Traeger Ranger Review: Knowing the Portability and Functionality

Ever since home-based grills have come into existence, it has become cost-effective and mouth-watering to relish smoky dishes. People can now buy kitchen appliances from reputed brands and show off their grilling skills meticulously. Such creations have helped barbecue lovers in saving time and money by not having to visit fancy restaurants. In this Traeger Ranger review we will look at all the most important aspects and assess its strengths and weaknesses.

Even manufacturers have left no stone unturned in making the most convenient and efficient grill for home users. There are plenty options in the market, and the buyers can pick among the one that fits their taste, budget, and other requirements.

The Two Most Popular Variants of Home Grills

Whenever a person starts to hunt for a product, they resort to various search modes online and offline. Reviews from previous users, recommendations by colleagues, experiences of friends, and top results at the search engines are some of the usual methods to trace the best product. However, it is always wise to enquire about the probable purchase on your own. So, to begin with, it is imperative to know the primary categories of grills.

  • Portable: As the name implies, these can be carried from one place to another. And to fulfil such a role, smaller and lighter size is an obvious thing here. One must remember that since these are designed for moving purposes, they might not have as many features as their other non-portable counterparts. But, portable grills will indeed serve your camping, night out, and even tailgating hunger.
  • Non-Portable: These are the exact opposites of the above type. The bigger in size and heavier in weight, that is how non-portable grills are usually built. Since these have abundant space, these may come with advanced features. However, the biggest downside here is that they cannot be used for road trips and other outdoor grilling experiences.

Features of Traeger Ranger

While looking for compact grills, searchers will often come across one name is Ranger from Traeger. This grill might be the perfect option for you, from a handy design to a smoky flavor, easy transportability, to effortless cleaning. Do not skip reading the entire post before paying for it to know if it is what you need for real. Find below most of the features that any buyer will be interested to know.

Renowned Brand

It indeed had to be the topmost mention on the list. While buying a product, especially a kitchen appliance, it is highly imperative to notice the manufacturer's name. An assurance of the maker’s trusted name will help to experience a safe cooking experience every time. Avoid buying from unknown makers as they might not take the safety precautions and other industrial standards seriously. This grill comes from Traeger that is a highly reliable brand for engineering the finest and securest grills.

Handy Design

Those who are looking for a compact grill will love Traeger Ranger. It looks like a briefcase that is ready to be taken anywhere. Be it roadside fun or campsite amazement, pack it up and grill at the place of your desire. Its secured lid that comes with a latch makes it suitable for safe portability. Just keep it in your truck or vehicle and be worry-free about the transportability. This product will add both warmth and flavor to your mornings or evenings. Be it solo trips or a couple of times, cook the tastiest meals here in no time.

Solid Construction

For any product, it is of utmost importance to be of good quality. Failing to such a crucial attribute will invite damages and breakdowns. Especially when it comes to kitchen appliances, pay extra attention to avoid any functional failure or cracking accident. Ranger from Traeger has a superior quality powdered coating which gives it the required strength for a grill. The sturdy legs further add to the built endurance. And the cooking grates are also made of reliable material that is porcelain coated steel. All these together make for a solid structure.

Temperature Versatility

The company specifies 450 degrees F as the highest temperature in this product. Regular chefs know that such a limit is apt and ideal for plenty of cooking techniques. You may sear your chicken perfectly, smoke sizzler rightly, roast patties crisply, and even bake pies tastefully. Barbecue and braise are also other popular techniques that can be executed very well. Use the Digital Arc Controller to match the grill’s temperature with the laid down cuisine’s need. Ranger will indeed satisfy all types of tongue palates.

Warm Mode

The serving temperature of the dishes impacts their taste as well. Colder burgers, chicken, and anything else will kill the whole dining vibe. Only desserts are best at lower temperatures; the rest of the appetizers and the main course are best when piping hot. With this grill, you do not have to be haste to eat the dishes as and when prepared. Unlike other models, Ranger comes with a Warm Mode that keeps everything therein hot for a long duration.

Meat Probe

Non-vegetarian food lovers know how vital it is to have the perfect temperature of the grill for lip-smacking outcomes. Usually, people have to lift the lid to check whether the meat and other ingredients have cooked properly. There is always the fear of coming out with undercooking or overcooking. And no connoisseur prefers either of the situations. Do not worry while buying this product, as it comes with a meat probe. It will assist you to know the temperature inside, so you will never have to worry about getting the meat wrongly heated.

Wood Flavor

Do you sometimes feel that the aroma from your neighbor’s grill is compellingly woody? Or do you find a distinctive wooden flavor in the lavish eateries outside? Well, the chances are that they are using a pellet grill in place of the gas ones. Traeger’s Ranger will leave you amazed and wanting more as it infuses the authentic wood-fire flavor in every bite. Thanks to its source of power, that is the pellets. Such fuel usage indeed takes the grilling level up, and this grill will never disappoint you on this aspect.

