Traeger Pro Series 22 Review: Everything You Ought To Know

If barbeque and grilling are where your heart rests and you think of yourself as a talented grill person, then the Traeger Pro Series 22 is the product for you. The product has been ruling the market for quite some time and has achieved great reviews over the years. It has been designed to make cooking as easy as possible without indulging in the product's core technicalities. If you are thinking of buying this Grill, let us walk you through a detailed Traeger Pro Series 22 review mentioned below.

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Outdoor cooking is a very popular way to gather some friends around and enjoy a relaxed but happening Saturday night. Smoking and grilling are the two most common ways to cook your food outside. By smoking meat or vegetables, you tend to add an interesting texture and flavor to the food, which is quite tasteful.

However, if you press this issue more, you would come across a third way to prepare food in your backyard. This method is known as triggering and is coming up as a popular way in several delicacies. In this, the food is prepared by using wood pellets as fuel to cook food inside out. The method is quite easy and can be done in more than one way.

Traeger pellets provide a highly different and exotic experience to people who use them. The system is close to their heart and makes them an even bigger fan by every minute. If Traeger pellets make you curious, check out Traeger Pro series 22 to get a detailed insight into the cooking methods and the product.

Traeger Pro Series 22 Review: an Overview

This article will get to know all the basic information about this Grill and how it works. You will also learn the benefits and limitations that the product has on its users. By the end, you would be able to decide if this is the right product for you.

When learning about grills and smoke cooking systems, it is important to understand how the food gets cooked. It comes as obvious that grills use fire or heat to cook the food. However, what you use on the fire can make all the difference in the process.

For instance, in simple grills, you either use charcoal or gas. However, when it comes to Traeger systems, you use electricity or heat generated through electric resistance to cooking the food. The wooden pellets on the heating system get heated due to temperature rise by resistance.

To ensure that you get the right temperature on the grill, you also get a thermostat. Through this, you would know how to control the heat, and you would cook the food accordingly. Depending on the temperature you choose to keep, you could smoke your food, grill it, roast it, and even bake it with just one product. This is one of the most appreciated advantages that Traeger systems provide us.

In case of any doubt, you can also check various tutorials that teach you exactly how Traeger wooden pellets work in detail.

Things To Know About Traeger

As the company has made it big worldwide, many want to know the history of the company and how it came into being what it is today. Traeger was formed more than thirty years ago in the state of Oregon, USA. It started from a small-scale grill company and has now become a multinational, serving globally.

For more than twenty years, Joe Traeger, the company's founder, was the only one serving grilling machines using wood pellets in it. This gave the needed spotlight to the company, and as a result, it earned handsome profits.

However, as the years passed by, Traeger started facing competition from several rivals. With social media coming in, people had a completely new way to promote their brand and get publicity. Despite these difficulties, Traeger played its cards right and won back hearts in no time.

The headquarter of the company is situated in Utah, where you can find abundant variants of this Grill at every possible price. Customers can choose their favorite rate from high to affordable and take home a high-quality yet price-friendly pellet grill.

Components of Traeger Pro Series 22  

When you order a Traeger Pro series 22 from the website, you get a set of things in the box that would come in handy while using the product. Therefore, it would be good to know what all would you find along with the product. Read below to know more in this Traeger Pro Series 22 review:

Instruction Manual and Assembly Guide

On order, your new pellet grill would be unassembled. You would have a few pieces that you can assemble easily. To make things easier for you, the company sends a detailed instruction manual or assembly guide. The instruction manual would also explain the function of each component.

You could find a few diagrams in the assembly guide to show you exactly how the assembly would be done.

A Cookbox With Grease Drain Pan and Heat Baffle

As grilling triggers out some amount of grease out of meat, the pellet comes with a drain pan that does away with all the extra grease while you cook. You would get a ready-to-use cook box with the pellet grill fixed on the top where all the cooking would be done.

It will also have a heat baffle used to cook the meat, vegetables, etc. Handling these components with care is quite important.

Warming Rack With Grate

The warming rack is where the food will be kept while you smoke it or grill it. A warming rack can also be used to cook the food mildly before you start barbequing it. Along with this rack, you will also get a grate that could be used on meat and veggies. Use the cooking grate for the cheese to make your food even more delicious.

Stand With Wheels

Another helpful component of Traeger Pro series 22 is the stand. This stand has preinstalled wheels that will help you transport it from one place to another. The stand is sturdy and is made out of high-end materials that will make grilling quite easy for you.


You will get a chimney that would do away with all the extra smoke and will save you from the trouble of clearing smoke away from your prepared food. The chimney would give the residual smoke the right direction to move to.

