Traeger Pro 780 Review: Perfection in Your Backyard

Pellet grills are popular among BBQ enthusiasts, and Traeger is the brand that many trusts blindly. Here is the Traeger pro 780 review that will help both beginners and experts choose well.

Pellet grills are taking over the gas grills these days. One of the biggest reasons is the versatility in cooking it provides, along with the taste enhancement. One cannot beat the charred and smoky flavor that the pellet grills induce into the meat or veggies cooked.

This is the reason many are more into pellet grills these days. Also, unlike in the past, the pellet grills are highly sophisticated in make and design. They have modern features that provide flexibility in cooking and efficiency both in terms of time and cost. One can make a large amount of food for the family and friends on the weekend with the help of the right pellet grill.

A few of the things that make the pellet grills so effective and useful are:

Versatility: the versatility of the grills is quite impressive. They can be used for grilling, charring, braising, baking, smoking, etc., one can choose as per the party's need. One can cook various types of meat, make burgers, patties, beef jerky, braised pork, and smoke and char the veggies and even fruits for desserts.

Temperature regulation: one can easily regulate the temperature on the pellet grills to cook at a certain temperature. The best thing about the pellet grill is the stability in the heat that one can get. The fluctuations are usually minimum with the pellet grills that can be around -/+5-10 degrees. Also, if the grill has PID controllers, then the stability is much more effective with almost no fluctuation.

Economical: the wooden pellets are more economic than the gas cylinders. They are also more useful and economic in colder regions, as the gas tends to get more condensed and leads to more consumption. Pellets are cheaper, and one can buy them in a larger amount. Another factor is the pellet type, as one can find around ten types of hardwood pellets. Each of them tends to impart its taste and flavor.

Fast cooking: the pellet grills are quite fast in cooking time, making them a good choice for big BBQ parties. As the temperature control is better and stable, the cooking takes lesser time.

Traeger Pro 780 Review

Traeger is a name that is well recognized across the grilling world. They make some of the most popular models when it comes to the grill, Traeger pro 780 is another of their much-anticipated models in the pellet grill category.

This model packs in many features that make grilling an easy job. The Wi-Fi connectivity, the tried and tested recipes on the app, the cavernous cooking area, and smooth temperature control of the grill are few things that make it stand out.

Traeger Pro has two models in which the grill size is different, and the 780 is the larger option with a grill size of 780 sq. in. This means one can cook a good amount of food in a single round and feed a crowd easily.

Features of Traeger Pro 780

Here are some of the features to be paid attention to in the Traeger pro 780 review:

Cooking Area and Hopper

The grill size of the pellet grill is something that is most beneficial. One can cook for larger crowds and family gatherings in the 780 sq. in the cooking area. The grill is made of cast iron with a porcelain coating on it. Cast iron makes the grills sturdy and strong and allows heat to be distributed in a more even way. This makes cooking proper and even from all sides and more effective without wasting heat and pellets. The porcelain coating on the grill allows better cleaning and maintenance.

The hopper of the grill is 18 lbs, which will give a cooking time of 20-22 hours approximately; yes, during the colder climate, the time may lower up to 16 to 17 hours due to more consumption of the pellets to keep the temperature stable.

One can use any hardwood pellet in the hopper for the required flavors. The hopper has a screw-style auger that feeds the pellets in the combustion pot. The screw is adjusted automatically to control the temperature of the grill.

Grilling and Temperature Control

Traeger pro 780 is quite large in terms of size and weight. Yes, it can be hands-on when it comes to moving the grill and setting it up. But, as the grill is large with a big cooking area, 173 pounds is inevitable. However, to help, there are sturdy all-terrain wheels on the grills, which is useful.

One of the things that make the grill quite effective is its versatility. One can cook in 6 different ways using the pellet grill. One can smoke the food, grill, braise, bake, char, roast, etc., on the same grill by simply regulating the temperature control.

The pellet grill has an effective temperature control system that allows one to cook at varying temperatures. The range goes up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit that is quite useful for roasting and smoking.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Mobile Application

Wi-Fi connectivity and the mobile application of the pellet grill allow the user to control the grill from far away. This means one can use an app like remote control, increasing the temperature, monitoring the meat temperature, etc.; one thing to keep in mind is that one cannot ignite the pellet grill using the mobile application. One can use the front dial to ignite the grill.

The Wi-Fi connectivity of the grill is quite easy as all one needs to do download the application. The applications allow automatic cooking using the recipes given. Or one can try their luck in grilling by choosing the manual mode. The probe given in the grill is to be used to keep the meat's temperature in check. As soon as the required temperature of the meat is reached, the probe will notify the application with a push notification. One thing, however, that stands to be an issue is the push notification, which can be late by up to 5 minutes at times.