Capable Hopper

All pellet grills will come with a pellet holder that is known as the hopper. The size of the hopper will determine the next shift for pellet refilling. And it is obvious that the larger the container, the more the pellets, and resultantly, the grill will flame up for a longer time. However, remember that Ranger is a portable and compact-sized appliance. It does not have a hopper as huge as non-portable grills; it still has impressive storage given its mini size. It can store up to 8 pounds of pellets at one time which is quite decent.

Sufficient Surface

It is the open cooking space where all the grilling, roasting, searing, barbecuing, baking, and braising happens. Ranger will offer its buyers a surface of 184 square inches, which is great for 1-4 members for one serving. The brand says that such a cooking area will enable the chef to prepare either 6 burgers or 10 hot dogs. You can also prepare a juicy and smoky rib rack easily in the given area. You can set the grill on round two while your fellow beings enjoy the sumptuousness of round one.

Easy Usability

One of the most repeated feedback from existing users while writing a Traeger Ranger Review is user convenience. Sometimes a product comes with all the fancy features but an inconvenient starting procedure. Everybody wants an east start and an understandable mechanism during the whole session. There should be inexplicable or hard-to-decode options on the grill. And Traeger knows how to induce maximum user convenience. Besides their other creations, even this product is simple to use. Just unpack and heat it. Voila!

Effortless Upkeep

Next, do not miss out on the cleanliness part ever as it will be an unavoidable thing. Once you have munched onto the smokiest and tastiest meals, you will have to clean the appliance. Understandably, grilled leftovers are going to stick with the cooking grate obstinately. Even sauce droppings, oil oozing, and other ingredients may refuse to come out on their own. For hygiene and neatness, it is imperative to clean the grill. Due to porcelain and rust-resistant material, you may wipe off the leftovers with a spongy cloth.

Convenient Dimensions

Since it is a portable grill, it becomes necessary to know about the measurement of the product. Such numbers will allow insight into the size of the grill that will be delivered to you. This model is 13 inches in height, 21 inches in width, and 20 inches in depth. The weight of the entire setup is 60 lbs. All these dimensions reflect that it is engineered cautiously to come under the category of portable grills. However, some buyers find it a bit heavy, but such weight is necessary for a strong built.

Warranty Bonus

Traeger has earned such a respected name and wide acceptance because of its wowing customer care facilities also. The brand promises a uniform warranty period on all grills, including Ranger. If a buyer is displeased with any workmanship, they can ask for a replacement within three years of the purchase. The warranty perk also includes some other faults as described in the card. Read the policy carefully to know what is included and what is not. Do not worry, and enjoy the grill at ease.

Are There Accessories for Traeger Ranger?

Yes, some parts come along for free while others can be bought for some price. The reason is that not every user needs the same accessories. Hence, customers are given the option of whether to pay for the extra goodies or not. The meat probe is included for zero cost. You will also find an iron griddle for free.

However, there are some paid options as well to enhance the grilling experience.

  • You may want to buy a grill cover separately to prevent it from dust etc.
  • Mini grease bucket liners and drip tray liners can improve the cleanliness system.
  • Add a BBQ tool kit to wake up the culinary artist in you. Otherwise, the chef will also need regular tools like a spoon, spatula, tongs, etc.
  • The rest of the needs vary from buyer to buyer. For example, some may want to attach a bottle opener or wear an apron to avoid spoiling clothes.

What Are the Pros of Traeger Ranger?

Now that you know the productive features, it is easy to pinpoint the edges or positives sides of this product. These are summarized below: 

  • Great for small groups
  • Portable design and size
  • Even heating of food
  • Comes with a warm mode
  • Authentic wood flavor food
  • Easy to adjust the inside temperature
  • Supports versatile cooking techniques

What Are the Cons of Traeger Ranger?

Do not forget to read the downsides while going through any Traeger Ranger review. Though the creators have tried to put every best and possible thing in this compact size, some users have found a couple of lacking. These are discussed below:

  • No Wi-Fi: Most of the contemporary appliances now come with WiFire technology. Such a feature allows the owner to connect the grill with their smartphone. All you need is the Traeger app to link both the gadgets. And then, the chef can regulate the temperature and manage the grill via their smartphone even while being a little away from the setup.
  • Requires Electricity: If you have an available source of electricity wherever you take this version, this con is not applicable. However, some users have found it unsuitable for occasions when they do not get electrical plugs. Since the grill runs on pellets to give the authentic wood-fore taste, it needs access to electricity. The absence of such a source may get disappointing.
  • Somewhat Heavy: The size of the grill is ideal to call it a portably small grill. If users want great cooking space, even in a portable grill, they will have to bear the weight a bit. Though this grill is not too bulky, some buyers say that the cookware is heavier than other products in the same category. However, the weightiness is due to the hard-wearing material for strong built; but it is still an easily portable grill for many.

Final Takeaway

To conclude, it can be said that it is an efficient product that does its job right. It majorly has umpteen favorable reviews from previous users. The negative comments are mostly about the need for efficiency to tackle the ash left behind. So, beginners may find it a bit messy, but grilling is an art, and anybody can get better at it with time. If you are a newbie, you will understand soon how to grill and clean. Refer to the instruction manual or watch some videos to get fruitful tutorials.

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