Traeger Ironwood 885 Review (2023) Features, Pros and Cons

Grilling is a rejoicing activity and a tasty technique loved by countless people today. Grand thanks to the engineers who came up with home cooktops for users’ convenience. There is no more the need to head out to an outside eatery and spend an extravagant amount to relish the BBQ dishes. Just invest in a spectacular cooking appliance and enjoy the wholesomeness with friends and family at home. To add more thrill, today’s makers have gone a step ahead by manufacturing multi-utility cookware. It is now possible to grill, roast, braise, barbecue, smoke, and even bake with the same appliance. Do not miss out on reading this post till the end to get a Traeger Ironwood 885 review comprehensively. You are just a little away from making an informed decision with the following text.

But, with a plethora of brands and innumerable models available in the market, it becomes a challenge to buy the best one. If you are looking for a grill that is:

  • Miraculously easy-to-use
  • Infuses perfect smokiness
  • Enhances the grilling flavor
  • Ensures a long-term usage
  • Embedded with the latest tech
  • And of course, looks spectacularly stylish

About the Maker – Traeger

Before jumping on the product specifications, every buyer must try to know its manufacturer. A reputed brand image and the well-thought working practices of the company impact the efficiency of their products. Hence, it makes perfect sense to get some info about the makers first about Traeger’s in this case.

Productive Innovators 

It is known to have invented the Original Wood-Fired cooking appliance more than three decades ago. Traeger keeps coming up with better ideas to make their grills in sync with modern needs. From individuality to versatility, the makers make available every possible thing to the audience.

Superlative Existence 

The company has secured the number 1 position in the appliance-making industry multiple times. It is also one of the most frequently occurring names on the list of best sellers. People are sure to come across this label whenever they look for grills in the market online or offline.

Proficient Staff 

The team uses several years of cooking experience to make the most meticulous wood-fired grills. All of the office members excel in their fields to provide the finest services. From the product designers to the customer care team, everyone has wowing capabilities to satisfy the buyers.

Smart Looks 

It is not just about the inside utility but also the outside appeal for the brand. All grills are gorgeously elegant to wow the onlookers. Your guests will indeed shower a plethora of praises when they see the grill at your place. From colors to construction, everything is visually appealing.

And not to forget, Traeger has a world-class reputation across the globe for producing grills that offer the best smoky and wood-fire taste. Ironwood 885 is indeed a proud creation of the company that is gaining immense limelight currently.

A Detailed Review of Ironwood 885 From Traeger

Now comes the more awaited part that is the in-depth evaluation of the blockbuster model Ironwood 885 (you might also enjoy reading our in-depth comparison between Traeger 885 and Traeger 650). Get ready to prepare drool-worthy cuisines to leave your guests wanting more. The aroma of the grilled food on this masterpiece is going to lure your neighbours as well. Check out the following list to know all the goodies this grill has to offer you.

Super Versatile Product 

It has to be the foremost highlight of the said product. There is no more the need to overcrowd your place by having different cooking appliances. Buy Traeger’s 885 to take the delight of grilling, baking, roasting, braising, barbecuing, smoking, and more, all with the same cookware.

Not just this, the grill is suitably functional in varied seasons. Unlike other appliances that cool off in colder seasons, this product will make the sizzling and well-roasted chicken even in chilly winters. Thanks to the thoughtful doubled-sided wall insulation that helps to keep heat inside for uninterrupted servings.

Easy To Assemble

First things first, buyers often face the problem of unpacking and assembling the giant grill. Tiring efforts and long hours of setting kill the grilling excitement. However, buyers of this appliance will not have to indulge in sweaty and lengthy unloading. Previous users have gained success in assembling the entire piece correctly in less than an hour.

And if you have someone to help you, the duration and efforts are sure to cut down. Follow the instruction manual or play a relatable video to assemble the grill most quickly and easily ever. You will be surprised by how comfortable the whole process is.

Long-Lasting Construction

When an individual spends money on any product, it is obvious to expect a long lifespan. Nobody will be interested in buying a thing if it is foreseen to break down soon. It would be best if you were not worrying about the endurance capabilities of the grill while sipping on your drinks and sniffing the grilling patties on the grill.

Traeger keeps in mind the sturdy structure and premium quality of every part they create. The same reliability and toughness are present in the Ironwood 885. The firm legs and all-terrain lockable wheels prevent undesired wobbling of the grill. It is built with superior quality steel and is powder-coated to give a solid body and a longer lifespan.

Immense Cooking Space

Next, the chef will always be interested in reducing the cooking time. And, to achieve such a target, it is essential to have more cooking space. Otherwise, a lesser grilling area annoys both the host and the guests for waiting due to multiple rounds of cooking.

But, worry no more because Traeger Ironwood 885 is here with a massive grilling space available. Prepare up to 10 chickens, or nine pork butts, or seven racks of ribs at one time on the 885 square inches of the grilling rack. These are indeed big portions of food that can be prepared and served all together, unlike on the other grills.

Convenient Product Measurements 

Dimension of the unit is another point of convenience from the viewpoint of the chef. Many times users find the height of the appliance either too high or low. Resultantly, it leads to backaches and other uncomfortable feelings. Even the weight is sometimes inadequate, inviting handling problems every then and now.

