcelain-coated grates. Also, cast iron griddles will enable you to cook eggs and bacon at the campsite.

Therefore, Traeger ranger makes the best portable pellet grill for camping or trip! You can enjoy camping with friends and family as well as enjoy delicious food with smoky and woody flavors.

Portable Pellet Grill for RV

If you decide to travel or live in a motor coach, you need to downsize everything. If you choose between grill or smoker, then you have to give up on one thing. Although you lobe smoked turkey and ribs, you would take only one thing with you an RV. A smoker is quite heavy when compared with a grilling machine.

If you wish to smoke and grill at the same time, then a portable pellet grill is a better option. They are not only portable but allow you to grill, smoke, or do any type of cooking using a single machine.

Green Mountain grill Davy Crockett is one such portable pellet grill that comes at decent rates. It offers quality performance and is durable enough so, while you are travelling, you can set it up anywhere and grill or smoke. The Green Mountain pallet grill has foldable legs, accessible temperature settings, a medium hopper capacity, and excellent smoking potential. The only thing is that it has a 219 square inch cooking area, which can be smaller than other pellet grills; however, it's still the best machine for smoking small meats.

Apart from that are other portable pellet grills like pit boss, camp chef pursuit 20, Traeger ranger, etc., which are also portable and offer variable cooking features. You can look at a machine which suits your need and choose one.

Small Pellet Grill for Tailgating

Tailgating and BBQ go hand in hand. There are better things to enjoying just grilled food with your friend as you reunite. One such thing is improving the flavor of your tailgating food with smoke. With a small pellet grill, you can cook slow-smoked flavor food. It will cheer your friend, team, or family and give you the best memories.

So, what is the best small pellet grill for tailgating? The answer will depend on your needs and space. Pit boss makes an excellent small pellet grill. Convert from the standing to a tabletop pellet smoker. It has extendable legs and a digital control board. Wheels are included in this pellet grill to make it easy to carry anywhere. It comes with a 341 square inch cooking area and serves as both smoker and grill.

Apart from pit boss, various other portable pellet grills can be taken for tailgating. If you want one, then compare the features and reviews to know which Pellet grill serves best for tailgating, and also they can choose one which falls under their budgets.

Portable Pellet Grill Cover

While carrying your pellet grill machine to Tailgating and camping site, you want to avoid damage and keep your machine Safe. In that case, it is recommended to get a portable pellet grill cover. There are a few pellet grill that comes with a cover, and some come without a cover!

SMOKE portable wood pellet grill comes with a waterproof cover. During rainy days the cover will protect this machine from rain. While travelling, the cover will keep your machine free from dust and debris, and that way, your pellet grill machine will stay in good condition for long!

This pellet grill will let you prepare mouth-watering dishes. You will achieve rich wood flavor in your dishes when you cook in this machine. You can smoke, dear, or grill and many more using a single machine. It has a smart temperature control system, programmable meat probe and allows you to cook slow, fast, or hot with its temperature control system.

If you are choosing other portable pellet grills that are without cover, then check if the cover is included as an add-on option or not.

Can You Use a Pellet Grill Without Electricity?

A pellet grill requires electricity to operate. Although not much electricity is needed to operate it, you need approximately 300 watts to operate it. In the first few minutes, power is necessary, as the small metal rod igniter inside the pellet grill has to get heated up to ignite the pellet in the firebox.

The amount of electricity required by the pallet grill is minimal, and it is needed to feed the pellet via auger system and for the functioning of thermostat control.

Portable Pellet Grills Reviews

Green Mountain Pellet Grills DCWF

Green Mountain grill is the best portable pellet grill for tailgating, camping, and RV lovers. This pellet grill comes with a peaked lid, convenient side trays, foldable legs, and a nine-pound capacity pellet hopper. The grill shows wi-fi compatibility with Android or iOS applications. Therefore, offering complete control over your food even from a distance.


Durable construction - Green Mountain grill DCWF is made with durable steel. The peaked lif allows you to make non-sticky chicken or grill rack of ribs. The side shelf comes with a build-in hook, a feature many other grills lack. Legs are easily foldable and used as a handle while travelling.

Size and weight - Green Mountain pellet grill is small enough to carry anywhere. It is 68 pounds and has 219 Square inches cooking area. If your family is small and your menu includes hot dogs, burgers, and other ingredients, then this pellet grill size is perfect for you!

Voltage - this pellet grill has voltage 12V or 110V with an adaptor. There is no need to buy additional connected as this grill offers 2v battery options and auto (cigar lighter) plug as well as a standard 110v AC plug.

Ease of use - the Green Mountain grill is easy to use and has automated features for wood pellet feed, temperature control system, and one-touch ignition. Anyone can efficiently operate it and plug it into a car battery or 110-volt outlet, or car cigarette lighter to start it.