Cleaning the Grill

One of the biggest things that most users tend to worry about is the cleaning process of the grill. Not cleaning the grill properly can lead to acrid smoke and issues with the grill later. Traeger Pro 780 can be cleaned easily by lifting the grilling grate and the drip pot. One can also clean the grill using any old vacuum cleaner and aluminum foil on the drip pan. This makes the cleaning easy and more effective.


  • One gets Wi-Fi connectivity and a mobile application with the pellet grill, which is quite handy and allows one to relax and not babysit the grill all the time.
  • The grill size is big and spacious, which allows the user to cook a larger amount of food in a single get-go for bigger parties and get together.
  • One can find several recipes that one can make on the grill on their mobile application of the pellet grill.
  • The pellet grill's temperature control is stable, and the recovery of the lost or spiked temperature is fast and effective.


  • One will have to pay extra if they want the front shelf for the grill. The shelf is quite effective in keeping ingredients etc. while cooking, but paying extra can be a bummer.
  • The pellet grill's overall cost is not that cheap and can be comparatively expensive than the other options.
  • The application to be used on the mobile phone is slow and buggy at times, which makes the alarm notification late.

Buying a Pellet Grill and Smoker

If one is buying a pellet grill, then it is better to know what to expect and what to find in a good grill and smoker. There are plenty out there in the market, and they are not the same in features and benefits when compared.

One should consider the features, cost, efficacy, size, and cleaning factors before choosing any. Here are some points that one should keep in mind while buying a pellet grill.

Grill Surface Area or Cooking Area

The cooking area is the grill surface area, which differs from model to model. The choice entirely depends on how big one wants the grilling area to be. Those who are looking to cook for a larger crowd should opt for a larger cooking surface. And, if one wants to cook for a smaller crowd and family members, then a smaller surface area will do just as good.

The most range of cooking areas that one can choose from is 300 to 1400 sq. in. the larger cooking area is handy to cook a larger amount of food, but they tend to be expensive.

Hopper Capacity

Hopper is the tank that holds the wooden pellets. These pellets are then transferred to the fire pot with the help of a drill in an automatic way. Now, more pellet means more cooking time. That is why finding the right hopper size is quite crucial. Those planning to cook for a longer time and colder conditions should choose a larger hopper capacity above 25 pounds.

A 20 pounds hopper capacity will feed the fire pot for approximately 20-22 hours. However, one should keep in mind that if the climatic conditions are cold, then more pellets will be used to keep the temperature stable. That is why a larger hopper capacity is required. Also, one should keep in check the pellet feeder, which operates from the hopper. The feeder line should be away from the burner, and the line should be long enough to keep the usage to a minimum.

Range of Temperature

can cook their food and how high on a temperature one can grill. The most common range of temperature that one will find at an average size grill is 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, in case of wants, a grill can sear the meat, then the temperature range should touch 650-700 degrees.

Control System

The temperature control system is something that one should skip inspecting while choosing any pellet grill. Temperature control is something that allows the user to control the temperature range they want while cooking.

PID controllers are most common these days in the grills. The PID controllers control the temperature and do not allow the heat to decrease or increase, thus maintaining stability. Also, one can find non-PID controllers; can cause the temperature to go up or below 5-10 degrees.

Size and Durability

One should take into consideration the size of the grill. Some grills can be quite cumbersome and large, which is heavy to shift and store. Some grills come with a rolling table, which allows the easy move from one place to another.

When it comes to the make and build of the grill, one should choose the one made of heavy steel or cast iron that is powder-coated. This will avoid damages, rusting, and other damages over time caused by heat, climatic conditions, etc.

One should also consider the grill material, as the grill should be made of cast iron for better heat distribution and cooking experience. Make sure that the grills are porcelain-coated so that they will last longer than the non-coated ones.

Added Features

One can also find several added features that stand equally important while picking any pellet grill. Some of the features are like the meat probes that come with the pellet grill. The meat probes usually come with the pellet grill, which can gauge the temperature of the meat while cooking. One can get the temperature mentioned on the front panel or mobile app.

Also, one should check the LED display of the grill and make sure that it tells the temperature along with other things, like smoke control and timer. Look for a larger LCD and the ones that are brighter in both light and dark. Also, the grill should have a sear box and in-grill lighting along with a better cleaning system. These added features make the grilling process a breeze and allow one to make better food more uniformly.

When it comes to grills, the options are plenty, but one should be clever enough to choose only the best. The grill should be efficient when it comes to cooking. Traeger is known to be one of the pioneer brands making grills of all sorts. A huge customer base trusts them, as per most Traeger Pro 780 reviews. Several things make the grills made Traeger useful and effective for the money spent. Without any doubt, the Traeger pro 780 pellet grill and smoker is one of the best that money can buy. One can get great cooking features along with recipes that make trying new things easier on the grill. This large grill is worth one's money and will turn into crowd favorite ones it is taken out for weekend parties.

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