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There are various models of pellet grills in the market today, and every year, more and more features are adding to these pellet grill models. For you to decide which pellet grill is best can be a tricky task. And if you never owned one, then choosing any one model will be a very daunting task. To make this task more accessible, we have gathered reviews of Traeger Pro 22 vs 575 and also buying guide.

Traeger Grills Pro Series 22

Traeger Grills Pro Series 575

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Digital Pro Controller

WiFIRE Controller

Cooking Area

575 sq in

572 sq in

Size (HxWxD)

49 x 41 x 27 in

53 x 41 x 27 in


103 lb

128 lb

Alexa Support




Reviews of Traeger Pro 22 vs 575

Traeger Pro 22

Traeger has existed for the last 3 decades and offers many pellet grill models which are convenient and affordable. This model of the Pro series is straight up and good-looking. It has a black finish and a small chimney with a retro look. The barrel-shaped Profile and brass finish lid are what make it "premium".

Its sawhorse style undercarriage makes it durable and stable. Also, it has "all-terrain wheels," which makes it easier to roll this machine in your backyard without hassle. This pellet grill is made of steel and withstands high heat. Also, the powder-coated on the outside means it will look good for a long period. The porcelain-coated steel grates are durable, non-sticky, and easy to clean.

Key Features

Digital Control

Traeger Pro 22 has a digital control that means you can have the precise temperature for cooking. An automatic auger adds the pellet and maintains heat in the chamber; thus, you can roast, smoke, or bake food.

Digital Probe Temperature

The best way to know if meat is cooked well is to check its internal temperature, and that can be done in Traeger Pro 22 because they provide a digital probe thermometer. You get 2 meat probes, and it is easy to operate. Just insert it in the meat and digital controller, then press a button to get read-out.

Hopper Capacity

18lb hopper capacity is enough, and wood pellets of different flavors can be filled inside the hopper very easily. In addition, the hopper clean-out system makes it easy to clean the hopper and remove the remaining pellet or refilling new pellets.

Cooking Space

There are two cooking spaces - primary cooking space of 418 sq. in. And upper rack of 154 sq. in. So the total area is 572 square inches that are enough to cook for average size family.

These are some of the key features of Traeger Pro 22. If we talk about portability, then this model is semi-portable but not meant for a picnic, tailgating, or RVs. Size and weight are weight not suitable to be taken for outdoor activities.

Traeger Pro 575

Traeger Pro 575 is made with innovative technology and plenty of features. So you can win the hearts of your guest with its outstanding smoky, delicious food. Not just that, the impressive capacity to cook upton24 burgers and 5 racks make it an excellent choice for regular Sunday BBQ. Apart from that, Pro 575 has a great design and black as well as bronze finish.

Key Features

Cooking Space

This pellet grill has 575 sq. in. Cooking space and it is good enough to cook for family gatherings and parties. The Traeger offers various wood pellets for creating perfect smoke and so you can create unique and yummy recipes for your family and friends. Cook 24 burgers, 5 rib racks, and 4 chicken. Also, you can add veggies to the second rack.

Easy set up you will need an electricity source, a 20-pound bag of pellet, and get going. You can set up and start this machine easily and set the temperature using the dial button, and that's it. You are ready to fire the grill and make food of your choice.

Safety Features

Pro 575 is safe and has a meat Probe that means you need not touch the lid, so you are safe from heat and undercooked meat. The automatic feeder is another safety feature as you don't have to touch it once you filled it.

Wi-FI Controller

Pro 575 is innovative as it has a Wi-FI-enabled controller that is mounted on a pellet hopper. This is controllable through smartphone all or grill itself. Not just that built-in timer in this pellet grill offers you the ability to set & forget. Your app Will notify you once it reaches the target. The Traeger app also has a library of recipes so you can read and make new recipes for a dinner party.

Pro 575 is compatible with Alexa and Google's smart home system and offers various cooking tips to users.

All the above-given features make Traeger Pro 575 a suitable pellet grill for home backyards.

Traeger Pro 22 vs 575 - Which Is Better

Start-up time is different for Pro 22 and 575. The old Pro series require the user to wait 10-15 minutes for it to warm up. Once it is warm, you can now set the temperature you wish to have from 180 to 450 degrees.

On the other hand, Traeger Pro 575 doesn't require the user to wait 10-15 minutes. You can set the temperature from the start, and it will undergo a warm-up process and temperature you desire; thus, you are saved from a two-step process as in the case of Pro 22.

Another thing is that Pro 22 doesn't give you Wi-FI connectivity which means you cannot monitor the cooking Process. But Pro 575 has Wi-FI connectivity which means you can walk away and is more convenient as compared to Pro 22. The Pro 575 features a fan with the undoubtedly best speed. At different speeds, it maintains fire around the food and gives them an amazing smoky taste.