Drip Bucket

To control any oil or grease dripping in your backyard, Traeger provides you with a drip bucket. It shall be placed right below the stand, where it would collect all the extra spillage. Once you are done, do away with the bucket's contents and clean it with soap and water.

Meat Probe

Along with so many components mentioned above, you will also get two meat probes that will tell you the right temperature of meat on the Grill. Use it to monitor how cooked your meat is constantly.

If you are a little nervous about using these components, don't worry, as the instruction manual would cover the working of each of them in detail.


When it comes to the design of this product, you would not be disappointed. The pellet grill comes in a sleek black body that looks visually appealing in every way. The chimney fixed right on top of the head and at the right angle makes the model look even more attractive. To give the product a retro tint, the designers have made the top of the chimney similar to a witch's hat.

The profile of the main body is made to look like a barrel which completes the vintage look. The lid of the container is made out of brass and gives the body strong support. To make things even better for you, the product comes in gun-metal material, which is blue. Although choosing one of the two could get difficult as both models look stunning.

The undercarriage of the product resembles a sawhorse which adds to the stability of the body. No matter how aggressive of a cook you are, this product will surely handle it. As the carriage also comes with wheels, you will get to move the carriage on any form of terrain quite easily.

On the other hand, the entire body is completely made out of steel, which adds to the strength of the material. The product would last longer as it also comes coated with a powder that makes it resistant to rust and corrosion.

Strong Grill With Movable Stand

To produce the best pellet grill, the body of the product has been made out of strong but very heavy material. If it were not for the wheels moving, this Grill could have been a difficult task. To cater to this issue, an innovative design has been put to use.

The design wheels have been so put that they carry grills quite easily, without putting a lot of pressure on themselves. The stand resembles the sawhorse, which makes the frame sturdy and trustable. This feature is unique to Traeger Pro Series 22 in the current market.

Digital Controlling System

Traeger Pro Series 22 is surely a modern piece of the Grill as it lets you control the most important functions digitally. When grilling or smoking your meat, it becomes necessary to check the temperature of the food. To make this task simple for you, the product comes with a digital controller.

Through this, you will achieve a constant temperature at which you would get to smoke, grill, and even roast your food. As a result, you will no longer have to work on adjustments. Focus on cooking and serve the best-grilled food your guests have ever tasted. This saves time and energy beyond your expectations.

The meat probe added to the package also lets you handle the barbeque even better. You get to check the meat while cooking it. This feature makes you look like a pro in front of the gathering without making any effort.

Hopper Cleanout

One of the best parts of smoking or grilling is to experiment with the flavors of the meat on the wooden pallet. However, the cleaning after can suck up all your energy and take away all the fun you just had. To help this situation, Traeger Pro Series 22 comes with a hopper cleanout that will let you unload all the dirt collected in the back. With one quick unload, you will get to load the pellets and make exuberant dishes.


When using a grill of any kind, the wood smoke, when it works with moisture, produces a tar or coal-like substance with is quite difficult to get rid of if left for a long time. The smokers of the machine may get damaged as well. Therefore, Traeger recommends checking the passage at least two times a year.

When working with meat, another thing to take care of is leftover grease. It is important to clean up all the grease left after your cooking is completed. Moreover, the grease could even start a fire if left unattended.

Therefore, make sure to clean the drip bucket, funnel and pan regularly to make the cleaning process easy and safe. The coating used for the product will also make the cleaning much easier when compared to its competitors.

And, the ash that comes out while burning the wood could be cleaned by a mini vacuum clear. If you want it not to leave any stains, you could even use soapy water for the process.

Customer Care Support

The customer service offered by Traeger is quite appreciable as it is available with live support throughout the year. As they are known for their excellent services, Traeger customer service will help you with all sorts of queries and confusions.

Pondering the Pros and Cons

The best way to learn about a product is to know its pros and cons.


  • Strong and sturdy body with wheels for transportation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Excellent customer care support
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • 3-year warranty


  • Just two wheels instead of four

Final Words

Traeger Pro Series 22 is one of the most popular grill pellets that you come across in the current market. With so many perks to enjoy, this is a perfect treat for a food lover. If you like flaunting your cooking skills outdoors, this product can come as a blessing for you. You could even use it as a gift item for friends and family.

If you aren't sure enough about the functions the product provides, go through the Traeger Pro Series 22 review provided above. Get a detailed insight into all the components and working of this grilling machine before making your purchase. In case of any doubt, you can always contact the customer care service and update on your requests.

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