Traeger Pro 34 Review: Does It Worth To Buy in 2023

Grills used extensively in commercial places brought all the differences in the home-cooked and restaurant-prepared cuisines. Big thanks to the original creator who came up with the idea of bringing home grills in the market. The whole grilling, smoking, braising, barbecuing, etc., experience has gone to another level now. There is no more need to go out of the comforts of your place to visit an expensive eatery. Just take out the efficiently splendid grill and begin preparing sumptuous meals in your backyard. Before hopping on the Traeger Pro 34 review, a prudent buyer must know about the deciding factors. Though many of the aspects are personal, some of the fundamentals remained the same.

If you are new to grill shopping, this post will walk you through an informative guide. Read till the end about how to buy a grill and what users say about a high-rated appliance Pro 34 from Traeger. What are the things to keep in mind while buying a grill?

Grills are like a one-time investment, and a lot of money goes into its buying. There will be plenty of options in the market, but not every product will be worth your need. Purchasing any cookware is not a casual task. It needs prior research and due attention before taking the final decision. Some of the most crucial factors that must be kept in mind while shopping for a grill are listed below.

  • Budgetknow how much you are willing to spend on the product. However, remember that worthy, reputed, safe, and efficient grills will not come in a few bucks. But, you do not have to make a hole in your pocket.

Servingthe size of the grill and the cooking area will decide the number of servings the chef will deliver per session. The bigger the available space, the more the number of chicken and burgers ready to eat.

Storagedo not get carried away with the huge size of the grill to get more dishes simultaneously. The reason is that a bigger size will also demand more storage space. A narrow balcony might not be a suitable place for a big size.

Efficiencyone of the common problems reported by the previous users is that the bought grill does not produce enough heat. Resultantly, it becomes a wastage of money. So always check the efficiency rate of the grill beforehand via online feedback.

Lifespanyou do not want to spend a large amount of money on a product that works only a few times. Hence, it makes perfect sense to check the warranty period and study material for long-term usage.

Extrasinnovative manufacturers keep coming up with better and advanced features in the updated models. Though there is no compulsion, a person may want to buy a product that comes with Wi-Fi and other advanced facilities.

What Are the Features of Traeger Pro 34?

The brand secured a powerful and attractive name in the industry. The makers have a wide range of grills, and Pro 34 is one of their most highlighted creations. Find below all the relevant details, from the input to the output of this grill, to know if it is worth your money.

Reliable Construction

A thing that remains constant in Traeger products is the superior quality of every part. The same mention can be seen even while looking for any Traeger Pro 34 review. The grill is as strong as it looks to be at first glance itself. Unlike other feeble products in the market, it is highly sturdy and reliable.

The entire setup is made of heavy-duty steel that gives it the strength for long-term use. Even the cooking grates are made of cast iron that further have reliable porcelain covering. All these materials are considered to be ideally perfect for any grill. The joints at every corner are connected meticulously to eliminate any tripping. And, not to forget, it also has all-terrain wheels that allow comfortable moving whenever required.

Easy Assembly

It will be incorrect to say that the assembly process will be complete within a few minutes. It will be unfair to expect that the entire setup will take not much of your time. The reason is the heavy and strong construction, and it calls for some time and effort of the assembler. However, there is no complicated step that a beginner cannot do on his own.

It may take time, but it is also easy to assemble – just  unpack the carton, open the instruction manual, and begin putting the parts together. You may ask any friend or family member to help you to save time. Many buyers have reported completing the assembly process in less than an hour with some help. Though there is no need, you may contact customer support for help not detailed in the instruction guide.

Big Cooking Area

Hold on your breath as you are about to read one of the exceptional features of this grill. While most of the cookware in the market comes with confined cooking space, Pro 34 is bound to take you by surprise. Usually, the cooking capacity is pegged lesser than 500 square inches. But, the available grilling area in this particular version is as grand as 884 square inches.

The main rack is 646 square inches with an extra rack of 238 square inches. You can make at least 40 sumptuous burgers at one time. Or you may even roast eight chickens or seven racks of ribs to fulfil the hunger of several people at once. With this cooking capacity, you are ready to host exciting parties and loads of food.

Hopper Attributes

Many times people struggle while dealing with a small hopper. The capacity of the hopper plays a crucial role in an uninterrupted grilling experience. A smaller size would mean that the person has to be in constant fear of running out of pellet. It even becomes problematic to refill the hopper after short intervals. But Traeger has focused on eliminating hopper size problems.

Pro 34 comes with a hopper capacity of 18 lbs. Such a size is considered to be sufficient for long hours of smoking and less-heat consumption cooking. Another advantage of its hopper is that it comes with an effortless cleanout system. It means that the user will find no difficulty while replacing the pellets or cleaning the insides of the hopper.

Utility Grates

Cooking grates are integral parts of any grill as they are the prime surfaces where everything is done. Be it low-heat smoking or high-heat flaming, and all techniques are executed at the grates. Hence, it is highly imperative to have cooking grates of superior quality and endure the heat of any kind. Weak construction of these parts can ruin the grilling experience; so, be conscious about them.

