Traeger 575 vs 780 | Reviews and Buying Guide

Pellet grills are no doubt the most useful when it comes to grilling or smoking delicious food. The Pellet grill runs on a wood pellet and has a fan that allows heat to reach a certain temperature. Thus, making it more like an outdoor convection oven. They allow you to bake, grill, smoke, or braise food. In this guide, we will learn about what is pellet grill is and which among Traeger 575 vs 780 is a better pellet grill.

Traeger Pro Series 575

Traeger Pro Series 780

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WiFIRE Controller

WiFIRE Controller

Cooking Area

575 sq in

780 sq in

Chicken Capacity

4 x 🐔

6 x 🐔

Hopper Capacity

18 lb

18 lb

Size (HxWxD)

53 x 41 x 27 in

55 x 49 x 27 in


128 lb

146 lb

Alexa Support



Locking Casters



Hopper Cleanout




Traeger 575 Pellet Grill

The Traeger Pro 575 is an ideal grill if you want to cook delicious food easily. Like other models, this model is also a wood pellet fueled pellet grill and has some amazing features like WiFi connectivity, etc.

Easy To Start 

It is quite easy to run this pellet grill, simply fill the hopper with a wood pellet and plug in the switch. Set the temperature you need for your cooking and turn on ignite option, and you are ready to cook. Hopper adds a pellet to the fire port for more heat, and there is a metal tray that stops direct contact of food with flame.

You will be ready to cook within ten minutes and can preheat the grill before making food. When you start the machine, a little smoke will come out from its chimney, but it will quickly dissipate, and your grill will work virtually smokeless.

Easy Cooking

You can control Traeger Pro 575 using two ways - manually using digital display or using dial button on its right side. You can connect with your Wi-Fi signal and control with the Traeger app easily.

You also get a feature where you can set the temperature and timer and forget it. The pellet grills will remind you once cooking is completed. A meat probe is also included in this grill to check the internal temperature and know when to take the meat out of the grill.

Easy To Clean

Within few minutes, you can get the cleaning work done in Traeger pro 575. There is a grease run-off system that collects grease in a small bucket present exterior to the pellet grill. The bucket has a foil liner making it easy to clean after every use. Removing and cleaning pellet grill plates is also easy as they are removable and can be washed with soap in the sink.

Cooking Area

This pellet grill has a cooking area of 575 square inches and will easily hold 24 burgers, 4 chicken, 5 rib racks. Therefore, it makes a good option for family cooking, and its hopper capacity is 18lbs and weight 128lbs.

Traeger 780 Pellet Grill

Traeger Pro 780 is another great pellet grill and comes with useful features. It also has the Wi-Fi connection feature like the other model.

Easy To Set Up

The Traeger Pro 780 is easy to set up and comes as already assembled when you buy it. When you set it in a place, you can start it by setting up the temperature and feeding pellet, and start cooking.


This pellet grill can be connected to your device using Wi-Fi and the app provided. The feature lets you observe the pellet grill when you are not bear to it. Also, it lets you observe the temperature and timing of the cooking process. Therefore, from anywhere, you can monitor the food. You will receive a notification if the food is cooked and the temperature is achieved.

Cooking Area

Traeger Pro 780 comes with two cooking areas. The main area is 570 square inches, and the secondary cooking ate is 210 square inches. That means the total cooking space is 780 square inches. With a lot of space, you can cook all the food in a single batch. However, it isn't a portable unit, so for the users who want it's for the backyard and for cooking food for a large number of people, this model is best.

Safety Features 

Excellent protective feature is the Wi-Fi connectivity. In traditional grills, if the user left it out of a fight, then the grill can catch fire and cause trouble. With this pellet grill, you can know what is going on in your pellet grill, so you won't have to face such issues.

There are other safety features given in this pellet grill, like a low-temperature alarm. This alarm will for off when the pellet grill had a temperature below 125 degrees. If the temperature is below 125 for ten minutes, then the grill will automatically turn off.

Another feature is a high-temperature alarm which makes the grill switch off if the machine reaches above 550 degrees. Also, its sturdy and durable design makes it safe for use.


Iif talking about maintenance, Traeger 780 requires regular maintenance for better performance for a long time. So, after every use, you should clean it properly. The design of this pellet grill is made such that it can be cleaned easily. The design allows easy ash removal and has a removable drip pan, grates, and heat baffle so you can remove and clean them.

Which Is Better, Traeger Pro 575 or 780?

When comparing Traeger pro 575 and 780, you will find that both of them have amazing features like Wi-Fi connectivity, enough space, and so on. However, depending on your need, one can be a better option than the other.

So, if you plan to have a portable option, you can go with Traeger 575 due to its design and size. On the other hand, Traeger pro 780 is not a portable option and has heavy grills and weighs 146 pounds. Also, the dimensions range from 49(W)x27(D)x55(H) inches. Therefore, you will not be able to transport it to other locations. However, if you want a pellet grill that can hold a large amount of food, then Traeger 780 is right for you.

Another great thing about Traeger 780 is that it has an all-terrain wheel, which means you can move this machine in your yard without causing pain to your back. The wheels are durable and move smoothly on different surfaces.