Safety feature - built-in Wi-Fi technology allows you to prevent a fire even when you are away from the grill. The grill's design is such that it will not trip down thus, offering a high safety level to you and your family.

Maintenance and warranty - it is easy to clean the ash created from the burnt wooden pallet using a vacuum cleaner. There is no need to brush it or scrape it as there is a greasing channel. Apart from that 2-year warranty is offered with this pellet grill.

SMOKE AS300 portable pellet grill

Another best portable pellet grill on our list is SMOKE AS300. Someone who loves barbeque knows the importance of constant low temperature for proper smoking of meat. SMOKE AS300 is a portable tabletop machine allowing you to smoke perfectly. This machine uses natural wood pellet for smoking food and delivers a natural taste.


Design - SMOKE AS300 is constructed of stainless steel and has a durable feel and look. The outer chamber is matte, and the legs and lid come in four finishes - pine green, cinder black, apple red, or Tahoe blue. There is a chrome handle on the lid, and also there is a hopper with a capacity of four pounds, a small 12.5 by 5.5-inch upper rack (detachable), and a 14 by 13-inch cooking rack.

Temperature control - this machine has a temperature control dial, a temperature probe port, and a small LED panel as well as there is a grease port on its right side. The temperature dial lets you adjust the temperature from lowest to highest. The lowest setting is 180°F, and the highest setting is 500°F.

LED panel display, you can see the set temperature and current details. Apart from that, there is a no pellet warning LED that will tell you when the machine runs out of pellet, and an LED that tells you a fan and auger motor are running.

Easy Installation and use - it is easy to use SMOKE AS300 and takes few minutes to assemble. It consists of lid handle and legs attacked, slider and boilerplate installation, as well as attachment greased bucket. You can set it up on a picnic table, plug it into the GFCI outlet, fill the hopper with a pellet, and get started for cooking. The grill will take 4-10 minutes to ignore and another 10 min to reach the Temper. You can do any type of cooking from smoking, roasting, searing or braising.

Camp Chef 20" Pursuit Portable

This pellet grill machine is both portable and powerful. The Camp Chef 20 Pursuit is portable and approved for backyard, block party, and tailgating, as well as camping. It has 2 gen features such as smoke controls and PID technology. For the custom smoke test, you can adjust the smoke number and maintain a consistent temperature.


Slide and grill technology - the Camp Chef 20 Pursuit Portable pellet grill features and grill technology that allows you to seamlessly switch between direct flame broil or indirect cooking mode.

PID controller - generation 2 features such as PID technology control system allows you to control the temperature with 1-10° increment and perfectly grill the food. It enables you to maintain consistent temperature throughout the cooking process and perfectly grill, smoke, sear, or roast the food material.

Also, there is a Digital display offered and a menu dial system. The highest grilling temperature offered for indirect cooking is 500°F.

Design - Camp Chef 20 Pursuit is made of stainless steel, and therefore, it is durable and long-lasting when compared with other models. It has foldable legs and a pellet grill with dimensions 40 inches in length, 22.5-inch width, and 20-inch height. The Hopper capacity of this grill is 10 lbs. pellets. And rack surface area offered is 501 square inches. It requires an outlet of 110 volts for operating.

Ash cleanout system - after use, one can easily clean out the pellet grill. There is a patented ash cleanout system offered in this pellet grill.

Portability - as told earlier, the Camp Chef 20 Pursuit is a portable grill having push-button foldable legs, heavy-duty wheels as well a lid-locking system. Therefore not you can easily carry it from one place to another as well as store it. You also can set up the machine and start cooking within few minutes.

Traeger Scout Pellet Grill

The Traeger Scout pellet grill is an excellent portable pellet grill who wants to enjoy smoked food while they are on the road. In addition, you can use this portable tabletop grill and show off your smoking skills to your friends and family. Wooden pallets are used for fuelling this pellet grill. Other features included in this machine are precise temperature control, a keep warm setting and a cooker timer. Apart from that, there is also a meat probe and cast iron griddles for making breakfast.


Design - the Traeger Scout pellet grill is small enough to easily sit on a picnic table, weighing around 45 pounds. It has a matte black finish, a pair of hinges, and stainless steel handle that secures the lid and other parts of the grill. On the left side, there is a digital control panel, meat Probe and a small LCD.

Temperature control - below the LCD panel, there is a temperature control system along with the timer. You can use adjust the temperature using the up and down button. For example, you can adjust it to 165°F for keeping the food warm. This machine allows you to cook without overcooking the food. The meat probe allows you to check the temperature of the meat without opening the lid.

Easy cooking - the grilling area is 184 square inches and is big enough to cook 6 burgers, 6 chicken breast, 100 asparagus stalks, and 10 hot dogs. Therefore, it is a good pellet grill for medium-size families and allows you to cook and deliver tasty food.