Buyers have, however, found the measurements of the Ironwood 885 finely appropriate. Its assembled dimensions are 53 x 27 x 47 inches that makes the setup quite a comfortable reach. Its heavy-duty material and sturdiness justify the weight of 175 lbs. And, let us not forget to mention the whopping 20 lbs of its pellet hopper capacity, which will last for long.

Advanced Utility Features 

Other than the above-mentioned fundamental goodies, this product also has eye-widening and comfort-providing technological features. The company has infused its sheer creativity and scientific knowledge in the grill in the following ways.

  • Wi-Fire Technology - you cannot stick around the grill the whole time while others enjoy drinking, eating, and chatting with each other. Traeger’s Ironwood 885 can get connected via the WiFi feature to your smartphone. Just download the Traeger app and add the grill to the application by scanning the QR code. Now, you will get all notifications for grilling attendance on the phone itself.
  • Pellet Sensor - one of the most frustrating things with other grills can be that there is no indication about the pellet usage. Resultantly, people have to make last-minute arrangements that lead to a fussy time. But, the creators have given the users Ironwood 885 an edge here. Its pellet sensor will notify the owner on the downloaded Traeger app about the pellets left therein.
  • Downdraft Exhaust - another distinctive attribute is there in the name of Traeger's Tru Convection® system. It creates a heat and smoke whirlpool inside the cooking box of the grill. Resultantly, every piece of food gets the full advantage of the available smoke. Afterwards, the smoke and heat are eliminated with the help of the downdraft exhaust system for a uniquely tasty grilling experience.

Effortless Cleaning Mechanism 

Those who have used or seen someone else in charge of the grill might already know that the aftermath of any BBQ session can be a highly tiring mess to clean. Sometimes the stuck oil or food would not come off, and at other times, the pellet cleaning would be a daunting task.

And then this product eases all such pains. Traeger knows how to add comfort to the experiences of the users even after ending the grilling session. There is a door at the backside of the pellet hopper. Place a bucket at the edge and unbolt the door. The pellets will come out easily and make the cleaning process a breeze.

Promising Warranty Period

A warranty assurance is a must-have thing, especially when buying something with the perspective of long-term use. Every prudent buyer must ensure buying the cookware from a genuine dealer. Purchasing from a sham or unauthenticated seller will fail the warranty claim.

Traeger’s have always provided a 3-year warranty duration on all the grills, including the talked model. Any user finding any faults in the workmanship or material of the grill is eligible to get the necessary repairs or replacements. One should note that the warranty duration begins from the date of buying the product first-hand.

Interestingly Reusable Packaging 

This point may come as a surprise for the buyers and the readers. Generally, there is not much to talk about the packaging of any product. The thing that is most talked about is the sturdiness of the cardboard used. And that too is an implied obligation of the manufacturer, so there is nothing to boast about. However, a weak packing is indeed a thumb-down.

But when it is Traeger, even the packaging has to be distinctive and top-notch. Once you have taken out the product and the box is left empty, put it to another use. Yes, Traeger’s creatively wowing team has gone a step ahead and printed a playhouse on the carton. Turn the carton inside out and let your kids have fun therein.

Flavorful Multi-Cuisines 

People sometimes face disappointment when they spend hefty money on a multi-working grill and do not get desired results. Of course, there are return policies and all, but there is a wastage of time and effort. There will be no point in buying a grill that does not work as versatile as promised by the seller.

Ironwood 885 was designed to fulfil the expectations and hunger of grill food lovers. Every bite will certainly be infused with authentic wood flavor with its pellet usage and downdraft exhaust mechanism. By eliminating old or cold smokes, every meal will be done crisply and freshly on this model. Even baking is a cakewalk here. It does all the jobs pretty well, including smoke, grill, roast, bake, braise, and BBQ.

Ample Favorable Reviews

Feedbacks from previous users play a significant role for prospective users to decide whether to buy the product or not. The reason is simply that those who have had a personal experience with the grill are in a better position to enumerate the pros and cons. They can make a clear distinction between what is advertised and what is real.

There Traeger Ironwood 885 review book is filled with never-ending praises from the previous purchasers. People cannot stop appreciating how meticulously the grill is designed for them. From easy assembling to effortless cleaning, cooking utility to stylish looks, everything has positive comments from many customers. With ample good things said about this product, it has achieved maximum stars.

Are There Any Extras Available With the Product?

Some of the accessories are always made available to prospective buyers as a choice. Those who want to level up their Ironwood 885 can add the following things to their cart.

  • Full Grill Cover
  • Drip Tray Liners
  • Foldable Front Shelf
  • Reliable Probe Port
  • Cutting Board and Tools

Plenty of other options are also available. Search online to find what is necessary otherwise; grill itself is a wholesome creation.

Are There Any Cons of the Product?

While talking about any product, it is highly imperative to look at the downsides as well. Though there are all good things in this version, there can be a negative thing in the Traeger Ironwood 885 reviews among the hundreds. Such a con is only about the heaviness of the unit. With 175 lbs of weight, it becomes difficult to port it to another place easily, but this model was not even designed with portability friendliness. Hence, such a critique does not hold much weight.

Some people also find the maximum temperature limit a little less. However, it is pertinent to tell that the grill can go up to 500 degrees F. Such a range is quite favorable to prepare delicious meals and enjoy smoking sessions happily.

The myriad of positive and interesting and efficient positive sides of the Ironwood 885 indeed outshine these small and few cons. Happy grilling!

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