When you open the grill lid, heat escapes from the grill, and the temperature drops. It takes some time for the temperature to get back to the desired temperature, and the time periods needed to reach the desired temperature is known as heat recovery. Heat recovery is faster in Traeger Pro 575 than Pro 22. It takes 6 minutes for Pro 575 to recover heat, while it takes 11 minutes for Pro 22 to do it.

All other features for Pro 22 and 575 are almost the same, and it makes not much difference. Technical ability and preferences are the only way depending on which you can decide which is best. But if you don't care about technical aspects, then going with Pro 22 will save hundreds of bucks.

We hope that the above given details about the pellet grill and reviews of Pro 22 and 575 were sufficient for deciding which pellet grill will be best. Now, you can count the features and compare them. Also, look at your budget and needs and decide your ideal pellet grill.

Everything Beginners Need To Know About a Pellet Grill

Pellet Grill Configuration

First-time buyers should think about how and when they want to cook in a pellet grill. Are you going to cook just for your partner or small size family? Or are you going to be good for large groups for an occasion like parties and events? If you intend to use it for your partner or a small group of people, a portable pellet grill will be the best choice.

For professionals to use and to cook for parties or events, you will need pellet grills of big size. Traeger Pro series makes the best free-standing grills for backyards.

Temperature accuracy

Old pellet grill controllers were reliable however not accurate, and that is the reason today, newer models with improved temperature controls are available. This lets users set the temperature according to the cooking types, and setting temperature is also very easy from the digital dial. Temperature 180 to 500 degrees is usually given in different models of the pellet grill. 

Wi-FI-enabled pellet grill

Today in the mid-ranged or even budget models, you will get a Wi-FI connectivity feature. This feature of the pellet grill allows users to connect the pellet grill with an app created by the company and monitor a pellet grill. With this feature, you can set the temperature of your grill from a smartphone or even with Apple watch.

The external meat probe is also given you a feature to check meat internal temperature from your device.

So, this was all about the pellet grill and its features which makes them fit for grilling, smoking, and other cooking processes. But still, you may want to know why a pellet grill is best compared to charcoal grills. Here is your answer!

Pellet Grill vs Charcoal Grill

Flavor comparison

The pellet grill uses wood pellet as a fuel for running and cooking, which means your food will have a natural smoky flavor. Some people also say that the pellet grill-cooked food is not that smoky, but to tell you, the charcoal grill gives an unmistakable flavor because of wood chunks. The higher temperature lets you achieve fantastic sear and taste.

Even though you get a high temperature and strong smoky flavor, still pellet grill is much better because it lets you cook in a controlling temperature environment.

Ease of use

Pellet grills are easy to learn and operate. It is very easy because all you got to do is fill the hopper with a pellet of choice as well as set the temperature. The auger feeds the pellet into the firepot and burns them. This, in turn, raises the temperature and creates a fire that will cook food in indirect flame.

While charcoal grills are not that easy to use when compared with a pellet grill. You must add lighter fluid or use a charcoal chimney to start this grill, and it will take 20-30 minutes to start the cooking Process. Also, you will require some knowledge as well as practice to reach the desired temperature.


Pallet grills are more versatile because they act as a grill and a smoker at the same time. Grill will let you cook in the low temperature and the high temperature as per your cooking style. Apart from that, you can even increase the temperature by using the grill grates. Grill grates can be bought along with this machine, which can sit on top of the already present grill grates and achieve a temperature 100°F hotter than one below.

Temperature comparison

When compared to the charcoal grill, the pellet grill gives more control over temperature. They allow you to be low and slow smoke the food and have settings for smoke level. You can select temperature as well as smoke level from the digital dial.

Other hand, the charcoal grill requires a little more work, and you can increase or decrease the temperature by simply opening and closing the air vent. The air flows into the grill it becomes hotter, and when you close the air vent, the temperature gets lower.

Running period

Most of the pellet grill is designed to cook for 8 plus hours without adding pellet from time to time. So there is no need for you to sit and check the pellet every now and then, you can fill it for once, and that's it.

On the other hand, a charcoal grill allows you to cook for 12 hours. But you can run out of charcoal and has to add them from time to time if they are all burnt. Especially when you are cooking at high temperatures, you can run out of charcoal and had to add more.

Grill safety

Pellet grills are highly safe when compared to charcoal grills. However, you have to be careful when working with the charcoal grill because you are working with an open flame. Open flames have a higher risk of flame flaring, and something kept near can catch fire.

Cleaning is essential for any type of grill so that it last longer and provides high performance. After every use, you must clean the grill grates, clean ash, and wipe the exterior.

Wood pellet grills have grease pan that has to be cleaned properly from time to time. It is, however, very easy to clean the pallet grill ash system and the greased pan. This is because there is a single knob that you can pull, and all the ash or grease will collect in the ash bucket or grease bucket which can be then emptied and cleaned easily.

On the other hand, charcoal grills are hard to deal with when it comes to cleaning. You have to deal with the burning charcoal from time to time, and great the grill as well as clean them by yourself for better performance.

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