Both Traeger 575 and 780 offer good temperature ranges for cooking, but if you want to do more controlled cooking and perform types of cooking, then Traeger 780 will be a good choice as it has a better temperature control feature. It has also feature like low-temperature alarm and high-temperature alarm and a wide range of temperatures so you can cook the food with accuracy.

If comparing the space, then Traeger 780 has more space. Traeger 575, but if you aim to cook for the average family size, then you shouldn't waste money, go with Traeger 575. You will have enough space to cook for your family whole on camping or tailgating trip. Consider Traeger 780 only for cooking for large groups.

So, depending on your cooking needs, you can compare the features of the Traeger 575 and 780 and choose the best pellet grill that meets your need. Both of these models will offer you quality taste and proper cooking, but you will take home one pellet grill, which will have the features you need.

Pellet Grill Buying Guide

Working of Pellet Grill

The Pellet grill has a hopper, and wood is filled in it. These pellets from the hopper are directed into the auger and then into the firepot. Ignited wood generated to heat the raises temperature of the cooking chamber. The fan allows heat and smoke to be dispensed through the grill and offers your food a rich smoky flavor.

Although the pellet grill is somehow similar to traditional grills, there are still many differences that make them unique and better.

Benefits of Using the Pellet Grill

Easy To Use

Pellet grill is easy to use, which means even if it's your first time cooking on it, you can start it all by yourself. There are control boards that let you control the cooking process. On the other hand, charcoal or gas grill needs you to have the expertise to grill or smoke meat with perfection. In a pellet grill, wooden pellets of different flavors can be used to smoke the food.


Pellet grill is a versatile option as it lets you control temperature anywhere between 180-450 degrees. Not just that, the design of the pellet grill is made such that it allow low and slow cooking and make roasted, smoked, or grilled food. Apart from that, what makes it far more versatile is its ability to turn from indirect to direct flame mode.


The firepot of the pellet grill is made using stainless steel and has a drip pan and diffuser plate. Therefore, you can clean it easily, and there are low chances of damages because of the stainless steel body. Also, since indirect flame cooking is the option of most pellet grills, that means you need not worry about burning food and make it safe for outdoor use.

No Flare-Ups

Remember times when you leave your gas grill, and when you come back, you find flames flaring up from your grill? It happens with most gas grills, and if you don't want such things to happen, then pellet grills are best. Due to shielded pots and a fan, the air is circulated throughout the cooking process, and heat is maintained properly inside the chamber.

Therefore, these are the benefits of a pellet grill and tips that will help you pick the right pellet grill.

Tips To Remember When Choosing Pellet Grill

  • Meat probe - there are input and output given in the meat probe. The meat probe is plugged into the control board and the other end into the meat. This is an essential feature for users as it lets you watch the internal temperature on a digital screen. But not all pellet grill gives you this feature which means that you need to find out if meat probe is included with pellet grill or not. If not included, then you have to buy it separately.
  • Secondary cooking racks - If you aim to widen the cooking space, then you will need a pellet grill with secondary racks included. Check the size of the second rack, and depending on your need, choose a pellet grill. Choose the pellet grill keeping in mind for how many people you are going to cook.
  • Wi-Fi compatibility - not all the pellet grills have wifi- compatibility, but this feature is something that will make it easier for the user to watch over the pellet grill even when they are walking away from the cooking site. In addition, you can connect your tablet or phone with the machine and monitor food. 
  • Construction - if you want your pellet grill to last long, then you cannot overlook this point. You want a pellet grill with sturdy and quality construction. You are going to use a pellet grill outside, which means it has to face environmental stress like wind, rain, snow, and many more. If the construction of the pellet grill is not strong, it will be damaged easily, and it won't work properly. Therefore, check the material from which the body of the pellet grill is made. For example, if you buy a pellet grill with a stainless steel body, check which grade of stainless steel is used to make this machine. Apart from that, check which paint is used in the machine. The paint used should be high quality that doesn't fall off easily.
  • Temperature range - another point that cannot be overlooked when choosing a pellet grill is temperature. As you will need the different temperatures to do different types of cooking. 180 to 450° F is required to grill, smoke, bake, and roast. For the searing purpose, you will need a temperature of 500°F or above. Not that better temperature range means you can cook more types of food and get precise control over overcooking.
  • Area of cooking - pellet grill will be offered in a variety of sizes, and it can be used for different purposes like outdoor activities such as tailgating and camping. Or it can be used in the backyard for small family parties, etc. The size of the pellet grill will be decided by understanding users' needs. A small portable option is something that suits camping and tailgating. Large pellet grills will suit for professional use so, don't just enter the shop and buy any pellet grill.

A small pellet grill has a total cooking area of up to 500 square inches, and a large pellet has more cooking area near 1000 square inches or more. Therefore, a pellet grill with a 500 sq inch size is best for a family with an average size.

  • Other features - other things to consider are the accessories offered with pellet grill like pellet grill cover, sear box, sidekick attachment, etc. If you want to protect the pellet grill from damage, you will need a waterproof-durable cover, and if you want to do searing and other types of cooking, you will need a pellet grill with a sidekick and sear box.

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