The cooking grates in this version Pro 34 are not just fantastically endurable but also effortless to clean. They are made out of cast iron and are coated with porcelain. Resultantly, users have not met any damages due to excessive heating. Porcelain layering helps wipe off the leftover food, sauces, etc., from the grates with just a dab of the cloth.

Wood-Flavor Authenticity

Everybody knows that the essence of grilled food lies in the wooden flavor. Other grills that use gas as their energy source might boast several perks, but they lack the major highlight- wood taste. However, Traeger’s wood-fire grill series is proficient in infusing every bite with the authentic pellet texture and savor. The brand has an eminent name in the industry in this specific segment.

Even the current product, Pro 34, is engineered with the same authenticated tech. All your meals are sure to get the flavor of hardwood pellets. Whether grilling, barbecuing, braising, smoking, or roasting, every cooking technique will be perfected with the wood-fire flavor. Pellets are also cleaner sources of fuel as compared to charcoal.

Extra Features

There is a mind-boggling range of kitchen appliances in the market that caters to contemporary needs. The advanced creations have surpassed the typical grills because of high-tech attributes. Innovation has indeed brought an attractive and beneficial difference for the users. Thus, if the budget allows, one should indeed prefer buying the version that has at least some, if not all the progressive features.

Every buyer of Pro 34 will find the easiness of its meat probes. There will be no need to raise the lids repeatedly to judge the cooking-in-process. The meat probes will enable the viewers to check if the food inside is already cooked properly or needs extra time. Thus, meat probes glorify their existence and multiply user convenience.

Another add-on perk in this product is the better and smarter temperature regulator. The qualified engineers have infused the grill with the Digital Pro Controller mechanism. It is marketed as a ‘Set-It and Forget-It’ grill that will deliver unswerving results every time. Also, it will ensure even spreading of heat for properly cooked cuisines.

Must-Know Dimensions

For every buyer, it is essential to know the measurements of the prospective grill. People often ignore reading these numbers. But, these numbers help create an imaginary picture in mind regarding the proportional height of the grill to that of the height of the chef. Both the extra tallness and under elevation will make working on the grill uncomfortable.

The Pro 34 from Traeger is 53 inches in width that makes it fabulous for an enough-spread layout. From the top to the bottom of the wheels, the appliance stands as tall as 49 inches. And it makes for ideal height for user convenience. With 27 inches of depth, it has sufficient space to store in two cooking racks. The assembled setup weighs around 136 lbs that make it a sturdy grill without any fears of wobbling.

Inclusive Warranty

Renowned manufacturers know the importance of providing their existing and potential customers with a reliable warranty period. Such a service creates a sense of satisfaction and reliability in the buyers. The absence of such a feature makes people dubious about its functioning and worth. Thus, Traeger ensures giving a minimum of a 3-year warranty on all of its grills.

Keeping the same policy of the company in mind, Pro 34 also comes with such an assurance. Every user is eligible for three years of replacement or repairing on issues related to workmanship and other mentioned faults. Though there are minimal chances of requiring such refurbishing from the company, it is easy to redeem.

Catchy Appearance

Wowing looks are always the unasked add-ons while buying any cookware. Unlike other small kitchen tools that remain under covers or in drawers, a grill is open to the guests' eyes. Owners will find themselves flaunting this version in front of their families and friends. The bronze color enhances the beauty of this grill in unsaid ways.

Since it is easy to clean from the outside and inside, dust and other contaminants will not stick around to spoil its charm. Use a full-length cover when not in use, and it will remain fresh to look at for several months. The painters have used long-lasting colours to prevent them from fading away quickly. Upon assembly, the grill will indeed look like an elegant and lovely appliance.

Are There Any Cons of the Pro 34 Model?

There are innumerable positive comments about this product. However, while looking for a comprehensive and impartial Traeger Pro 34 review, it is also essential to look at the cons. A few of the negatives, as pointed out by existing users, are as follows:-

No Wi-Fi Feature: many new grills come with a WiFi option that allows controlling the grill via an app on the Smartphone. But, Traeger’s this particular model does not have such a feature. The reason might be that the manufacturer wanted to accommodate the cooking space as wide as possible without making the grill more expensive.

Less Heat in Winters: some reviews also say that the grill warms up slowly or is not much efficient. However, most of such heat-related issues are from users who used the grill in the colder season. Yes, a grill is expected to work spectacularly irrespective of the weather, but there are chances that every other grill will also give such issues.

Bulky Transportation: those who wish to enjoy tailgating or camping experiences will not find this product suitable. There are plenty of other options for such requirements, but they will not come with big cooking areas. For a buyer to prepare more meals, they should expect a bulky size only.


To sum up, this particular version of Pro 34 is a masterpiece in itself. In the given price range coming from a reputed brand in the industry, it is indeed a valuable buy. It offers the cooking space as immense as 884 square inches, and it is enough to beat its fellow competitive models. Other pros like 6-in-1 cooking techniques, wood-fire flavor, sturdy structure, hopper clean-out system, Digital Pro Controller, and others speak a lot about its worthiness.

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