Easy clean - the Traeger Scout portable pellet grill offers porcelain coated grill grates. You can cook and clean it easily because it is nonstick. Also, it is easy to maintain this pellet grill machine!

Pit Boss Portable

Another good portable pellet grill for tailgating is the Pit Boss portable pellet grill. It is barrel shapes and has a black base. It has collapsible legs and cart-style construction.


Construction - this pellet grill is constructed using durable steel and has porcelain-coated grates. The wheel configuration of this grill is what it sets apart. You can easily take this machine from one place to other due to its portable design. Dimensions are 40 inches in length, 22 inches in width, and 41 inches in height, and it weighs 93 pounds.

Cooking area - the Pit Boss pellet grill has a cooking surface of 341 square inches. On this pellet grill, you can make 20 hamburgers and 15-16 patties.

Temperature control - there is a "P" setting temperature control system allowing you to control the internal temperature of the food. The "P" here means "paise", and it indicates the time that the auger waits before it feeds more pellet to the firebox. If the "P" setting is low, then the grill will hear up faster.

The temperature range offered by the grill is 180 - 500°F. You can even make slow-smoked pork or beef in this machine. Also, you can sear grilled pork chops and steaks.

Hopper capacity - you get 5 pounds hopper capacity in this grill. It is quite heavy as compared to the other grill. You can empty the hopper easily and pack it to take it with you.

Maintenance - this pellet grill has nonstick quality due to its porcelain coating on grates. It allows you to clean it is easy after use. You can use a wire brush to scrub and clean. Since there is a drip pail on the right side of the grill, you can get it easily. The configuration is easily removable and large enough to carry grease! Apart from that Pit Boss portable pellet grill offers a 5-year warranty.

Pit Boss Mahogany series 150PPS

If you want bold wood-fired food, then go with Pit Boss Mahogany series 150PPS. It features more than 240 square inches of cooking space that is porcelain coated, and you can cook anything in it, from meals to whole smoked brisket.


Design - the product is 24 inches in length, 19-inch width, and 15-inch height. It is very light weighted as it is 50 pounds and is best for backyard, block party or camping. You can easily carry this pellet grill machine in your vehicle.

Digital controller - there is a digital dial-in control board offered with an LED display. Therefore, you can control and watch the cooking process easily from the control board. Apart from that, there is a temperature control system, and temperature can be set anywhere from 180°F- 500°F. Also, you adjust the flame broiler for indirect or direct cooking. Furthermore, it offers 1000°F for open flame searing. Therefore, you easily char grill, bake, roast, sear, smoke, and braise the food.

Fueling - this Pit Boss portable pellet grill machine can be fueled with all-natural hardwood pellets. Therefore, you can cook rich and delicious hardwood smoked dishes! The Hopper capacity of this machine is 7 pounds. The machine is equipped with fan-forced convection as well as a latch locking lid.

Portability - you can easily port the machine to tailgating, RV, or camping site, or even use it for BBQ parties. Also, it is easy to unbox and assemble this machine, and it takes 10 minutes to set it up and get started. Apart from that, the construction and design make the Pit Boss Mahogany Series 150PPS durable and long-lasting. In addition, it is easy to maintain and clean the cooking surface after use.

Traeger Ranger

The Traeger Ranger is another best product for balcony or patio use. Also, it is the best grill option for takeaway on camping or small trips. It is a little heavy to carry, but once you take it with and use it, then you can smoke, grill, or roast the meat or veggies perfectly.


Design - this pellet grill is 20 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 13 inches in height. The machine weighs around 60 pounds and has a sturdy design. It will sit easily on the tabletop of the truck bed. One can easily grill sausages, burgers, and steak.

Temperature controller - there is an advanced grilling logic feature in this pellet grill. It enables food to be cooked at a precise temperature, and also there is a keep warm mode offered. So it will help food remain warm for a long time.

The maximum temperature offered in this pellet grill is 450°F, and there is a meat probe that lets you do and observe the grilling process closely.

Digital Control panel - the digital arc controller is offered in Traeger ranger for more control on the temperature with 5° increment. So no matter you have less or more experience in grilling. Still, you will be able to control and cook meals perfectly using this grill.

Large cooking area - the pellet hopper impedes the grilling surface a bit. Still, you get 184 square inches of cooking area. So there is a lot of room to cook kabobs, steak and make dinners, lunch, and breakfast.

Easy to clean - cast iron griddle of Traeger ranger not only allows you to cook delicious food but also lets you wipe and clean down the surface easily.

Other features - the pellet hopper capacity is 8lbs, and it requires 120volt for operation. There is a cooking timer that will indicate when cooking is completed and check on the food. Using this machine, you can bake, BBQ, braise, smoke, roast, and grill your favourite food.

Therefore, this was the list of reviews of the best portable pellet grill, and you can choose the most reliable pellet grill depending on your budget and features.

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